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cone crushers | peco sales & rental

cone crushers | peco sales & rental

Cone crushers are used extensively throughout the aggregate and mineral processing industry and aregenerally used as a secondary crusher in a crushing circuit. Cone crushers are suitable for crushing a variety of mid-hard and above mid-hard ores and rocks. The cone crusher products from Power Equipment Company have the advantage of reliable construction, high productivity, easy adjustment, and lower operational costs.

Power Equipment Company has the largest aggregate equipment product availability in the Rocky Mountain region. All of our aggregate equipment is available to buy, rent, or rent-to-purchase.With over 30 years of aggregate industry experience, no other dealership can match the solutions that we deliver to your operation.

crushing equipment rockster north america

crushing equipment rockster north america

Since summer 2020, Rocksters R1100DS impact crusher has been surrounded by emerald green mountains and has been the perfect contract crusher for Kebao Construction Machinery Leasing in Chongqing, China.

Amidst the Daba Shan, Wu Shan and Dalou Shan mountain ranges, the megacity of Chongqing was built on extremely hilly terrain with very steep streets, which is reflected in its name City of Mountains (Shancheng). Precisely these circumstances played a major role why a Rockster crusher is the most optimal for the terrain. Kebao Construction Machinery Leasing, from district Wanzhou in Chongqing, has been active in construction machinery rental for 10 years and has grown steadily with now 20 employees on board. The company knows the requirements of their customers very well and has a wide range of construction machinery including a jaw crusher and a scalping screen.

Thanks to the compactness of our new R1100DS impact crusher, we are able to transport the machine, including the screening system, over our winding mountain roads using an ordinary flatbed truck. The crusher set-up time is extremely short due to the saved settings. Our machine operators are also able to operate the crusher very quickly thanks to the intuitive and simple handling. We only rent our machinery with our own trained staff, which of course benefits the efficiency and longevity of our machines.

My operators are familiar with this kind of drive system from our excavators and wheel loaders; they are very familiar with hydraulic systems. I particularly like the crusher overload protection, says the entrepreneur. The pressure of the hydrostat always adapts to the power requirement of the crusher. This means that there are no blockages due to a lack of drive force and the crushing performance is consistently high.

At the moment we are mainly crushing very hard granite, basalt and also sandstone. The materials come from the surrounding quarries and are processed to minus 32mm and further screened down to minus 5mm, 5-10mm and 10-32mm. We obtain three perfectly defined product sizes with excellent quality. Our customers are extremely satisfied.

In recent years, China has generated more than 1.5 billion tons of construction and demolition waste annually, with a recycling rate still below 5%. By recycling with a crusher like our R1100DS, most of this construction debris could be reused, the positive effect on the environment and economy would be enormous,

He emphasizes his plans to additionally specialize in the production of waterproof substructure materials. Relevant departments of the Chinese government have passed laws that require construction waste to be properly processed so that it can then be used as recycled building materials, mainly for substructure projects. This is our great opportunity to contribute to our land as owners of such an efficient, productive and cost effective crushing plant, says Maohe.

Mjolnir Construction, a Glastonbury, Conn., company that handles commercial and residential demolition, utility, water and sewer work, was finding more and more of its jobs required it to recycle construction materials. This presented owner Thor Norgaard with two options: either paying to have the materials hauled off site or paying a portable crushing firm to come in and process the materials on site. Either way, it involved an outlay of cash that equated to a missed opportunity.

If I had purchased a portable jaw plant for our type of application, in order to create a consistent size material, I would have also had to purchase a portable screening plant to work alongside the jaw crusher, he said. A jaw crusher would have made an initial break of the processed material into roughly the size of 6-inch minus, much of which would not have been a usable material for many applications. So, the oversized material would have to be separated or screened out and then fed back into the crusher for additional passes until it was broken down to the size material that I could use.

After considering his choices, Norgaard purchased a Rockster R1100 closed circuit portable impact crusher and has set up two recycling sites to receive materials, one in Portland, Conn., and the other in Tolland, Conn. In addition to receiving materials at his designated recycling sites, Mjolnir also will be making his Rockster available for onsite recycling projects.

