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fine powder mixing in a vibratory ball mill - sciencedirect

fine powder mixing in a vibratory ball mill - sciencedirect

The applicability of the vibratory ball mill to fine powder mixing is investigated using two model 1:1000 binary systems of microfine salicylic acid sucrose and milled tolbutamide with lactose. Mill performance is evaluated by measuring the extent of mixing relative to a specified standard and by comparing the rate of mixing to the Revolvo-Cube, a conventional tumbling mixer. It is demonstrated that the vibratory ball mill offers distinct advantages in combining the two unit operations of milling and mixing by rapidly producing highly homogeneous fine powder mixtures. Finally, the mechanism of comminution and mixing in the vibratory ball mill at the particulate level is examined.

pharmaceutical mills

pharmaceutical mills

Manufacturer of standard & custom pharmaceutical & fertilizer grinding mills. Made of 316 stainless steel materials. Grinding mills include sizing cage & 2 high-speed rotary knives to sweep & cut. Sizing cages are available in different slot combinations for different output particle size distributions. Mills can be used with other equipment to reduce large chunks or lumps to fine powder. Grinding mills are also available in special material construction & in sanitary designs.

Manufacturer of standard & custom pharmaceutical wet/dry grinding mills. Types of pharmaceutical wet/dry grinding mills include steel ball mills, pebble mills, jar mills & jar rolling mills. Reconditioning, overhauling & leasing services are available. PEMA affiliated.

Manufacturer of laboratory style knife and roller mills for pharmaceutical applications. Various features include spring release roll protection, removable hoppers, variable speed frequency drives and inlet feeders. Suitable for coffee, food, fine chemical, fertilizers, detergent, pharmaceutical, mineral, cracking and flaking corn and grain and precise reduction of polymer applications.

Manufacturer of standard and custom colloidal mills for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, chemical and fine chemical industries. Horizontal and vertical mills are offered. Available in 5 to 200 L capacities and up to 75 kW drives. Features include offline models with feed hoppers, tightness by mechanical seals and exchange of grinding rotor mechanism. Options include stainless steel or corundum grinders, double mechanical seals with lubrication units, auxiliary pumps, sanitary designs and SIP or CIP systems. Used mills are also provided. Suitable for cutting, fine grinding and milling applications. CE certified. FDA approved.

Manufacturer of mills for pharmaceutical applications. Various types include air classifying, hammer and screen, fluidized bed opposed and spiral jets, laboratory pins and long gap mills. Various materials include silica, plastics, PTFE, polyurethane and aluminum hydroxide. Features vary depending upon models and include pressure shock resistance, pin discs, plate beaters, hammer grinding rotors, housings, seals and gaskets.

Manufacturer of batch mills for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, ink, paint, color and dye grinding applications. Fine wet grinding mills are available. Features heating and cooling jacket for pre-melting of waxes polymers and control of heat sensitive dispersions. Materials used include stainless steel and steel alloys. Available with power capacities ranging from 0.75 hp to 20 hp and sizes from 1 L to 500 L. Can be offered with vent valves, sight glasses, covers, tri-clamp fittings, removable and fixed tri-clamp discharge nozzle and air/nitrogen purging options. Maintenance, rebuilding, refurbishing, repair and rental services are available.

Manufacturer of pharmaceutical grinding mills including wet & dry grinding attritors & small media mills. Wet grinding laboratory mills operate in batch & circulation modes. Dry grinding laboratory mills operate in batch or continuous both & continuous modes. Small media laboratory mills operate in either circulation or continuous modes. Features include repeatability, no premixing, & scale-up capability.

Manufacturer and turnkey systems integrator of chemical and pharmaceutical milling machinery. Air classifier, hammer, pin, and powder grinding mills; and table top lab systems are available. Offered in size ranging from 1 hp to 600 hp. Features vary depending upon model. Some features include adjustable particle size, low grinding temperatures, and dust-free environment. Conceptual engineering, installation, structural designing, project and construction management, drafting, plant relocation and acquisition, and equipment selection services are offered. Also a manufacturer of dry grinding machinery. Capabilities including grinding, CNC machining, milling, welding, and short run and large volume production. Materials such as pigments, fillers, ceramics, dyes, resins, insecticides, flours, clay, limestone, and cement can be handled. 24/7 support services are available.

Design & manufacture GMP milling equipment for various dry dosage pharmaceutical applications. GMP granulizer designs reduce fines & deliver superior particle uniformity for applications ranging from 1000 to 50 microns.

Machinery & equipment for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical & cosmetic industries for processing & packaging, including tablet presses, encapsulators, mixers: high shear, ribbon, twin shell, homogenizers, coaters, tanks, piston fillers, powder fillers, auger fillers, blister machines, cappers, banders, vacuum dryers, labelers, ink jet coders, rotary tables, conveyors, cartoners. Extensive inventory, technical support for global distribution.

