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have an ac making grinding noise? heres why | energy savers

have an ac making grinding noise? heres why | energy savers

An AC thats making grinding noises is concerning to any Alabama or Georgia homeowner who notices it. While you should be used to the gentle hum of your equipment as it runs, grinding noises are unusual and alert you to an issue with your air conditioning system. Learn what it means when an AC makes grinding noises and what to do about the problem.

A grinding sound from the outdoor components of the system usually indicates compressor issues. The compressor is a component within the outdoor unit responsible for moving refrigerant through the system to facilitate heat exchange.

Grinding from the outdoor air conditioner unit may come from the compressors pistons. The pistons may start to produce this sound during operation as the compressor wears out. A grinding noise could also indicate other internal components of the systems compressor have come loose or are broken.

Unfortunately, the solution here is to replace the compressor. A compressor replacement is typically recommended versus repairing the broken components because the compressors construction makes it prohibitive to access internal components. Replacement is a more affordable and less intensive solution.

What to do: If you have an air conditioner thats making grinding noises that come from the exterior air conditioning equipment, shut the system down and call for air conditioning repair. If you continue to operate your cooling system with the above problems present, further damage may be inflicted upon your system.

When bearings within the blower fan wear out, they can start to grind as the system runs. These bearings require regular lubrication, which is performed during a professional air conditioning maintenance tune up. When maintenance is skipped, bearings do not receive the attention they require and wear down, causing grinding and the need for replacement.

What to do: When a grinding noise originates from the interior cooling system components, turn the power switch off. Open the door and see if the squirrel cage fan is able to move freely. If not, you may be able to adjust it and tie it back down on the screw.

If your AC is making grinding noise, call Energy Savers as soon as possible for fast and reliable air conditioning repair. Our NATE-certified air conditioning technicians accurately identify the problem and get to work quickly to implement the right repairs.

about pgi | precision grinding, inc

about pgi | precision grinding, inc

Precision Grinding, Inc. dba PGI Steel (PGI) is a custom steel processing facility and was established in 1971. PGI is locally owned and operated in the Oxmoor Valley area of Birmingham, Alabama. For over 50 years, we have provided high quality products and services to the clients and industries we serve. Initially, PGI focused on sharpening shear blades and the regrinding of all types of metal products for US Steel, such as welding dies and custom machine parts.

Today, PGI Steel is highly respected and successful custom steel processing facility serving over 2,500 machine shops and special machine builders. Additionally, we house some of the largest Blanchard&Mattison grinding equipment and CNC machining centers in the southeast. We also offer a wide-range of additional capabilities including: plasma cutting and plate burning, stress relieving, annealing, Blanchard grinding, precision surface grinding, CNC milling & turning and steel fabrication work at our two facilities. PGI Steel became an ISO 9001:2015 certified company in May 2020.

At PGI Steel, we are driven not only by our passion for serving our clients, but also for serving our community. From volunteering in the community to sponsoring local and national organizations and events, giving back is at the core of our company culture.

We proudly support family-centered facilities such as The Kings Home, the Foundry Rescue Mission, and the Ronald McDonald House; healthcare and health-related research organizations like the University of Alabama Birmingham, Auburn University, and the American Cancer Society; service oriented businesses such as the Lakeshore Foundation, the Salvation Army, Magic City Harvest, Jefferson County Resource Recovery Center and the United Way; and our countrys finest men and women as part of the Wounded Warrior Project. Our most rewarding work is often done beyond the gates of our facilities in the communities in which we work.

PGI Steel is a custom steel processing company that has been producing high quality steel products for over 50 years. PGI Steel is unique in that we are a single source solution for custom steel plates and custom steel parts. We have two steel processing facilities that cover nearly 150,000 square feet and manufacture custom steel jobs and specialty fabrication projects per client specifications.

10 common a/c noises & what they mean for your unit red cap air

10 common a/c noises & what they mean for your unit red cap air

What causes the noise: A banging sound usually is a sign that theres a loose component inside your compressor, like a connecting rod, piston pin or crankshaft. Additionally, a banging noise could mean you need a new compressor.

What causes the noise: Clanking could mean you have a loose part, possibly the compressor itself. This sound can also mean that the indoor blower and outdoor fan blades are out of balance. If you ignore this clanking sound, it will only get worse with time.

What causes the noise: You may have a hard time knowing where the bubbling/gurgling sound is coming from, but its most likely related to a refrigerant leak. A gurgling sound could also mean that your condensate drain line is clogged.

What causes the noise: Intermittent or constant squealing points to a misaligned or worn fan belt. The sound can sometimes come and go depending on temperature and humidity levels, which makes the belt expand and contract. If you dont replace a worn fan belt, it will eventually break, so you run the risk of not having air.

What causes the noise: A buzzing noise also indicates that theres an electrical problem with your air conditioning system. The electrical problem could be caused by a faulty relay switch, circuit breaker or condenser fan motor.

What causes the noise: Humming usually means your air conditioner has an electrical problem, similar to what causes a buzzing sound. Humming can also indicate there are loose wires/hardware, or a blower motor issue.

If you hear any of these 10 sounds, contact Red Cap Air to schedule an air conditioning repair. Well send one of our trusted technicians to your home to stop that annoying sound so you can have some peace and quiet while you stay cool.

moen tooling | the latest innovation in a blade grinding jig by jerry moen!

moen tooling | the latest innovation in a blade grinding jig by jerry moen!

