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barbecue charcoal making machine solutions supplier

barbecue charcoal making machine solutions supplier

Barbecue charcoal press machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that compacts powdery materials into different shapes of solid briquettes. Usually, the charcoal or coal ball briquette machine is mainly used to press the charcoal and coal powder into ball shape briquettes.

In addition, the powdery materials with low moisture content like iron ore fines, metal dust, carbon black, cast iron dust, mill scale, manganese ore fines, fluorite powder, gypsum powder, ferrosilicon powder, nickel alloy, blast furnace ash, converter dust, sea sand powder and all kinds of mineral powder can also be pressed into briquettes with a certain shape by the BBQ charcoalpress machine.

Powdery coal or charcoal is extremely inconvenient to transport and use and will cause some environmental pollution. The use of charcoal or coal briquettes can reduce dust pollution and ease the transporting capacity and reduce the difficulty of transportation.

BBQ charcoal briquette machine is a common material pressing and forming equipment in the market at present. The charcoal or coal briquettes can be different shapes by changing with special molds, such as oval, pillow, round, egg, ball, column,and square.

1. Feeding part. The feeding part of the Barbecue charcoal press machine is mainly to achieve quantitative feeding to ensure that the material can evenly enter the machine's pair of rollers. The screw feeding device is driven by an electromagnetic speed-regulating motor and is rotated by a belt pulley and a worm reducer to force the carbon powder and other materials into the main feed inlet.

Due to the constant torque characteristics of the electromagnetic speed-regulating motor, when the pressing amount of the screw feeder is equal to the amount of material required by the host, a constant feeding pressure can be maintained to stabilize the quality of charcoal briquettes. If the feeding amount is too large, the machine's feeding device is electrically overloaded; if the feeding amount is too small, the charcoal briquettes will not be easy to form. Therefore, skilled operation techniques are an important condition to ensure the normal production of bbq charcoal.

2. Transmission part. The main drive system of the bbq charcoal machine is a motor-triangle belt-reducer-open gear-roller. The main engine is powered by an electromagnetic speed-regulating motor, which is transmitted to the driving shaft through a pin coupling via a belt pulley and a cylindrical gear reducer. The driving shaft and the driven shaft ensure synchronous operation through open gears. A hydraulic device is installed behind the passive bearing seat. The hydraulic protection device uses a hydraulic pump to drive high-pressure oil into the hydraulic cylinder to cause the piston to produce axial displacement. The front joint of the piston rod rests on the bearing seat to meet the production pressure requirements.

3. Forming part. The forming part of the charcoal ball press machine mainly refers to the host part, and its core part is the roller. When too much material is fed between the two pressure rollers or metal block is entered, the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is overloaded, the hydraulic pump will stop, the accumulator will buffer the pressure change, the overflow valve will open to returning oil, and the piston rod will move. The position enlarges the gap between the pressure rollers so that hard objects pass through the pressure rollers, and the system returns to normal, which can protect the pressure rollers from damage.

Structurally speaking, the bbq charcoal machine is mainly divided into the feeding part, driving part, and forming part. The feeding part is mainly to achieve quantitative feeding to ensure that the material evenly in the double roller space. The screw feeding device is driven by the electromagnetic speed-regulating motor and driven by the belt pulley and worm reducer to force the pressed material into the inlet.

The driving shaft and the driving shaft of the driving part are operated synchronously through the open gear. The forming part mainly refers to the core part named roller of this machine, which is a double roller structure. There is a hydraulic device behind the passive bearing seat.

In particular, various types of barbecue and beer are already part of the lives of many young people. The rise of the barbecue industry is inseparable from the production of barbecue charcoal, so many processors engaged in the charcoal business will choose to produce high-quality barbecue charcoal.

For customers who want to invest in a large barbecue charcoal plant, a full set of charcoal processing solutions will be a huge help. Large-scale barbecue charcoal factories usually include carbonization, charcoal crushing, and stirring, and barbecue charcoal briquetting.

This is a barbecue charcoal plant located in the Philippines. The customer mainly produces heart-shaped barbecue charcoal for local sales. The customer was very satisfied with the production effect of the machine.

