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henan zhengzhou mining machinery co., ltd.. supplier from china. view company

henan zhengzhou mining machinery co., ltd.. supplier from china. view company

Gas Burner is research and developing for rotary kiln that burning with single or various gas fuel, which not only ensure all the advantages and specificity of four-channel burner, but also enhance the application of burning. The burner have special structure and reasonable technical parameters, guarantee the gas fuel fully mixing with air, primary air and secondary air, which to ensure stronger heating intensity, higher burning efficiency, easier adjustment. Burner can be applicable for various metallurgy and chemical rotary kiln. Application Burning System for Rotary kiln on industry fields like Power, Chemical, Metallurgy, Building material etc. Its special advantages as follows: 1.Stability flame with regular flame shapes, no phenomenon like fluctuation and sweep kiln liner, that will outstanding extend the life time of kiln liner.  2.Good mixing performance with gas fuel, primary air and secondary air, burning abundantly, that can be enhance heating intensity and reduce primary air proportion at same time, then will improve kiln capacity and reduce energy consumption.  3.No strong eddy between flame and bowl effect produced by flame cover, can avoid appearance of temperature peak and make evenly distribution of flame temperature, then effectively protect cylinder and guard plate of kiln inlet. 4.Due to more fully mixing with combustion air and fuel gas, the burning will be more quickly and fully, which will reduce the content of CO and NOX from kiln inlet, but also better for safety operating and realizing green production.  5. The nozzle has made by special material with advantages like heat-resistance and easy to change. 6.Simple operation and adjustment. When operating, erupt speed of each air pipe can be change via adjust sectional area, then will realize goals like adjustment of flame shape and strength. Gas Burner is mainly composed with Pipe, Nozzle, Ignition device, Metal corrugated compensator, Butterfly valve, Pressure measurement and Protection layer etc. The mainly features are: 1. Pipeline From outside to inside respectively, the pipeline has consist of Axial wind channel, Swirling wind channel, Gas wind channel, central wind channel and ignition channel. And the ignition is just for igniting, so called four-channel burner. 2. Nozzle Nozzle made by special material, spray mouth sectional area of axial wind channel, swirling wind channel and gas wind channel are adjustable, so that can adjust the spray speed of each channel. The nozzle is the key part to ensure flame shape. 3.Ignition Device Located in the central wind channel, used for automatic igniting. 4.Metal Corrugated Compensator Which is the key part to connect each channel, sealing and adjust flame shape, and allowed process axial movement with connected channel.

Ore ball mill is used to separate and screening different ore minerals, separate ore tailing. It also be used for ore grinding, non-ferrous metal beneficiation, new-type building material producing. According to the discharge method, the ball mill divided to dry-type mill and wet-type mill. Our products advantages of ore ball mill: High grinding efficiency, low consumption 2. Product fineness is adjustable and uniform. 3.Low energy consumption, low wear, low operating costs. 4. Small vibration, low noise, environmental friendly 5. Liner is made of high-quality wear resistant material with high strength, wear resistance and long working life. Ore ball mill is mainly consisting of feeding device, big gear, discharge device, cylinder, diaphragm plate, hollow shaft, liner, drive device and other components. 1. The feeding device is consisting of inlet chute and screw. There are liners in the inlet chute, which can extend the working life of the feeding device. 2. There is pre-gap on the inlet hallow shaft, that can reduce the tolerance which is made of temperature changes and installation mistake to ensure the gear mesh. 3. Inside the ball mill, different parts have different liner structure, which will greatly improve the grinding efficiency. 4. Dry-type ball mill adopt sliding bearing, which is good of strength, ductility, antifriction, abrasion resistance, lubricity and thermal conductivity. It is able to meet the lubrication requirements of the hollow shaft. That is suitable for the environment of low speed and heavy load in metallurgical & ore dressing industry. 5. Wet-type ball mill adopt roller bearing, reduce useless work consumption and easy to replace.

