chrome steel grinding ball for cocoa chocolate processing

chocolates/confections | union process

chocolates/confections | union process

Manufacturers of these products have specific considerations of their own when it comes to the right chocolate grinder for their processes. These can range from FDA regulations to the need for high quality, consistent, reproducible results to certain temperature requirements or the ability to add ingredients during the grinding process.

Because meeting these challenges is beyond many standard machines, some equipment manufacturers developspecific chocolate grinders. Chocolate processing equipment designed and manufactured by Union Process provide advantages like reliability and a wide range of customization options.

Circulation Q-Series, high circulation rate milling system for efficient grinding and narrow particle size distribution. The Q-Series features an Attritor with a jacketed grinding tank for superior temperature control and formulation adjustments.

grinder. mill. bean to bar. selmi group

grinder. mill. bean to bar. selmi group

Third component of the Selmi Bean to Bar range, this machine has the specific task of grinding the cocoa nibs in particles of size between 200 and 250 microns.

The product, once inserted into the hopper, is crushed by stainless steel pins to obtain a pre-refined paste.

Versatility and ease of use allow this machine to be used also for the refining of dried fruit, constituting an excellent alternative to the vertical cutter.

chocolate - netzsch grinding & dispersing

chocolate - netzsch grinding & dispersing

On this modern concept of totally enclosed production line all the main equipment of the line can work on their specific steps simultaneously, reducing significantly the losses in time and process adjustment when one of the equipments is not in operation or must be adjusted for other product.

Due the revolutionary concept, which employs very low fat content during the exclusive dry conching step, it is possible to achieve the whole flavor and rheological development in much shorter time and saving energy. The acids from cocoa fermentation, like acetic acid, are volatilized in very efficient way on this step giving the mild flavor desired for chocolate mass. This is obtained through the exclusive thoroughly volumetric aeration of the dry chocolate mass under slow mixing. The surface chemical reactions and flavor diffusion between the main raw materials cocoa, sugar and milk, as well the reduction of the starting moisture, occur efficiently in a suitable environment due the perfect temperature control and controlled porous aeration of the Conch. It is the result of intelligent combination of temperature, time and process sequence, no need of complex machinery adjustments for each product variation nor high energy mixer to disperse the cocoa-sugar-milk particles on this moment of the process.

The MasterCream was developed for the flexible and efficient refining of confectionery raw materials such as nuts as well for the reprocessing of rework as pralines, sugar-coated candies and filled wafers.

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refining ball mill royal duyvis wiener

refining ball mill royal duyvis wiener

Low viscous products can be handled in a batch type ball mill, with a top-to-bottom flow based on gravity, mounted with a re-circulation pump. For continuous processing lines bottom-to-top operation is very important, since average pastes do have a low fat percentage resulting in high viscous mass.

The latest design of the Wiener ball mill exhibits a higher capacity while using less energy and in combination with optimal cooling possibilities, product temperatures remain very low during refining.

The ball mill is easy to maintain as all parts are manufactured from high grade materials preventing any degradation of your valuable product and are easily accessible for replacement. The design of the vessel, shaft pin configuration, and ideal parameter control, make this ball mill the most efficient in todays market.

The vertical ball mill is used for the processing of high-viscous pre-mixed pastes, like chocolate, compound, crmes, nut- and seed-paste. The continuous design vertical ball mill can be used in a 1 3 stage refining system, with 1 3 ball mills in a sequential row after the pre-mixer.

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