By purchasing an impact crusher, I am skipping the purchase of a screening plant and several reprocessing steps. An impact crusher is going to create a material that has a more uniform shape and is thus more sellable; and its making a product that does not need to be reprocessed and screened to achieve the specification that we are looking for. Thus, accomplishing two things lowering our initial investment cost and increasing production over any given period of time.

An impact crusher is the ideal situation for this particular customer, said Joe Collazo, Equip Sales and Leasing sales manager. He is able to make a very usable material in a single pass through the plant and have a very high quality, uniform product.

Coming into this expansion of my business I did not know a thing about operating a crusher and these are very expensive pieces of equipment with all kinds of easy ways to break them. Equip Sales and Leasing has a program that allows you to rent the crusher with a trained operator. That rental gives you an opportunity to see a skilled operator put the machine through its paces and lets you experience what the machine is capable of.

During the rental period, we watched this machine operate for over 100 hours with a production rate of 900 to 1,200 tons per day and it never once faltered. Even during the period that we were paying rent on the machine it was making a profit for us. In our case, we decided that we wanted to purchase the machine, but we wanted to have an opportunity to be properly trained on the operation of the machine over a prolonged period of time, so we extended the rental for another month with a portion of the rental being applied to the purchase cost. The operator changed hats to trainer and taught our people how to properly start up, operate, service and maintain the machine.

We do that for two very important reasons, Collazo said. One, it protects us. Crushing is a very aggressive business and you never know what foreign material is going to end up inside the crusher inflicting a lot of damage. More importantly, it protects the customer. Nobody factors into a bid destroying a piece of rented equipment, yet its so easy to do with a crusher. This takes that risk out of the equation. If a customer is buying one of our crushers, this turns into a great training opportunity. One of our operators has over 4,000 hours of experience. He has seen it all.

Made in Austria it is obviously a very high-quality machine that is powered by a Cat diesel, Collazo said. None of the other machines that we looked at could achieve what the Rockster was capable of. Also, Rocksters patented duplex system allows us to offer an impactor or jaw to our rental customers without the investment of buying two separate plants.

One of the ways that you can adjust the coarseness of aggregate being produced is by slowing down the impact crusher or speeding it up, Collazo said. If the entire crusher is directly coupled to the engine via generator or clutch when you change engine speed to affect rotor speed you are potentially slowing down your production rate. With the Rockster, the impactor is not connected to the power plant; it runs independently hydrostatically, so you can make changes to the impactor operation without changing the idle speeds of the crushers power plant,

During the entire process, Equip Sales and Leasing was great to work with, Norgaard said. They carefully taught all of our employees everything they needed to know. Since the purchase, they have exceeded our expectations in servicing the equipment. Response time has been great, and parts availability has never been an issue. Most importantly as expected the Rockster has done nothing but add to our bottom line.

Founded in 2011, Mjolnir Construction has grown from an owner/operator doing primarily residential and septic installation and repair work to having five full-time employees, an office manager and as many as 10 seasonal operators.

I have really focused on building my business through relationships, and the most important relationship is the relationship I build with the customer I am working for, Norgaard said. I am personally on the site of every job that we take. I have a personal interest in every project, and I work closely with the owner of every project, making suggestions as we go along in the hopes of improving the efficiency or overall productivity of the project.

That level of interest has given me the opportunity to create personal relationships with the people I work for and ultimately leads them to recommending my company to their associates and giving me the first look at any projects that they have in the future.

At the CVS we learned that on any given project virtually everything can go wrong, but most importantly, we found out that we could handle it, and that experience gave us the confidence to move on to even bigger and better things, Norgaard said.

