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industrial bucket elevators and grain legs | beumer

industrial bucket elevators and grain legs | beumer

Whether hot or cold: a bucket elevator, also known as a grain leg, is the economical solution for the vertical transport of bulk materials. As the market leader, we have been developing increasingly sophisticated technical solutions for vertical conveying for a number of years. This is why we are now in a position to offer the optimal bucket elevator configuration for the a wide range of applications. Both chain bucket and belt bucket elevators have proven themselves in continuous operation under difficult and sometimes extreme conditions.

We have done pioneering work in the field of high-performance bucket elevators. The development of high-quality continuous steel cord belts, as well as the bucket fastenings make it possible to build bucket elevators with material flows of 2,000 m3/h and more. This equates to a remarkably high conveying speed.

In the cement industry, bucket elevators can reach conveying heights of up to 200 m for feeding heat exchangers. We also manufacture explosion-proof versions of bucket elevators in accordance with the ATEX directives of the European Union.

As belt bucket elevators offer many advantages compared to chain bucket elevators, the trend nowadays is going towards belt bucket elevators. For example, BEUMER steel cord belts allow much longer service lives than chains. Only when the material temperature of the bulk material to be conveyed exceeds 130 C on a continual basis are central chain bucket elevators used. This means that only the sustained temperature of the bulk material to be conveyed determines whether a belt bucket elevator or chain bucket elevator is required.

The key component of a belt bucket elevator is the belt. As the market leader, we have developed particularly robust heavy-duty steel cord belts with wire-free sections for the bucket elevator attachments. Our highly robust belts are available with belt strengths of up to 3,300 N/mm. Fabric belts are also available for lower strengths.

For an even distribution of the retention forces, the buckets are fastened with forged segment brackets. This reliably prevents the buckets from tearing out. In addition, profiled rubber plates between the buckets and the belt ensure a positive bond between these two elements.

All BEUMER bucket elevators meet our high quality standards. In order to achieve the fullest satisfaction of our customers, we are constantly working to develop more efficient conveying technology. The robust design of our bucket elevators ensure a long service life for the vertical conveyance of both coarse and fine-grained bulk materials.

For instance, we have optimized the bucket design for the cement industry. The gapless design between the belt and bucket prevents coarse material from getting stuck and damaging the belt, especially during diversion. But also for the transport of sticky bulk materials we produce the necessary special solutions with the utmost attention to detail. We also find solutions for bulk materials that have a tendency to stick. Other bulk materials, on the other hand, can be highly abrasive. Our special bucket elevators can withstand the wear caused by heavy friction and can handle the most difficult substances. In some conveying scenarios, the corrosion resistance of the bucket elevator plays a critical role. To protect against corrosion, we manufacture the buckets, chains and steel cables of the belts completely or partially in stainless steel.

In order to ensure safety when using our conveying technology, the bucket elevators are equipped with an electronic or mechanical belt misalignment monitoring system. Furthermore, both the speed and the filling level can be monitored during the conveyance.

bukcet elevator conveyor belt monster belting

bukcet elevator conveyor belt monster belting

Bucket elevator conveyor belt is been used in sand, gravel, stone industry, cement, concrete plant, heating station, power station, waste incineration station, and asphalt mixing plant etc. We are high-temperature bucket elevator belt manufacturers, heat-resistant temperature can reach 300 degrees, this in the country has not been able to reach this temperature peer.

The core of the core is interwoven by a plurality of layers, and the skeleton cloth having the same cross-section as the multilayer structure of the rubber belt is stretched or compressed, the force is uniform, and no surface peeling and interlayer peeling are used. Ensure better tracking and not easy to get out of the barrel. The integral core is plasticized after dip-molding, and the whole core is compacted to ensure its excellent lifting capacity. At the same time, the tear-proof and anti-screw pull performance is better, and the bucket and the lifting belt can be connected more firmly.

For high performance elevators such as in the cement industry, steel cord conveyor belts are used in diverse designs. It is generally using heat and ageing resistant rubber compounds for their steel cord elevator belts. Special designs according to customers specifications may be realized at any time. The elevator belts can be delivered ready-to-install including mechanical fasteners, bucket protection sheets as well as punched holes for bucket installation.

Elevator belts optimize transportation in limited spaces. Our elevator belts with EP-layers are produced according to strict regulations of the DIN22102 and DIN22104 standards. Elevator belts are highly qualified for upright conveyance of bulk material. Special designs according to customers specifications may be realized at any time. The elevator belts can be delivered ready-to-install including mechanical fasteners, bucket protection sheets as well as punched holes for bucket installation.

The demand side should provide with hole diameter, spacingdetails and exact data when you need bore holes on the belt as the graph below.Of course the demand side also can provide with samples if it is convenient for you. And the samples should be some metal sheets or other materials that are not easily deformed and not influence the exact hole diameter. We need at least three sets and the hole spacing deviation at 1mm. At the same time the hold should be as smooth as possible.

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Monster Belting is the custom belt fabricator. Our belts are ideal for bulk handling a wide range of heavy and abrasive materials successfully catering to various industries, stone crushing & screening, sand washing, chemical fertilizer and many more. Welcome to Online communication.

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