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write a report on brand establishment of premier cement mills | englishfor2day

write a report on brand establishment of premier cement mills | englishfor2day

Premier Cement Mills Limited is one of the leading manufacturing cement companies inBangladesh. Among 120+ Cement Company it has established its brand name at a certain height.World class machine and quality product ensured by BUET test in every three months has givethem a strong position in the market, along with river side production house in Muktarpul,Munshiganj. They are now producing Ordinary Portland and Portland Composite cement, and tosell their product they are using direct and indirect channel, and currently they have 8% marketshare in Bangladesh.

To create brand awareness and brand association with the brand they basically use differentkinds of promotional activities like-leaflet, mini leaflet, banner, poster, and electronic media,Mesban, Mason and Engineer Meeting, Newspaper Advertising etc. Among promotionalactivities Cash++ and Eid 2 Eid offer are most popular in which they are giving discount basedon scratch card and gift items based on raffle draw.

Evaluate brand performance depending on three months working experiences of branddepartment is not an easy task. Even then through brand audit, four steps of Brand Building,Perceived quality, Brand Power Grid Model, I tried to high light the position of Premier CementMills Limiteds Brand position. I also add some finding of Premier Cement Mills Limited,depending on my practical knowledge I gave some recommendations at the end of the report.

PCML is conduction their business successfully in Bangladesh. Depending on my experienceand field visit, it is clear that they are in a good brand position. But though are exporting 8% oftheir productions to India and having a good increasing market in Bangladesh, they should givemore emphasis on creating a stronger brand in Bangladesh first. For this they have to add morebranding activities which will helps them to increase brand image.

The purpose of this report is to explain what I did and learned during my internship period with Premier Cement Mills Limited (PCML). The report is also a requirement for the partial fulfillment of Premier Cement MillsLimited internship program. The report focuses primarily on the working environment, successes andshortcomings. And secondarily, it focuses on Brand Establishment of Premier Cement Mills Limited. Among allmy proposals my advisor MR. Abdul Alim Baser has selected Brand Establishment of Premier CementMills Limited as my internship report topic.

This report is a scope to me through which I can relate my theoretical knowledge with mypractical knowledge. These three months while I worked on Premier Cement Mills Limited, Ihad an opportunity to work in a real business field and those experiences which I gathered willbe shared in this report along with theoretical collaboration. The report is based on the brandestablishment of Premier Cement Mills Limited and the objectives of this report are given below

Holcim (Bangladesh) Ltd. Lafarge Surma Cement Ltd. CEMEX Cement (BD) Ltd. MTC Cement Industries Ltd. (TIGER BRAND Cement) Unique Cement Industries Ltd. (MEGHNACEM and FRESH Cement) Heidelberg Cement Bangladesh Ltd. Seven Circle (Bangladesh) Limited Emirates Cement Aramit Cement Dubai Bangla Cement Muslimia Cement Ind A R Cement Mills Ltd. Shah Cement Industries Ltd. Metropolitan Cement Ind. Confidence Cement Limited. Premier Cement Mills Limited.

After fulfilling the demand of Bangladesh, they are now exporting cement to other countries likeIndia. As fact, it is actually bringing a lot of revenue and if it is fully and properly maintained,we have a bright future on this sector. So, in my internship report I tried to find out brand condition of our cement industry. To do this Ibasically take a cement manufacturing company named Premier Cement Mills Limited, as itis one of the leading companies and have some exceptional facilities.

Premier Cement Mills Limited was founded in 2001 as the private cement producer inBangladesh, with a factory in Muktarpul, Munshiganj. The factory is equipped with world-classEuropean technology built in Denmark and Germany. The Company started production inMarch, 2004 with Unit 1, which had an installed capacity of 730,000 tons of cement per year,and would be followed by Unit 2, also at 730,000 tons of cement per year, by the mid of 2005.Within the span of first 5 months, the company has achieved the ISO 9000-2001 certificationfrom TUV, with highly skilled employees for its quality product, technology and machine.It has a capacity of almost a million tons per year. The Company is recognized as a leadingcement producer with abundant supply of raw materials, low production cost and an energyefficient operation. The Company has an extensive distribution system throughout the country.