*This article was written by Eqip Sales and Leasing Corp. and we thank them for giving us permission to publish it here. Originally appeared in Construction Equipment Guide on Thursday, April 23, 2020 Northease Edition #9

Slovenian construction company AGM Nemec purchases its second Rockster impact crusher. Primoz Nemec started off as an independent contractor in 1994 with only one excavator. After almost a decade of hard work, perseverance and business expansion he founded in 2003 what is today known as AGM Nemec. With their main office in Sedre, Lako, located halfway between Maribor and Slovenias capital, Ljubljana, AGM Nemec is primarily a construction company. With more than 130 employees, an extensive fleet of over 100 machines and motor vehicles suitable for all sorts of construction jobs, one quarry in Boben, Hrastnik with a concrete production plant as well as another dolomite quarry in Kislovec, AGM Nemec is one of the construction leaders in Slovenia.

After a short testing period, we were convinced that the Rockster impact crusher with a hydrostatic drive and a low transport weight is exactly what we were looking for. From the aspect of our machine operators, the crusher is very easy to operate and thanks to the large engine openings very simple to service and do all the necessary maintenance. It has been mostly used as a primary crusher in our quarry for processing dolomite rather soft and abrasive rock to sizes from 0/4, 4/8, 8/16, 16/32 as well as 32/x,

The R900 impactor was an important addition for the growth of our construction sector and it enabled us to take on other projects where crushing of asphalt or recycling of concrete on the spot was a must. I have to say that another reason why we acquired larger Rockster machine is because of the fast service provided by the Rockster dealer Skalar d.o.o. The parts were always delivered on time and great technical support just ads to a more fluid workflow.

As the size of construction projects grew, the need for AGM Nemec to purchase a larger impactor was also needed in order to properly grow with the market needs. They pretty much took the same route through Rocksters Slovenian dealer, however this time no testing was necessary. AGM Nemec purchased Rocksters R1100S impact crusher and had it delivered straight to the quarry. The crusher is equipped with an optional hydraulically lowerable screen box and the double-functional return and/or stockpile belt. The impactor sure surprised with its output and the ability to screen and precisely define final end product. The hydraulically swiveled stock-pile conveyor enables for additional product size, which adds to efficiency of the crushing process and being able to get the most out of the machine. Reliable network and the very throughput of the larger crusher are exactly the two main reasons why R1100S stayed at the quarry for good. It will mainly crush dolomite with 0-500 input size for the purposes of concrete production at the quarry.

It was very easy for us to decide since we have had Rockster impactor for more than 11 years. Our operator knows how easy it is to operate a crusher with a hydrostatic drive as well as how to fine tune the adjustment gap and get exact desired final material. Thanks to the intuitive, electrical control function on the multifunctional display, the set-up of the crushing gap adjustment, in comparison to R900, is even easier to define, which allows for precisely controlled size of the end-material. The Quick Start-Stop function and the vibrating chute with load-dependent speed control add to the efficiency of the machine and decrease setup- and downtime. With the additional screening system, it will enable us to broaden our services which means crushing and screening on-site. We will use the screen system mainly for production of 0-16 and 0-32 final product. Sporadically, the R1100S, will be required for recycling demolition debris such as reinforced concrete as well as asphalt,

Since 1994, Hopf Bagger KG from Gaal (Austria) specializes in earthworks and forestry work. Ten years ago, the company was handed over to the next generation and since then, Martin Hopf has been the CEO and main driving force with behind his small yet efficient team. The existing business areas have been expanded and additional segments like pipeline construction as well as the processing of building waste and natural stone were further developed.

A current large-scale project by Hopf and his team is an area of 2.4 hectare that was redesigned two years ago and is now being parceled out and prepared for 23 building plots for single-family and semi-detached houses. All dredging and construction work is done with the companys own equipment. TheRockster Scalping Screen RSS410, which has been in use at Hopf since November 2018, has already been a valuable asset for this project.

Thanks to the mobile screener, we canprocessall theexcavated materialfrom the construction site andrepurpose it again immediately. We use all generated fractions: the 32/60 and 16/32 roll gravel for drainage, 8/16 material as channel chippings and the fine material 0/8 as cable sand. We do not have to transport and dispose the material, nor do we need new raw material. Thissavesus a lot oftimeandmoneyand alsoprotects the environment, says Martin Hopf.

