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construction and demolition waste: disposal management problems and recycling solutions | fote machinery

construction and demolition waste: disposal management problems and recycling solutions | fote machinery

The construction and demolition waste is produced in the building activities of the construction industry, such as demolition, construction, decoration, and repair. C&D materials often contain complex compositions such as concrete, asphalt concrete, metals, bricks, glass, plastics, etc.

As more and more countries pay more attention to people's well-being, infrastructure construction develops fast, producing many new buildings or roads while demolishing many old houses. The rapid growth of infrastructure construction causes continuously increased construction and demolition waste.

Although industry waste landfill is the place to put various solid industrial waste, it is mainly used for construction and demolition waste disposal. To save costs and not to complicate matters, many people often directly bury construction waste in landfills.

On the one hand, due to the general upward trend in urban land prices, the cost of landfilling has increased. On the other hand, the advancement of the urbanization rate has caused a shortage of urban land, shrinking the overall supply of infrastructure land and limiting the landfills.

Incineration has become another option for the disposal of construction and demolition waste. However, waste incineration not only produces organic pollutants and toxic gases such as dioxins, carbides, nitrides, and sulfides but remains solid residues such as combustion fly ash and slag.

Recently, governments have begun to launch regulations about environmental protection and encouraged people to turn construction and demolition waste into new-type aggregate by recycling machines like mobile or portable rock crushers.

Screening. This part mainly involves the iron removal operation of the finished construction waste after the crusher treatment and re-processing the materials that don't meet the production requirements.

With the people's environmental awareness and the government's guidance, the application of resource-based products will have a broad market. The management of construction waste will be smoother, and our environment will be more beautiful.

Asphalt made by combining a binding material (called a bitumen) with an aggregate becomes sticky at high temperatures, and coupled with the limitations of previous technologies, people usually think that waste asphalt is worthless.

The cost benefits of asphalt recycling are expected to provide a profit or savings potential of $30.00 to $80.00/ton. Naturally, product quality depends on the combination of ingredients used in the recycling and production process.

Gypsum possesses many attributes making it an attractive construction material. Plaster and gypsum board recycling can not only solve the shortage of resources, but also save a lot of costs and improve resource utilization.

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mobile construction waste treatment equipment

mobile construction waste treatment equipment

With the rapid development of urban economy and society, more and more construction wastes are generated in cities, which not only cause certain environmental pollution, but also occupy a large amount of urban land, and it is also difficult to deal with. Faced with this situation, mobile crushing stations have emerged as the times require, and their advantages such as mobile, high throughput and easy operation have become more prominent, and they are well-suited in the application of construction waste treatment.

Construction waste refers to the muck, spoil, waste, residual mud and other waste generated during the construction, laying or dismantling and repairing of various buildings, structures and pipe networks by construction, construction units or individuals. According to the source classification, construction waste can be divided into engineering waste, decoration garbage, demolition garbage, engineering mud, etc.; according to the composition of components, construction waste can be divided into muck, concrete block, crushed stone, brick and tile, Waste mortar, mud, asphalt blocks, waste plastics, scrap metal, waste bamboo and so on. At present, there are a lot of construction waste in the city. These materials have no effect on the building itself, but they must be effectively treated and promoted as comprehensive reuse of construction waste.

2. After adding solidified materials to the coarse and fine aggregates, it can also be used in the road pavement base layer, using waste bricks to produce aggregates, which can be used to produce recycled bricks, blocks, wallboards, floor tiles and other building materials;

According to the characteristics of large transportation and transportation cost of construction waste materials, the general production line uses mobile crushing and screening equipment. The mobile crushing station is equivalent to a mobile small crushing processing plant. Facing the complicated and complicated construction waste storage place, the equipment can be directly driven into the production and processing site. Generally, the mobile device and the crushing device can be installed according to the needs of the user, such as a high-performance jaw crusher, a cone crusher, a circular vibrating screen, etc., which can be used for the mobile crushing station. In view of the characteristics of construction waste, materials such as unbreakable steel bars are screened in advance, and then crushing equipment is used for crushing, shaping, screening, and the like. The finished product after final processing can be used for pavement filling of railways and highways, and for making concrete aggregates. In the whole process, the steps of transferring and transporting the original materials are avoided, and the finished product can also be directly transported by the transport device into the transport vehicle, which greatly reduces the transportation cost.

In the process of urbanization, garbage as a product of urban metabolism was once a burden of urban development, and many cities have had a situation of garbage siege. Today, garbage is considered to be an inexhaustible urban deposit with development potential and a misplaced resource. This is not only the deepening and deepening of the understanding of garbage, but also the inevitable requirement of urban development. Therefore, mobile crushing stations will play an increasingly important role in the construction of construction waste.

raymond mill applied in construction waste cyclic utilization

raymond mill applied in construction waste cyclic utilization

Along with the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization, construction industry is rapidly developing. However, construction waste is increasing day by day, which occupied 1/3 of total municipal waste.

At present, construction waste handling is an important task in urbanization. Most of the countries bury the waste to the earth, which may cause serious hazard. First, it may consume large land space. For example, Beijing have to build over 20 landfills to bury the waste of Olympic engineering construction. Second, it may lead to serious environment pollution. The glue and paint in the waste are hard to be biodegraded. The harmful heavy metal elements can cause underground water pollution, doing harm to surrounding residents. Lastly, it will break soil structure and cause ground surface settlement. Nowadays, the burying method is to bury 8 meters with 2 meters of soil. But, the soil cannot grow plants any more.

The newly developed Raymond mill of Guilin Hongcheng is able to crush and smash construction waste. After being ground, the waste material can be made into various of product. The size of processed material can be easy adjusted.

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the cost of configuring a construction waste portable crushing plant_liming mining and rock technology

the cost of configuring a construction waste portable crushing plant_liming mining and rock technology

Portable crushing plant are particularly popular in the treatment of construction waste. Construction waste is a misplaced resource. Crushing construction waste, it will turn waste into treasure and reuse resources. Liming Heavy Industry has NK series portable crushing plant which are rock and construction waste crushing equipment. As a good equipment for the treatment of construction waste, it is equipped with an large production jaw crusher. The NK series portable crushing plant includes 7 models: portable coarse crusher, medium and fine crushing portable crusher, combination portable crusher, fine crushing and screening portable crusher, fine crushing portable crusher, three combined portable crusher and four combined portable crusher. NK series portable crushing station has stronger crushing capacity and higher performance. The portable crushing plant is not only used in the treatment of construction waste, but also used in the field of rock, concrete, quarry, coal mining, etc. If you are interested in the portable crushing plant, you can click on the online customer service for a detailed consultation.

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