With their automated manufacturing facilities and fully equipped laboratory with dedicated team Premier Cement Mills Limited ensure quality of each batch of production. Currently they aremanufacturing two types of cement and they are

Ordinary Portland cement: Portland cement (often referred to as OPC, from Ordinary PortlandCement) is the most common type of cement in general use around the world because it is a basicingredient of concrete, mortar, stucco and most non-specialty grout. It is a fine powder producedby grinding Portland cement clinker (more than 90%), a limited amount of calciumsulfate (which controls the set time) and up to 5% minor constituents.

Salience:Its the ability to link the brand logo, symbol, and so forth to certain associations inmemory. In particular, building brand awareness which helps customers to understand theproduct or service category. It also ensures that customers know which of their needs the brand through these products- is designed to satisfy.

Brand performance:Brand performance describes how well the product or service meetscustomers more functional needs, how well does the brand rate on objective assessments ofquality, to what extant does the brand satisfy utilitarian, aesthetic and economic customer needsand whats in the product or service category.Customers view performance through some elements and this are

Reliability means consistency of performance over time and from purchase to purchase.Durability is the expected economic life of the productServiceability means the case of repairing the product if needed.

Brand Imagery:Another important stage is brand imagery. Brand imagery actually talks aboutthat kind of image which is achieved by the brand. In short it is actually related with the truebrand image of the brand.

Some important fact I have found during my internship period on which they should concentrateimmediately in order to create a strong and sustainable brand. Among them some may be uselessbut I think some of are important for the company and these findings are given below-

To create a sustainable and strong brand I have some recommendations which are given below- Credit Facility: To increase the facility and to compete with the strong competitor theycan introduce another little bit more credit facility for their retailer so that they try to givebrand to take a strong more emphasis to this brand for their own facility. And if they do this they will help thesition, because without a strong brand image they could not sellthe product after a certain stage.

Mobile Ad:They can use mobile marketing to create a strong brand. Like- they canmake a deal with the mobile operator for SMS advertisement on phone to those peoplewho use 01711. . . series numbers interns of GrameenPhone. Television advertisements for Premier Cement Mills Limitedcompetitors and to create brand associations with the customerthey should launch it again.

Endorser involvement:people who use the GP from the beginning of the launch of GP and these people are more or less 35+ age years old and the target customer of Premier Cement Mills Limited. Orthey can target to the star subscriber to the GP, or can give some discount through thisSMS.

Scholarship program:To create a strong brand they can launch a scholarship programto give scholarship to the mason rs children. Because, a large portion ofcement consumer are masonthe BUET test result more reliable like Professor Jamilur ReZa Choudhury (B.Sc.Engineeringor civil engineed civil engineer.

Event marketing and sponsorship:By event marketing and sponsorship PremierCement Mills Limited can link their brand to events popular among the customers.hoosing sponsorship events or activities, identification with a product and thus brand recall can be enhanced.Though they are sponsoring many events but they are strongly related with cementsectors. They need to sponsor different kinds of event which will make their brand stronger. The events can be chosen based on the attendees attitudes and usage regardingcertain products or brands. They can also sponsor events related to their brand to boost upthe brand image.

Resourceful Website:The www.premiercement.com contains less useful information forthe customer related to the products and promotion. Its a world of technology, wherecustomers try to search and gather information before buying a product. So many of themuse internet as a mean of collecting information of specific product.

Premier Cement Mills Limited can take the initiative to light/sponsor lamp post ofis getting less focus from the internet users. The website should be well maintained wherethe product news and promotional news will be given. There should also be a section forfeedback/reviewing for the customer where they can rate/review the product. When acustomer gets his answer in become satisfied. A satisfied customer become loyal to a brand and helps the brand tobecome a well known brand.

Awareness Program:Premier Cement Mills Limited can take an initiative to educate thepeople of the country about the correct use of their product. Because the wrong use ofthese product are causing harmful result. For this they can organize seminar, round tableequity. They willbe considered as a socially responsible brand. As a whole the brand will be established asdiscussion etc. If they conduct awareness program like this than their brand image in thetarget customers mind will increase and they will have positive branda socially responsible and powerful brand as well.

In this Term Paper I tried to give an idea of the Brand establishment of Premier Cement MillsLimited. Brand image allow consumers to buy with confidence, and provide a route map throughan incredible collection of choice. The real power of powerful brands is that they meet theexpectations of those that buy them or, to put it another way, they represent a promise kept.

meghna cement limited

meghna cement limited

Meghna Cement Mills Ltd is the first manufacturing unit of Bashundhara Group and it is one of the largest cement industries in the country producing nearly 1 million metric tons a year. The Meghna Cement Mills Ltd is an International Standard Organization (ISO 9001: 2008) certified company having accreditation of manufacturing products for both domestic and international markets. The company is listed with both Dhaka and Chittagong Stock Exchanges, the two bourses of the country since 1995 and 1996 respectively. The company markets its product under the registered trade mark "King Brand Cement".

