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case hardened rollers - hi-hard rolls

case hardened rollers - hi-hard rolls

TheHi-Hard Corporationprovides precision CNC machined case hardened, flame and induction hardened steel products. The rolls shown here were manufactured from various metals such as alloy steel, 400 stainless steel, and iron. Various sizes were produced featuring outside diameters from 1.5 to 20, and up to 175 in length.

Manufacturing required precision CNC turning and grinding, as well as dynamic balancing. Heat treatment consisted of flame hardening with case depths of 3/32 to 1/8 per side and induction hardening with case depths up to 1/4 per side, with hardness up to 65 Rc. All of the products we produce are put through rigorous quality control, these rolls were tested for dimensional accuracy, surface finish consistency, and NDT testing. For more information on these precision CNC machined case hardened alloy steel rolls, see the table below.

The flame and induction harden rolls are made from medium-high cabon and alloy steels. Rollers can be produced in solid and fabricated form. Hardness and depth of hardness vary on the material used and the metod of hardening performed. The induction harden product is good for heavy/medium wear applications and offer good life with the ability of great case depth. The flame hardened product is good for light wear applications. These products offer shorter lead times and depending on size can be the lowest cost case hardened product.

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