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mining equipment - hawe hydraulik

mining equipment - hawe hydraulik

When faced with the ultimate limits set by machine to rock interactions your machinery should operate reliably and safely. A responsive and sturdy hydraulic control increases cutting efficiency, protects the environment and improves operator safety.

Nomenclature:Prop. directional spool valves as per load-sensing principleVersion:Valve bank in series connectionActuation:ManualElectro-hydraulicpressure-actuatedpmax:400 barQmax. consumer:240 l/minQpu max:300 lpm

mining machinery and equipment turkey - istanbul africa trade company

mining machinery and equipment turkey - istanbul africa trade company

The mineral industry of Africa is the largest mineral industries in the world. For many African countries, mineral exploration and production constitute significant parts of their economies and remain keys to economic growth. African mineral reserves rank first or second for bauxite, cobalt, diamonds, phosphate rocks, platinum-group metals (PGM) and vermiculite.

Metals exported from Africa include uranium, platinum, nickel, bauxite and cobalt. Two of the most profitable mineral exports are gold and diamonds. The continent can produce close to 500 tons of gold a year. Africa generally produces around half of the worlds diamonds, however this has increased in recent years to over 60%.

Guinea is the 4th largest Bauxite producer in the world with 19,300 metric tons of bauxite production annually. Guinea has reputedly the largest bauxite deposits in the world. It has 95% of total African Bauxite production.

Mining Machines and Equipment are our core business area. Made in Turkey branded machines are used in various mines in Africa. Our clients import our mining machines from Turkey. We provide logistics, installation and after-sales services.



We value integrity, loyalty and ethical business practices.Our customer service approach is built on supplying the right partfirst time at the right price and ensuring our dedication to long lasting business relationships with our clients continentally.

We provide tailor-made solutions for mines across Africa by remotely monitoring their fleet of machines to ensure they work optimally with reduced downtimes. Our Telematics solution provides you with detailed reports and data on each working machine & operator behaviour to enable you to plan your repair and planned component replacement schedules better. Coupled with Telematics is our Vendor Management Inventory solution which ensures that before your parts fail we ensure their replacement parts are available onsite.

We supply rock crushers which can be classified as falling into two main groups. Compressive crushers that press the material until it breaks and Impact crushers using the principle of quick impacts to crush the material.

We offer Jaw & Cone crushing equipment. They operate according to the compression principle. Impact crushers, in turn, utilize the impact principle. Our Jaw crushers are mainly used as primary crushers. Their main purpose is to reduce the material to a small enough size that it can be transported by conveyors to the next crushing stages.

Our jaw crushers reduce rock and other materials between a fixed and a moving jaw. The moving jaw is mounted on a pitman that has a reciprocating motion, and the fixed jaw stays put. We provide the parts and components for both Jaw & Cone crushing equipment.

We supply conveyor belts and HDPE Ilder rollers with quality backup services. Our products are reliable and last longer than most brands due to their material make-up and design. We offer different typrs of products based on your requirements.

Our slurry pump range includes solutions for corrosive slurry operations, medium-duty slurry applications and CIP processes, large solids, abrasive slurries, sump applications including spillage and carbon transfer. Our range features slurry pumps that have replaceable casing liners and are available in different spindle lengths and various materials of construction.

We measure all aspects of your operation using state-of-the-art technology combined with experience to ensure a perfect match to your specifications and required needs. AMS will also custom design an industrial slurry pump for your specific application if necessary.

Our pumping solutions are available for all processes where liquids are to be pumped even if they contain abrasives such as sand, clay particles, drill cuttings, other potentially damaging objects & If the pH is very low, or if the media is aggressive, such as leachate solutions, or where the media is for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Africa Mining Supplies provides an end to end service to ensure parts and components you order are delivered timeously. Our components and parts adhere to strict quality assurance measures and carry our standard Warranty thereby giving you peace of mind. We supply New, Reconditioned and Good used components and parts. We cover a wide variety of parts for earthmoving machines which include Caterpillar, Komatsu, O&K, Liebherr, Hitachi, Bell, Volvo, Atlas Copco, Montabert & Sandvik.