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While an unhealthy competition plagues Bangladesh's cement sector for its 43 per cent overcapacity, Bashundhara Group has gone on to look beyond borders for opportunities. It found it in the India's Seven Sister states.

Bashundhara Group Chairman Ahmed Akbar Sobhan has provided Eid gifts for around 10,500 poor families in different areas of Dhaka...

Bashundhara Group has provided personal protective equipments (PPE) and facemasks to Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) so that officials...

The Bashundhara Group, countrys leading business conglomerate, now extended its financial assistance to hawkers who reach newspapers to the doorsteps...

The countrys largest hospital for corona patients at the International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB) in the capital has been inaugurated....

Bashundhara Group has continued support for the government agencies as the countrys leading business conglomerate has provided 25,000 masks and...

" " -...

Bashundhara Group, the leading business conglomerate in the country, has provided food assistance to 3,500 people in Mongla of Khulna...

Bashundhara Group, the countrys leading business conglomerate, has provided Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) with 50,000 face masks to ensure their...

Bashundhara Group, the countrys leading business conglomerate, has provided Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) with safety equipment and food items to...

Bashundhara Group, the leading business conglomerate of the country, on Sunday provided safety equipment and food to Bangladesh Navy as...

top 10 largest cement manufacturing companies in usa 2021 - just credible

top 10 largest cement manufacturing companies in usa 2021 - just credible

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, production of Portland cement in USA in the year 2018 was 85.4 million tons. The top 10 Portland cement manufactures in USA are LafargeHolcim, CEMEX, Lehigh Hanson, Buzzi Unicem, Ash Grove Cement, Martin Marietta Materials, Eagle Materials, Essroc Cement, Argos, and St. Marys Cement.

The Multinationals LafargeHolcim, CEMEX and Lehigh Hanson hold more than 40% (19+14.7+9.2) share of the cement industry in the USA. The rest is shared by small multinationals and some domestic players.

LafargeHolcim has 13 cement plants in the USA and produce around 22 million tons of cement annually. It has its headquarters in Chicago. Going by the production capacity LafargeHolcim is the largest cement production company in the United States.

Lehigh Hanson has an interesting history. Lehigh started as a cement production company in US in 1897. It was later acquired by the German company Heidelberg which is one of the largest cement producers in the world.

Cement industry has always been riddled with concerns related to environmental safety. The manufacturing process of cement is a source of various pollutants like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Hence, it is expected that the manufacturers of cement follow certain environment safety standards like installation of latest pollution controls in its factories.

Firstly, economic slowdown due to the recession of 2008 has led to an overall low consumption of cement. This means cement companies in America are producing cement at less than full capacity or not producing at all.

cement mill - all industrial manufacturers - videos

cement mill - all industrial manufacturers - videos

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... simultaneously. This mill accepts grinding set weights of up to 30 kg, the largest grinding jar has a volume of 2,000 ml. The closed grinding system guarantees complete processing of the sample. The ...

The XRD-Mill McCrone was specially developed for the preparation of samples for subsequent X-ray diffraction (XRD). The mill is used for applications in geology, chemistry, mineralogy and materials science, ...

Efficient premium fine grinding The premium model of the FRITSCH Disk Mill for efficient fine grinding of hard-brittle to medium-hard solids: Even safer due to the automatic locking of the collecting vessel and grinding ...

... plastic products and scraps. Optional tangential rotor housing for efficient size reduction of hollow body blow moulding products. Universal, straight, staggered, guillotine or clamping vedge type rotor ...

Prevents most of dust and fines with special rotor and knife geometry design in recycling of injection sprues. Mobile design with lockable castering wheels . Automatic feed back to the extruder hopper by blower fan/venturi ...

... from 30% to 65% compared to ball mill, from 10% to 20% compared to vertical mill The best product quality with lower clinker ratio Zero water consumption No need of grinding aid for blended cements ...

... undermill conveyor system that resists clogging. - Reduce quantity and distance of thrown objects with a low profile tub cover and rotor deflector. - Tub tilt over 90 degrees allows easy servicing of hammermill and screens, ...

