biomass pellet machine

biomass pellet mill,pellet machine,pellet plant supplier kingman

biomass pellet mill,pellet machine,pellet plant supplier kingman

Kingman not only can supply supreme-quality biomass pellet mills and pellet plants for clients, but also is capable of providing uniquely people-oriented technologies as well as circumspect and tailored services.KMEC would like to usher in a greener life with you!

Biomass pellet mill can pelletizer a variety of forest and agricultural waste or residues.The whole set remarkably possesses elegant structure design, advanced technology, high productivity, lower power consumption and easy operation.

Small pellet mill offered by Kingman can be divided into motor-driven pellet mill, diesel engine-driven pellet machine, gasoline-driven pellet press and PTO pellet mill. Small Pellet Mill is also called flat die pellet press.

Manufacturing and exporting complete biomass pellet plant to all over the world. Pellet Plants have been served worldwide by Kingman for a long period of time, from which we have amassed scores of experience in delivering excellent complete plant projects to clients from home and abroad. Kingman, as a reliable biomass pellet plants supplier and formidable backer, has the intention of sharing projects stories with and hand over best offers to clients.

Henan Kingman M&E Complete Plant Co., Ltd(KMEC)has been dedicatedly engaged in manufacturing and supplying biomass processing equipment for more than two decades, with the production range widely covering pellet mill and complete pellet plant to turn biomass waste material into cash cow. Kingman(KMEC) specifically deals in biomass pellet mills as flagship products, and auxiliary equipment such as barking machine, wood chipper, hammer mill, dryer, cooler, sifter and screener as well as packing machine and sealing machine. Machines and services of Kingman have won a worldwide reputation.

Besides stand-alone equipment, Kingman markedly stands out as a complete pellet plant supplier with rich and seasoned experience in designing turn-key pellet plant projects, manufacturing, establishing and commissioning pellet plants for customers. And pellet plants offered by Kingman have been exported to European countries such as Germany, Russia, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, France and Bulgaria; to other regions like Southeast Asia and Latin America. In particular, across Southeast Asia such as Malaysia and Indonesia and Europe, a developed pellet plant market has been forged by Kingman. Kingman is willing to extend cooperation and business partnership with more friends and clients from the rest of the world based upon the concept of best quality and all-round services yet low costs for clients as well as make a concerted contribution with customers to environmental protection and biomass energy advancement.

biomass pelletization process - pellet machine

biomass pelletization process - pellet machine

Biomass pelletsare a popular type ofbiomass fuel, generally made from wood wastes, agricultural biomass, commercial grasses and forestry residues. In addition to savings in transportation and storage, pelletization of biomass facilitates easy and cost effective handling. Dense cubes pellets have the flowability characteristics similar to those of cereal grains. The regular geometry and small size of biomass pellets allow automatic feeding with very fine calibration. High density of pellets also permits compact storage and rational transport over long distance. Pellets are extremely dense and can be produced with a low moisture content that allows them to be burned with very high combustion efficiency.

Biomass pelletization is a standard method for the production of high density, solid energy carriers from biomass. Pellets are manufactured in several types and grades as fuels for electric power plants, homes, and other applications. Pellet-making equipment is available at a variety of sizes and scales, which allows manufacture at domestic as well industrial-scale production. Pellets have a cylindrical shape and are about 6-25 mm in diameter and 3-50 mm in length. There are European standards for biomass pellets and raw material classification (EN 14961-1, EN 14961-2 and EN 14961-6) and international ISO standards under development (ISO/DIS 17225-1, ISO/DIS 17225-2 and ISO/DIS 17225-6).Process DescriptionThe biomass pelletization process consists of multiple steps including raw material pre-treatment, pelletization and post-treatment. The first step in the pelletization process is the preparation of feedstock which includes selecting a feedstock suitable for this process, its filtration, storage and protection. Raw materials used are sawdust, wood shavings, wood wastes, agricultural residues like straw, switchgrass etc. Filtration is done to remove unwanted materials like stone, metal, etc. The feedstock should be stored in such a manner that it is away from impurities and moisture. In cases where there are different types of feedstock, a blending process is used to achieve consistency.The moisture content in biomass can be considerably high and are usually up to 50% 60% which should be reduced to 10 to 15%. Rotary drum dryer is the most common equipment used for this purpose. Superheated steam dryers, flash dryers, spouted bed dryers and belt dryers can also be used. Drying increases the efficiency of biomass and it produces almost no smoke on combustion. It should be noted that the feedstock should not be over dried, as a small amount of moisture helps in binding the biomass particles. The drying process is the most energy intensive process and accounts for about 70% of the total energy used in the pelletization process.

Beforefeeding biomass to pellet mills, the biomass should be reduced to small particles of the order of not more than 3mm. If the pellet size is too large or too small, it affects the quality of pellet and in turn increases the energy consumption. Therefore the particles should have proper size and should be consistent. Size reduction is done by grinding using a hammer mill equipped with a screen of size 3.2 to 6.4 mm. If the feedstock is quite large, it goes through a chipper before grinding.