Achieving a birds-eye-view of a mining site is a challenging task however our surveying drones are uniquely suited to the tasks of aerial mapping and scoping, offering lower operational costs, safer operating conditions, faster deployment and more accurate data collection to more traditional surveying methods. Mining sites require regular inspection for safety and reporting reasons. Offering swift, accurate surveillance and data collection over large areas.

Inspections carried out by our drones can address the operational challenges faced by human inspections. Equipped with the latest mapping technology our drones are capable of generating accurate topographical maps of large areas with minimal wear and tear on equipment allowing for the creation of highly accurate models.

Using photogrammetry (a surveying and mapping technique) our drones provide quick deployment and turn-around times with accurate reporting from point cloud datasets. Survey ground control, processing and reporting tasks are carried out by our experienced and registered surveyors.

Uneven terrain can cause difficult and hazard working conditions for surveyors travelling over land on foot hence our drones are able to quickly and precisely retrieve topographical maps of large areas with minimal wear and tear on equipment and low risk.

Predesign surveys for site planning, detailed surveys of existing infrastructure and topography, Digital Surface Models (DSM) and Digital Terrain Models (DTM), contour maps, accurate geo-referenced ortho-rectified imagery and maps, geo-referenced high-resolution orthophotos up to 1cm GSD.

Surveying a stockpile using our drone is simpler, faster and safer than traditional survey methods. The aerial perspective overcomes the problems of stockpile height, steep slopes and the potential risk to a surveyor on foot while the speed and precision means that surveys can be undertaken more regularly and with greater accuracy.

Adhoc stockpile measurements and volumetric reporting, periodic stockpile audit measurements and volumetric reporting for mines, accurate ortho-mosaic images / maps to visualize and verify stock on hand.

Drone data can be used for drainage design plans for development sites. Data can also be used determine the best route for water to flow across a selected area. High-density point cloud data for analyzing terrain and flow patterns.

We value intergrity, loyalty and ethical business practices. Our customer service approach is built on supplying the right part first time at the right price and ensuring our dedication to long lasting business relationships with our clients continentally.

underground mining equipment manufacturer| lhd machine in mining

underground mining equipment manufacturer| lhd machine in mining

Jinan Fucheng Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd was established in 2002, the predecessor was Shangdong Fucheng hydraulics institution. Fucheng has advanced R&D technology, sophisticate technical team and abundant experience, we focus on the manufacture, trading, maintenance and service of underground mining equipment. At the same time, we supply import and export service for domestic & abroad customers. Our underground mining equipment covers: (1) Underground Loader (LHD): 0.6 cbm 6 cbm (2) Underground Truck: 8 tons 35 tons (3) Drilling Jumbo (Face Drilling Rig): 4 m2 50 m2 (4) Scaling Jumbo: 4 m2 50 m2 (5) Other Mining Eequipment (6) Spare parts & maintenance

Fucheng mining equipment has passed ISO9001 quality management and CE certificate, widely exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, Russia etc., and got consistent high praise by our customers. Fucheng key value is Guarantee quality, Build a harmonious business, mutual development, we supply convenient & fast Pre-sale consultation and after-sale service, and take maintain of customers as our principle. Fucheng welcome all the friends both at home and abroad to visit and cooperate with us !

The machine could be shipped by sea. They are always packed in 20 or 40 container. The shipping port could be Qingdao, Shanghai or other China ports. We have freight forwarder and they could handle all the process during shipment. Most of our long-term clients are in Latin America, like Peru, Chile, Mexico and so on. We could offer FOB, CIF or CFR price.

The jumbo drill machine or jumbo mining machine is a kind of rock drilling machine. Jumbo drills are usually used for underground mining if mining is done by drilling and blasting. The jumbo drill machine consists of one, two, or three rock drilling rigs. Sometimes it is a platform where [...]

Surface mining, a process that is mainly used for the mining of rocks, diamonds, metal ores, and other resources. Subsurface mining is beyond your thinking, and it involves usage of the vertical shafts and elevators, which are very beneficial in underground mining. Besides this, there are many things to know [...]

A jumbo drill, also known as a drilling jumbo, is often a rock drilling rig. Drilling jumbos in deep mines are typically applicable where drillingand blastingare necessary to achieve mining. When rock resistance prohibits the usage of tunneling machines, they are still relevant in tunneling. Mining vehicles from Fucheng are [...]