It has always been my philosophy to recycle the excavated or demolished material from our construction sites and to reuse it on site. Our two Rockster machines enable us to do exactly that. So far, weve been using rental equipment, but with my own fleet, Im a lot more flexible, which has been a concern for me for a long time, says Martin Hopf. In mid-November, he was handed over the very first impact crusher from the new Rockster factory in Mhlviertel (Upper Austria) thecompact Rockster R1000S Impact Crusher and was immediately impressed by thesmooth commissioningandexcellent crushing performanceof the R1000S. Although we are crushing extremelyrough gravelhere, thecubic end materialthat we get with the crusher isperfect. We are still in the initial phase and will continue to test all setting parameters, but at the first day of operation, we were crushing 138 tonnes per hour to 0 / 32mm. This is an astounding performance, says Martin Hopf with excitement.

For Martin Hopf, thecompactnessof theR1000S Impact Crusheris particularly important. He can transport it with his own truck, which bringsmaximum flexibility. This plays a major role in the newly targeted contractor business.

This machine is in theoptimum performance class for contract crushingand it can be used innatural stone processingas well asfor recycling of demolition waste. The height-adjustablemagnetic separatorhelps to remove iron. The screen box is mounted quickly, so you can meet a variety of customer requirements. Thebelt scaleensures an easy and correct billing. In combination with the scalping screen we have, we cangenerate 3 precisely defined fractionsin a single operation, says Hopf.

The Rocksterdouble-apron designand the2 deck pre-screen systemwas exactly what convinced Martin Hopf that R1000S is the optimal machine for his company. The R1000S is awell-designed and finely constructed machinethat can optimize the crushing process with ease and great accuracy. Theengine compartment is easily accessible, and the components are not too complicated, he says.

Rockster sales manager Norbert Feichtinger adds: During the development of each Rockster crusher, we putgreat effort and importance to engine accessibility. If the engine is easily accessible,maintenance will be easier.It will be done regularly and most importantly its cost effective.All of these add to the longevity of our machines where quality is our nr. 1 priority.

Titan Enterprises, and its sister companies with more than 130 employees, is a large construction company in Virginia. Their main area of business is commercial and residential concrete construction in both Myrtle Beach and Northern Virginia areas, however CEO Jack Pereira and partners recently acquired a well-equipped recycling site in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina which gives the company an opportunity to make theirown construction material.Concreteis mainlyrecycled on-siteand laterre-used for their own projects.

The Swedish recycling company Swerock puts a great deal of emphasis on the efficient reuse of construction waste. With the addition of a new R1000S to their fleet, Swerock contributes to a reduction of the environmental impact and supports a resource-efficient society.

Rockster dealer Equip Sales and Leasing Corp was contacted by Walsh Construction a large national contracting firm who was working on a water treatment substation in Middletown, CT. They needed a more effective way to spread 2 clean stone into a 40 deep excavated area that was filled with pilings they had to work around.

The Rockster Stacker RST18 allowed them to spread material in a timely manner, that would have needed to be handled by multiply machines otherwise, this cut out unnecessary machine time resulting in the job being completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

mountains crusher luke hansen joins mountain equipment as store ambass

mountains crusher luke hansen joins mountain equipment as store ambass

Mountain Equipment is super proud to have local Blue Mountains crusher Luke Hansen come on board as a store ambassador! Luke's psych for climbing is completely infectious and he is one of those people who just makes you climb that little bit harder when he's around - "go for that dead point when you know you'll fall" kind of psych. At just 23 Luke Hansen has ticked over 60 routes graded 8a or harder and he's got a project list as long as your arm so there's plenty of go in him yet. He comes on board with Mountain Equipment as well as being sponsored by Petzl Australia.

If you haven't checked it out yet make sure you jump on the BaffleDays Podcast where Luke sat down with Tom O'Halloran for an awesome episode about sport climbing, climbing traveland local enthusiasm.

crushers | terex crushers | superior crushers | power equipment co

crushers | terex crushers | superior crushers | power equipment co

Crushers are the main component of an aggregate production plant/operation. They reduce the size, or change the form, of various raw materials so they can be more easily differentiated by size and material type.

