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briquette plants&free briquetting technical consultation and instruction

briquette plants&free briquetting technical consultation and instruction

Crusher is a machine used on the surface of the metal fracture or compressed into small bits and pieces of pieces or dense mass materials. The vertical complex crusher developed and designed by our team of highly qualified engineers is used to reduce the size of the coal, charcoal, coke, lime, stone and such kind of materials into smaller sizes, so they can be more easily disposed of or recycled, or to reduce the size of a solid mix of raw materials (as in rock ore), so that pieces of different composition can be differentiated.

Feeder is for storaging the crushed raw material like coal dust, charcoal dust, etc. It is just like the silo. After crushing, the material comes into the feeder temporarily which guarantees enough and adequate amount of material going into the mixer.

briquetting plant | briquetting plant manufacturer

briquetting plant | briquetting plant manufacturer

Jay Khodiyar offer a best and excellent quality range of Bio Coal Briquetting Machine. Jay Khodiyar are the principle Bio Coal Briquetting Machine manufacturer of india. Jay Khodiyar Industries expert manufacturing briquettes from foresty waste and agricultural waste with the construction of bio coal plant machinery.Bio Coal Briquetting is the method of converting agricultural waste into high density and energy determined fuel briquettes.Bio Coal Briquettes are non-conventional source of energy.

Bio Coal Briquetting Machine products are available in different models and designs and can be customized as per the clients requirement and preferences.Bio Coal Briquetting machine are energy efficient apart from being durable. Jay Khodiyar offer them at very reasonable price range.

Jay Khodiyar brings you with Best Coal Briquetting. Coal briquettes are made of slack coal powder, washers sink etc. with bentonile,molasses and sodium sillicate as bonding materials.Coal Briquetting is process by which raw coal, generally low grade coal is converted into uniform, usally hard and impact resistance agglomeration, making it a useful superior quality fuel with good calorific value for domestic and industrial purpose.

Coal Briquettes can be used in Boiler, kilns, blast furnaces, power plants, domestic heating, resturant, hotelsspace heating etc.material required in coal briquetting are categrized Coal, Additives,Binders.

Jay Khodiyar brings you with Best Briquetting. A Briquette is a compressed block of coal dust,charcoal,sawdust,woodchips,peat, or paper used for fuel and kindling to start a fire.Every year millions of agricltural wastes and forest residues are generatd.These are either wasted or burnt inefficienty in their loose from causing air pollution. Handing and transportation of these materials is difficult due to their low bulk density. These wastes can provide renewable source of energy by converting in to high density fuel briquettes.

Briquettes can stand the ardordd of long distance transport. Loading/Unloading and transportation cost are much less and storage requirements is drastically redused.Take out best potential with our Bio-massbriquetting plant and turn out best substitute fuels at economic cost. Briquetting plant can be offered by many but when it comes to perfection, cost-cutting and desired results then look no frther than Jay Khodiyar.People need fuel for daily use in preparing our basic necessities. Some people use firewood and charcoal.Briquettes are renewable and non conventional energy fuel.

In todays struggling world, the maximum retail price is plays vigorous role. As the fossil fuels price goes higher than higher, trading of conservative fuels to biomass briquette is better solution. The briquettes price includes all the cost like manufacturing, transportation, labor etc. The cost of briquettingcan be varied from machine to machine, but the briquette price would be less than INR.9/kg approx.

Biomass Briquettes are an out of the box concept that unanimously recognized as new energy source because of the raw material used in its manufacturing is very cheap. Besides this the final product is very eco-friendly, creating no pollution compared to other conventional energy sources. To set up briquettes making plant is low and beneficial investment that gives high profit within a short duration.

Charcoal is most popular energy source in todays world. Coal briquetting plant is equipment to generate briquettes from coal waste such as coal dust or coal chips. It is new concept in coal industry to turn out waste into best renewable energy source called charcoal briquettes. When the briquettes are mixed with coal it generates more heat and less carbon dioxide then conventional charcoal.

Briquetting plant project is green idea which is new source of renewable energy for agricultural counties like India. It is the best project to make income from biomass waste and to manufacture renewable biomass briquettes to save the global environment. Briquetting as a renewable energy source has ongoing to consider favorable in world due to increasing the cost of traditional fuels.

Agro briquette plant project will enable rural residents to satisfy their energy needs and improve their living by providing new source of income by converting useless agro or biomass wastes into high precious fuel briquettes. They are machines which help to process briquetting in this project. The list of briquetting machinery includes powder making unit, crusher cum shredder, briquetting press, turbo dryer, pallet mill etc.