The next and the most important step is pelletization where biomass is compressed against a heated metal plate (known as die) using a roller. The die consists of holes of fixed diameter through which the biomass passes under high pressure. Due to the high pressure, frictional forces increase, leading to a considerable rise in temperature. High temperature causes the lignin and resins present in biomass to soften which acts as a binding agent between the biomass fibers. This way the biomass particles fuse to form pellets.

The rate of production and electrical energy used in the pelletization of biomass are strongly correlated to the raw material type and processing conditions such as moisture content and feed size. The The average energy required to pelletize biomass is roughly between 16 kWh/t and 49kWh/t. During pelletization, a large fraction of the process energy is used to make the biomass flow into the inlets of the press channels.

Binders or lubricants may be added in some cases to produce higher quality pellets. Binders increase the pellet density and durability. Wood contains natural resins which act as a binder. Similarly, sawdust contains lignin which holds the pellet together. However, agricultural residues do not contain much resins or lignin, and so a stabilizing agent needs to be added in this case. Distillers dry grains or potato starch is some commonly used binders. The use of natural additives depends on biomass composition and the mass proportion between cellulose, hemicelluloses, lignin and inorganics.

Due to the friction generated in the die, excess heat is developed. Thus, the pellets are very soft and hot (about 70 to 90oC). It needs to be cooled and dried before its storage or packaging. The pellets may then be passed through a vibrating screen to remove fine materials. This ensures that the fuel source is clean and dust free.

The pellets are packed into bags using an overhead hopper and a conveyor belt. Pellets are stored in elevated storage bins or ground level silos. The packaging should be such that the pellets are protected from moisture and pollutants. Commercial pellet mills and other pelletizing equipment are widely available across the globe.

biomass pellet making machine | quality biofuel production

biomass pellet making machine | quality biofuel production

Biomass pellet making machine uses different biomass waste to make 6-16mm fuel pellets. Because of the eco-friendly requirement, biomass pellets have become good choice instead of diesel or coal. Beston machines are made of high-quality materials. They have a long service time. Look the machine shipped to Thailand and America.

Beston pellet mill employs ring die mold. It is suitable to make pellets from all kinds of biomass. Mould adopts 20CrMoTi, which has good resistance and strength. Moreover, two sides of mould can be used to make pellets. It decreases the processing cost.

Beston biomass pellet plant adopts automatic lubrication system. The simple timing and quantitative design can help to save manual cost for investors. When you choose Beston pellet mill, you can save management cost and time.

Tell us what capacity you need or how many raw materials you plan to process per day. We will offer good recommendations according to your need. There are four models of wood pellet makers for you to see.

Use the crushing machine and drying machine to process raw materials. This step makes pellet quality better. The cooling machine and packing machine helps customers short the delivery time and reduce labor costs.

Beston Machinery has more than 10 years of experience. We have our own manufacturing factory and have good reputation. We offer factory price for customers. Accordingly, it has cost-effective. Welcome you to visit Beston factory

As a manufacturer, Beston always chooses good materials to make its service life longer and its efficiency better. Beston biomass pellet mill for sale uses Q235B steel as main materials. It has good corrosion resistance tolerance performance.

1. Send your demand to us. We can offer you with cost-efficient layout plan for free. 2. Sample test for free. 3. 12-month guarantee. 4. Online installment guidance. 5. Deliver machines in 20-50 working days

Biomass pellet machine for sale presses different biomass waste to biomass fuel pellets. It has high efficiency. Moreover, the final products have good quality which is even and smooth. Contact us to know the latest price list.

biomass pellet making machine - profitable & eco-friendly

biomass pellet making machine - profitable & eco-friendly

Biomass pellet making machine is a kind of biomass to energy recycling equipment, which is used to process a variety of biomass raw materials into high-intensity pellet fuel. The biomass pelletizer machine has received worldwide attention from majority of users on account of its low investment, fast return and low risk.

Biomass pellets are made from various raw materials such as wood, sawdust, rice straw, rice husk, grass, peanut shells, corn stalks, wheat stalks, cotton stalks, corn cobs, tree branches, bagasse, bark, furfural residue, edible fungus residue, Chinese medicine residue and other kinds of biomass solid waste.

Exclude sawdust, most of the biomass raw materials are larger than 2cm, so the materials need to be crushed before pelletizing. For example, the crusher or hammer mill can make the long and large wood chips into 3-5mm wood powder, which is the best size for biomass pellet making.

Moisture content of the raw materials is an important factor to influence the quality of biomass pellets. The most suitable moisture content is 12%-18% for biomass pelletizing. If the moisture content of the raw materials is higher than 15%, a dryer is needed.

Some raw materials are pure, but others may contain metal scraps or stones, such as sawdust. If such impurities enter the biomass pellet mill, there is no doubt that it will cause damage to pellet mill roller and die. So the biomass with impurities should be sieved before pelletizing.

Note: the above cost and profit analysis is according to Chinese market. It is just for your reference only and does not include the cost of machine purchase and plant construction. Customers can make accurate calculations based on local raw materials, labor, and electricity, etc. Contact us for detailed analysis!

