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15 best weed grinders available now (2021)

15 best weed grinders available now (2021)

The best weed grinder will make your life easier. Whether youre rolling joints, packing bowls, or heating up your favorite weed vaporizer, an awesome grinder will help you make the most of your stash.

Its innovative design ensures that your ground herb wont get stuck inside. Instead, it can be dispensed directly onto your rolling paper, bowl, or vaporizer chamber with ease. You wont even need to unscrew the grinder or use your fingers to access it.

The electric vibrating motor means you dont need to shake the grinder to dispense it. You just press one button and watch this machine do its magic. (It still hasnt run out of battery, after many, many uses.)

Using a fancy weed grinder can be important when youre using a vaporizer. Unlike traditional combustion, vaporizing only acts on the surface area of the cannabis particles, so having a fine grind can really help. (For great dried herb vaporizers, check out our guide to the best Volcano vaporizers.)

This highly-ranked Kozo grinder is made from premium aluminum allow that will not break down over time. Unlike many grinders, which become more difficult to turn over time, this one stays sharp and should continue turning smoothly for years.

Customers love its innovative design features, such as the scalloped edge, which makes it easier to turn in your hands. They also love the spacing of the teeth, which generates the perfect fluffy grind, without over-compressing your delicate herb.

You can place a bud or two into the small grinder opening, before reattaching the clear plastic funnel piece. The teeth switch directions, so you wont get it clogged up. You can grind up to a half gram at once.

Electric weed grinders are particularly helpful for anyone with a condition like muscular dystrophy, arthritis, or other mobility issues. If you struggle to use your hands or wrists, you may enjoy how this grinder is designed for one-handed operation.

You just charge it up with the USB cable, pack it up, hit the button, and grind directly into your bowl, cone, or your vaporizer chamber. It even stores kief below the blades for whenever youre ready to collect the kief and use it. Just be careful if you put your fingers in there these blades are sharp.

We think its cone-shaped nozzle makes it one of the best weed grinders for using with a Pax 3. For more on why we love using portable flower vapes like the Pax 3, check out our guide to the best weed vaporizers.

The Chromium Crusher 2.5 Grinder With Hand Crank stands out because its hand crank makes it very easy to turn. This would be great for someone with hand or wrist issues who doesnt want to spend enough to get an electric grinder.

It has textured edges for better grip. So you have greasy hands, or if you find yourself dropping metal gadgets for any other reason, this could be a nice feature. Plus the neodymium magnets keep the lid firmly attached.

This isnt the biggest grinder on the list. But its definitely the most beautiful. The UV-sealed mandala design is so eye-catching, you may find yourself displaying this cannabis grinder in your home, next to your crystals and your yoga mat.

When youre accustomed to using traditional manual grinders, all that screwing and unscrewing and lining up the threads perfectly, to make sure your grinder doesnt fall apart in your bag can get tiresome.

Plus, the hexagon shape is designed to make this easier to turn than most conical grinders. Get this for someone who has trouble with their hands (like someone with arthritis), if theyre not ready to make the leap to an electric weed grinder yet.

This grinder is a 5-piece unit with 4 separate chambers, including two different kief catchers. You can have two different ongoing keef collections: one for normal keef, and one for super-fine keef. (Kief is a part of the cannabis resin glands thats packed with cannabinoids and terpenes. For more on kief, check out the end of this article.)

If you dont care to separate your kief into two different chambers, you dont need to keep the second screen and chamber on there. You can downsize this grinder simply by unscrewing the third chamber, and screwing the grinder back together. Either way, youre probably going to enjoy that kief at some point.

This grinder is made of zinc, and some users say that if you use it repeatedly for an extended period of time, some metal may wear off. Which sounds like an unpleasant situation and unhealthy, if you dont notice it getting mixed up with your ground herb.

Still, nearly every customer is satisfied with the basic functionality of this device. And, everyone agrees, you cant beat the price. Some users have noticed small design flaws, like the ground-herb chamber is pretty small, while the kief chamber is surprisingly large. Others say it can be hard to get the kief out. (One resourceful customer put a penny in the chamber to help lift out the kief.)

This Kingtop grinder is probably the best price you can find on a 3-inch grinder (which is slightly wider in diameter than most grinders, which are 2-inches or 2.5-inches across). If you need a little extra room in your storage chamber, this could be great.

Like most cheap grinders, the metal threads may loosen over time, making it less likely to stay together. One customer even took steel wool to the threads to make sure any loose metal particles wouldnt interfere with the threads.

It has an unusually large kief catcher, so if you love saving up your kief for months at a time, this is perfect for you. It comes with a kief scraper, which is kind of like a tiny shovel for spooning up that super-fine powder of cannabinoid-filled dried resin called kief.

This design has clear plastic windows, so you can see how much herb youve ground up. The ground-herb chamber is also pretty large. (This is taller than some models, so even though its only 2.5 inches in diameter, it can store quite a bit of dried herb.)

This 9TO5 grinder might cost more than other models, but it doesnt skimp on quality. 9to5 Grinders makes their products from aircraft aluminum, using powerful magnets and razor-sharp diamond cutting teeth. This model has enlarged openings between the grinding and storage chamber, so you wont grind your cannabis too finely (a common complaint with some cheaper models.)

You don't, really. We've included several cheap weed grinders in this roundup. But having agood grinder can make a world of difference. If you buy a low-quality grinder, you'll end up wasting bud, because it will get stuck in the teeth. Plus, a sub-part grinder will waste all your kief.

It's the Kozo herb grinder reviewed at the top. Interestingly, this handheld grinder is even more expensive than most electric weed grinders. Of course, it's super heavy-duty, and should last even the most dedicated stoners for several years. If you're ready to invest in a top-of-the-line grinder, check out the review of the Kozo Aluminum Grinder above for more details!

When you're ready to have a kief bonanza, you can dust a sprinkling of kief on top of a bowl. Or you can treat that joint you're rolling like a layer cake, with some kief frosting on top of your ground herb before you roll it up.

Kief is the dried resin glands on your buds. Sometimes called pollen, it's the powdered crystals that fall off your herb. Many of the cannabinoids and terpenes are concentrated in the kief, so you don't want to let it go to waste. (That's why we've included grinders with at least three chambers. In a typical two-chamber handheld grinder, a lot of your kief might go to waste.)

The Otto grinder is awesome! It's an electric weed grinder and automatic joint roller. It comes with several cones, which are placed beneath the opening of the grinder. It even uses artificial intelligence to "calibrate" the best grind for your joint. You just press a button, and your cone starts filling up with perfectly ground herb!

We think that an electric weed grinder is the easiest to use. We also like how, with an electric weed grinder pen, you can simply hover the cone-shaped nozzle of the pen over the chamber you want to fill with ground herb. Check out the electric grinder pens reviewed above.

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