This rotary cooler equipment can quickly cool higher-temperature of granular compound fertilizer directly Approximately to normal atmospheric temperature, which is convenient for timely and quick packing and Prevents compound fertilizer from forming block during store. It can achieve adverse Flow cooling, which can reduce pollution and improve working environment. It has many characteristics such as reasonable structure, stable run, strong adaptability etc.. Features of cooler: 1.High cooling efficiency 2.Simple structure, low rate malfunction, convenient operation, low cost of maintenance, stable operation. 3.Wide usage, can be used for the drying of different materials in powder, granule, strip, lump, large elasticity Of operation. Output is allowed to have larger fluctuations in manufacturing, but not allowed to influence the Quality of the products. 4.Easy to install and remove Application range of cooler: 1. Chemical industry: ammonium sulfate, sodium sulphide, anfu powder, ammonium nitrate, Urea, oxalic acid, bichromate potassium, pvc, nitrophosphate fertilizer, fytic acid, Phosphate compound fertilizer. 2. Food industry: glucose, salt, sugar, vitamin malted milk, granular sugar. 3. Mining products: ceramic sand , coal, coal slime, manganese ore, limestone, pyrite, peat, etc. 4. Others: iron powder, flat soybean

Performance characteristics: Bag Filter is widely applied for dust collection applications in mining industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, and the production of flour, glass, metallurgy, mine, cement, building materials, etc. The bag filter is made up of the top chest, middle chest, bottom chest, dust exhauster, and jet cleaning system. There is spray tube and air outlet at the top chest. The middle box consists of perforated plate, venturi tube, filter bag, keel, pulse valve and gas cleaning system. The bottom chest is comprised of ash bucket, air inlet, access door, ash exhauster (which is composed of rotary dust valve or spiral conveyer) It could be made of carbon steel or stainless steel upon request. Dust collector is generally used with a temperature less than 12C. Customized dust collector for usage at high temperatures (less 23C) is also available.

Advantages of magnetic separator: 1)Newest CTB series magnetic separator In China 2)Simple structure, high yield; 3)Covenient operation; 4)Granularity blow 0.5m Application of magnetic separator: Newest STB Series magnetic separator In China. This series of products is used in wet magnetic separation of materials with granularity below 3mm like magnetite, pyrrhotine, bake ore and washingtonite. It is also used for deironing materials like non-metal ores, coal and building materials. Average magnetic induction of barrel surface is 100-600mT. According to customer's demands, it can provide magnetic separation with different magnetic induction like forward flow, semi counter flow and counter flow. The products have features, such as simple structure, high yield, convenient operation and easy maintenance. Characteristics of Magnetic separator: The products have geatures, such as simple structure, high yield, convenient operation and easy maintenance.

Performance characteristics: Bag Filter is widely applied for dust collection applications in mining industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, and the production of flour, glass, metallurgy, mine, cement, building materials, etc. The bag filter is made up of the top chest, middle chest, bottom chest, dust exhauster, and jet cleaning system. There is spray tube and air outlet at the top chest. The middle box consists of perforated plate, venturi tube, filter bag, keel, pulse valve and gas cleaning system. The bottom chest is comprised of ash bucket, air inlet, access door, ash exhauster (which is composed of rotary dust valve or spiral conveyer) It could be made of carbon steel or stainless steel upon request. Dust collector is generally used with a temperature less than 120C. Customized dust collector for usage at high temperatures (less 230C) is also available.

NE Plate Chain Elevator takes advanced technology from home and abroad. This products is suitable for vertical transportation of powder, granular, and bulk materials, also for high hardness materials. The temperature of materials should not be higher than 200 degree celsius. Max. Elevation height 40m. Advantages: Wide range of elevating height. Strong capacity and small driving power. Feeding materials by automatic flowing and discharge through gravity induction. Long service life and good leak tightness. Stable and liable operation, easy maintenance. Low running cost. Bucket elevator The description of bucket elevator: Bucket elevators are designed to move flowing powders or bulk solids vertically. Bucket elevators use an endless belt or chain and have a series of buckets attached to it. Bulk material is spread into an inlet hopper. Buckets (or cups) dig into the material and convey it up and over the head sprocket/pulley, and then throw the material out a discharge throat. Bucket elevator can be divided into belt type and chain type, and the common characteristic is used for vertical transportation of powder, granulated and small lump materials. It has compact structure, small covering area, large hoisting height, good sealed performance. Tape bucket conveyor is lightweight, flexible, simple handling maintenance and low noise, which can be used to transport density 1.5 t/m3 granular or small conveying of bulk materials. Advantage of Bucket Elevator: The bucket conveyor has the advantages of big conveying capacity, high hoisting height, stable and reliable running and long service life. The machine is applicable for the crushed materials, and block materials, such as coal, cement, block, sand, clay and ore. The bucket elevator is allowed to convey materials with high temperature when armed with special circle chain tructure. Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. Specializes in manufacturing bucket elevator. Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. Designs and manufactures a wide variety of bucket elevators based on the characteristics of the bulk material and the process requirements. Designed to handle a wide variety of bulk materials from average to very free-flowing. Welcome to consult and order.

