compound fertilizer granulating machine in uganda

roll extrusion granulating machine used in compound fertilizer plant

roll extrusion granulating machine used in compound fertilizer plant

There is 2 extrusion granulator machine in our factory:roll extrusion granulator and flat die extrusion granulator. At ordinary temperatures, JYZL type roll extrusion granulator can directly press powder materials into fertilizer granules. It can not only produce complex fertilizer, such as urea, ammonium chloride, ammophos complex fertilizer, NPK compound fertilizer and so on, but is suitable for compound fertilizer, for example magnetic fertilizers and rare earth fertilizer. In fertilizer production process, rollers of this compound fertilizer granulating machine are with less coefficient of friction, low temperature, and low energy consumption. Dry powder (8% moisture content) is extruded and granulated by roll extrusion fertilizer granulation machine which adopts dry extrusion technology, making materials be standard fertilizer granules. After being extruded by two rollers, raw materials, space between which are squeezed to minimum value, become caky ones. The density of materials are multiplied several times.

Working Process of Roller Extrusion Fertilizer Granulator The work of this compound fertilizer granulating machine can be divided into 2 parts: Extrusion and Granulation. Extrusion: dry materials are condensed into hard and dense caky ones under pressure. This process use inter-molecular force principle. Granulation: caky materials are granulated into compound fertilizer granules by rollers. Space between rollers is adjustable, keeping 0.3-1mm distance usually. The utilization rate of raw material can reach 87%.

Advantage of Roll Extrusion Granulator Compared with other compound fertilizer making machine, the best feature of this fertilizer granulator is its double rollers. In choice of raw materials, medium carbon steel plate with higher intensity and resistance is more perfect. Thus rollers are weld with channel iron and medium carbon steel, the whole process of which is with higher degree of quality control and technologic requirements. Application of Roll Extrusion Fertilizer Granulation Machine Fertilizer Industry: potassium sulphate, potassium chloride, urea, NPK compound fertilizer, ammonium chloride, potassium nitrate, monoammonium phosphate, diammonium phosphate, ammonium sulphate, ammonium bicarbonate, magnetic fertilizers etc. Chemical Industry: antioxidant, sodium chloride, cyanuric acid, activated carbon, rock phosphate powder, rare earths, feed additives, green materials etc. This compound fertilizer granulating machine is usually used in compound fertilizer plant, see more at: 30,000 tons/year compound fertilizer production line.

expert in fertilizer machines manufacturing filed with high reputation

expert in fertilizer machines manufacturing filed with high reputation

We are committed to produce high-quality compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer making machines with reasonable price, and meticulous service. As always, staff in our design department make every endeavor to innovate the performance of the fertilizer machines, striving to manufacture the best fertilizer granulator machine and fertilizer production line. We do want to cooperate with our new and old customers, establishing our friendly and cooperative relations.

powder granulator machine # pan pelletizer# rotating granulator

powder granulator machine # pan pelletizer# rotating granulator

Simply speaking, powder granulator machine refers to the equipment that makes powder materials into granules. Thus, in fertilizer industry, the powder pelletizer is used to process fertilizer powder materials into fertilizer pellets. Shunxin designs four powder granulating equipment. They are new type organic powder pelletizer, powder drum granulator, pan powder processing equipment and powder extrusion granulation facility. It is available for you to process chicken manure powder, cow dung powder, food waste powder, vermicompost powder and so on.

Whats more, Shunxin 4 powder granules making machines have high balling rate and low energy consumption. Hence, equipped with Shunxin fertilizer granulator, your fertilizer pellets production productivity will get a great improvement. If you have demand in powder processing equipment, please contact us in time.

In a general, Shunxin powder pelletizing equipment has three types. One is dedicated for granulating organic powder materials. And another is specially for make compound fertilizer pellets like, NPK powder. The last type has wider application, which could perfectly meet the granulation requirements of organic and compound powder materials. Now let us to show the details of Shunxin 4 powder pelletizer.

Shunxin new type granulator is newly designed model, which is only applied to organic fertilizer production line. If you choose this type powder granulating facility, your materials can be poultry manure, livestock manure, grass manure or other organic powder materials. Besides, the fertilizer pellets made by new type granulator has higher compressive strength, which is conducive to long-term storage.

As for this granulation equipment, you can also directly call it extrusion powder pelletizer. Completely different from the new type powder granulator machine, it is just for compound fertilizer pellets production like NPK granules. In addition, this double roller granulating equipment adopts the dry granulation. That means you should control the moisture in your powder materials between 5% and 10%. Whats more, the roll sheet could be customized. That is to say, you could produce all kinds of shapes fertilizer pellets.

