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top 10 cement manufacturers & production in mp, india | major cement plant

top 10 cement manufacturers & production in mp, india | major cement plant

Shri Krishnan Group aspires to be one of the top 10 manufacturers of cement in India and a competitive name in this industry. We believe in not only ensuring sustainable growth for our company in MP but at the same time in creating a pan-India presence. Currently, we have top 10 largest cement production in India (major states) across states like MP, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. Our business philosophy strives to not only be profitable but at the same time to give it back to society and participate in its expansion. Through our largest production and business practices, we are ever motivated in providing best quality cement in MP and across India. Top Manufacturers at our cement plants are striving hard in developing diverse yet top class products and equally focusing on sustainable development, environmental conservation, and collective well-being.

Our commitment to providing the best quality services, finest products, and solutions is the core of Shri Krishnan timeless business philosophy. Our challenge is not merely surviving in this competitive business world but to create a benchmark in the cement supplier & production industry in MP and across India. Our success story revolves around our major commitment to innovation as per consumers needs and maintaining competitive quality standards of cement production. Our cement manufacturers time and again upgrade the plant production facilities guaranteeing superior grade products for a wide range of applications. We are a one-stop hub when it comes to supplying the best quality cement, we are the best top 10 suppliers, either for basic construction purposes or for complex and grand structures. Innovation, achieving new quality standards, enhancing best opc & ppc cement plant production capacities in MP and across India, thus enriching the lives of our valued customers is one of our core mantras. Our sustainable development business strategy focuses on major themes like Climate, Nature, Water, and Society. Our corporate social responsibility initiatives in MP and throughout India make sure local communities are benefitted through different socio-economic projects. We feel blessed to embrace environmental awareness steps among its corporate objectives in MP and other parts of India. Our manufacturers and quality control measures continuously strive to make cement production environment-friendly. We endeavor to leave as many positive footprints in society and minimum carbon footprints on the planet.

Our customers are at the essence of our business philosophy and strategy while our aspiration remains to be counted among the best in Indias cement production industry. Our valued customers are our biggest inspiration and our manufacturers, production team, and the team makes every effort to offer the most excellent value for money services. What We Offer Shri Krishnan Cement is committed to manufacturing products in various sectors like OPC Cement, PPC Cement, ISPAT, and TMT Bars. We address customers of the above segments with our wide range of product portfolio. Our product manufacturers venture their best to meet the requirements of our esteemed consumers through efficient and reliable production technology. At the same time, we continuously welcome their precious feedback and assure them of constant up gradation in the production technology to meet their demands. Our company is very much a future corporation, poised to become the most preferred supplier and steel manufacturer in India.

We propose to offer long-term value-based products and market-focused consumer-centric services and solutions and grow into one of the chief manufacturers of concrete, opc cement, ppc cement and ISPAT in MP and across India. Shri Krishnan Group visualizes being a world leader in cement production and be acclaimed for the state-of-the-art industry practices in delivering durable and wide range of products. As a responsible manufacturer, we understand that, and our production team is increasingly dedicated to achieving this objective.

As per my experience, Shri Krishnan Group is one of the most reliable manufacturers in MP and pan- India when it comes to the cement production industry. They have an expansive range of products and specialize in OPC and PPC cement types. Also, you cannot ignore the fact that packaging is available in all sizes as per your needs including the Bulker. The concrete by Shri Krishnan is a finely processed one and provides durability, strength and has the perfect composition as per industry standards. I used it for basic construction purposes and am extremely satisfied with the results.

I must admit the strength and stability of Shri Krishnans products have given my family and me much needed peace of mind as their concrete offers the right strength and robustness to the foundation of my dream home. They are surely one of the most reliable manufacturers in MP.

We are glad to be associated with Shri Krishnan Pvt.Ltd who are one of the leading manufacturers of ISPAT in India and are one of the fastest expanding entities in the cement production industry. I would advocate Shri Krishnan Group to anyone who is looking for reliable dealership opportunities.

If you are looking for one of the most trusted ISPAT manufacturers and concrete production unit in MP, I would recommend it to be Shri Krishnan Pvt. Ltd. Their ever-dedicated production and R&D team, engaged in developing quality products and solutions as per our requirement give them the edge over others in the industry.