Custom manufacturer of mills for grinding & mixing applications in pharmaceutical laboratories & industry. Mills includes homogenizer mills, variable-shear batch processing mills, integrated mixer systems with computer interface, high viscosity, high-shear in-line continuous & in-line dispersing grinding mills, rotor & stator mills, controlled flow & feed mills, turbine & propeller mixers, blenders, agitators & multi-viscosity & multi-shear mixing systems. Mills are available in various models, sizes, mounts, capacities, speed & flow rates.

ISO 9001:2008 certified custom machine builder offering turn-key specialty automation solutions. Specializing in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical & chemical processing & packaging industries. Complete automation solutions, with full-scale manufacturing, assembly & fabricating capabilities.

Manufacturer of custom toll processing & precision jet milling equipment for sanitary & food grade ingredients. Quick disconnect clamshell design permits fast assembly & cleaning. Inert gas processing available. FDA registered cGMP facility. ISO 9001:2008 registered.

Manufacturer of mills for the pharmaceutical industry. Specifications include 39 x 28 x 20 in. dimension; 2 hp, 1725 rpm, 220 to 440 V, 50 to 60 Hz, and three-phase for the motor; and 2 hp, 220 V, 50 to 60 Hz, and three-phase for the variable frequency drive. Machine frame is made of 304 SS and all contact parts are made of 316 SS.

Distributor of jar mill machinery for the pharmaceutical industries. Features include welded steel case, silent operation, quick change roller adjustment, 20 to 250 rpm rate, and bench shaking elimination. Meets ASTM standards.

Manufacturer of ball mills. Unlined steel, alumina and rubber lined ball mills are available. Offered in mill sizes ranging from 20 in. x 10 in. to 6 ft. x 10 ft. Product options can include: abrasion resistant steel; steel cylinder lined with abrasion resistant natural rubber; motor mounted air brakes; jacketed mill cylinders; full discharge or narrow discharge housings; and drive trains for large or smaller horsepower equipment. Types of linings available include high density alumina tongue and groove brick lining as well as natural rubber.

Manufacturer of heat exchangers. Heat exchangers available in custom or standard stock designs in either stainless steel or carbon steel. Large inventory of completed heat exchangers available with sizes ranging from 47 to 471 square ft. with standard 150 psi on both the shell side and the tube side. Heat exchangers also feature tubes from 5 ft. to 12 ft. in length & in from 40 to 240 tubes. All units are single pass, convertible to four pass, with 3/4 in. O.D. tubes and are designed for full vacuum on tube side without expansion joints. Other products manufactured are custom heat exchangers, reactors, & storage vessels. Repair services also available.

ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of standard & custom grinding mills for laboratory & pharmaceutical applications. Available as shredders & granulators. Types of shredders include horizontal, single-shaft hopper-fed, single-shaft, 2-stage, fuel & 4-shaft shredders. Single shaft hopper fed shredders such as woodchuck, small volume hardwood, high-powered & jumbo/super-jumbo shredders are available. Types of horizontal shredders include hand-fed strip, entry-level, conveyor fed & mixed scrap shredders. Shredders meet SPI, WMIA, CMA, WASTEC & AWFS standards & are CE & GS certified.

Distributor of new & used pharmaceutical mills. Available as colloid & hammer mills. Types of colloid mills include stainless steel jacketed & dispersion type colloid mills. Hammer mills such as disintegrators, stainless steel hammer mills, homolloid mills, grinders, pulverizers, tornado mills & extructors are available. Stainless steel colloid mills feature stainless hopper & 3 in. dia. outlet. Dispersion type colloid mills are available with 5 in. dia. carborundum stone, stainless steel hopper & 4 blade impeller.

Distributor of used & rebuilt pharmaceutical mills including synthetic resin, paint, color & dye grinding mills. Types of mills include ball mills, colloid mills, hammer mills, knife mills & roll mills. Ball mill features 6 in. dia. discharge port with locking clamp closure, mounted on factory stand unit dimension of 20 in. dia. x 22 in. dia. & overall dimension of 64 in. W x 45 in. H x 3 in. D. Services include rebuilding, remanufacturing, custom modification of machinery, in-plant removal of used equipment, liquidation, appraisal & consignment services.

Manufacturer of high shear mixers for food, chemicals, cosmetics/toiletries and pharmaceutical industries. Types of mixers include laboratory, in-line, batch, ultra mix, sanitary, powder, liquid and bottom entry mixers.

Provider Of Fluid Bed Processors, High Shear Granulators, Pan Coaters, Product Lifting & Discharging Devices, Automated Process Control Systems, Sieves/Mills, Bins, Bin Blenders & Complete Systems Integration For Material Handling

Manufacturer of drug grinding mills including pharmaceutical mills. Final product size ranges from 60 mesh to 200 mesh. Features include external bearing assembly, dynamically balanced reversible rotor assembly & tight clearances between rotor & fixed grinding elements. Services include system design & integration. Used & refurbished equipment is available. Test & tool lab facilities are also available.

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