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conveyor suspended permanent magnet

conveyor suspended permanent magnet

The 911MPERCYB is for applications that require a magnet to operate up to 400 mm above a conveyor, the cross-belt suspended permanent magnets are a cost effective solution that can be applied to a wide range of industries.

Suspended permanent magnets are positioned over moving conveyor belts in a chute for the purpose of removing ferrous contaminants from bulk products flows.It is designed to remove ferrous contamination from conveyed product on a conveyor belt or open chutes before they can cause damage to the downstream equipment.

Advancement in automation intensifies the need to remove tramp iron from bulk materials being processed and carried on belt conveyors. Although magnets have long been employed for this purpose, it becomes increasingly necessary that magnetic equipment of appropriate types and sizes be selected and advantageously installed if maximum benefits are to be derived.

Tramp iron present in bulk materials consists of ferrous trash, such as wire, bolts, nails, equipment parts, tools, and machine cuttings. The results, if the iron is not removed, are damaging to equipment having close clearances, explosions, or fire, in the case of flammable materials, production downtime losses, and contaminated products.

Approximately 70 per cent of the magnetic, separators used for tramp iron removal in heavy industry are best installed in conjunction with belt conveyors. Here, the materials are usually opened up, or spread evenly and sufficient room exists to accommodate the installations.

For removal of heavy or medium sized tramp iron from relatively dry and porous material having a burden depth, not more than 25 per cent of pulley diameter, and with belt speed not exceeding 200 feet per minute, first consideration should be given to a permanent magnetic head pulley. Permanent magnetic pulleys are available with consistent magnetic fields greater than electromagnetic pulleys in small diameter sizes and comparable to electron in many other sizes.

For removal of small tramp iron .from dry and porous material, burden depth should be kept at 2 inches maximum, or preferably less, with belt speed within a range of 100 to 200 feet per minute, depending on pulley diameter. It is far more difficult to remove small tramp iron than medium or large sizes due to its slight mass and inability to fight its way through material burden to the magnet.

One big advantage of magnetic head pulleys both permanent and electro is their continuous self-cleaning feature. As tramp iron is separated, it automatically drops behind a divider plate into a chute or container. However, magnetic pulleys should not be considered for processing sticky materials that require a scraper on the underside of the belt to prevent product carryover, as tramp iron will be scraped off along with the product.

The real separation work horse for heavy industrys faster belt speeds and greater burden depths is the suspended electromagnet a double air gap, rectangular type, made specifically for tramp iron removal. Air-cooled, compound-filled, and oil-filled designs are available. They can be incorporated in cross-belt or in-line, self-cleaning units which continuously and automatically discharge iron collected by the magnet.

china mining machine manufacturer, crushers, grinding mills supplier - henan yuhui mining machinery co., ltd

china mining machine manufacturer, crushers, grinding mills supplier - henan yuhui mining machinery co., ltd

Mining Machine, Crushers, Grinding Mills manufacturer / supplier in China, offering High Efficiency Jaw Crusher, Demolition Equipment, Cement Triturator, Stone Construction, Energy Saving Grinding Ball Mill / Wet and Dry Ball Mill / Feldspar, Granite Powder Making Raw Mill / Grinder Mill, PE 250 X 400 Stone Rock Jaw Crusher, Stone Crusher of Mining Machine and so on.

Henan Yuhui Mining Machinery Co, Ltd. Is located in Zhengzhou city in central plains, which adjoins to ancient millennium Shaolin Temple (Kung fu Origin) to the south, and Yellow River to the north. With Kailuo highway and Longhai railway, it owns convenient transportation and pleasant scenery. Established in the 1970s, Henan Yuhui Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. Has developed into a famous manufacturer through 20 years struggling and progressing, specialized in producing mineral dressing equipment, compound ...

belt conveyor_zk ball mill_rotary kiln_grinding equipment

belt conveyor_zk ball mill_rotary kiln_grinding equipment

The belt conveyors manufactured by ZK Corp mainly have the following types: please Click for detailed information. DTII Fixed Belt Conveyor DJ Large Angle Belt Conveyor Portable Belt Conveyor TD75 Belt Conveyor1. It has features of large conveying capacity, long conveying distance, simple structure, stable running, convenient maintenance and easy operation.2. Wide range of conveying material, it can convey wet, dry, powdery or lump material or packed product, loose materials and finished products in mine, metallurgy and coal industries.3. Large conveying capacity and long conveying distance. It even can realize multi point load material and discharge4. Conveyor length can be customized according to your need. Belt width can be 500-2400mm as your required.

