animal feed pellet making machine in india

cattle feed machine - cattle feed making machine latest price, manufacturers & suppliers

cattle feed machine - cattle feed making machine latest price, manufacturers & suppliers

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professional poultry cattle animal feed machinery manufacturers in india -- richi

professional poultry cattle animal feed machinery manufacturers in india -- richi

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In fact, at present, the main channel of animal feed machinery in India is still import. Although India also has some animal feed machinery manufacturers, unless it is for convenience, most Indian customers are still willing to consider poultry cattle animal feed machinery manufacturers in China or some European and American countries. Compared with poultry cattle animal feed machinery manufacturers in India, poultry cattle animal feed machinery manufacturers in China has more price advantages and higher cost performance.

In today's poultry cattle animal feed machinery industry, cheap price does not mean poor quality. The price advantage of China animal feed machinery manufacturers comes from the improvement of China's entire market supply chain. In addition, take Richi Machinery as an examplea professional animal feed machinery factory from China. Judging from past cases, an animal feed making machine can usually be used for more than ten to 20 years. Is the quality likely to be poor?

As for animal feed machinery manufacturers in Europe or North America, with the development of feed equipment technology, the leading advantage is not obvious. Taking a comprehensive consideration, it must be Professional poultry cattle animal feed machinery manufacturers in China that is more suitable for most customers.

The Indian animal feed market attained a value of INR 403.5 billion in 2020 driven by the introduction of non-traditional feed ingredients. Aided by rising consumption of animal-based products, the industry is expected to witness a further growth in the forecast period of 2021-2026, growing at a CAGR of 15%. The industry is projected to reach INR 933.3 billion by 2026.

India currently represents one of the fastest growing animal feed markets in the world. The increasing demand for animal protein and dairy products has resulted in a growing livestock population in India, which in turn has increased the demand for animal feed. Currently the poultry, dairy cattle and aqua industry accounts for the major share of the Indian animal feed industry. Modern animal feed products are manufactured by carefully selecting and blending ingredients to impart highly nutritional diets that both increase the quality of its end products such as meat, milk, eggs and at the same time maintain the health of the animal.

The Indian animal feed market is driven by the increasing government support in the country. After the liberalization of the Indian economy in the early 1990s, the animal feed industry was presented with new opportunities. The industry continues to have substantial growth potential owing to increasing domestic consumption of animal-based products, rising livestock population, and growing dependence on imports.

India is one of the fastest growing poultry feed markets in the world. Growing population, changes in food consumption habits, increasing consumption of poultry products, etc., are some of the key reasons driving poultry feed market in India. Growing trend towards contract farming (Vertical Integration) has been driving demand for poultry feed in India, as buyer companies offer high quality poultry supplies including feed, medications and veterinary supplies to farmers in order to increase the poultry output.

According to a report by TechSci Research "India Poultry Feed Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2020, poultry feed market in India is forecast to grow at a CAGR of around 15% during 2015 2020, on account of increasing consumption of poultry products in the country, rising population, growing preference for white meat over red meat and increasing poultry population. Over the last few years, increasing awareness about the use of cost effective and nutrition rich compound feed has further benefited the poultry feed market in India.

Growing household income levels and rising broiler meat consumption are pumping growth in the country's broiler poultry feed market. Broiler birds grow quickly in comparison to layer birds and require higher protein feed for better feed to meat conversion ratio. Southern region of India garners the highest share in poultry production and consumption in India.

The Indian animal feed market is driven by the rising dairy industry, backed by the White Revolution 2.0, which has resulted in the rapid growth of the cattle population. Currently, India has the largest cattle population in the world, thereby becoming a significant market for cattle feed. The demand for commercial cattle feed is projected to increase in India, as the dairy industry structure is becoming more organized. In addition to this, the government is also planning to launch schemes and policies under the 12th Five Year Plan, which are aimed at improving the overall status of the animal feed industry to provide for future demand.

The market is further aided by the emergence of non-traditional feed ingredients and technological advancements as well as innovations, such as the creation of genetically modified animal feed ingredients. The market is finding obstruction due to frequent disease outbreaks and high import duties on feed ingredients.

We are engaged in manufacturing of high performance poultry feed pellet machine and cattle feed pellet machine(cow feed making machine, dairy feed making machine). Our animal feed making machine can also be used for producing feed for Buffalo`s, sheep, horses, goats, fish, etc. These plants are widely appreciated for their sturdy construction and durability.

Our poultry feed pellet machine and cattle feed pellet machine are specifically designed for application in poultry feed mills and cattle feed plants. We ensure the feasibility of the aniaml feed plant at our end through estimations, contract negotiations, and project management. The plant is commissioned on site by our team of competent professionals and engineers. Our complete poultry and cow feed making machine plant setup is tested to match all the prevailing industry standards.