Power Equipment Company has the largest aggregate equipment product availability in the Rocky Mountain region. All of our aggregate equipment is available to buy, rent, or rent-to-purchase.With over 30 years of aggregate industry experience, no other dealership can match the solutions that we deliver to your operation.

rock crushers | crushing equipment | kemper equipment

rock crushers | crushing equipment | kemper equipment

Crushing involves just what it sounds likereducing large rocks and mineral deposits to make them into smaller, marketable aggregate products like gravel. Easy, right? Not quite. The type of rock crushers you needcone, impact, jaw, gyratory, and morelargely depends on your site, the product you want to make, and how much you need to produce. Kemper Equipment can help you determine the best crushers to meet your project goals every time.

An individual crusher's construction and capabilities also dictate where in your aggregate processing operations it will fit. That is, you may have multiple types of crushers situated in primary, secondary, tertiary (third), and quaternary (fourth) stations in a circuit format to perform the necessary material reduction work. Each type of crusher brings unique strengths and benefits to the process.

Kemper Equipment specializes in designing the best crusher systems using top-quality brands and equipment to help you extract material, break it down into usable product, and get it to market economically and efficiently.

Here at Kemper Equipment, we source our rock crushers from only the best crusher brands in the business. We also custom-design top-performing crusher systems from the industry's best equipment that will work hard to make finished products like crushed stone, aggregate, sand and gravel, fertilizer, lime, specialty mineral products, recycled asphalt, salt, coal, and slag.

Jaw crushers are also known as "rock breakers" and are used to break up larger, harder materials into more manageable pieces. They tend to do well with many different types of materials and don't display as much wear and tear as impact-style rock crushers. They also produce minimal fine materials and dust, though the finished product with this type of rock crusher almost always requires secondary crushing.

Gyratory crushers feature a conical head and concave surface (often lined with manganese steel) and break apart material by compression through what is known as eccentric movement. Like jaw crushers, gyratory crushers are often utilized in primary crushing stations, though they may sometimes be used as secondary crushers, as well.

Impact-style crushers include vertical shaft impactors (VSIs) and horizontal shaft impactors (HSIs). They are best used with less abrasive rock types, like limestone. These types of machines break apart material by the impacting forces of certain wear parts known as blow bars and impact plates or toggles. Some operations also use impact-style crushers to achieve a more cubical product after they have already used a different type of rock crusher.

Similar to jaw and gyratory crushers, cone crushers work by compression, which means they reduce materials by squeezing them until they break apart. Like gyratory crushers, cone crushers are built with a rotating mantle in a concave bowl lined with manganese, but the crushing chamber in cone crushers is not as steeply angled. Cone crushers can accept medium-hard to very hard and abrasive feeds that might be dry or wet, though not sticky.

Depending on the length of your project and how mobile your crushing equipment needs to be, you can choose either stationary or portable/modular crushing plants. These self-contained plants are better suited to smaller projects and can be moved from project to project as necessary.

Finding the right rock crusher or crushers for your unique operations may seem straightforward, but putting together an efficient crushing circuit is actually a delicately balanced feat of engineering.

It is common to use multiple crusher types within a project and set them up as stations in a circuit format to perform the necessary material reduction work. In many cases, primary, secondary, and tertiary, and quaternary stations are installed to reduce the rock to the desired size, shape, and consistency.

For instance, if the final size of your product only needs to be between 4 inches and 6 inches, a primary jaw or impact crusher can accomplish your goals. However, you will likely require a much finer product, and that means incorporating up to threeor even fourstations with a variety of crusher types.

As the first stage in a crushing circuit following extraction from a mine site, (or in the case of recycled asphalt production, delivery to the RAP processing plant via truck transport), primary crushing reduces material to a size and shape that can be handled by the secondary crusher.

Typically, the minimum setting on most primary crushers will be about 4 to 6 inches, as noted above. Compression-style jaw, cone, impact crushers, and gyratory crushers are most often appropriate as primary crushing equipment types, though there can be overlap between primary and secondary crushers as far as suitable types.