Belt Conveyor is a friction-driven machine that continuously transports material. It is mainly composed by the rack, conveyor belt, roller, roller, tension device, transmission and other components. It can be material in a certain transmission line, from the initial feeding point to the final discharge point between the formation of a material transport process. It not only can carry the bulk materials, but also can convey the goods in bags. Excerpt for the function of conveying materials, it aslo could be designed and customized according to the special requirements during the industrial production process.

DJ Large Angled Belt Conveyor: It adopts corrugated sidewall belt and diaphragm plate. Its maximum angle of inclination can reach 90 degree, which will save a lot of floor space, equipment investment and construction cost.

cross belt sampling systems

cross belt sampling systems

We know accurate, cost-effective sampling is a core requirement of any coal, aggregate or bulk material handling plant. Thats why weve partnered with JBLCo to bring you a state-of-the-art range of Cross Belt Sampling Systems.

Our range of cross belt systems are safe and reliable and offer unprecedented accuracy for your sampling operations. These systems can be configured to your needs, ranging from single-stage sampling to multistage systems, and incorporate crushing, discrete sub-sampling and reject handling. Importantly, they be completely automated to run continuously to help improve your productivity while reducing costs.

This range of samplers has been successfully implemented at a wide variety of mines, docks, ports and power plants worldwide. They can be used to sample coal, coke, crushed stone and a variety of ores, and can be easily retrofitted to your existing conveyer via a straightforward installation procedure.

Naturally, all our Cross Belt Sampling Systems come with the backing of FLSmidth and JBLCos integrated design and manufacturing capabilities. Youll benefit from our research and development programs as well as our product, engineering and manufacturing teams. And youll have access to ongoing 24/7 support from our experts.

Our Cross Belt Sampling Systems can be operated both manually and automatically, depending on your needs. By automating your system and configuring it to run continuously, youll be able to lift the performance of your sampling operations while saving money on operator costs. Automating your system will also remove the need for manual grab samples, which will help increase the safety of your employees. It also keeps your conveyor on the move by reducing the need for stop-belt sampling.

Our systems are available in both single and multistage systems and can be configured to the needs of your operation. Contact us today to speak to one of our experts about how our Cross Belt Sampling Systems could fit with your existing operations.

Installing new sampling systems into existing material handling infrastructure can sometimes be a massive challenge especially when finding enough height to install a falling stream sampling device. Cross belt samplers can be easily and inexpensively retrofitted to existing conveyor systems. These top-of-the-belt sweep samplers are designed to mount on the top chord of your conveyor and usually retrofit to the conveyor truss between existing 35-degree idlers.

Our Cross Belt Sampling Systems take bulk material directly from the conveyor. The samples are taken and stored in line with international standards for bulk material sampling. Our systems can be configured to suit the needs of your operation and include the following components, among others.

The primary sweep sampler is mounted on the customer conveyor and will automatically take and discharge samples from the conveyor based on a pre-set time. Input data is transmitted to a system PLC to confirm a sample is ready to be taken.

The picksizer is usually mounted after the primary sampler to break or crush any large sampled material to a nominal 50 mm top size. This material can then be handled and metered through the remainder of the sampling system for a more uniform sampling operation. The picksizer will run continuously whenever the system is on and in automatic mode.

The crushed material feeder is used to accept nominal 12mm material from the sample crusher. A conveyer transports the sample flow away from the sample crusher for sub-sampling or final sample collection. Flow-controlling baffles are used to make a uniform material x-section as the flow leaves the feed area.

The bucket elevator collects all the sample material rejected from the sampling system and transports it vertically back to the original material flow of the sampled conveyor. This elevator is typical used on systems where limited floor space is available for standard conveying systems or the rejected material has to be lifted to an extreme height.

The secondary sampler is mounted on the crushed material feeder and will automatically take and discharge samples from the conveyor whenever the sampling system is in automatic operation mode. Like the primary sampler, it is controlled via a system PLC. The cutter is driven by a reversing gear brake motor that allows discharge of samples into two different discharge containers.

The sample collection carousel is mounted under the secondary sampler. This unit, also controlled via a system PLC, will automatically position sample collection containers according to the instructions of the operator HMI. The containers can be positioned by vendor number or by number of samples collected.

FLSmidth provides sustainable productivity to the global mining and cement industries. We deliver market-leading engineering, equipment and service solutions that enable our customers to improve performance, drive down costs and reduce environmental impact. Our operations span the globe and we are close to 10,200 employees, present in more than 60 countries. In 2020, FLSmidth generated revenue of DKK 16.4 billion. MissionZero is our sustainability ambition towards zero emissions in mining and cement by 2030.

belt conveyor in mining

belt conveyor in mining

At the same time, the private mining investors also participate in the quarry business and mining industry passionately. Sometimes, due to lack of funds, they are willing to buy mining equipment made by China. Today, there is a boom period of the mining industry and quarry business.