Choosing a suitable machine has an important effect on your project. A cost-effective biomass pelletizer machine can not only make great benefits for you, but also save a lot of troubles. For instance, if it cant work steadily, you need to spend extra money on its maintenance. There are three steps to choose an ideal machine.

As one of the excellent biomass pellet machine manufacturers, we always have faith on our products. With several years development and innovation, Beston company is getting stronger and stronger. Our strength is not only reflected in technology, patent and honor, but also in our professional team. Since we aim to establish long-term business relationship with you, we will serve you as much as we can.

The price of biomass pellet making machine ranges from $2W to $4W. (Note: the price is just an estimated price of single machine, it will vary according to different configurations. Please contact us for the detailed price list.)

biomass pellet machine - latest free price list

biomass pellet machine - latest free price list

Biomass pellet machine is used to turn various biomass waste to high-efficient fuel: biomass pellet. Compared with wood, raw coal, fossil fuel, liquefied gas, biomass pellet is a kind of eco-friendly and renewable resource. Therefore, biomass pellet is becoming a popular trend both at present and in the future. You will make a great deal of money through investing in a biomass pellet mill. Making biomass pellet has attracted many investors. If you are ready, contact Beston Machinery to start the business in your country as soon as possible.

In order to provide the most fitting biomass pellets making machine for you, send us a sample of your raw material for free testing. After we get them, we would test the component. Then, we would supply a customized machine in terms of your materials. And, we would supply output and thermal value analysis for you.

BKL-10, BKL-20, BKL-25, BKL-30 are the main models. The output and other specifications of biomass pellet making machine are listed in the form. All of them are popular in the market. When you choose, remember that output and raw material are the two factors to consider. If you really dont know which one to choose, welcome to contact Beston Company. We would give some actual suggestions for you. Hope to help you when you meet difficulties. Get reasonable biomass pellet mill price here.

Note: the above costs are based on the Chinese market. It is just for your reference. Also, the biomass pellet machine cost and factory building costs are not concluded in the form. If you are interested in the business, contact Beston Machinery. We would calculate the accurate cost according to your local cost on raw materials, labor, electricity, etc.

Long service lifetime: wood pellet making machine adopts Q235B and the mold adopts 20CrMoTi that have high strength and toughness, especially high and low-temperature impact toughness. So, the biomass pelletizer machine of Beston will serve you for a long time.

24 hours continuous works: timing and quantitative feeding device, automatic lubrication system, and automatic breaking andautomatic dischargingdevice enable 24h continuous work automatically and no maintenance.

Raw material selection: if you already have the raw material, welcome to send us your raw material for free testing. If you are in considering, it is good for you to find which one is the most common in your country. All organic materials are a good choice to make pellets. Pick the suitable one out from these materials for your project: wood chips, sawdust, straw, bamboo chips, rice husks, palm shell fiber, peanut shells, tree bark, cotton stem, corn husks, furfural residue, coffee grounds, etc.

Market investigation: biomass pellet fuel is widely used in power plants, residential heating, central heating for schools, hotels, hospitals, etc. To do a market investigation is beneficial to your business if you want to make great profits. You will find the target customers to sell the biomass pellets. And, investigate the biomass pellet price, labor cost, electricity cost in your local country. Then, we will figure out the profits for you.

Land preparation: if you want to start the business, you need to prepare the land as your factory. If you have your own land, it will save a lot of money for you. If not, find a reliable landowner to rent the proper land for your project. Better still, you can contact us to confirm the land area firstly.

Investment fund: you need to have enough investment fund to set about your project. Welcome to tell us your fund budget. We will find the most appropriate biomass pelletizer for you. Get competitive biomass pellet machine price from Beston now!

The above-mentioned are the necessary preparations for investing in a biomass pellet mill for sale or rice husk pellet making machine. Your project will go smoothly and successfully if sufficient preparations are made. If you have questions about the preparations, welcome to contact us. We will try our best to help you.

-5. What is the diameter of the finished biomass pellet? 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm are the standard biomass pellet diameter. Note: diameter is proportional to output. You will make more output if you make biomass pellets in a larger diameter.

-6. How many container cabinets are needed? For BKL-10 and BKL-20, a small cabinet is enough. For BKL-25, BKL-30 sawdust pellet machine for sale, a large cabinet is required. Note: it is for one set of machine. It would be different if you order many sets of biomass pellets making machines.

Biomass pellet machine is an amazing machine that recycles the biomass waste into pellet fuel. Pellet is a new type and renewable fuel resource. It has a huge market space. Obviously, it is worthy of investing. Beston Company is looking forward to having deeper and win-win cooperation with you. At the same time, you can purchase Beston pyrolysis plant, charcoal machine, and egg tray machine. Leave a message to get a competitive price. Please feel free to give your inquiry in the form. We will reply in 24h. Product Model: Your Name (required): Your Email (required): Your Tel(required): Your Country: Your Company: Your Message (required):

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