Horizontal transportation in the underground mine relies heavily on load-haul dump (LHD) vehicles or underground Scooptrams. Underground mining scoop tram transport ore from the mining faces to the closest belt conveyors, dumped at unique locations. Underground mining scoop tram is adamant, maneuverable, and productive. LHD is popular in more than [...]

Caterpillar Caterpillar Inc. is one of the well-known underground mining equipment manufacturers in the United States. Caterpillar has been promoting sustainable development since 1925 through innovative products and services to help customers build a better world. As one of the well-known underground mining equipment manufacturers, Caterpillar provides underground mining supplies [...]

The process of extracting precious resources from the earth is known as mining. Miners use technology to obtain any resources that are uncultivable or not manufacturable artificially. Mining is the process of extracting non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels, minerals, and even water. Underground mining, surface mining, placer mining, and [...]

Underground mining is an expensive and massive process. Underground mining equipment is also very critical. Therefore, perfection and safety are the most important to consider every step of the day. Thus, miners require high-tech machines and equipment to provide the best for the company. In this case, todays content will [...]

Minerals, especially those containing metals, are valuable. Business people are looking for the cheapest and safest way to extract these minerals from the earths core. The process of this extraction is the mining process. Mining is the foundation against which all of the mining companies rely on and gravitate around. [...]

One unit diesel crane truck with CUMMIINS engine was packed and delivered in 40 feet container. It is with DANA transmission and DANA axle. It will be used in underground mining in South America. [...]

One diesel scissor lifting truck with CUMMINS engine was exported today. It is with DANA transmission and DANA axle. Also the truck has closed cabin with air conditioning. It will be used in underground mining in America Latina. [...]

Smallest Scooptram exported to South American !! FUCHENG finished the customization of 0.6 cbm scooptram for customer, this is the smallest size in FUCHENG Series Scooptrams, with dimension of only 4690mm long,1100mm wide and1760mm high. Welcome your inquiry and visit to FUCHENG ! [...]

FUCHENG finished the production of 20 tons underground mining trucks and arranged the shipment for Venezuela customer. The FYKC-20 underground mining truck is equipped with German Deutz diesel engine and American DANA transmission & converter, with great performance and easy operation, its the best seller in our company. And customer [...]

FUCHENG finished the production of 8 tons underground mining trucks and arranged the shipment for African customers. The FYKC-8 underground mining truck is equipped with German Deutz diesel engine and American DANA transmission & converter, with great performance and easy operation, its the best seller in our company. And customer [...]

FUCHENG shipped 6 units of electric scooptrams to abroad In July 17, we meet the purchasing manager of the biggest mining company from South America, and introduced our products including scooptrams, underground loader, mining trucks and drilling jumbo to our customers. The good performance and easy operation make our customers [...]

FUCHENG finished the customization of 1.5 m3 scooptram for our European customers. This is a very big technical inovation FUCHENG tailer-made 1.5 M3 scoop with smallest dismantle size less than 1 meters long and less than 1.5 tons weight . It is with DEUTZ engine and DANA transmission. [...]

hydraulic mining equipment

hydraulic mining equipment

Where it is practicable, this is the simplest and most inexpensive method of placer mining. The mechanical equipment requirements consist only of pipe lines and giants. One feature, however, that is frequently overlooked in hydraulic mining is the matter of dumping facilities. This should always receive careful consideration. It often happens that there is not sufficient grade to provide a tailing dump and mechanical means have to be provided accordingly. Occasionally a mechanical tailing elevator is used, consisting of a line of dredge buckets, a centrifugal pump, etc. The hydraulic gravel elevator, however, has found more general favor, especially where there is ample water under sufficient head to operate the elevator successfully.

The hydraulic elevating method is applied with excellent success in placer mines where the boulders are so large that it is impossible to handle them with a dredge and where the bed rock lies so flat there is insufficient grade to provide a tailing dump.

The Empire Hydraulic Elevator is the simplest and the cheapest apparatus for lifting gravel, that has so far been devised. There are no working or moving parts in the elevator to get out of order and all parts are extremely heavy and ruggedly built. The action of the hydraulic elevator is simplewater under pressure passes through the lower nozzle and upward through the curved throat piece. The energy from this jet of water is sufficient to raise a large amount of gravel and a much larger amount of water, which enters at the intake or suction side of the elevator. The discharge from the elevator is carried upward and usually dumps into a sluice box which is placed high enough to carry away the tailings and to provide sufficient dump to keep the mine workings clear.