Industry sources, according to the USDA publication, report that corn and soybean meal dominate the commercial feed market in India, with supplementation by other coarse grains including small quantities of spoiled/inferior quality wheat and other oilseed meals depending on the comparative pricing.

animal feed making machine - animal feed production machine latest price, manufacturers & suppliers

animal feed making machine - animal feed production machine latest price, manufacturers & suppliers

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animal and poultry feed plants, cattle feed machines, manufacturer, india

animal and poultry feed plants, cattle feed machines, manufacturer, india

We at Khare Agro-Mech Industries Pvt. Ltd. are Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Animal, Poultry And Cattle Feed Plants, Animal Feed Making Machine, Poultry Feed Making Machine, Pellet Making Machine, Animal Feed Pellets Making Machine, Cattle Feed Machine, Grindmix H Series and our setup is situated in Miraj, Sangli, Maharashtra, India. We are dedicated to provide complete / turnkey solutions to the commercial feed manufacturers or poultry / cattle / fish farmers, biomass pellets manufacturer, organic fertilizers manufacturer, food and pharmaceutical industries, shell grit and dry fish meal plants etc. We design, manufacture, install plants or mills in various capacities with different layouts. We also provide customized solutions for all trades which are stated above. With the aid of our modern infrastructure and highly proficient professionals, we have been able to make significant progress in the industry in last three decades. Our engineers have deep knowledge and experience to manufacture our products using the latest techniques available. Due to our customer oriented approach and superior product range we have earned a vast customer base in India and abroad too.

Khare Agromech Provides after sales services to the present customers which is very important and vital in production point of view For after Sales Services Contact Us : + 91 9850837600 / 9011071729

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pellet making machine india for animal feed production

pellet making machine india for animal feed production

In India, the contribution of animal farming to the growth of GDP is ranks only second to agriculture. With the growing demand for meat products, India animal feed market requirement increases highly. Indian Yes Bank reports that Indias animal feed industry, which is currently at $15 billion, is expected to double in size and touch to $30 billion in the next five years and the main growth drivers are in cattle, poultry and aqua feed sectors. With this growth rate, India will soon become the largest feed market in the coming years. Therefore the feed manufactures or anyone who wants start feed manufacture business should learn about different situation of Indian animal feed market, the feed types to produce, and choose the suitable feed making machine, especially feed pellet making machine due to the technical service is very important for feed pellet production.

Cattle Feed Pellet Making Machine India Indian feed industry has developed for about forty years, but in early period animal feed was mainly used to feed dairy cow. Today India cattle feed consumption is at 7.5 million tonnes and will grow to 67 million tones. The demand for cattle feed will grow by 6 percent in the next five years. In India, there are mainly two kinds of cattle feed, namely compound feed and home-mixed feed. Compound feed refers to feed that is nutritionally balanced and has been manufactured using the facilities of an analytical laboratory and under the supervision of nutritionists; home-mixed feed refers to the feed for local consumption and made by small scale feed mixers. Commercial cattle feed typically consists of feed ingredients like cornstarch, liquid glucose, dextrose, sorbitol, fabrilose, maltodextrin, corn gluten meal, soy meal, rape meal and mineral mixtures. Commercially manufactured compound cattle feed has proved its value for cross-bred cows and buffaloes but not for low-yielding cattle because of their genetic limitations. However the need for compound cattle feed especially cattle feed pellets manufactured by cattle feed pellet making machine is expected to grow and have significant market potential.

Poultry Feed Pellet Making Machine India The development of Indian poultry farming is potential for the annual per capita consumption of eggs and poultry meat is increasing. Being a white meat, broiler meat has an advantage of being a healthier choice over red meat such as mutton, pork and beef, while also being cheaper than seafood. Indias per capita consumption of broiler meat grew at a compound annual growth rate of 7.4 percent from 2009-10 to 2013-14, while egg consumption rose by 3.7 percent compound annual growth rate. And India poultry farming is modern and has high quality poultry feed production plants. As an estimate, the current demand for poultry feed in India is around 22 million tones. The feed demand from broiler sector will grow at a rate of 8 percent, feed for layers will grow by 5-6 percent in the next five years.

In India poultry feed is divided into layer feed and broiler feed. Although high-value compound feed can result in increased numbers of eggs, the cost is too high because of the layers long life cycle. But for feeding broiler compound feed, the cost is a less important factor because the performance improvements are greater than the cost increases and the broilers life cycle is short.

Poultry feed can be prepared in the form of mash or pellets made by poultry feed pellet making machine or in concentrated form for mixing with an energy source. Poultry feed in India consists of grains like maize, wheat, sorghum, bajra, ragi and broken rice, grain by-products like rice polish, de-oiled rice bran and maize gluten meal; oilseed meals from soybeans, mustard, groundnut and sunflower; animal protein sources like fish meal, whole fish, meat and bone meal, poultry-by-product meal; vitamins, minerals and various feed additives.

