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apple cider presses and apple grinder-crushers at phg

apple cider presses and apple grinder-crushers at phg

Whether you have a single tree or an orchard, we can equip you to extract every possible drop of delicious golden nectar from your apples. Our apple grinders and presses have the durability to work reliably for years, and theyre designed to make your part simple, easy and enjoyable!

Once your fruit is off the tree, two basic operations are involved in extracting the juice. The first is grinding the apples to a pulp. If you try to press your apples whole, youll get very little juice from them. But running them through a proper grinder reduces them to tiny bits that are ready to release their juice in the press.

Our Maximizer apple grinderdoes an outstanding job of preparing apples for the pressing stage. Built of heavy duty cast iron with a large laminated hardwood rotor, its stainless steel teeth are engineered to make short work of bushels of fruit. The Maximizers heavy duty flywheel provides the necessary momentum for smooth turning. This apple grinder can be mounted to the support of your choice, and our Maximizer line of apple presses includes an optional mount for the grinder that lets it lock into position over the press basket, then swing out of the way for pressing.

Another option is our Electric Apple Grinder, which offers high speed operation thats as easy as flipping a switch and pouring your apples in. A heavy duty baffled chute keeps hands safely away from rotating blades, and it will operate only with the chute and its attached guard in place.

When your apples have been pulped, theyre ready for the cider press. Presses are available in several styles and capacities, from a 1.25 gallon tabletop fruit press clear up to a 80 liter (21 gallon)stainless steel model that operates by water pressure.

Starting at the top end: 80 liters is a lot of apple pulpand our Stainless Steel Hydropressrapidly processes all of those apples in every cycle, with pressure provided by none other than your humble garden hose! Centered within the large stainless steel basket of the press is a cylindrical rubber bladder. With the turn of a valve, the pressure of your standard water supply expands the bladder and presses the juice out through the perforations of the basket. The hydropress is simple, fast, and highly effective!

Our Maximizer apple cider pressesare very popular thanks to their capacity, features and strength. Frame members are made of rectangular steel tubing with a wall thickness of 3/16. Available in capacities of 5.3 and 9.5 gallons, these apple presses have large diameter Acme-threaded forcing screws and long ratcheting handles that let you develop huge pressure for maximum juice yield. Baskets are available in solid oak or stainless steel, and sit on stainless steel juice trays. Frames are powder coated for long, rust-free service. The tip-off yoke design is a convenient time-saver thats easy to use. The press can be purchased with or without the GSAM (Grinder Swing Arm Mount) that allows press-mounting of a Maximizer fruit grinder. Maximizer cider presses are a pleasure to use and theyre built to work for generations.

MacIntosh apple pressesare offered in 4 and 5 gallon models. Like our Maximizer presses, they have tip-off yokes that provide quick, full access to the pressing basket. Their frames are heavy duty to withstand pressing forces, and theyre powder coated for lasting good looks and rust prevention. These apple presses have large diameter Acme forcing screws that let you bring lots of force to bear on your pulped apples, ensuring high juice yields. The T-handles on MacIntosh apple cider presses can be operated by one person, or you can share the load with an apple-pressing friend.

The simple and stout design of our Harvest Bounty cider pressincorporates a pivoting top beam and stainless steel juice tray. Offered with 4 or 5 gallon pulp capacity, this cider press has a wide, low stance for stability and its Acme forcing screw lets you apply a lot of pressure to your apple pulp for good juice yield.

Not to be overlooked, our excellent 1.25 gallon Tabletop Fruit Press (and almond milk press)has a stainless fruit pressing basket and plate. It features an anti-torque plate that fastens to your table or portable mounting board, and a fine mesh liner bag that lets you press pulped apples and a variety of other types of fruit. You can also press ground and soaked almonds for delicious almond milk!

Its so much fun making fresh apple cider, and theres probably no finer activity for building lasting memories with family and friends! If you have any questions, please call us up. We use the products ourselves that we offer on our website, and wed be happy to discuss the items that will best meet your needs!

electric fruit crusher ese-018 apple mill, fruit grinder, scratter, berry pulper

electric fruit crusher ese-018 apple mill, fruit grinder, scratter, berry pulper

Fruit crusher is meant for apple, pear, vegetable, etc. crushing in personal agricultures and small farms. The porridge, got with the help of the fruit grinder, is good for pressing and crushing degree provides the best juice yield. The fruit crusher is also good for root crops grinding to feed poultry and other domestic animals.

Fruit crushers housing and base are made of stainless steel. Inside the housing there is a stainless steel grater disc, which grinds the apples. On the reverse side of the disc there are special blades that throw outwards the refined mass.