In secondary crushing, reduction ratios become an essential consideration. Knowing just how fine you need your final output to be, along with the feed requirements of your tertiary or final reduction crushing station, will help you determine how much reduction needs to take place within this stage.

Cone crushers are often placed within the secondary crushing station because they are versatile in terms of feed, closed side setting, speed, and throw. With cone crushers, though, it is essential to operate them at consistent choked settings to keep productivity up.

The goal of the tertiary (third), quaternary (fourth) or final reduction stage of the crushing process is to size and shape rock or other material into a marketable product. Again, there may be overlap between stages in terms of which crusher styles work best.

Sandstone, limestone, gravel, and granite are arguably the most common aggregates used in the construction industry today, but these rocks have very different hardness and abrasiveness characteristics.

Trust Kemper to deliver aggregate solutions. Whether you're building a new aggregate production plant, revamping an existing system, need engineering help on a mining equipment design project, or upgrading your aggregate equipment. Our knowledgeable and experienced design and build team of engineers will put together the right system for your unique operation that maximizes your aggregate production and reduces your costs.

crushing & screening equipment call wagner equipment today!

crushing & screening equipment call wagner equipment today!

Wagner Equipment Co. is your source for everything you require in crushing and screening equipment. We offer the complete line of METSO-OUTOTEC crushing and screening solutions, ranging from mobile conveyors, crushers and crushing plants to feeders, screens, and more.

Whether you work in quarry and aggregates, construction, demolition, recycling, waste management, minerals processing, or civil engineering, well help you find the solutions you need for parts, service, rent, or purchase. Weve been serving our customers for over 40 years according to our values of teamwork, excellence, accountability, safety, integrity, and communication. With a laser focus on customer satisfaction, our team cant wait to serve you. Contact one of our Cat dealers in Colorado, New Mexico, or far west Texas today!

Wagner Equipment Co. is a full-service Metso distributor, offering equipment, services, and process solutions for contractors and recycling. Metso has a long history of manufacturing the best crushing and screening equipment for your needs. Partner with us today.

McCloskey International Limited leads the screening, crushing, and washing system industry with a complete line of equipment, including crushers, screeners, trommels and stacking conveyors. Wagner Equipment Co is proud to offer their crushers and screeners for your construction, recycling, and agricultural needs. Call us today.

Masaba stocks all types of portable plants for crushing and are fabricated with quad-axle, stepped-frame, and road portable chassis, giving you the strength and versatility you need for your application. If you are looking for mobile crushing and screening solutions for your industry, including mining, aggregates, oil and gas, forestry, and mineral processors, Wagner Equipment Co can help.

Madden Steel Inc has feeders and conveyors capacity range from 50 to 1,500 tons per hour. All equipment is designed to be placed in-line to then convey to your wash or screening plant. With over 40 years in the business, Madden Steel has got your trommels, wash plants, feeders, and conveyor needs covered. Call Wagner Equipment Co to get started today.

J and M Conveyors specializes in offering conveyors and feeders for the crushing and screening process. These include manufacturing, mining, aggregate, recycle conveyor, radial stacker, stackable conveyor, overland conveyor, feeder, telescoping, and telestacker conveyor. Contact Wagner Equipment Co to get started today.

McLanahan serves many industries, including the aggregate, coal, concrete, dairy, frac sand, mining, and waste and recycling industries, and provides solutions for crushing, and more. When looking for exceptional crushers, screeners, feeders, and frac sand plants from McClanahan, give Wagner Equipment Co a call today!

Wagner Equipment Co is proud to offer used crushing and screening equipment, such as conveyors, feeders, crushers, screeners, and so much more from all of the best brands, including those listed above. Call one of our Cat dealers with questions about availability, or visit us online today!

metso crushers - cat rock crushing equipment from wagner

metso crushers - cat rock crushing equipment from wagner

Wagner Equipment Co has partnered with Metso-Outotec to offer all of their industry-leading crushing and screening equipment, from jaw crushers and feeders to mobile conveyors and Metso-Outotec crusher parts. In an industry where dependability matters, Metso-Outotec has taken their 150 years of crushing and screening know-how and created the widest range of solutions. Designed to help you meet any challenge, Metso-Outotecs comprehensive offering includes everything from industry-leading mobile equipment to enhanced parts and customizable on-site services. Our mission is to make your job easier.

