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fully automatic chili powder production line for spice processing business

fully automatic chili powder production line for spice processing business

Chili is the fruit of plants that are members of the Nightshade family. The original distribution of this species is from Mexico to Colombia. But it is now widely cultivated all over the world. Asia is the largest region of chili powder production, especially China. The capsaicin and other compounds in the chili causes the hotness after eating it. Nowadays, chili has been a delicacy for a lots of people. For spices processing business, chili powder production would be a great choice to enter this industry. If you are interested in chili powder production/grinding business, it is necessary to understand the chili powder production process and equipment. (You may also like: Running a Small Cassava Milling Business >>)

The chili powder production plant offered by ABC Machinery is designed with scientific structure, process and equipment. It takes up small areas and can be easily installed. In addition, the chili powder milling process adopts the internationally advanced pneumatic milling machine for the coarsely pulverized materials, which ensures stable performance, high yield and guarantee the colouring of chili powder.

Chili/pepper powder production line includes dry cleaner, de-seeding machine, grinding machine, sifter, etc.. For new comers, starting a complete chili powder processing plant for commercial purpose is not easy. We offer the customized plan, factory design, equipment selection, installation and commissioning, and operators training service, etc. Most importantly, we have our own manufacturing factory, all the core equipment in the chili powder line is delivered from our factory directly, which promises you the most favorable price and the reliable quality.

ABC Machinery provides various types of Grain Cleaning Machine. Chili cleanning machine is mainly used to clean the dust on the surface of chili, chili leaves, rope heads, plastic cloth fragments, small sand and other impurities contained in raw materials. The final cleaning effect can reach the standard of water washing. This is an indispensable equipment for chili/pepper cleaning. It can process more than 1000 kg per hour. Chili cleaning machine adopts wind power to transport materials, which is well sealed, and the dust is filtered by the bag blower, thus improving the working environment.

The chili/pepper de-seeding machine is mainly used to separate the seeds and skin. It is suitable for all kinds of chili/pepper seed skin separation. The whole chili/pepper can be seeded, and the separation pieces of chili/pepper skin and seed are big and clean. Chili/pepper seeds can be directly bagged. It is a necessary supporting equipment for chili/pepper deep processing. The temperature will not rise during the processing of the chili powder production line, which can completely avoid the loss of the price of the chili powder caused by the high temperature of the machines.

Our chili powder production machine is characterized by high automation, simple operation, low labor intensity, low power consumption and high output. The chili powder milling machine has several processes, including crushing, screening, dust collection and other processes, to complete powder processing. The processing process is divided into coarse crushing and fine crushing. The material is crushed by the opposite rotating toothed roller, which will not change the color of chili powder and grain due to the high temperature generated during the processing. It adopts wind to transport materials, with good sealing performance. The dust is filtered by high-pressure pulse dust collector, which greatly reduces the irritating smell and dust produced in the production process, greatly improves the working environment, and is an ideal equipment for chili or other spices processing. (Related Equipment: Flour Grinder Machine >>) Every equipment for chili processing in the whole chili powder production line is greatly important for its efficiency and output. Therefore, if you have any questions about our chili powder making machines, please contact us directly to clear up your doubts. We are very happy to have feedbacks from you.

chili powder portable machine prices india - binq mining

chili powder portable machine prices india - binq mining

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commercial atta chakki machine - commercial flour mill latest price, manufacturers & suppliers

commercial atta chakki machine - commercial flour mill latest price, manufacturers & suppliers

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chilli grinding machine - red chilli powder making machine latest price, manufacturers & suppliers

chilli grinding machine - red chilli powder making machine latest price, manufacturers & suppliers

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how to start profitable flour mill business in india 2021 - new business methods

how to start profitable flour mill business in india 2021 - new business methods

Today we are gonna talk about how to start flour mill business in India. Isnt everyone fond of eating things like bread, cake, pastry, biscuits, pancakes, bakery, naan, parathas, pakodays, pasta, doughnuts, noodles, naan, paratha, puri etc?

Do you know what is the main ingredient used in all these things? Yes, you guessed it right, it is flour. Even your pizza base is made of flour, and we cant forget the buns for burgers, which are made up of flour.

We can also make sweet dishes from Sooji or Rava. Also, bran separated on milling is used as cattle feed.Every house in this world makes use of flour, everyone eats bread. Not even your houses but the restaurants, the hotels also consume it on a daily basis.

We can see there is quite a huge demand for flour on a worldwide basis. So yes, if you are thinking of starting a flour mill business in India in 2021 it wont be a bad idea, rather it is quite a good plan one can think of but you need to have a proper flour mill business plan.

After reading this article you will be able to get a clear cut idea of how you can establish your own flour mill factory in India. What are the various steps involved in it, how and where to start it, what is the raw material required for it, what will be the cost estimation and the profit margin, where to sell the product, how to sell it, milling process, license and registration required and more?

Depending on the raw material there are various types of the flour e.g: All-purpose flour, Bread flour, Cake flour, Pastry flour, Whole wheat flour, white whole wheat flour, Oat flour, Self-rising flour, Semolina, Gluten-Free Flour, Almond Flour etc.

So what kind of flour you want to add up to your business and you can make it an opportunity for you to earn more profit as all these types of flour are also used on a daily basis by every household and in restaurants etc.