Gz series electromagnetic vibrating feeder Vibrating feeder is widely used in crushing, screening production line of mining, cement, metallurgy, building materials, chemical, mineral processing, coal mining and industries. The vibrating feeder is used to mine material from a storage silo or other material storage equipment in uniform or quantitative supply to the equipment of subject material, and is the necessary equipment to practice routine automation. Introduction of the vibrating feeder: Gz series electromagnetic vibrating feeder mainly used for mining, metallurgical, chemical, coal, machinery and other industries in to the accepting machine. Being diversification, this series of products can be specially designed and produced according to the customers' need. Furthermore, all types of electromagnetic vibration feeder can be easily implemented manual or automatic control. Henan zhengzhou mining machinery co., ltd. Is a large professional manufacturer of vibrating feeder. We can provide our customer with a good consultant and assistant, to ensure our customer's investment will be rewarded with great profit. At the same time, select the right model of equipment for customer. To meet our customer's special needs, we can design and develop customized products.

Introduction: PF Series Impact Crusher is one kind of equipment to crushing the brittle material which compression strength no more than 350 Map, the advantage including high crushing ratio, uniform product grain and low over crushing, low energy consumption, high adjustment range of product grain size and optional crushing etc, which is mainly used in mine, metallurgy, cement, construction material, coal etc for secondary crushing and fine crushing the medium hardness material. PF Series Impact Crusher is mainly used in secondary crushing, and can crush material o f crushing compression strength no more than 320 Maps. It is suitable to produce high rank highway, hydroelectric and building material and such industry as stone. (1)Even crushing function of multi-cavities which is suitable to crush hard material. (2)Reasonable design of leveling plate making the finished material finer and cubic-shaped without internal cracks. (3)Low and big feed opening make the production line easy to arrange and increase the size of feeding material. (4)Hydraulic start-up which is convenient for maintenance and replacement of wear-parts. (5)New anti-abrasive material which prolong service life of impact hammer, impact plate and liner. Advantages: 1 Large feeding port and high crushing cavity, suitable to crushing the material with high hardness and big grain size, and less powder. 2 The gap between impact plate and hammer plate is adjustable, so the discharging grain size can be effective control and the grain shape is well. 3 The hammer, impact plate and lining plate are made of new type abrasion-proof material with long working life and impact protection, wear protection. 4 Because of the function of three-stage crushing and plastic, so the crushing ratio is high, and the product shape is cube and can optional crushing. 5 The multi-function hydraulic station has many function of hydraulic discharge gap with high speed, impact plate stable vibration and the body open automatically.

Pulse Jet Bag Filter incorporates the advantages of the several kinds of bag filters and is equipped with high performance pulse valve. This kind of bag filter can be used in building material, metallurgy, chemical and refractory industries, especially the crushing, packing, clinker cooling and grinding workshops in cement production. It is also suitable for dust collection of coal grinding after some modification. Application: Building material, metallurgy, chemical and refractory industries. Output: Volume(m/h): 67300-314000 Filtration area(m2): 935-4361 Net filtration area(m2): 4205 Dust content at inlet(g/m):

zhengzhou global heavy machinery co., ltd. supplier from china. view company

zhengzhou global heavy machinery co., ltd. supplier from china. view company

Jaw Crusher is mainly used to crush kinds of mining stones primarily, and the largest compression resistance of the material to be crushed is 320MPa. The jaw crusher is widely used in mining, metall-urgical industry, building material, highway, railway, and chemical industry. Working Principle of Jaw Crusher: The motor transmits power through belt, drives the moving jaw do periodic motion to the fixed jaw surround the eccentric shaft. The angle between toggle plate and moving jaw increases when moving jaw moves up. So the moving jaw closes to the fixed jaw. The stuff will be crushed in this process. The angle of Jaw Crusher between toggle plate and moving jaw decreases when moving jaw moves down, the moving jaw of Jaw Crusher moves away from fixed jaw by the pulling of rod and spring, the products after crushing will be discharged from the outlet of Jaw Crusher. Characteristics of Jaw Crusher: High ratio of crushing, homogeneous final grain size, simple structure, reliable working condition, easy maintenance, low operating cost. standard packing

