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10 common problems in the operation of briquette machine | fote machinery

10 common problems in the operation of briquette machine | fote machinery

Briquette machineis also known as a briquetting machine, which is used to press the material that hard to be shaped, and it has the advantages of high molding pressure, adjustable rotational frequency and is equipped with a screw conveyor.

It can be divided into several types of briquette machines according to the materials, such as charcoal briquette machine, coal briquette machine, powder briquette machine, gypsum briquette machine, etc.

It also can be divided into several types of briquette machine according to their functions, such as common briquette machine, hydraulic briquette machine, strong hydraulic briquette machine, etc.

Under this condition, one of the reasons is the temperature or the water content in the raw material is out of normal range, and the corresponding solution is drying materials by the dryer to ensure that the materials are kept at proper temperature and humidity.

Another reason is that there are damages with the parts of the briquette machine, such as the screw conveyor is worn seriously. When it happens, the parts of the briquette machine should be replaced immediately.

Repeat restart of the briquette machine is usually caused by the low power supply, which can not drive the briquette machine to work normally. To solve this problem, it would better suit the remedy to the case.

First, the power supply voltage of the briquette machine is detected by AVO meter, and it'd better detect under the condition that the briquette machine is loaded so that to judge whether there is any power supply problem.

What is particularly noteworthy is that the consumed power of the outer briquette machine is quite different when the heater is on or off. It must be paid attention to the maximum power of the briquette machine to ensure that the briquetting machine can work normally with enough power supply.

In addition, when the briquette machine works normally, the power voltage would better be no less than the standard voltage. When the standard voltage is at the value of 24VAC, the voltage fluctuation should be no more than 25%.

When the line is laid out, the strong current and weak current should be arranged separately to avoid the interference between them. Since the inner space of the briquette machine is limited, the internal power supply makes the strong and weak current coexist, which may impact the weak current signal.

There is insufficient oil pressure during the running process of the briquette machine. The reason causing such a problem may be the blockage of oil suction or the deformation of the joint gasket.

If the oil suction is blocked, it should be cleaned and washed immediately to ensure the cleanness of briquette machine equipment; if the joint gasket is deformed, it should be replaced the deformed gasket with a new one, so that the briquette machine can work normally and efficiently.

During the installation of the briquette machine, the suspension installation method is adopted by several users, but there is still a gap between the briquette machine and the bracket hinge. It is raining or snowing, the water may permeate into the briquette machine to cause damage.

Also, the bracket is quite important, and it is recommended to adopt the original bracket. The original bracket is fully considered the water-proofing problem, such as the inclination is designed to lift the screw end of the briquette machine, preventing the back-flow of water.

Mineral powder briquette machine, coal powder briquette machine and others may cause the deformation problem of materials, and the reasons are usually the insufficiency of materials fed, the insufficient hydraulic pressure, the damaged roll surface, etc.

First, the driven gear should be found, because there is set anadjusting panel. Second, loose all the screws on the adjusting plate, so that to make the panel adjustable. Third, measure the dislocation gap between two sockets, adjust the gap to set the sockets in a proper position.

Whenthere is a dislocation between sockets, except the adjustment of sockets by scientific methods, there still should be paid attention to the shaft. Therefore, the shaft should be checked whether there is any damage.

Sometimes, the finished productsare deformed after shaped by the whole process, for the reason is that the raw materials contain much water. To solve this problem, it can reduce the water content in the materials. The methods are natural-dry or drying by a dryer.

The corresponding solutions are: first, turn off the briquette machine to remove the impurities; second, adjust the voltage or reduce the feeding speed; third, heat the materials to reduce the water content and control it in the range of 6% to 12%.

If there produces much dust during the briquetting process, the cyclone dust collector can be equipped as the corollary equipment. The dust collector has the advantage of cleaning the dust in the machine immediately and improving the working efficiency greatly.

The cyclone dust collector is simple in structure, durable in service. Under normal conditions, the cyclone dust collector can collect the dust of more than 5 m, and the separating ratio is more than 90%.

Therefore, the author suggests that users should havea certain acknowledge of the working principle, using techniques and operating methods when a purchasing briquetting machine, so that the service life, working efficiency and profit can be improved under the same investment.

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how does a briquette machine work - types and making process

how does a briquette machine work - types and making process

There are several types of briquette machines with different working principles, they work on different pressures and suitable for different materials. So how they workdifferently? What are there advantage and disadvantages? Lets follow the article.

A briquette machine is used to turn the waste powder to a regular shape block, which can help to improve the conditions for those powder, make them easy for transportation, storage, and more useful for further usage.