The conveying system for quarry business can be one single or multi-conveyors or combined with other equipment according to various requirements. And SBM's conveyor belt can be installed horizontally or a slope to meet the needs of different transfer lines. During the process of mining, the conveying system connects with the crushing system, grinding process, and separation system, etc. SBM's mining belt conveyor is adaptable to both stationary and mobile crushing plants, it is widely used in mining, metallurgical and coal industry to transfer sandy or lump materials, or packaged materials. In terms of transferring capacity, the good belt conveyor should feature strong transferring capacity, easy maintenance and long conveying distance.

As a mining conveyor belt dealer, SBM has established a strong relationship with local mining investors. As for the applications of our mining conveyor belt, it can be applicable for transforming many kinds of materials, such as the ceramic, bauxite, manganese ore, iron ore, copper ore, phosphate rock, red iron oxide, zircon sand, slag, cement clinker, activated carbon, dolomite, granite, coal gangue, porcelain clay, kyanite, fluorspar, bentonite, rhyolite, pyrophyllite, shale, purple stone, Diego rock, basalt, gypsum, graphite, silicon carbide, and thermal insulation materials.

shredder feeder & discharge conveyor | bunting

shredder feeder & discharge conveyor | bunting

We have the expertise to provide you with all the conveyor, metal detection, and magnetic separation equipment to layout your shredding system. Whether you are re-grinding in-house scrap product or designing a complete recycling facility, we have feeder conveyors and discharge conveyors to handle your material on both ends of the shredding process.

1. Protect your shredder by inspecting all of your product and scrap before it is fed into the shredder. That not only protects your shredder from being damaged but also separates out the metal contaminant before it is shredded into smaller pieces. Product purification is maximized.

2. Maximize product purity upon shredding discharge, before feeding material to a Granulator or Extruder. This not only protects your Granulator but also separates out the metal contaminant before using or selling the regrind.

We can help you select and combine the proper equipment to optimize the purification of your product, maximize your equipment protection and protect your investment from serious damage and repairs. Each of the following units can be custom painted to match your shredder.

Handles between 8,000 to 20,000 pounds of product per hour. Constructed of 12 to 15 channel iron. 4-ply belts with heavy duty cleats. UHMW skirting to protect belt edges. Uses 10 to 12 pulleys with large drives. Optional metal detectors as large as needed for whole bale inspection.

Used for shredding and grinding up plastic purgings to scrap bumpers, stringers, carpet, wood pellets, plastic bottles, tires or even glass bottles or wood pallets. Handles between 1,000 to 10,000 pounds per hour. Formed steel frame construction. Uses 6 to 10 pulleys. Multiple belt options with standard cleats or cleat topped belts. UHMW, formed metal or rubber skirting. Optional metal detectors with flip gate reject of contaminant. Optional infeed hoppers, magnetic pulleys and mobile bases.

For in-house use next to the machine grinders. For low volume applications that are usually hand fed. Constructed of a fabricated steel frame, smaller drives, and 3 to 6 pulleys with an inexpensive cleated or ruff-topped belts. Optional over the belt plate magnet or under the belt meTRON S 05 metal detector.

Designed for flow rate of 8,000 to 20,000 pounds of product per hour. Constructed of formed steel or channel iron frames. Built for the most rugged applications. Heavy cross-rigid cleated or cleat top belt. UHMW skirting or formed metal. Flared in-feed hoppers to match up to Shredder discharge openings. Uses 10 to 12 pulleys with large drives. Optional accessories include magnetic crossbelt separator, magnetic head pulley or meTRON D 05 metal detector with flip gate rejects of contaminant.

Designed for flow rates of 2,000 to 10,000 pounds per hour. Formed steel frame construction. Uses 6 to 10 diameter pulleys with optional magnetic pulley. Heavy cleated cross-rigid flex wall belts. Flared in-feed hoppers to match shredder discharge openings. Optional under the belt or loop style metal detectors. Optional flip gate of contaminant, and mobile bases. Can be used as direct transfer of material from shredder to grinder.

Magnetic Crossbelts Ceramic and Rare Earth Magnetic Head Pulleys Rare Earth Plate Magnets mounted above the belts Metal Detectors with and without automatic contaminate reject flip gates Sacker stations for shredded and ground material

Please call 1.800.835.2526 or 316.284.2020 and ask for extension #142 or #146 to discuss your needs with an Inside Sales Design Associate or to get an Application Engineer to visit your facility. We can also email you a RFQ form that you can quickly fill out to get a quotae.

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