Pan granulator for granulating powder materials has 93% balling rate. It has 3 discharging ports, which is convenient for discontinuous production. Compared with other granulators, it is more suitable for small-scale fertilizer production line. Because, its largest capacity is 4-6 t/h. Therefore, if you do not want to invest large-scale, the disc pelletizer is your best choice.

The same as pan granulator, it is available for organic and compound fertilizer granule production. Furthermore, our drum pelletizer has the largest capacity among the 4 types powder granulator machine. Shunxin powder drum pelletizing machine could finish 30 t/h capacity. In addition, your raw materials should contain around 30% moisture during granulating fertilizer powders.

As for the working principle, there is also little different among the 4 kinds of granulating equipment. Firstly, the new type organic granulating equipment, pan pelletizer and rotating granulator belong to the wet granulation. However, the double roller extrusion powder granulator adopts the dry granulation technology. On the other hand, the 4 powder granulating facilities is different in utilizing pelletizing force. Except for double roller extrusion pelletizer using extrusion force, another three powder granulators equipment makes use of centrifugal force. Now let us respectively talk about the two types working principle of Shunxin powder granulator machine.

Firstly, you should prepare conveyor belt for constantly delivering fertilizer powder materials into fertilizer granulating machine. Then, there needs some water or binder, which will help to pelletize powder material together quickly. Next, under the action of centrifugal force, the fine powder materials will continuously achieve the process of mixing, granulating, balling and densification in the machine. In the end, the finished fertilizer granules will come out from the discharging ports.

On the beginning, similar to powder granulator with centrifugal force, the fine powder should be sent into the machine. Therefore, it is necessary for you to assemble the conveyor belt for your fertilizer plants. Secondly, the roller inside of double roller granulation facility will mix your powder materials again in case of there being cakes. And then, the fine powder will enter into the granulating process. There are two roller sheets, which will extrude your fine powder into a piece of specific shape. Next, the bottom blade will crush the piece into granules. Finally, the finished granules will be sent out of the machine from the outlet.

In a general, the powder pelletizing machine is the key equipment in granule fertilizer production. But you also need other matching machine for making higher quality fertilizer pellets. There are two choice for you.

If you choose wet granulation method for your organic fertilizer production such as pan or drum pelletizer. There needs composting equipment, crushing equipment, fertilizer mixer, fertilizer dryer, fertilizer cooler, screener and fertilizer bagging equipment.

However, if you plane to make compound fertilizer and choose dry granulation like double roller granulator. The machines are relatively less than organic fertilizer production line. Commonly, you should prepare crushing facility, fertilizer mixing equipment, fertilizer screener and fertilizer packing machine. You may want to ask why there is no fertilizer drying and cooling machine. That is because, our roller pelletizer could granulate powder materials at a room temperature.

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organic fertilizer granulation machine | organic waste | wet granulation

organic fertilizer granulation machine | organic waste | wet granulation

Organic fertilizer is often made from organic waste. By this way, you can both lower cost and decrease organic wastes pollution on environment. As we all know, we usually convert organic waste into organic fertilizer by composting. Take manure of livestock or poultry as an example, it cannot be used directly. For one thing, manure will automatically ferment and produce heat. The heat will do harm to roots of plants and crops. For another thing, the direct application may cause air pollution because of its obnoxious odors. After composting, fermented organic waste becomes organic fertilizer. In addition, if you manufacture organic fertilizer for sale, you may need further processing. That is to say, you can manufacture granulated organic fertilizer by organic fertilizer granulation machine.

Organic fertilizer granulation machine is also called fertilizer pellet machine. In addition, it is an important part in whole organic fertilizer production line. And it can granulate powdery organic fertilizer into granules. On the one hand, granules are more convenient for storage, transport and application. Meanwhile, you also can add some functional bacteria in granulating process, so as to make bio-organic fertilizer. In addition, you can also add other materials to enhance fertilizer efficiency. Therefore, it is a good choice to granulate organic fertilizer as deep processing.

In terms of making organic fertilizer pellets, all granulator equipment adopts wet granulation. In other words, certain amount of water or steam is used for making powdery organic fertilizer into pellets. At the same time, other components of granulator also help to granulate organic fertilizer.