For the most part, the major industries that use crushing equipment are the mining and quarrying industry. Once rock is blasted from the ground, the materials are fed into a crusher, which grinds these up into small component parts. These then move onto the screening process where an end product is produced, which, in this case, is usually gravel used in road building, salt for road use during the winter, and other needs, such as landscaping gravel. The recycling industry has been the biggest growing segment of crushing equipment purchasers, using these machines to grind up bottles, containers, and other types of recycled materials so they then can be used to make new materials. For instance, glass is broken down and then remelted, used to make new glass items that we use everyday, such as plates and cups.

Plates or jaws are what you will see the most in crushing equipment. These smash together to reduce the size of whatever is fed into the crusher. There are a variety of crushers, and each is designed for a different use. Some crushers are not designed to handle huge boulder-type rocks. In fact, jaw crushers usually crush up huge boulders, which are then fed into a secondary crusher to break up the bits even more before it heads to the screening machine.

Wagner Equipment Co offers a variety of Metso-Outotec crushers for your industrys needs, from impact to jaw crushers. These crushers are designed for high performance in a very compact size for portability. These jaw crushers are designed to crush all rock types, including granite and recycle materials. Easy to operate and high efficiency, you are sure to love the performance of these crushers. Contact us to learn more today!

You can think of screening equipment as one giant sifter. After a crusher breaks rocks and other material into smaller, more manageable parts, this material passes through a screener, which then separates the different materials from each other. This is getting the rocks closer to the end process as the material may be separated or even mixed with other materials before being shipped out. Screening equipment can be a stand-alone machine all unto itself, but when combined with a crusher, you have a complete material handling system. This is the most common application you will see as it just makes sense.

A piece of screening equipment is pretty simple and uses the same idea behind panning for gold with a hand-held screen just on a grander scale. A screener consists of a screen to separate the particles, a motor to create vibration, and an area where the separated materials go. Its that simple. Youll find screening equipment wherever you find crushing equipment, including in mining, construction, concrete, agriculture, and recycling plants. Once again, the mining and mineral industries are the biggest uses of screening equipment.

Wagner Equipment Co has partnered with Metso-Outotec to offer the best crushing and screening equipment for your needs. Our mission has always been to provide you with everything you need to get the job done, whether you are constructing a commercial building, tilling a field, or crushing rock for aggregate. With Metso-Outotecs crushing and screening mobile conveyors, youll have everything you need to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Contact one of our Colorado, New Mexico, or west Texas dealers today!

Wagner Equipment Co offers the best crushing and screening equipment through our partner, Metso-Outotec. We are a full-service Metso distributor offering equipment, services, and process solutions for contractors and recycling. Metso-Outotec has been manufacturing some of the best crushers and screeners for decades. These agile pieces of machinery are fully capable of handling all your material processing needs. This industry has seen a boon as of late with worldwide construction booming. Now more than ever its important to use crushing and screening equipment to break down old construction materials and supplies, as well as recycling materials, so that these can be repurposed and reused.

Wagner Equipment Co specializes in offering new and used heavy equipment for sale, as well as rental heavy equipment. No matter what business you are in, from forestry to mining, our goal is to offer you the heavy equipment you can trust to get the job done. As an all-inclusive Caterpillar dealer, we take care of customers from the beginning of their journey to heavy equipment ownership till they sell their equipment. We offer field service technicians who can come to you and fix your machinery, Cat parts, and technology solutions. We offer power systems to ensure your needs are met should a storm hit, or if you are working at night. We offer trailers to help you haul your rental heavy equipment to and fro. We have Cat dealers located throughout Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas. Call a local dealer to get started today!

Get in touch with us. Just use the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Or if you prefer to chat live with a Wagner Equipment Co. Representative, just click the Live Chat button below.

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