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coconut shell powder making machine, coconut shell powder grinding machine, coconut shell powder machinery, coconut shell powder machine,coconut shell powder machine manufacturers and exporter - jas enterprise

coconut shell powder making machine, coconut shell powder grinding machine, coconut shell powder machinery, coconut shell powder machine,coconut shell powder machine manufacturers and exporter - jas enterprise

We have a wide range of industrial crushing & pulverizing equipments that are designed and manufactured to yield maximum efficiency to our clients. These industrial crushing & pulverizing equipments are used for size reducing different types of coconut shell, turmeric, spices, grains, pulses, fruits, vegetables, and other food products. Available at competitive rates, our crushing & pulverizing equipments are known for their efficiency and durability.We are manufacturers of high quality coconut shell powder making machinneswhich is the basic raw material for mosquito coils, agarbatti, phenolic resins, and also used as a filler for plywood and synthetic glue.

Coconut shell powder is made from coconut shells and is used as a filler in the manufacture of thermoset moulding powders like bakelite, synthetic resin glues or phenol formaldehyde. Availability of adequate quantity of coconut shells is the most critical aspect. It is imperative to locate reliable sources for regular supplies and the location of the factory has to be finalised accordingly. Mesh size of 80-100 is suitable for thermoset moulding powder whereas for synthetic resin glues the size has to be around 230-240 mesh. Product provides substantial value-addition as normally shells are either thrown away or used as a fuel.

Coconut shell powder is mainly used as filler and thus it is an industrial product. It is used in the manufacture of thermoset moulding powders such as phenol formaldehyde moulding powder or bakelite and synthetic resin glues. Powder of different particle size is required for different end-uses. It would be better if the promoters have relevant marketing background. India has maintained fairly steady industrial growth during last 8-10 years. Indian economy is gradually coming out of the grips of demand recession and industrial production is once again picking up. Yet another favourable aspect of coconut shell powder is that it is a comparatively cheaper filler and hence preferred by many end-users.

Coconut shells free from contamination of coir pith, etc., are broken into small pieces with help ofJas Pounding Machineand fed into a pulverizer. The powder from the pulverizer is fed into a cyclone and the parallel product is collected in bag filters. The shell powder is then fed into avibrating sieving machineand packed according to mesh size requirements for various end uses. The rejects from the sieving machine can be recycled in the pulverizer for size reduction. The main requirements for consistent good quality of coconut shell powder, are proper selection of shell of proper stage of maturity and efficient machinery.

The Techno Wings brand impact pulverizer meets most capacity requirements. It lend themselves to a wide degree of adjustment with finesse of the finished products ranging from about 60 mesh to bulk passing through 300 mesh depending to a considerable extent on the particular materials being handled. It combines grinding, classifying and conveying all in one single unit. It grinds with easy, economy and safety offering a wide range of particle sizing of any non-abrasive material, hard or soft from granular to finest dust up to 300 meshes.

The impact pulverizer consists of an encased rotor carrying swing hammers, whizzer classifier for fineness regulation and pressure gradient creator mounted on a solid shaft. Raw material to be pulverized enters the crushing chamber through the hopper or the automatic rotary feeder. The impact of the hammers on the feed material against the liner plates reduces it into fine powder. The ground material is carried towards the whizzer classifier for classification and the oversize particles are rejected by the classifier and returned to the crushing chamber for further grinding. The classified material is then conveyed into the cyclone for collection and bagging. A dust collector is provided in the system for ensuring dust less operation and for no loss of ground powder.

Type: Air swept impact mill with whizzer classifier operation in closed circuitBody: solid iron, machined and aligned on a strong iron base with top covers bolted.Feeder: Automatic rotary feeder, gear driven from the main shaft with feed control mechanismcrushing chamber: Lined with renewable solid iron ( stainless steel optional) breaker platesRotor: machined mild steel thick plates mounted on main shaft: solid alloy steelClassifier: mild steel whizzier classifier with adjustable spider to control fineness of ground powder up to 300 mesh depending on the type of material being pulverizedBearings: self-aligning ball bearings in cast iron housing with suitable grease cups for lubricationHammers: forged alloy steel, hard faced, with manganese steel electrodes and balanced.Blower: paddle type with replaceable bladesCyclone: mild steel sheet fabricated dust collector: top and bottom halves of mild steel sheet, to be interconnected by dust bagsPiping: all interconnecting mild steel piping supplied with loose flanges to facilitate easy erection

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Due to continuous improvements, we reserve the rights to alter and/or amend dimensions/design without prior notice.The Figure for capacities given are for guideline only may very force case to case and depending many factors.

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how to start coconut powder manufacturing business - cost, machine

how to start coconut powder manufacturing business - cost, machine

Do you want to know how to start a coconut powder manufacturing business? Do you want to start a desiccated coconut manufacturing business? Here in this article, we provide detailed information on how to start the coconut manufacturing business.

India is the third-largest coconut-producing country in the world. Copra and coconut oil are the two major products of the coconut processing industry. In our country, 60% of the coconut goes for food processing. And the rest 40% generally goes for oil extraction.

The major coconut-producing states are Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Orissa, and Maharashtra. So these areas are the ideal location for starting this project. However, you can start the business from any location where you can source the raw coconut easily.

Desiccated coconut is a consumer item. It has a longer shelf life and is convenient to use. Also, it comes with ready-to-use packs with the same freshness of fresh coconut milk. So, the product has a great market demand in both the domestic and international markets. Generally, the bakery and confectionery industries are the major consumers of this product.

Generally, the bakery and confectionery industries are the major consumers of this product. Additionally, the demand for this product is higher in the areas that are not popular for coconut production. With the changing lifestyle, people are looking for more and more value-added and ready-to-use products. Therefore, we can say, starting a coconut powder manufacturing business is a lucrative venture opportunity for new entrepreneurs.

