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spiral chute separator - gravity separation equipment

spiral chute separator - gravity separation equipment

Spiral chute separator is a relatively new type of gravity processing equipment, in recent years for the selection of fine-grained disseminated mineral powder has achieved good results. Its main features are: Equipment structure is simple, low cost; Space utilization is high, covers an area of small; No running parts, no power, low energy consumption; Operation and maintenance convenience; High operating rate and productivity; Processing a wide range of particle size. Therefore, in the concentrator has been widely used.

Spiral chute separator mainly based on material density, particle size, shape of different sorting. Particles with the water in the spiral groove by gravity, inertia centrifugal force, water flow and friction and so on, forming a revolving flow in the longitudinal direction of the spiral groove, and a lateral circulation movement between the inner and outer edges of the spiral groove. The light and heavy minerals of different granularity move in the spiral groove working face with certain inclination, and finally the particles with different densities flow out along the spiral surface to achieve the purpose of sorting and improve the precision of the slag.

For the selection of fine particles of iron, tin, tungsten, tantalum, niobium, gold, coal, monazite, rutile, zircon and has a sufficient proportion of the difference between the other metal and non-metallic minerals. The equipment is now in coal, nonferrous metals; ferrous metal mines a large number of applications.

Technical Features: My Company has more than 10 years of service for foreign companies and supporting the production experience, the scene for the domestic situation continuously upgrading upgrading of product design and manufacturing.

Manufacturing: To modular production-based, to ensure quality reduction of human factors, reduce personnel operating costs; Small footprint, modular assembly. Foreign manual operation covers an area of huge, high-quality human factors difficult to control; the cost of waste material is serious. Manufacturing quality assurance at the same time, manufacturing costs than similar enterprises at home and abroad about 20% lower, modular product standardization, greatly reducing the production cycle, saving energy.

1.Spiral chute section curve to the main parabolic three-dimensional structure, and a correction map (multi-times) and further optimization of linear composite, to overcome the traditional grit discharge and the outer edge of the local wear and tear of the defect. Can give different jobs to different parameters of choice, creating fine grain sorting conditions; improve the ability to recover the lower limit grain size. Has been in many practical promotion of the mine.

2. Modular manufacturing, the use of a variety of lightweight high-strength new materials, the overall cracking is not tearing, shelf life of more than five years. Wear-resistant chute with special elastic wear-resistant polymer materials, large high-precision matching mold, the overall one-time molding, the shape of accurate, chute surface wear resistance.

Construction of spiral chute separatorSpiral chute separator mainly by: 1) sub-ore, 2) to the ore system, 3) spiral groove, 4) feeders, 5) cutters, 6) cutters, 7) access mine bucket, 8 ) Spiral frame and other eight major components.

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