SEEC organic fertilizer pellet machine is available for various organic waste. Moreover, our granulator is not only widely applicable for different organic waste, but also has multiple types for you to choose. Whats more, the suitable organic waste including:

Disc granulator is one of our hot sale products. Besides of solid construction, it also featured with high granulation rate 93% and easy operation. In addition, you should pay attention to the quality of organic fertilizer powder. That is to say, you should guarantee that there is no large caking and other materials in the powder. Therefore, you can adopt screening machines to screen fermented organic waste. And you can choose rotary screen machine and vibrating screen machine, which can provide you uniform powder. In addition, disk granulator have many models, whose working diameter ranges from 0.5 m to 3.6 m. On the one hand, the smallest model can be used for laboratory. On the other hand, you can adopt it in large scale fertilizer production line, compound fertilizer or organic fertilizer.

This kind of granulator is our patented product. It granulates powdery organic waste by the inner rotary shaft and steam. Different with disc granulator, new type organic fertilizer granulator belongs to closed granulating process. Therefore, it will not cause dust. Generally speaking, its specification is larger than disc granulator. Therefore, you can use this kind of fertilizer granulator for medium and large scale organic fertilizer production.

Rotary drum granulator also adopts wet granulation. When the main body of rotary drum granulator rotates, rotary cylinder can make powdery organic fertilizer into pellets in virtue of centrifugal force and steam. In addition, the main body of granulator has certain incline angle. By this angle, granular organic fertilizer will successfully enter next stage. Whats more, this kind of granulator is available for making both granular organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer pellets.

As SEECs patented equipment, rotary drum stirring granulator has stronger functions. In particular, it is equal to the combination of new type organic fertilizer granulator and rotary drum granulator. With the help of steam or water, powdery organic fertilizer gradually become granules under the rotation of main body and stirring of revolving shaft. Organic pellets produced are more compact, which is convenient for transport and storage.

If you want to make high-quality organic fertilizer pellets, you should pay more attention to granulating process and preparation works. High-quality pellets means beautiful appearance, compact structure and uniform size. Besides suitable organic fertilizer granulation machine, in order to make popular organic fertilizer, you should do the following works.

In order to make fermented organic waste into uniform fertilizer granules, you should guarantee that no caking and other materials in power. We recommend new type vertical crusher and disc mixer for you. New type vertical crusher is used for crushing large caking in fermented organic waste, so as to produce uniform powder. If you want to increase the function of organic fertilizer, you can add some other elements, such as functional bacteria. And then, you can blend them evenly by disc mixer. After disposal, powdery organic fertilizer will be sent to granulator for granulating.

In order to control the water content of organic fertilizer pellets, you had better deal with them by rotary drum and drying machines. By these machines, the water content of pellets will be decreased so as to achieve standard. In addition, rotary screen machine will be adopted as the next step. Rotary screen machine will separate pellets with unqualified size from qualified pellets. And then conveying equipment will send qualified pellets back for secondary granulating. Meanwhile, qualified pellets will enter next stage. You can directly package the selected granules.

Zhengzhou Shunxin Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd is the leading enterprise of organic fertilizer equipment industry. After years of reform and developments. At the same time, we have introduced international advanced large and medium-sized processing technology and equipment. Among which, 10 processing centers, 3 laser cutting machine, and more than 100 units of all kinds of equipment are included. In addition, we have a professional team who dedicates to research and develop all kinds of organic fertilizer making machines with high quality. This team consists of experts, professors, senior engineers and other technical personnel.

compound fertilizer granules manufacturing plant cost | process | design

compound fertilizer granules manufacturing plant cost | process | design

Running a compound fertilizer company, it will be a good choice for you to turn your compound fertilizer powder into granular fertilizers. With a set of compound fertilizer pellet making machines, you can easily pelletize your processed compound fertilizer powder to granules. And then it is necessary for you to know the compound fertilizer granules manufacturing process and equipment. A good fertilizer machine manufacturer can not only reduce your compound fertilizer granules manufacturing plant cost, but also help your fertilizer production run successfully.

Shunxin provides whole process and machines for you to become a professional compound fertilizer granules manufacturer. There are many professional machines for you to make your powdery compound fertilizer into granules. Moreover, Shunxin machines are manufactured by our own factory so that you can get compound fertilizer powder granulation machines at favorable price. For your information, our machines can only be used for turning your powdery compound fertilizer to pellets. If you want to make compound fertilizer by chemical reaction, we are sorry that our machines can not meet your fertilizer production requirements.