Briquetting work always work with the binder as it needs the binding effect to get enough strength for the finished briquette. Biomass and industrialwaste are different from each other due to their binder sources.

The heating system is a special design for those briquettersdeal with materials contain lignin, lignin alway can be found on biomass. So theheating system is usually used for biomass briquetting. Other materials like coal, charcoal, etc. Binders are always needed when briquetting with the screw type briquette machine.

The suitablematerial is fed to the hopper and then conveyed by the screw inside the briquette machine.the rotating screw takes the material from the feed port, and compacts it against a die which assists the build-up of a pressure gradient along the screw.

As the screw briquette machine works with a pressure not that high, binders are always needed forming the briquette. Equip with a heating system will help the biomass material melt the internal lignin and turn it to a high-performance binder. Besides, other materials also work with this briquetterlike coal, charcoal, etc. These materials should be well mixed with the binder to get the briquette forms.

The briquette working process is in a chamber where materials are fed into, there materials are briquetting under a very high pressure. It causes theirplasticity and makes them binding stably together as a block.

Hydraulic type takes a long pressure keeping time on the briquette, this prevents theshort-time material deformation rebound and will cause a special heating for those materials like sawdust for melting its internal lignin, make the briquette with higher strength.

The piston type uses the rotary power of the mechanical device or the thrust of the hydraulic cylinder to reciprocate the piston (or the plunger), and the piston (or plunger) drives the ram to reciprocate in the forming sleeve to generate a pressing force to form the material to briquette.

A big pressure will be generated as the movement of the flywheel and punch the briquette time after time in a short time, it raises the temperature of the raw material. As the raw material moves, it fractionates with the inside, another kind of heat friction heat generates. With the action of these two kinds of heat, material raises its own temperature to a high level and melt the lignin. Particle materials then bind together and become strong enough.

Roller press works with two close rotating rollers at the same speed butwith opposite direction. The two rollers, with the same width and diameter, have holes on the surface. When they move, the same two holes on the different roller will coincide at the intersection of the midline and the briquette will be pressed there.

A normal roller press will use a wedge iron to fix the movable roller as it works on a low pressure. The hydraulic pump station is also can be used to fix the roller and supplies a much bigger but flexible support to the roller to work stable on big pressure.

extrusion briquette maker turns charcoal/coal with stick briquette

extrusion briquette maker turns charcoal/coal with stick briquette

Extrusion briquette maker is a kind of briquette machine uses the screw structure to make rod shape briquette. The most common use of this machine is for coal and charcoal, so we also usually call it coalextrusion briquette extruder or charcoal briquette extruder.

The raw material feed in the hopper of the briquette extruder, then moves from the feed port, with the help of a rotating screw, through the barrel and against a die mold, resulting in significant pressure gradient and friction due to material shearing. Thus increase the temperature of the system and heat the material, the water and binder become more uniform and makes the material reaches a pseudo-plastic state, Then through the control of the mold cone, the material particles are more compact between the compression, and then pressed through the die mold, finally, the product comes out.

Moisture:10-14 is best moisture for briquette making on briquette extruder. Of course, you can make the briquette with other moisture, but there are disadvantages, with low moisture, thefriction will be bigger which makes the briquette output slower, the briquette with high moisture will be softer and takes more time to dry.

Using different shapes molds.we can produce a variety of shapesof briquettes, the die mold is easy to change and with long service life, you can use just one machine to manufacture different briquette to meet your customers need.

Extrusion briquette maker and roller briquette press machine are the most popular briquette machine in industry coal making. So when should you choose the briquette extruder on building a big plant making coal briquette? The advantages of briquette extruder are as follow:

Extrusion briquette maker is a kind of screw briquette machine makes high pressure than the roller briquette machine, the common pressure of briquette extruder is 35 MPa, but on roller briquette machine, the pressure only have 20-30 MPa, and another reason for this advantage is material briquetting time, the material will stay much longer in briquette extruder (the output speed for briquette normally is 20-40 mm/s) by which makes the briquette compacter.

Its also a benefit from the higher pressure.We will need less binder on briquetting. For example, when we briquette coal with humic acid sodium as the binder, we usually need to add 5% as the binder on roller briquette plant, but we only need 1.5% 3% on the briquette extruder plant.

As the high pressure andfriction between the raw material and the machine, there comes lots of heat on briquette process, the temperature makes the briquette moisture down with 2-3 percents after briquetting.

The moisture of the raw material for extrusion briquette maker is not that strict with roller briquette machine, you can make briquette with a high range of moisture, but in order to make high-quality briquette, youd better find the most suitable moisture for your material;

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