Impact Crusher is mainly used to crush many kinds of large, medium, small materials whose side length is less than 500mm, and compression resistance should not be more than 350Mpa. The impact crusher is widely used in hydroelectricity, highway, artificial stone and sand, building material, etc. Working Principle of Impact Crusher: When the impact crusher works, the motor drives the rotor rotate of the impact crusher with high speed, on the rotor where installed the hammers. When the materials get into the area which the hammers effect, under the impact function of the hammer at a high speed, the materials are thrown to the impact device above the rotor continuously. And then the materials are rebounded from the impact liner to the area where the hammers effects for being recrushed. The materials from large to small all to be crushed at the impact chamber repeatedly. The process wont stop till the material are crushed to the required size and then discharged from outlet of the impact crusher. Characteristics of Impact Crusher: Special structure, connected without key, high chrome hammer, unique impact liner, deal with hard material, high efficiency and save energy, cubic shape of product, adjustable output size. standard packing

The ball mill is a key equipment to grind the crushed materials, and the ball mill is widely used in powder-making production line including cement, silicate, new-type building material, refractory material, fertilizer, ore dressing of ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal, glass ceramics, etc, and the ball mill can grind various ores and other materials with dry type and wet type. There are two kinds of ball mill, grate type and overfall type due to different ways of discharging material. Working Principle: The ball mill is a horizontal rotating device transmitted by the outer gear. The materials are transferred to the grinding chamber through the quill shaft uniformly. There are ladder liner and ripple liner and different specifications of steel balls in the chamber. The centrifugal force caused by rotation of barrel brings the steel balls to a certain height and impact and grind the materials. The ground materials are discharged through the discharging board thus the grinding process is finished. Standard packing

Mainly to the low carbon thin shell scrap, scrap cars, old appliances, cans, and other containers for crushing, sorting, removing the film, impurities, improve the pile density, broken steel and pure, so as to enhance the dissolution rate and tap water rate, meet the mills "fine material into the furnace" requirements. It is an ideal piece of equipment for a large steel scrap processing base and distribution center.

Application of Rotary dryer : It is used for drying materials with humidity or granularity in the industries of mineral dressing, building material, metallurgy and chemical. Rotating dryer can be used for drying many kinds of materials and with convenient and reliable operation; therefore, it has been widely used. Working Principle of Rotary dryer : After wet material is put into the hopper, the stove generates hot wind. Then wet sawdust is sucked into the pipes by the exhaust blower(fan) , flowing and go though the curving pipes and buffer(drying chamber) of dryer, thus the wet material is dried, and the dried material is discharged from the outlet with air lock. This type of dryer is suitable for drying heat sensitive material which is light and small like sawdust, rice shell, milled stalks etc. General Wet material can be dried in a few minutes. Compared with rotary dryer, it has the advantages of low energy comsumption, low cost. Technical parameters of rotary dryer: model (m) Handling capacity (t/h) power (kw) reducer model (%)feed water Fuel calorific value Water discharge (%) 1.2x10 2.5-3 M160M-6 7.5 ZQ350-25 255 5500 13 1.5x14 7-9 Y180L-6 15 ZQ400-31.5 255 5500 13 1.5x18 9.5-12 Y180L-6 15 ZQ400-31.5 275 5500 13 1.8x14 12-15 Y200L-618.5 ZQ400-31.5 255 5500 13 1.8x18 14-18 Y200L1-68.5 ZQ400-31.5 275 5500 13 2.0x18 18-22 Y200L2-22 ZQ50-31.5 255 5500 13 2.0x20 18-23 Y200L2-622 ZQ50-31.5 305 5500 13 2.2x18 21-25 Y200L2-622 ZQ65-31.5 275 5500 13 2.2x20 22-25 Y225M-6 30 ZQ65-31.5 35 5500 13 2.4x20 25-29 Y225M-630 ZQ75-31.5 275 5500 13 2.4x22 26-30 Y225M-630 ZQ75-31.5 305 5500 13 2.6x20 28-33 Y250M-6 37 ZQ85-31.5 255 5500 13 2.6x24 29-35 Y250M-637 ZQ85-31.5 30 5 5500 13 3.0x20 45-50 Y280S-6 45 ZQ100-31.5 25 5 5500 13.