Introducing the latest innovation in knife making accessories! The Moen Blade Grinding Fixture! Made exclusively in the USA from rock-hard 60/61 aluminum. The Moen Grinding Fixture combines unmatched durability, a precision machining with the perfect symmetry and practical functionality. Perfect for flat, hollow, or small-wheel grinding. And featuring carbide file-guide blade clamps. Rugged, durable, anodized coating, a friction-free nylo taped bottom surface. Dual handled posts, and an adjustable finger for quick, easy transitions.

I have been using the Moenworks grinding fixture for a couple of years and have been very pleased with it. Its unique design allows the user to hold a variety of blades with repeatability. It allows for very accurate positioning and angles relative to the grinder thus allowing for very light touches to position plunges and maintain the desired thicknesses along the cutting edge. It makes grinding swage grind a pleasure.

Flat grinds and hollow grinding has never been easier. The cost is very reasonable and that cost will be recovered with improved production and better quality which is the objective. I fully endorse it and recommend it to novice and professional makers.

Ive tinkered around making knives free-hand and with several different types of jigs on and off for 4-5 years, have a good quality 2-72 grinder, and generally have a pretty decent grounding in the principles of bevel grinding.

This fixture will not immediately make you into a great knife maker but if you put in the time and effort, learn from trial/error, persevere and approach things with finesse and patience, it will elevate you much quicker than anything else Ive come across. I reckon it took me about 10 practice blades to produce something with a lovely mirror finish that I really couldnt fault in terms of plunge/grind line symmetry.

DISCLAIMER: I am a noob to knife making. I started a couple of years ago, in the evenings and on weekends, when I had time and when my head was in the game. I probably have less than 3 dozen finished blades under my belt. I have NEVER had steady hands; they are the two main reasons I did not do demolitions in the military or become a surgeon (not skills that can tolerate a lot of "ooops"). I was getting frustrated with all the ways I kept finding to screw my blades up, and most of them had to deal with bevels. Now I know that practice is the holy grail, but I play/work how I practice, and if I practice screwed up...

I have seen about every youtube video on grinding techniques and tools, and have even tried some of them, or homemade versions of some jigs. When I saw the Moen jig, something clicked, and I pulled the trigger. I got it today. Even with the learning curve, in an hour I was able to complete the bevels (36 grit/60 grit/120 grit ceramic and finish with a 400 grit Trizac) on a blade, which normally, on a GOOD day, takes me about 4 hours free hand (Slow learner and the hands). So for me the cost became readily offset in the reduction of time it takes me to complete my bevels. So for any one else that is not a gifted/talented free-hand beveler, give this some serious consideration.

elb millgrind - multiple technology solution in one set-up

elb millgrind - multiple technology solution in one set-up

The millGrind series is specially developed for the requirements of machining in the turbine industry as multiple technology solution in one set-up. The modular machine system in travelling table design allows an individual configuration of the machine according to the customers' needs.

For grinding with high stock removal rates the grinding wheels can be sharpened via overhead dressing unit and intermittent or continuous dressing. For pilot production or small lot sizes a table mounted dressing unit with interpolated dressing via vertical and cross feed axis can be used.

The tools will be exchanged automatically out of a magazine. In combination with a 2 or 3 axes rotary tilt table mounted on the machine table a multiple sided machining is possible. The multiple axes interpolated machining of complex profiles will be achieved due to the sophisticated CNC control Siemens 840D.

PRECISION SURFACING SOLUTIONS supports manufacturers in a wide variety of industries in which precision grinding, lapping, polishing, deburring and advanced materials processing equipment is commonly used. They all need high-quality, high-precision, stable and well-engineered machines to manufacture high-quality work pieces.

Founded in Chicago in 1948 as a manufacture of lapping and polishing machines for the mechanical seal market, Lapmaster has grown to a worldwide solution provider for more than 20 industries like precision optics and advanced materials.

Since 1907 Barnes has been considered a world leader in developing innovative honing and bore finishing technology and processes. The earliest Barnes honing machines were the first to make honing a practical and efficient means of finishing automotive cylinder bores in a production environment.

Since May 2020, the brand ISOG belongs to the globally active Precision Surfacing Solutions Group. With the addition of ISOG to the already existing strong brands within the Group, PSS further strengthens its position as a leading supplier of high quality, best in class technologies in the market of surface quality enhancement solutions.

ELB-Schliff Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH has been producing surface and profile grinding machines for over 60 years. The company was founded by Edmund Lang in the city of Babenhausen which led to the name "ELB-Schliff".

The aba company was founded in 1898 under the name "Messwerkzeugfabrik Alig & Baumgrtel Aschaffenburg", hence the initials aba. Today, the aba Grinding Technologies is exclusively focused on the advancement and production of precision surface and profile grinding machines.

Founded in 1934, KEHREN is a well-established designer and builder of high-precision grinding machine tools and systems under the following categories: vertical grinding centers, vertical grinding centers with portal design, surface grinders with rotary tables and horizontal spindles, and surface grinders with dual rotary tables and vertical spindles.

Produced in Germany since 2009, MICRON machines are compact and dynamically rigid grinding machines especially designed for Creep Feed and Profile grinding. MICRON is an industry leader in grinding of Hydraulic components like stators, rotors and van pumps.

Founded in Germany in 1804 by Mr. Peter Wolters, Peter Wolters has been producing lapping, polishing and fine grinding equipment since 1936. In 2019 Precision Surfacing Solutions acquired the division Wafer plant and service business for photovoltaic and special materials of Meyer Burger. Further Information can be found at

ELB-Schliff Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH has been producing surface and profile grinding machines for over 60 years. The company was founded by Edmund Lang in the city of Babenhausen which led to the name "ELB-Schliff".

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