Briquette press machine is equipment used to convert agro/forestry waste into high calorific bio coal also known as bio fuel. Briquetting Press is die and punch type mechanical press makes briquettes by using the extreme pressure. It is suitable for the all materials having moisture less than 10%.

Biomass briquetting plant project includes setting up a manufacturing facility to produce best from agricultural waste and make environment healthy & greener. This project is an energy efficiency and renewable energy field activity which grind any type of agricultural or forestry waste and converts them into useful biomass briquettes. It is viably chosen where agro or forestry wastes are easily available in abundant quantity with more affordable rate.

meet the young innovators who created the briquetting machine to manage the agri waste - econaur

meet the young innovators who created the briquetting machine to manage the agri waste - econaur

We are in the 21st Century today, where we utilize all the advanced technologies and yet, if you go out into rural India, you find a totally different scenario. Rural India has a lot of undiscovered wealth. If you look at the current scenario in the villages, you find that there are a lot of resources such as agri-waste generated in the farms, sawdust, waste paper, cow dung cakes etc., which is seen as just waste due to lack of proper knowledge about its potential.

In contrast,waste managementhas always been a herculean task in urban cities, while in villages, it is totally neglected. Household garbage and agri-waste either ends up piled on the roads or burnt carelessly as there is no proper solid waste management system in place. This leads to a lot of pollution. Despite various schemes by the government to provide LPG connections at subsidized prices, rural women tend to use firewood for cooking, which has a lot of ill effects on their health and also the environment. On the other end, there is a lot of agro-waste being generated in farms. Cant there be a solution that helps the rural communities to turn the waste into a resource?Yes, it can be, emphatically says Darshil Panchal, Managing Partner of S K Engineers. Darshil pursued Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from New York University, USA and returned to India to join his family-owned company,S K Engineers.Established in 2011 by a group of technocrats, it is a company based in Vapi Industrial Estate, Vapi, Gujarat.

During his companys work with NM Sadguru Foundation, Darshil worked closely among rural communities and observed the lack of a reliable source of cooking fuel. In the search for a solution to this problem, Darshil came across boilers that used briquettes instead of coal. Agricultural waste is being generated in abundant quantities was procured from the rural communities by briquetting plant owners who in turn make briquettes out of it and supply it to boiler plants. On the other hand, rural farmers burn away the agricultural waste generated at their farms without realizing its potential.

Understanding this, Darshil ideated on manufacturing a manual version of a briquetting machine to manage agri waste, which could prove to be a boon to rural India, especially women. Since S K Engineers work closely with various NGOs and voluntary organizations that work for the cause of rural upbringing, they came up with an appropriate solution for the effective management of various types of waste such as agro waste, fodder, kitchen waste, paper/plastic/cardboard waste, etc.

All kinds of household and agro-waste material such as kitchen waste, sawdust, fodder, cow dung, trash paper and others are first shredded into tiny pieces. This mixture is then blended together with little water and cow dung to create a slurry. Once the slurry is ready, it is poured into the cylindrical cavity of the BLP machine and the lever is pressed to start the compression process. Then the compressed slurry is removed and dried in the sun and the briquette is ready. These briquettes can be directly used at home as an alternative fuel for cooking orcan also sold in the market at a price of INR7-10 per kg to earn extra income.

The briquettes produced are pretty light in weight and can easily be stored or transported. Compared to uncompressed waste, briquettes burn comparatively for a longer duration. This lightweight machine can be easily installed by anyone at any place and also be dismantled for transportation. The ready waste available at farm location becomes the raw material and input to this machine and various briquettes are formed. So, BLP brings extra income to rural families and improves their economic condition.

Generally, plastic waste, multi-layered plastic packaging, paper waste, cardboard, farm waste etc., do not have much value since they are too bulky to transport easily. Understanding this problem, Darshil Panchal innovated a new type of manual baler machine that helps to effectively manage waste and transport them in an organized way. This product can be used by any waste recycler or rag picker communities to manage waste in an organized manner and sell it to companies to earn more income.

This Manual Baler Machine can be easily transported since it has the provision of wheels. It is easy to operate and highly economical as there is no maintenance required for it. Effective compression enables it to remove voids and compress the maximum amount of waste material which in turn helps in the reduction of empty space during transportation.

These machines are unique since they need no electricity and very less manual power and are easily installable & operable. With the Briquetting machine, the agri waste is turned into resources and used as cooking fuel and also earn income by selling the excess briquettes produced. And the Baler machine is another income generator as the waste is managed and transported effectively. The only resource needed to put in is human energy. Not much financial capital is required for setting up the machines.

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