Barbecue charcoal machine can be used to press coal powder, iron powder, coking coal, aluminum powder, iron filings, iron oxide scale, carbon powder, carbon powder, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, kaolin, activated carbon, coke powder, etc. Powder, waste, waste residue, and other materials.

The production of cold-pressed briquettes of various metallurgical powders can be completed with a ball press. Such as coal powder, coke powder, various black non-ferrous metal ore powder, iron oxide scale, and dust removal ash, sludge, refractory materials, etc.

Usually, high-pressure briquettes press machine is often used to process dry powdery materials, such as oxide scale, steel slag, iron fine powder, aluminum ash powder, silicomanganese powder, and so on.

The low-pressure briquettes press machine is suitable for processing wet powdery materials. Such as dust removal ash, pool mud, sludge, coal powder, charcoal powder, etc. That is, it is necessary to add a proper proportion of water or other liquid binders to the material.

To process different materials, the pressure and model of the selected briquettes press machine are different. Our factory can recommend suitable machine models for customers according to their raw materials and processing needs.

There are usually many types of BBQ charcoal machines, with a processing capacity between 1 ton and 50 tons. The larger the processing capacity, the larger the model of the machine, and the higher its price. In addition, the quality of the parts of the charcoal ball press machine is different, and the price will also vary.

But if the customer purchases a series of supporting equipment at the same time as the bbq charcoal machine, such as carbonization equipment, charcoal crushing and mixing equipment, barbecue charcoal dryer, barbecue charcoal packaging machine, etc., the total price will be higher.

The wearing parts of the charcoal ball press machine are mainly its geared motor and pressure roller. In fact, the service life of the motor and the pressure roller are very long, but if the customer does not use the machine according to the correct operation method, it is easy to cause damage to the motor.

In addition, the pressure roller of the barbecue charcoal machine is also a vulnerable part, and long-term use will cause a certain degree of wear on the pressure roller (ie mold). Therefore, we usually recommend customers buy an extra set of molds for later replacement. If customers repurchase corresponding accessories from us, we usually provide discounted prices to repay customers.

Our factory has a certain amount of inventory for various types of barbecue charcoal press machines, so we can arrange the delivery on time after receiving the customer's order, usually within a week. If the equipment required by the customer needs to be customized, the delivery time is about one month. The shipping methods of the equipment are mainly by sea, air, and land. Our factory can recommend the most suitable shipping method to customers according to their location.

In the process of using the barbecue charcoal machine, customers need to maintain and maintain the machine reasonably, so as to better ensure the high-quality and efficient work of the briquette machine. Extend the working life of the bbq charcoal making machine and improve the working efficiency of the bbq charcoal briquetting machine.

For barbecue charcoal processors, it is very important to improve the production efficiency of BBQ charcoal and save production costs. Generally, using skilled workers to operate the bbq charcoal machine will avoid most machine failures. In addition, regular maintenance of the equipment and adding lubricating oil to the equipment will extend the service life of the equipment.

Shuliy Machinery not only provides high-quality machines but also provides comprehensive after-sales service. We have been focusing on the charcoal machinery industry for nearly 20 years and have rich experience in designing and manufacturing large and medium-sized charcoal machines to meet the needs of various customers. At the same time, according to the requirements of customers, we can provide services such as plant construction plan, market analysis, and best product formula. learn more >>>

charcoal making machine leading supplier-belong machinery

charcoal making machine leading supplier-belong machinery

Zhengzhou Belong Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional charcoal machine manufacturer located in Zhengzhou city, China. We provide customers the technology and solution of producing charcoal from biomass materials, such as wood, lump, coconut shell, bamboo, and rice husk. Our main products are carbonizing furnace, wood briquette machine, charcoal extruder, coal press, shisha charcoal press, etc.

We have an experienced engineer team to design the charcoal production solution for customers. For the charcoal briquettes plant, our engineer can go abroad to guide the installation and training the workers to operate machines. Looking forward to the cooperation with you!

Sawdust is different from the wood lump and coconut shell, it is not suitable for carbonizing directly. So the first step is converting sawdust to briquettes, then carbonize the sawdust briquettes to charcoal.

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