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Saint-Gobain designs, produces and distributes materials and solutions designed for the welfare of each and everyone's future. These materials are found everywhere in our habitat and our daily lives: buildings, transport, infrastructure, and in many...

Element Six is a member of the De Beers Group of Companies, its majority shareholder. Element Six designs, develops and produces synthetic diamond supermaterials, and operates worldwide with its head office registered in Luxembourg, and primary...

3M is fundamentally a science based company. We produce thousands of imaginative products, and we're a leader in scores of markets - from health care and highway safety to office products and abrasives and adhesives. Our success begins with our...

KZK Powder Tech Corp.'s Testing Center provides basic information necessary in designing and controlling a dry powder compaction process. The tests are also used for evaluation and quality control of powders not destined for compaction. The testing...

Tyrolit develops, manufactures and markets abrasive products as well as concrete sawing and drilling equipment. With 29 production locations on 5 continents, the TYROLIT group belongs to the worlds largest producers of bonded abrasives. The company...

When stainless steel is welded, the intense heat disrupts the alloys structure, with the protective chromium oxide surface layer becoming depleted and iron oxide (rust) forming in its place. This results in discolouration (heat tint) around the...

Competition is tough. Customers expect new innovations. The solution is ANF Technologys line of Nafen-based products; featuring Nafen Enhancersuniversal masterbatches which seamlessly blend into your production process without changes or added...

DRONCO is a world-wide acting company and also the innovation leader in the abrasives industry. Our guideline: a new product every 90 days. Our product range is broadly varied: we produce and supply cutting wheels, grinding wheels, flap discs,...

We clean water mains. Hydrant-Flush addresses the decaying U.S. infrastructure by cleaning water mains. We use arthroscopic techniques to surgically clean water-main distribution systems without the use of chemicals, metal abrasives or the need to...

SGI utilizes innovative production techniques which have allowed us to become a leading manufacturer specializing in glass melting, up to 1650C, and processing for a wide range of industries. These include glass solutions for abrasives, diamond...

biggest abrasive suppliers in the world

biggest abrasive suppliers in the world

Sometimes it's interesting for an abrasives supplier to know, not only their competition, but also who are considered the biggest suppliers of similar goods in the world. Many of these suppliers trade on iAbrasive.com.

Sometimes it's interesting for an abrasives supplier to know, not only their competition, but also who are considered the biggest suppliers of similar goods in the world. Many of these suppliers trade on iAbrasive.com.

Added abrasives and ceramics in 1986 to their existing product lines, then other construction materials. Manufactures all three types of abrasives: Bonded, coated, and diamond, under three brands: Norton, Winter, and Flexovit.

Was an original offshoot of the Swarovski-Crystal Factory. Company manufactures conventional and super-abrasive grinding wheels, cut-off wheels, diamond tools for the construction and stone industries, sawing tools, dressing tools, and coated abrasives.

First a chemical company, Sia now manufacturers five styles of abrasives: Bonded, coated, foam, non-woven, and micro-abrasives in different shapes, sizes, and grits. Exports more than 90% of its products.

Manufactures and processes all kinds of abrasive grains, including Brown Aluminum Oxide, Chrome-Alumina, Emery, Fused Silica, Mullite, Pink Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide, White Fused Alumina, Zirconia. Domill grains come in a variety of sizes and can be made with custom coatings or treatments.

Many of these world leaders advertise their products on the B2B abrasives portal, iAbrasive.com, or utilize it to purchase their own raw materials. In fact, abrasives suppliers and buyers of all types utilize this portal for trading all things abrasive - powders, pads, tools, machines, accessories, and more. To view more complete abrasive suppliers listing, click here.

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abrasive stones

abrasive stones

ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of abrasive, finishing & rubbing stones. Polishing stones, detail stones & sharpening stones are available. Types of polishing stones include EDM, general purpose aluminum oxide/silicon carbide, specialty & roughing stones. Ceramic super stones, miniature ceramic stones, ceramic diamond stones & crystal fiber stones are available. Types of general purpose aluminum oxide polishing stones include AM-2, AM-K & AS-H polishing stones. Single grit bench sharpening stones, combination bench sharpening stones & combination round knife stones are available.

Manufacturer of aluminum oxide abrasive stones. Types include silversmith, bench, round crystalon combination, and reamer. Available with coarse, medium, and fine grits and brown color. Suitable for use by mold makers, die makers, engravers, and die sinkers in tool rooms and production plants. Provides same day shipping.

Manufacturer of abrasive stones for honing application. Available in silicon carbide; aluminum oxide; and vitrified, resin, and diamond metal bonded materials. Mounted and unmounted stone abrasives are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and grits. Cuts metal materials including mild and hardened steel, chrome, aluminum, Inconel, and Hastelloy. Vertical and horizontal equipment, tooling equipment, and honing oil are also available.