If you want to start a compound fertilizer making plant, it is necessary for you to know the compound fertilizer pellet manufacturing process. Generally, it includes two processes: the compound fertilizer powder granulating and pelleted compound fertilizer processing. Granulating is the key process for making compound fertilizer granules. And for getting better granules effects, there are some processes you can do after the granulating.

Granulating. If you have compound fertilizer powder, it is applicable for you to granulate them directly. There are 3 types of granulation equipment for you to choose. The fertilizer roller compactor is the most suitable for your compound fertilizer pellet making. It is a compound powdery fertilizer dedicated granulator machine. Moreover, you do not need to dry and cool pelleted compound fertilizer if you use this machine for pelleting. Besides, both the pan granulator and drum type compound granulation equipment are good choices for granulating compound fertilizer granules.

For your information, it is not suitable for you to batch urea fertilizer powder with superphosphate. Moreover, you had better avoid batching urea fertilizer powder with ammonium nitrate. Otherwise, the fertilizer granular will be easy to be humid.

There are many types of compound fertilizer making machines in Shunxin for your reference. While, for your different compound fertilizer manufacturing plant, we can provide different fertilizer making machine for you. And the configurations also influence your compound fertilizer granules manufacturing plant cost.

If you want to make compound fertilizer, you should batch some single fertilizers and mix them evenly. Then it is suitable for you to use a granulation machine for making them into pellets. Especially, a disc pan pelletizer is an ideal equipment for you to granulate. And after the granulation, drying, cooling and screening machine can make your compound fertilizer granules high-quality. For your information, the materials should be powders before your granulating. Thus, you had better equip with a crushing machine for making fine powders.

Granulating is the first step for you to turn powdery materials into pellets. In your large scale fertilizer production line, it is applicable for you to use a rotary drum compound fertilizer granulation machine. The highest production capacity of this drum granulator can reach 30 ton per hour. And then you can use drying and cooling machine for lowering the temperature and moisture content of compound fertilizer granules. Besides, it is applicable for you to coat these qualified pellets for better fertility.

Turning compound fertilizers powder to granules in small scale, we recommend you double roller compound powder granulating equipment. This machine uses dry granulation technology for pelletizing. Especially, you do not need to equip with drying machine or cooler. Because it is applicable for you to dry these pellets by air. Then, it is alternative for you to screen or coat them for your preference.

Establishing a compound fertilizer company, there are some factors you should consider. Where you want to set your plant? Where can you get materials? How to make compound fertilizer? What equipment should you equip for producing fertilizers? How to select a suitable machine for meeting your compound fertilizer granules manufacturing plant cost requirements? How should you do if you have any questions during your compound fertilizer production? All these factors will affect your fertilizer production. While, the most important factor is about the machine.

In a compound fertilizer production line, the quality and service of your fertilizer equipment can affect your whole production process. Thus, it is important for you to find a professional fertilizer equipment supplier. A trustworthy equipment manufacturer is a good helper for your fertilizer company establishing and running. A professional fertilizer making facilities supplier can provide you suggestions according to your requirements. Whether you want to buy machines for your large or small scale compound fertilizer manufacturing, Shunxin can meet your needs. Especially, according to your plant scale, fertilizer application, your budget, and your personal preference, we can customize for you. Meanwhile, if you have any questions about our machine when you use it, we will try our best to help you solve them and even send engineer for helping you. Besides, it is available to help you design your fertilizer production plant.

Operating a compound fertilizer granules manufacturing plant, you should have a plant, compound fertilizer resource and fertilizer making machines. Then how much will it cost? Do you want to know how to reduce your compound fertilizer production plant cost?

Besides these two factors, the price of fertilizer machine is a large part of the whole compound fertilizer granules manufacturing plant cost. While, Shunxin can provide high-quality machines for your compound fertilizer granules manufacturing at attractive price. Especially, according to your budget, we can recommend you the most suitable equipment. Moreover, the after-sale service is important for your fertilizer production. Once there are some problems during your production, it can not only influence your fertilizer making effects, but also the cost of production. While, our after-sale service can make sure your fertilizer production process smoothly.

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* Basic Info Your Raw Materials (required) Your Processing Capacities Per Hour or Day (required) Brief-description Your Inquiry(required) *We respect your privacy, and will not share your personal information with other entities.

* Basic Info Your Raw Materials (required) Your Processing Capacities Per Hour or Day (required) Brief-description Your Inquiry(required) *We respect your privacy, and will not share your personal information with other entities.

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