Talking about the first type is a primary mill, where the grain is brought by customers to get it milled, in a quite less amount. It will require you some workspace to keep the material and a flour mill machine. It is really a quite low investment business.

Secondly, you can go for a business in which you will purchase your own raw material and then get it milled and finally do its packaging etc and sell it later in the market. So it is obvious it will require more investment than the Ist one and also the profit in this type will be more.

So, overall it is a less investment business, you dont require huge investment for it, and also you can take loans from the government to have a good startup flour mill factory in India, and a great avail can be gained by it.

To start the small flour mill plant at Ist what you need is the govt approval. There is certain documentation work you need to go through and get your licence done to start your business, they are listed as follows :

Depending on what kind of business one will like to opt for either One Person Company or Partnership, and the structure of business etc you will need to verify and determine your taxation like features. You have to register as a Proprietorship Firm if you will start with One Person Company, and you will have to register in a limited liability partnership (LLP) or Pvt. Ltd. A company with Register of Companies(ROC) if you will go for partnership type.

The protection of public health by inspection of food safety is done by the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FASSI). The flour mill factory in India comes under the food industry so it needs to get registered.

Import-export code (IEC), The Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce, Government of India to Indian Companies generate a 10 digit Import -export code (IEC). In order to export your flour mill product, you need to go for it.

It is obvious that if you want to start a business you should have a proper sum of money for a start-up. You need to calculate the amount of money you would require in a flour mill business, which will comprise various factors such as machines, raw material, workspace, employees salary, electricity, and other such things thats why we are saying from the very first step that a complete flour mill business plan is very important.

They will provide you with about 90% of your amount required to start your flour mill business, once you show them your project report which comprises the total estimated money that you will require in the flour mill business. They also provide you with some %age of subsidy. So, as you see financial support is a must in every business.

After we are done with the raw material and the location, now the thing that you want to keep in the mind is the machinery that you will require for your flour mill factory in India and the various types of equipment that we will need to manufacture the flour.

One thing that you should note here is that on what scale you are going to start your business, whether it is a small scale or the large scale flour mill business in India. It is very necessary in order to choose your machinery because they do come in various sizes/capacities.

There are various deciding factors for choosing a Flour milling machine-like, the raw material, the flour milling process, the capacity it can hold (directly related to the size), how much budget do you have and much more factors like these.So it surely wont be an easy task to choose any kind/size of the milling machine you want to buy, so that you wont face any kind of problem in future in case you got the wrong one.

Take an example, if you want to produce 30tons of flour per day, you wont be able to get the same amount of production from the machine which is of the size 10 tons, it is quite impossible. So, you need to get the right size of the machine.

It can be quite valuable as it will lower your area demand, cost employed for the workshop will also diminish, and furthermore, the result will also be more, besides, it is an advanced one, and the production of flour is also of great huge.

It is composed of vibration sieves, threshing machines, de-stoners, magnetic selectors, pneumatic mills, plan sifters, bran brusher machines and more. 1st, 2nd and special flour can be produced from it.

The 300-1000tpd flour mill can produce 300TPD, 400TPD, 500TPD, 1000TPD. It has six or eight bin type high square plan sifter, and 500-600(length) manual (or pneumatic) or 800-1000(length) pneumatic flour mill machines. It has low power consumption.

To easily remove the shell/covering, we need to soak the grains into water.Also need to maintain the uniform moisture content for grains ensure its conditioning before milling will be done, so as to prevent the outer layer from breakage during milling.

Some flour mill factories require several operators or workers for flour production. Systematic training is as important as safety education for the workers and operators. This is required so as to avoid mistakes while milling the flour.They need to have a good command of the equipment and machinery.

A flour milling business is a good investment. The capital is not as much compared to other enterprises, and the demand for flour is also high. Not to mention, you can get your loan approved easily for this type of business. If youre thinking of starting it, follow the steps above. Also, its wise that you speak to a financial expert for help.

So, after reading this article if you are thinking of starting up a flour mill business plant, that is a good investment as compared to other businesses, as demand is very high, as consumed by every household.

I tried my best to give you each and every detail regarding game parlour business in india. I hope you like it if you want me to give you information about any business feel free to let me know in comments.

blower pulverizer

blower pulverizer

With an experience of over 37 years as one of the leading manufacturers of flour mills and pulverizers, Mill Power Industries constantly strives to provide the best grinding mechanisms to its customers spread all across the world.

Blower Pulverizer is an ideal machine for grinding masala and materials like red chili, coriander, dry leaves, herbs, dry turmeric, dry ginger. Our Blower Pulverizers come with the best quality of blades that are durable making them an ideal choice for your commercial purposes.

You can choose from the different models of Blower Pulverizers available. Moreover, you also have a choice in the capacity of electric motors. The increase in the capacity of the electric motor leads to an increase in the production capacity. Hence, as per your requirements, you can easily find an ideal model with the right electric motor capacity.

Our Blower Pulverizers are highly appreciated by our clients because of their fine grinding ability. The machines have been designed with highly innovative technologies to ensure their efficiency and durability. Our Blower Pulverizers are easy to maintain and operate. We offer these machines to our clients at budget-friendly prices.

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