Associate with one of the leading manufacturer of steel and cement production company of India, Shri Krishnan Pvt. Ltd and grow with us. Shri Krishnan encourages you to join us on this journey of growth and excellence as a sub-dealer. All you need is INR 5 lakh as a refundable deposit, ample space for storage of inventory and the zeal to grow with us. You can join us as a sales promoter, or as a distribution dealer. Get in touch with us through this simple registration form and partner with one of the promising concrete and ISPAT manufacturer and production group of India. Get Start Up

Cement has contributed considerably to the growth of modern human civilization. Cement is the source material that has given the essential element of strength and durability to our houses, offices, schools and other buildings so that we can reside in with peace of mind. The extensive urban infrastructure that we see today across the world and in India would not have been impossible without cement. India ranks among the largest or top 10 manufacturers of cement across the globe.

The oldest & largest use of cement goes back to the thousands of years old Egyptian culture. The Egyptians used natural cement which was made by combining gypsum and limestone for the construction of their massive and highly impressive pyramids. The fact that the Egyptian Pyramids have proudly stood the test of time for such a long period of human history is an indication of the phenomenal strength of cement. However, it must be stated that the old Egyptian cement was very diverse from the cement which in use today. Later in the Roman era, the concept of cement changed. Romans utilized a mixture of slaked lime with Pozzolana, volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius. The Romans made extraordinary structures using this cement. The Basilica of Constantine is one admired example of Roman construction in which they used such cement mortar.

In 1824, Joseph Aspdin, a British Mason acquired a patent on his hydraulic cement formula that very much resembles todays cement. He named this cement Portland cement, and it was made through the balanced combination, burning and the subsequent grinding of a mixture of clay and limestone.

Cement went through a lot of improvements and developments in the nineteenth and twentieth century. The industrial revolution and the following development of the rotary kiln made way for sophisticated and gigantic cement manufacturing facilities. These industrial units possess the potential of homogenous mixing and intense heating of the raw material thus immensely improving the superiority of the product. The quality-testing equipment that has been employed by modern plants further helps in guaranteeing the worth of the cement produced.

In this category, we specialize in two types of cement namely: OPC and PPC. We provide packaging in all available sizes along with Bulker. Our products are characterized by composition, initial strength, and durability. Depending on the requirement and application, our production team handles distinctive types of concrete each with specialized composition.

In this category, we deal in TMT bars of varied sizes right from 6mm up to 40mm. These bars have a soft core with a robust exterior layer. These bars are originally steel wires which are passed by manufacturers throughout a rolling mill stand during their production. These rolled steel bars are then made to go through a water cooling system which provides higher strength to the bars. We specialize in the production of TMT Bar fe 500D Grade, TMT Bar fe 500 Grade, and Azar Bars.

We are currently one of the principal manufacturers of ISPAT in MP and India. Our trustworthiness is backed with the certification of ISO9001:2015 and BIS approval. We are sincerely engaged in the production of square bars, pipes, I Beam, and other mild steel products, and we aim to be the chief manufacturer of ISPAT in India in the coming years. Our product assortment includes Round Bars, Square Bars, Pipes, Angles, H Beam, I Beam, and Channels.

clinker grinding unit at best price in india

clinker grinding unit at best price in india

Lalitha Nagar, Rajahmundry, Dist. East Godavari Flat No. 301, Anjanadhri Aparts, Korukonda Road Near Chytanya Hospital, Lalitha Nagar, Rajahmundry - 533103, Dist. East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh

Sidco Industrial Estate, Chennai No. 267/1- B, Next To Sidco Industrial Estate, No. 145, Patravakkam, Kulakarai St, kannan Koil Sidco, Industrial Estate Ambatter, Sidco Industrial Estate, Chennai - 600098, Dist. Chennai, Tamil Nadu

cement factory for sale in bharuch, india seeking inr 11 crore

cement factory for sale in bharuch, india seeking inr 11 crore

- We are a cement grinding unit. The plant is new as it was inaugurated in December 2019. The plant was operational for 10-15 days before pausing operations due to the ongoing pandemic. There is no legal business entity included in this transaction. We are exclusively focused on selling the cement grinding unit.

The following assets are included: land & building, plant & machinery, security deposits (electric & water), electrical & mechanical spares, laboratory with all equipment (as per BIS standards), NOC & license - like environment clearance, and ISI-mark.

The total land area is 67,200 square foot. The factory is built on 3 floors. The land is leased from GIDC but the full amount of the property was paid to acquire it. However, we are not the owners of the land since according to the govt policy, industrial land is always owned by the govt. However, we are the lease owners and the payment is extremely minimal. We pay INR 10,000/annually.

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