Manufacturer of abrasive honing stones. Available in various configurations and bore sizing accuracies. Aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, cubic boron nitride and diamond hone stones are offered. Used for finishing and rubbing processes. Custom stones are also provided. Suitable for air conditioning, refrigeration, diesel or small engine, contract manufacturing, job shop, engine building, tool and die applications. Serves the aerospace, energy, automotive, firearm, defense, hydraulic and medical industries.

Manufacturer & distributor of polishing equipment including abrasive, finishing, honing, rubbing & sharpening stones. Types include flat shaped hand stones, round & half round stones, hand hones & pastes. Custom products are also available. Markets served include aerospace & defense mfrs., automotive mfrs., electronic manufacturing, medical manufacturing, printing industry, universities & tool, die & mold manufacturing industry. Products are available with 6 month limited warranty.

ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of bonded abrasive finishing stones. Available as resin cup stones and floor grinding stones. Resin cup stones are used for metal or concrete surface grinding, blending and finishing applications. Resin cup stones are available in 4 in., 5 in. and 6 in. diameters, 2 in. thickness and 5/8 in. arbor size. Floor grinding stones are rough grinding, medium grinding and smooth finishing type stones and available in 4 in. L x 2 in. W x 2 in. H standard size and 12 stones/box packaging. Made in the USA.

Stocking distributor of a wide variety of spare parts for different makes & models of finishing equipment. Variety of abrasive media & compounds also available. Spare parts for surface preparation & metal finishing equipment including hoses, baskets, nozzles, & more. Safety equipment & protective equipment including air pumps & filters, clothing, helmets & remote controls. Abrasive media including aluminum oxide, glass beads, steel shot & grit, garnet, silicon carbide, corn cob, walnut shell, plastic, soda. Vibratory media & compounds.

ISO 9001:2015 certified distributor of laminate trimmers & abrasive stones including rubbing, sharpening & finishing stones. Services include installation, certification, calibration, repair & rental. Markets served include power, gas & water distribution, mass transit, manufacturing, construction, government, food processing & pharmaceuticals.

Manufacturer& distributor of abrasive products, diamond tools & products, precision grinding wheels, grinding machine tools, accessories & related systems. Abrasives available in wheels, saws, segments, mandrels, drills, files, hones, etc. In-house Tech Service Department.

Manufacturer of abrasive stones for the metal finishing and electric motor maintenance and repair industries. Products include brush seating and cleaning stones with various sizes and extra, medium, and fine soft and medium and fine hard grades. Also offers commutator grinding and cleaning stones with various sizes and motor combination, lathe, and straight, right-angle, railway, tramway, and saw handle types.

Distributor of cutting & carbide tools, abrasives, measuring tools, hand tools, power tools, safety products, chemicals & fluids, clamps, fixtures, fasteners, material handling tools & machinery. Tools include drills, reamers, milling cutters, threading tools, grinding wheels, screwdrivers, sockets, gloves, vises, electrical terminals, rotary tables & lockers.

Supplier of 450,000 products from 2,500 mfrs.: cutting/machine/hand/power tools, MRO supplies, abrasives, fasteners, precision instruments, machinery, electrical supplies, safety equipment, HVAC, welding, hose, tubing, fittings, material handling, pumps, power transmission, janitorial; same day shipping

ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of standard & custom abrasive stones. Available as natural drill diamond stones in different materials, shapes & sizes. Carbonado diamonds, Congo diamonds, irregular shaped diamond stones, West African diamond stones & reclaimed diamond stones are available.

Manufacturer of abrasive planar grinding and finishing stones. Available with alumina or silicon carbide abrasives. Provides material removal rates and consistent scratch patterns. Offers preventative maintenance and calibration services. Aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, education, energy, and electronic industries served.

Manufacturer and distributor of abrasive oil stones. Chisel blade sharpening pre-profiled surface stones are offered in 4 in. x 2-1/2 in. x 5/8 in. size. Suitable for model makers, hobbyists, crafters, and miniaturists.

Manufacturer of a complete line of hard stones, boat stones & surface grinding wheels with variable abrasive types, grit sizes, hardnesses, bonds & structures. Materials worked with include exotic metals & tool steels.

Manufacturer of tools for the natural stone, concrete, composites, aerospace and automotive industries. Products include discs, cup wheels, chemicals, floor plates, pads, blades, routers, profiles, drums and drill bits. Additional services include brazing, machining and electroplating.

Custom manufacturer of abrasive stones for equipment manufacturing applications. Abrasive powders, pastes & slurries, pressure pads, lubricants, pallets, carriers & workholder discs, measuring & testing equipment, rings, plates, wheels & accessories are also available.

Manufacturer of abrasive sharpening stones for tools. Types include benchstones, waterstones, abrasive files, slips, and specialty sharpening stones. Suitable for deburring, dimensioning, and honing applications. Industries served include the manufacturing, metal fabrication, commercial and residential contractor, transportation, and environment.

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