Cement Ball Mill Processing ability: - 200 t/h Max feeding size: - 25 mm Product Fineness: - 0.074-0.89mm Range of application: - limestone, calcium carbonate, clay, dolomite and other minerals ...

PCMs industrial macerator pumps offer a cost-effective way to protect the reliability of your pumps. Our industrial macerators can protect your pumps from rags, fibres and solid particles, using a proven concept which is based on ...

DESCRIPTION The Cylinder mill, commonly known as the Roller Press works by crushing the material between two cylinders kept under pressure by a hydraulic system (2 to 10 T/linear cm). This mill uses ...

The Ball mill 18306400 model is manufactured by Shanghai Joyal Machinery Co., and is a grinding plant that has been specifically developed as a component that is ideal for use in secondary grinding after crushing. The ...

suwannee american cement - cement manufacturer with plants in florida

suwannee american cement - cement manufacturer with plants in florida

The rebranding of our cement line of business will now align with all other CRH cement businesses across North America, building a stronger platform and bringing together our proud histories as industry leaders. Ash Grove is a respected brand in the building materials industry and a recognized leader in safety, customer relationships, quality and reliability.

portland cement - lehigh hanson, inc

portland cement - lehigh hanson, inc

While the terms are often used interchangeably, concrete and cement are not the same. Cement is an ingredient of concrete. Its the fine grey powder that, when mixed with water, sand and gravel or crushed stone, forms the rock-like mass known as concrete. Cement typically accounts for 10% to 12% of the concrete mixture.

Cement acts as the binding agent or glue in concrete. When combined with water, cement forms a paste that coats the sand and gravel. Through a chemical reaction called hydration, the mixture sets and hardens into concrete.

When freshly mixed, concrete can take any shape or form; when hardened, its strong and durable. These qualities explain why one material, concrete, can build everything from skyscrapers and sidewalks to highways and dams.

English bricklayer Joseph Aspdin is widely credited for the invention of modern portland cement. Aspdin received the first patent on portland cement in 1824. He named it portland cement because concrete made with it resembled a highly prized building stone quarried on the Isle of Portland.

Most cement is used to produce ready mixed concrete, which is delivered to construction sites in the familiar trucks with revolving drums. Other concrete applications include precast products, pipe, masonry, oil and gas drilling and soil stabilization.

Cement types are defined by a variety of standards and specifications. Portland cements conform to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) C150 Standard Specification for Portland Cement and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) A3001. Some cements may meet multiple types. All Lehigh Cement products are manufactured to comply with applicable CSA, ASTM, AASHTO or API Standards.

The standards above address the following types of portland and general use cement: ASTM Type I (CSA Type GU), Normal / General Use: General purpose portland cement suitable for concrete that does not require special properties. Type I cement is commonly found in general construction applications such as most buildings, bridges, pavements, precast and masonry units, etc. ASTM Type II (CSA Type MS), Moderate Sulfate Resistance: Portland cement used for concrete exposed to soil or water with moderate sulfate concentrations. Other measures for controlling sulfate resistance, such as the use of blended cements which provide an equivalent or better performance, are becoming more common in certain areas. ASTM Type II-MH (CSA Type MH), Moderate Heat of Hydration: Moderate sulfate-resistant cement that also reduces heat generation caused by hydration. Other measures for controlling the heat of hydration and sulfate resistance, such as the use of blended cements which provide an equivalent or better performance, are becoming more common in certain areas. ASTM Type III (CSA Type HE), High Early Strength: Portland cement that develops strength sooner than normal cements and is suitable for rapid construction, early form removal, cold weather, or when the concrete must be put into service quickly. ASTM Type IV (CSA Type LH), Low Heat of Hydration: A slow reacting cement which minimizes heat generation used in concrete for massive structures, such as bridge supports or dams. Other measures for controlling the heat of hydration, such as the use of blended cements which provide an equivalent or better performance, are becoming more common in certain areas. ASTM Type V (CSA Type HS), High Sulfate Resistance: Portland cement used in concrete exposed to severe sulfate concentrations. Other measures for controlling sulfate resistance, such as the use of blended cements which provide an equivalent or better performance, are becoming more common in certain areas.

Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures, Portland Cement Associations reference on the fundamentals of concrete technology and construction. http://members.cement.org/EBiz55/Bookstore/BookstoreHome.aspx

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