Before the advent of the Empire Elevator there was not one hydraulic placer mine operating at a profit in Colombia, South America. Some ten years ago we equipped the La Clara Gold Mines on the Porce River with a number of our Empire Elevators. Since that time every successful hydraulic mine in Colombia has adopted such elevators and today one finds any number of these mines operating at a good profit, whereas before they had been failures. The design of the Empire Elevator is an evolution of the ideas of practical miners combined with those of our own engineers. The design, materials and workmanship are such as to insure the greatest capacity and efficiency and the longest life of service; at the same time every provision has been made for easy and rapid repairs.

These elevators are built up on a wrought steel frame with mild steel plate riveted to it. They are lined throughout with manganese steel, and the throat proper is also of manganese steel. The elevators are split longitudinally so as to facilitate removal and replacement of the lining and the manganese throat.

The nozzle butt flange for receiving the nozzle is an accurately machined and polished steel forging; the nozzle is of forged tool steel, highly tempered and polished. With this hardened steel nozzle a solid round jet of water is maintained for a much longer time than is possible with the use of any other material; and this type of nozzle, furthermore, is not readily broken by the impact of boulders. The all-steel construction of the housings make the elevator unbreakable, and the manganese steel linings resist abrasion longer than linings of any other known materials.

By using Empire Elevators the operator obtains a far greater yardage with less water than is possible with any other type. The following list gives the principle sizes of Empire Elevators which we carry in stock. These elevators, however, are always subject to modification in detail which will adapt them to your own individual requirements. We also build larger sizes to order.

Empire Elevators have two additional sections extending beyond the manganese steel throat. The first section is called the reducer section; the second one the tower piece. Both these sections are lined with manganese steel throughout their entire length and the outside housing is split longitudinally so as to allow for easy replacement of the manganese lining when worn. We recommend that two or three sections of special raiser pipe be used on the discharge end of the elevator. This raiser pipe is of extra heavy high carbon steel and will resist the unusual heavy wear that ordinarily occurs in the first few feet of discharge pipe adjoining the elevator.

We also build Water Lifters or Elevators to order to meet particular conditions. Our well-known Empire Giant, is used in most of the hydraulic mines in Colombia. We carry the No. I size in stock and make the other sizes to order.

We make a specialty of building hydraulic pipe lines, and our plant is equipped with machinery designed and built by us for this particular purpose. The illustration shows a section of pipe that is II feet 3 inches in diameter and made of 9/16-inch plate and the horizontal seams are all double butt strapped, triple riveted. This pipe line which we believe, is the largest ever built, is four miles long and requires over ten thousand tons of plate in the making.

We carry in stock a full line of Air Valves and Steel Flanges, together with a large amount of sheet material, and we can usually make prompt deliveries of any desired hydraulic mining equipment. We build sluices and riffles of high carbon steel plate, thereby insuring long life and low operating costs. If you will submit a general plan of your contemplated operations, we will furnish a complete design covering all your requirements and will quote you prices accordingly.

For many years we have built diamond washing and saving machinery for diamondiferous placer deposits, such as are found in Brazil and various parts of Africa. For this purpose we build jigs, trommels, conveyors and in fact any and all apparatus for diamond recovery from placer ground.

The Ludlum Water Tube Boiler is another one of our products and we would be glad to make quotations on same to any one who intends installing a modern up-to-date power plant, especially if high steam pressure is required. The Ludlum Boiler is particularly noted for its high efficiency and large steaming capacity.

Looking through this booklet one will observe that we have been unusually successful in taking entire charge of the construction work of our dredges in foreign countries under most difficult conditions, doing this work in a remarkably short time and at very low cost. We have competent superintendents whom we can send to any part of the world to take entire charge of transportation and erection of any work that we may turn out. This is another feature that helps to insure the success of your enterprise.

