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conveyor equipment manufacturers association (cema) - material handling 24/7

conveyor equipment manufacturers association (cema) - material handling 24/7

Our Members are composed of leading manufacturers of conveyors and conveying systems who design, produce and install all types of conveying machinery. These members throughout the years have helped shape the company history of CEMA. In September 2014, CEMA expanded their membership representation to include the Americas.

Drawing upon the expertise of our member companies, CEMA is able to provide the industry with standards, technical information, safety labels and safety information from our meetings where they develop and discuss conveyor industry standards, technical publications and new developments in conveyor design, technology, application, and safety.

CEMA works closely with other organizations, such as the Material Handling Industry of America and the Association of Rubber Products Manufacturers, with an interest in materials handling, voluntary standards, and business in general. Working closely with these organizations ensures our Members that CEMA is providing them with as much up-to-date information within the Industry.

CEMA also maintains contact with all government agencies whose activities concern the conveyor equipment industry. Through membership in other organizations, CEMA is also able to keep a finger on the pulse of federal legislation and regulations affecting the industry which is reported to our Membership through our Government Affairs Committee.

TRADE ASSOCIATION serving the manufacturers and designers of conveyor equipment worldwide since 1933. COMPANIES that represent the leading designers, manufacturers, and installers of conveyors, conveyor components, and material handling systems.

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