Our manufactured Grinding Mills employ latest and innovative technology in their engineering & functioning. Today, in entire market, Suksha Grinding Mills are renowned as the most versatile line of mills available for fast and low-cost grinding and crushing of particles. We have made all the possible efforts to design our mills in such a manner that these demand very low maintenance and thus, we have integrated very few moving parts and replaceable linings made of abrasion-resistant metal in the mill. We are manufacturing a wide range of Grinding Mills based on diverse grinding and crushing requirements in industries, which includes : Grain Mill (Vertical & Horizontal), Steel Disc Mill (Model 1A & 2A), Hammer Mill, Spice Mill, Janta type Stone Mill, Bolt type Stone Mill, Rajkot type Stone Mill, Danish type Stone Mill and Domestic Size Stone Mill. ? Advantages: What make our Grinding Mills the best option market are their some of the salient feature like: Easy maintenance Excellent Durability Optimum and fine grinding Contamination free grinding Ensure decentralized flour production Applications: Size reduction of various materials Wet or dry grinding Lime slaking

zhengzhou changli machinery manufacturing co., ltd.. supplier from china. view company

zhengzhou changli machinery manufacturing co., ltd.. supplier from china. view company

Supplier: Agricultural commodity: sunflower oil, sugar, (brown and white) crude sunflower, crude degummed soybean and rapeseed oil, rice (india and thailand), crude palm oil, palm oil, pepper, oils like jp54, jet a1, d2, d6, gas oil, blco, rebco, lpg, lng and bitumen, mineral: copper, zinc and lead ore, iron ore magnetite and hematite iron ore, metal :copper cathode, aluminum ingot, machinery: diesel generators and parts and solar panels, cement, aggregate, river sand and clinker, wood pellet, wood chips and logsBuyer: Generators (new and used), wood pellet, wood chips

Supplier: Forging, casting & fabrication based finished mechanical items & assemblies from carbon, alloy & stainless steels. hook blocks for eot & mobile cranes, s.g. iron sheaves, boom extension shafts, hydraulic manifolds, hard chrome plated alloy steel pins, clevis, pivot blocks, forged eye, fork & pin for boom, twist locks, guides, pad holding blocks, tube steer axle, crank shafts, connecting rods, torque arms, pull rods, roller assemblies & sprockets, knuckle chains, redler & rivetless chains

Machine - 573356 Meter Reading - 475 hours Region - West South Central Asking Price - $37,500 Description - Rosco 9-Tire Articulating TRU-PAC 915 Pneumatic Roller. Kubota Tier 3 Diesel 4 cylinder engine. 472 hours showing,Tire size: 7.50-15.

Ring-Joint gaskets are manufactured in accordance with API -6A, API-17D and ASME B16.20 standards, approved by American Petroleum Institute to PSL 4 Standard, the highest quality rating-We ensure faster delivery with better inventory of regular RTJ's and urgent requirement of non standard or exotic material also can be addressed in the shortest time as we make the gasket from the very base material, all under one roof. Our complete in-house casting and machining facilities enables us to make our own raw ring castings, ensuring fast turnaround and complete commitment to quality at every stage of manufacture. Our RTJ's can be traced back to the scrap material used and can be ratified to NACE specifications on request. The performance of the gasket is based on the geometrical accuracy, surface finish of the sealing area and the hardness of the gasket material. The softer the gasket than the flange the better will be the sealing. This concept has been well ingrained in the process to make gaskets of hardness as low as 110 BHN in SS316. We make sure that the hardness of the gaskets are 10% below the upper limit specified by API standards. Soft Iron and Low carbon steel are given protective electroplated zinc coating of 10-12 micron thickness. RTJ gaskets material with recommended Max Hardness and identification as specified by API and 16.2 ASME standards are listed along with non standard material, any custom required material also can be taken up to demand.

Supplier: Excavators, wheel loaders, cranes, drillers and compressors , soil compactor rollers , dozers , back hoe loaders etc, road & asphalt machinery, loaders & backhoe, excavators, generators, forklift, mining equipment & spares, tipper trucks & commercial vehicles, greaders for road work, concreting machinery like batching plants, concrete mixtures & concrete pumps, tower cranes

We supply the Required Grade and Type of Cement that have been procured from the Top Brands made available to the customers at the required Specification for the best prices in the Bulk quantities required. It is obvious that Cement is a very useful binding substance in construction. The usage of cement over diverse fields of construction has made it a very significant civil engineering material. Cement mixed with water and fine aggregate produces mortar, sand and gravel to create concrete. It is the most-consumed resource and is widely available in the market.

About Paving Circles Going by different names such as patio circles, circle paving, garden patios and round patios, this attractive looking paving circle adds focus to your garden. Cut into different dimensions, a perfectly selected limestone or sandstone shades matching your outdoor territory, is what makes a paving circle visually stunning. There are a variety of paving circles designed for a perfect uniformity and colour contrast. Available in below sizes. 2 Feet Diameter 3 Feet Diameter 5 Feet Diameter Also in custom sizes Available Finishes. Natural Calibrated Machine Cut / Hand Cut Natural Calibrated Tumbled Honed / Semi honed Brushed / Sand blast

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