If you require repair parts for any other make of dredge besides our own, we can readily furnish them to you if you will send us a sketch or a drawing of your requirements. This, of course, includes manganese steel buckets, tumblers, pins, nickle steel shafts of large diameter, in fact any or all parts for your dredge. We have special equipment for turning out nickle-chrome steel bucket pins at low prices. We can furnish screen plates of any dimension and with any size of perforations at very low cost. These screen plates are made from a special high carbon steel and all holes are drilled and reamed to a heavy taper, thereby preventing clogging up of the holes. All this work is done on a machine designed and built by ourselves for this particular work as illustrated above.

We can furnish special high carbon liner plates that are unusually tough and durable, also steel angle iron riffles of any dimension required. Please bear in mind that our plant is located on tidewater at New York which affords us unusual facilities for all export shipments.

We herewith illustrate our Ludlum Dynamobile, which is a self-contained, highly efficient, portable electric power generating plant. It consists of our Ludlum boiler, and a steam turbo-generator set, together with feed pump, condenser and switch-board; in fact, an entire power plant completely mounted on a truck. Wood, coal or oil may be burned as fuel in this boiler, and the entire plant will use only about one-third of the fuel that is generally consumed in a portable outfit.

In our plant we have every facility for fabricating heavy steel plate and structural steel work of every kind and for doing large and heavy machine work. We can build any special machinery to order and can assist you in the designing of same if you so desire. We will be glad to submit quotation on any specifications that you may have covering this class of work.

There is little difficulty in financing a placer project if one has secured a favorable report from a competent mining engineer. Too often this matter is neglected, and the promoter accordingly meets with discouragement and disappointment because he cannot offer the possible investor any other data on which to base judgment than the mere assertions of a few casual observers. There are quite a few responsible companies that are willing to finance a good placer project, but they usually require some definite proof of the value of the property. We, ourselves, spend considerable money every year in investigating dredging ground, and we have found and taken up some satisfactory and profitable projects in the past. We are always ready to give consideration to any promising project.

For the benefit of those who are not familiar with the financing of mining enterprises, we would state that almost any of the well-established companies that undertake this business would want to take over the management of the operations. This is necessary in order that they may protect their investment and have the business under their control. Sometimes the owner, vendor or promoter of the property is engaged by the operating company as a general manager or in some other capacity that will enable the company to avail itself of his first-hand knowledge of local conditions on the property.

Occasionally dredging ground is handled on a royalty basis, and this method works out very satisfactorily if the royalty is based on the gross bullion output of the dredge. When, however, as has happened in some instances, it is based on the net earnings, all kinds of questions and disputes regarding the operating costs and the net earnings are likely to arise, and there are very few instances where the plan has worked out satisfactorily. Sometimes when the royalty basis is adopted, a cash payment to the owners of the property is included and may be paid when the contract is closed.

In some instances when the contract is made for operating under a royalty, an arrangement is made for the return of all or part of the capital investment to the operating company before the owners of the ground receive any royalty. Then again this is sometimes modified by the payment of the royalties being deferred and the royalties accumulating until such time as the original capital investment or part of it has been taken out and returned to the investors, after which royalties to the owners of the ground for double the regular amount are paidone-half of this being applied to the deferred or accumulated royalties and the other half being applied to the ordinary or regular royalty. The payment of the double royalty is continued until all of the deferred or accumulated royalties are paid up and after that the ordinary royalty is paid during the remaining life of the contract.

This plan works out very satisfactorily especially when the amount of the investment or at least a certain fixed sum is agreed upon in the beginning as the amount to be taken out and returned to the investors before any royalty is actually paid.

Another plan that works out quite successfully consists in the purchase of the property for a fixed sum but on a kind of partial payment plan; payments, according to this plan, are in the form of a royalty or percentage of the gross output, and such payments are continued regularly at predetermined intervals until the full purchase price is paid.

The amortization of the dredging equipment and the land should always be given careful consideration when formulating a plan for financing. A few remarks on this subject are contained in the second paragraph of page 12.

In closing, we cannot place too much emphasis on the proper prospecting of your property and if this is not done and the owner has little evidence of worth to offer when presenting his project, the would-be purchasers will regard it as a big risk and will expect an unusually large reward or share for their gamble or they may refuse to consider the property at all. If on the other hand, the owner has valuable evidence in the form of a report from a reliable engineer based on proper exploration work, he is then in a good position to name his own terms because of the fact that there is always a demand for desirable dredging ground.

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