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end mills - cutting tools| end mills,tools,carbide,cutting tools& drill-bewise inc.is a professional cutting tool manufacturer

end mills - cutting tools| end mills,tools,carbide,cutting tools& drill-bewise inc.is a professional cutting tool manufacturer

BW cutting tool series includes carbide milling cutter, like end mill, ball nose end mill, long flute end mill, and corner radius end mill; welding/blazed carbide cutter,Center drill, like circular saw for various applications and PCD diamond tool which is hot recently,dental specialized cutter,cutter specialized in cutting stainless steel, cutterspecialized in cutting Fiber Composite,aerospace tool,Cutter for Acrylic; paper slitter, jewelry cutter; special tool usd for lathes, milling machines, punch, etc.

We BW produce solid carbide welded cutting tools series, including Angle Milling Cutter with ShankAngle Milling CutterFace Milling CutterCarbide Helical End MillsChamfering with ShankCarbide Machine ReamersCarbide Side Milling CutterSide Milling Cutter / Staggered TeethCarbide T-Slot Milling CuttersT-Slot Milling Cutters / Staggered Teeth and HSS(CO) Machine Reamer - Straight Shank.

BW produces center drill cutter with double ends, chamfer 60 and 90 degrees, and spiral groove designed, to apply for speedy cutting and easy chip removal. It can be used for machining precise positioning of prefabricated holes and chamfering.

We BW produce diamond tools series, including Diamond IntroductionPCD InsertPCD full R Ball Nose CuttersTechnical information Diamond PowdersPolishing SlurryDiamond Thermal Grease amd Single Diamond Thermal Pad.

Bewise develops the excellent tools for fiber composite cutter which are specialized in aerospace metal and various types of composite materials cuttering application, special cutting edge geometry and multi-composite material cutter processing for solving burr and tear situation.

BW cutter specialized in cutting stainless steel, which is made of the newest advanced metal ceramics, is developed for machining difficult material contenting Nickel more than 18% . This series of cutter has better flexural strength and wet cutting and it may get superior resistance and stability during machining. Its tool life is 5 times more than tungsten carbide cutter when cutting stainless steel with excellent performance.

We BW produce aviation tool series, including Pilot ReamerPilot Step DrillGun Barrel DrillCore DrillST DrillHSS End MillsCarbide End MillsCarbide DrillDovetail CuttersChamfer CuttersSaw and Face Milling Cutter.

The surface of work piece is very exquisite, no blunt and any cutting trace, no acrylic remnants left in the flute gap, and the design of central point is very special. Usually the surface of work piece will become blush after cutting, but our tool with superior design wont have such problems. Hence, tool for wood cutting or for acrylic cutting should have different design. BWs cutter is much better than those imported products.

We BW produce end Mills For dental mould series, including 2 Flute Flat End 452 Flute Ball End 452 Flute R End 454 Flute Flat End 454 Flute Ball End 45 4 Flute R End 45,and with key slot or no key slot .

We BW produce corrugated industry knives series, including Sheeter KnivesHelico-sheeter KnivesSerrated Helico-sheeter KnivesNC Sheeter KnivesFlexo (Top/Bottom Flexo)Slitter KnivesSlitter Knives(Top/Bottom Slitter Knives) and Slitter Knives(Others).

We BW produce cutter for jewelry series, including PCD Single Flute Ball End MillSingle Flute Half End CutterTwo Flute End Mill (Length 16mm)Two Flute Ball End Mill (Length 16mm)Two Flute Half End Cutter (Length 16mm).

We BW produce saw blade series, including Specialized In Wood WorkingV-Cut,Specialized In PCB CuttingSpecialized in Cutting KeySpecialized in Metal CuttingRougher Saw For Wood CuttingCorner Radius Saw for Wood Cutting and Metal Ceramic blade.

ceramic end mills | mitsubishi materials corporation

ceramic end mills | mitsubishi materials corporation

Leave a minimum of 0.3mm finishing allowance. Machining with ceramic end mills at high temperatures can affect the outermost layer of the machined material, therefore a final machining allowance must remain.

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xebec brush | xebec technology co.,ltd

xebec brush | xebec technology co.,ltd

XEBEC Brush uses unique abrasive ceramic fiber material instead of abrasive grain. Overwhelming grinding power, Consistent cutting performance, No deformationEnables CNC deburring immediatly after milling and machining operations inside the same machine tool. Able to remove cutter marks and improve surface roughness up to around Ra=0.1m.

ceramic ball wear prediction in tumbling mills as a grinding media selection tool - sciencedirect

ceramic ball wear prediction in tumbling mills as a grinding media selection tool - sciencedirect

Wear kinetics of ceramic ball on tumbling milling were studied.The presence of worn balls inside the mill charge has no effect.A zero order kinetic was found so consumption by wear is constant.Total consumption is only influenced by wear, with little influence of balls purge.

This article presents the results of applying a media selection methodology based on a population balance model to a ceramic ball mill; the experimental data were obtained through the marked ball test in a white-cement grinding pilot plant. Three types of balls from different suppliers (I, II and III) were used in order to study the wear occurring in each type of ball. Tests were carried out for 576h and the law of wear for all three types of balls was found to be zero order. These results were introduced into the model to obtain the ball charge of the mill at steady state and the alumina consumption by wear.

Prediction of ball addition for each ball type; it can be concluded that the mill must be recharged with 4 balls per hour in the case of ball types I and II, and 6 balls per hour for ball type IIIDownload : Download full-size image

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