The electric apple crusher has the single phase electric engine produced by NERI MOTORI (Italy). The engines rotation frequency is 1500 rotations / min. This engine keeps well the continuous load and does not overheat.

killer apple grinder : 5 steps - instructables

killer apple grinder : 5 steps - instructables

the grinder attachment is from a friend that homebrews with me. it is nothing more then a garbage disposer the he couldn't install in his house because of plumbing so he lent it for the cause. it is a half horse stainless chamber. apple/pear killer. the down pipe is just the right height to put a bucket with a mesh bag in to catch all the pulp that is being spit out of the pipe.

all wired up to and extension cord and switch. put a cord holder on the side to hold the cord when it isn't in use. this turned the 200 lbs of pears into 200 lbs of pear sauce almost the same as apple sauce. took about 1hr to grind all the pears. not to bad as whe where going to use a hand grinder that would have taken all week.

sweet idea!Question on the "ground fruit"... the end product, does it resemble applesause? chunky or smooth?I have myself access to 4 apple trees, and they produce WAY more apples than I'd ever legally be allowed to turn into hard cider.... so I'm thinking of jarring homemade applesause.Also, I'd reccomend food grade piping, just to be safe. this link is to the first page on my google search. Food grade clear pvc

grinding and pressing equipment - cider school

grinding and pressing equipment - cider school

Whether youre a home cidermaker or a commercial cidery, if youre working with apples, youll need to process them into juice. Solutions for this are varied, from home-built grinders made from garbage disposals up to multi-horsepower electric grinders and commercial cider presses. I cover some of that spectrum below.

It does bear mentioning here that its not strictly necessary to work with apples to make ciderthere are many hobbyist cidermakers and commercial operations alike which source juice directly rather than growing or sourcing apples. But if your goal is to start from apples, read on. And if your goal is to start by growing your own apples, sign up for updates and checkthe orcharding boxto hear announcements of new content.

Your basic, entry-level apple grinder is a hand-crank grinder, often affixed to a basket press. These are typically made of steel or cast iron andconsist of a collecting area (hopper), a crank, and a rotating cylinder with embedded teeth which grinds up the apples as they are fed into the hopper.

While effectivefor small-scale cidermakingand quite a lot of funanyone whos used a hand-crank press to grind multiple bushels of apples can tell you that its quite labor intensive. So, for large hobbyist projects or for commercial production, youll need to at least consider an electric grinder.

Electric grindersarent cheap, and youll need to be mindful of the electrical service available to youfor instance, in the U.S., the availability of three-phase vs. one-phase power when it comes to 220 volt and 230 volt suppliesbefore purchasing one,but doing so willvastlyincrease the speed at which you can grind/crush apples.

The most commonhobbyist apple press is the basket press. Comprised of a wooden or steel framewith a crossbar, a steel screw (typically, an Acme screw), and a basket, the basket press relies on the screw to incrementally add pressure to the crushed apples (pomace) in the basket. Juice runs out of the sides of the basket and into a collection vessel below.

As with hand-cranked grinders, a small, manually-operated basket press is perfectly finefor home cidermaking (though even that can be labor-intensive if you happen to have a productive, seedling apple tree on your hands), the commercial cidery that works with apples will need to consider larger options.

The bladder press uses hydraulic pressure to press pomace against the outer ring of a cylinder with holes in it for the juice to drain out. Commonly used in the wine industry, they can also be used to press cider or pear cider (perry). They have the advantage of coming in larger sizes than the typical basket presses, though that comes with a larger price tag as well.

Hydraulic Presses come in several forms, generally come from niche manufacturers, and are very expensive. They are necessary as a cidery scales up, however, as the press tends to be the bottleneck in a cider operationelectric grinders and automated washers move much, much faster than a mediocre press does, soinvesting in a good press is often critical in cideries wanting to increase their speed of juice production.

electric apple grinder scratter crusher pulper pulverizer masher chopper

electric apple grinder scratter crusher pulper pulverizer masher chopper

Our all-stainless electric apple grinder (aka apple crusher/pulper/pulverizer/masher) makes fine pulp of your apples, allowing your apple or fruit press to extract the maximum yield of delicious juice. With an updated baffle design in the feed chute, it will take whole apples, large or small, poured rapidly down the chute. It works equally well for pears and other soft, pitless fruit. Compared to pressing whole apples, this electric apple grinder lets you get up to four times as much juice from your fruit!

Our electric apple grinder is perfect for the serious home-orchard owner or community group. The electric apple grinder is also known as a fruit crusher, pulverizer, masher, pulper, chopper, shredder, and electric apple scratter.

This grinder is awesome! I got the grinder in conjunction with a hydro press and they are an amazing team. I ground apples, pears, and quince with great success. Don't think I could ever grind apples by hand again. Raymond R., NH

This grinder is awesome! I got the grinder in conjunction with a hydro press and they are an amazing team. I ground apples, pears, and quince with great success. Don't think I could ever grind apples by hand again.

Step-by-step instructions, recipes, illustrations, countless tips, plus interesting bits of the history and lore of cider. You get them all in the 213 page book Cider, by Annie Proulx and Lew Nichols. It's a great book, the ideal companion to your fruit press, and shipping is free when purchased with your fruit press!

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