Aqua Feed Pellet Making Machine India Aqua feed is mainly for feeding shrimps in India and only a small number of aqua feed is for fishes. The shrimp feed production is surplus whereas the production of marine fish feed is insufficient, because the fish farming is growing at an annual rate of 8%. Indias sea food production was recorded at 9 million tones in 2012-13 and due to rapid changes in shrimp and fish farming, production capacities for modern feed has gradually gone up to 2.88 million tones during 2013-14. India owns the newest aqua feed production technology, good management of aqua feed production and modern aqua feed production plants, therefore the development Indian aqua farming is growing steadily. Aqua feed consumption will grow from 1 million tones to 7 million tones in the next five years. To meet the requirement, India imports more than half of the feed demand from other countries, so there is a huge potential in aqua feed.

Fish feed pellet making machine India Current fresh water fish feed production is estimated at 0.7 million tones and significant investment has gone into the creation of capacities. It is expexted that the demand for fresh water fish feed is expected to grow at five to six percent in the near future. After 2008 many aqua feed mills have started to manufacture floating fish feed pellet for freshwater fishes by floating fish feed pellet making machine. The commonly used feed ingredients for making freshwater fish feed pellets are deoiled rice bran, wheat bran, cottonseed cake and groundnut cake. Shrimp feed pellet making machine India With the introduction of vannamei shrimp, India shrimp feed production has undergone huge change. There are many new companies begin to wade into shrimp feed industry while the existing feed mills begin to expand feed production scale. In India there are about 25 aqua feed mills now. The total aqua feed production was about 1.25 million tones in 2014 and the shrimp feed accounted for 0.6 million tones, fish feed accounted for 0.65 million tones. If the feed production of all the small aqua feed mills was taken into account, the total aqua feed production would exceed 1.5 million tones in India. The main shrimp feed mills are CP Aquaculture (India), Avanti Feeds, Godrej Agrovet, Growel Feeds, The Waterbase, Grobest Feeds, and Nexus Feeds. CP Aquaculture and Avanti Feeds are market leaders. In 2014 these two feed mills sold about 0.5 million tones shrimp feed and CP Aquaculture will continue to invest to build new feed plants. Because the increasing requirement on shrimp feed, Avanti Feeds plans to increase its feed sales 50% more than last year in 2015. However there are still some shrimp feed mills only utilize its 50% production capacity, if they do not change marketing strategy, improve shrimp feed quality and offer technical services for shrimp farmers, they will close. Feed mills sell feed mainly by dealers and distributors, aquaculture farmers buy feed directly from feed mills, and feed mills attempts to boost sales and gain market shares by offering discount or preferential. Shrimp farmers attach great importance to feed quality, good feed conversion efficiency, healthy shrimps and the success of shrimp farming. In India, feed can be sold on credit. And under the large amount of credit, many small feed mills are facing losses and considering to sell the feed plant and only large feed mills with strong capital sources can survive. The prices for feed sold on credit and feed sold on cash are different. The retail price of vannamei shrimp feed in about 1-1.4 dollars/ kg. If shrimp farmer buy shrimp feed on cash, they can enjoy a 10-15% discount, and the discount for distributor is 10-15%, the profit of feed mill is 10-15%. Shrimp feed contains 32-38% crude protein and 5-6% fat. Some feed mills produce sinking vannamei shrimp feed pellets, but it is not very successful. However if they are willing to invest to purchase quality shrimp feed pellet making machine to produce shrimp feed pellets, maybe it is another scene. Feed mills pay attention on shrimp growth rate and vannamei shrimp farmers requirement on shrimp feed conversion rate is between 1.4:1 and 1.8:1. Shrimp feed formulation are mainly contain fishmeal, squid meal, lecithin, cereal flour and other essential and propriety additives and fish oil. The quality of Indian national fish meal, meat and bone meal, and soybean meal varies so the price is fluctuant. The best quality feed materials are mainly for exportation. And it is prohibited to import animal meal; the import duty rate of soybean, maize and wheat is up to 30-40%. Some feed ingredients like squid fish meal, krill meal and soluble fish protein are difficult to purchase and the price is very expensive. Therefore it is a challenge to produce consistent high quality shrimp feed. In order to lower the production cost, feed mills make a lot of concessions when purchasing feed raw materials. Some small feed mills do not use premix and some others use livestock premix; most of brand feed may contain feed additives but use minimal dose due to the high price.

Pig Feed Pellet Making Machine India Due to the religious faith and lack of scientific pig farming management experience, the Indians are picky about pork and not interested in pork consumption, so the market demand for pig feed is low and so the pig feed pellet making machine India is low too.

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