Coconut powder is a food item. And the business demands different registrations and licenses before commencing. These requirements hugely depend on the location where you are starting the unit. However, here put the basic requirements. It is advisable to check with a local small business expert and tax consultant.

The coconut powder manufacturing business demands a moderate capital investment. And the major investment areas are fixed cost and working capital cost. Several aspects demand fixed capital investment in this project. The list includes plant, building, machinery, and other initial costs related to the preparation of project reports and sourcing the technology.

Several aspects demand fixed capital investment in this project. The list includes plant, building, machinery, and other initial costs related to the preparation of project reports and sourcing the technology.

It is advisable to start this business with a project loan. You can apply for a loan to your nearby banks or any other financial institutions. However, you must have a project report in your hand to apply for the loan. Additionally, you can avail of the subsidy scheme for financial assistance. Under Technology Mission on Coconut (TMOC), Coconut Development Board is assisting in setting up of coconut-based value-added industry in India.

According to your investment capacity and desired production output, you have to secure a place for the unit. Generally, a 1500 Sq Ft area is sufficient for small-scale production. Additionally, you will need to arrange sufficient electricity and water supply at your factory.

First of all, you have to select good quality coconuts. The selection of the coconut is the most crucial factor in this business. Because the quality of the finished product hugely depends on the quality of the coconut. Fully mature coconutsof about 12 months are the best for the preparation of desiccated coconut.

First of all, you have to store the fullymatured nuts with the huskfor about one month. Because you need the dry kernels. This alsofacilitates coconut kernels to getseparated from shell walls. The coconuts

Then dehusk the coconuts and remove their shells. Additionally, you have to remove the brown portion of nuts by scrapping itoff. About 10-15% of the kernel goes asparing by this process. You can use these pairings for oil extraction.

Then break the deshelled coconuts into pieces. After that, wash them properly and disintegrate them into powders of various grades. Then dry the powder in a dryer by spreading it out uniformly in trays. However, you will need to maintain the temperature in the drying chamber at about 180 F. Additionally, you will need to stir the powder frequently to ensure uniform drying.

After drying, cool the powder and segregate it with different sizes. The last step is packing. You must pack the finished item in oil-proof and moisture-proof polyethylene. However, you have to select the packaging quantity according to the retail demand. During the process of manufacturing.

During the manufacturing of coconut powder, you may obtain several byproducts such as coconut shells and husks. However, you can convert these byproducts into value-added items. You can expect 100 kgs of desiccated coconut from 1000 coconuts.

Coconut powder comes under the FMCG segment. So, you must consider distributing the product among the local retailer and wholesalers. Apart from the contact with the supermarkets and shopping malls to keep your product at their point.

In urban and suburban areas people prefer buying household items from online stores like Grofers, and BigBasket. So, you can sell from those online grocery stores also. Finally, dont lose the institutional market of your locality. Restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, clubs are major buyers of this product. So, you can supply to them also.

coconut shell powder manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, malaysia, uk

coconut shell powder manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, malaysia, uk

Coconut shell powder is make from ripe coconut shells. Most of the coconut powder manufacturing industry is an organized industry in India. As well as these products are widely use in the production of plywood and laminated boardsas phenolic extruders and as fillers for resin adhesives, mosquito coils and agarbates.

Coconut shell powder is prefer to attack other commercially available alternative materials such as bark powder. Funeral powder and peanuts because of its uniform quality and chemical composition, better water absorption properties, and fungal resistance. Therefore this product is produce in sizes 80-300 mesh. Because of the enormous industrial use, demand for coconut shell dust looks promising.

Coconut flour (or) is make from coconut shells and is use as a filler in the production of thermoset powders such as bakelite, resin adhesives or phenol formaldehyde. The mesh size of 80-100 is suitable for thermosetting powders for printing, whereas for synthetic resin adhesives, the mesh size should be around 230-240. This product offers significant added value because trays are usually discarded or used as fuel. Coconut shell powder is mainly use as a filler and as such is an industrial product. This is used for the production of thermosetting powders such as phenol formaldehyde molding powders or adhesives for bakelite and synthetic resins. Different end uses require dust of different particle sizes. Another beneficial aspect of coconut shell powder is that coconut powder is relatively cheaper and is therefore prefer for many applications.

Vijit Internationalis a reputed manufacturer, exporter and supplierof premier qualityblack iron oxide, red iron oxide, yellow iron oxide, garnet sand and glass powderfor varied industrial purposes.

your no.1 coconut shell powder making machine manufacturer

your no.1 coconut shell powder making machine manufacturer

5. FIER coconut shell powder making machine is suitable for crushing all kinds of biomass raw materials (corn straw, wheat straw, cotton straw, straw, rice husk, peanut shell, corn cob, branches, leaves, sawdust, and other agricultural materials as raw materials or wood factory waste materials).

A: coconut shell powder manufacturing project report: Processing.First, the coconut shell and the coconut meat are separated by hand. Then, the coconut meat is gathered together. The coconut shell can be first broken and then crushed in our Coconut shell powder-making machine.

1. The grinding temperature is low, and the temperature of the powder produced by the grinder without a cooling system * will not exceed 45 degrees in the case of continuous operation. Therefore, for the vast majority of customers, it can completely save expensive and occupying cooling facilities.For customers with special requirements.

3. Before installing the belt, check whether the rotation direction of the index power is consistent with the cutting direction of the hay cutter, and adjust the installation belt after confirming there is no mistake, and make the belt tighten properly.

The detailed price of Our Fier Coconut shell powder making machine is determined according to the production of equipment, accessories, moisture content of materials, motor, and other factors required by customers.

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