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how to make recycled glass sand and bottles by glass recycling? | fote machinery

how to make recycled glass sand and bottles by glass recycling? | fote machinery

Yes, it is true. That is why more and more glass recycling companies emerge nowadays.We all know that there are different types of glass products like glass bottles, window glass, tempered glass, glass jars, etc., but they cannot be put together to recycle. Because window glass and tempered glass cannot be melted normally in most ordinary glass melting furnaces and may cause quality problems to new glass products.

Glass bottles and jars can be 100% recycled and reutilized endlessly without any loss in purity or quality. However, if you want to make recycled glass sand only, there is no limit on bottle colors, and it's ok if you mix and crush them together.

There are two ways to make money from glass recycling. One is crushing glass to sand by glass crusher to produce cheaper aggregate substitution, and the other is selling your glass bottles and jars to the recycling plants for making new glass products. If you only have bottles and do not operate a complete glass recycling plant, the first choice is more profitable than the second, and it is easy to get recycled sand.

Compared with the new bottle producing by used glass recycling, making recycled glass sand is much easier and anyone can make it. Although there are many different types of crushers that can process glass bottles like jaw crushers, roll crushers, impact crushers, etc., only hammer crushers can ideally turn glass bottles into recycled glass sand.

The difference between hammer crusher and other glass crushing equipment is that breaker pate of hammer mill is a continuously moving belt of manganese steel links. Used glass product is fed to the hammer-points and then discharge from the grates. Enormous crushing power can produce uniform high quality of the product without the necessity of using several units to obtain the necessary production.

Hammer glass crusher is in a small footprint and inexpensive, and especially suits for crushing your used glass bottle and jars at home. Besides, its simple structure and installation make an easy operation. Recycled glass sand is often used as an aggregate or gravel substitution, which is cheaper, thus needs no higher standards. That means you can crush all your bottles together no matter what colors they are.

Waste glass comes in a variety of sizes, from a fine powder and sand grain pieces to small and larger aggregates. Due to different requirements on particle sizes, you can adjust this equipment from minimum size to maximum size.

No matter which way you choose to recycle your glass, they are all profitable and only different in how much profit you can get. If you are running glass recycling plant, the optimal choice for you is produce new glass bottles because you have a wealth of raw glass materials and complete facilities.

If you are aggregate supplier or want to crush your glass bottles at home, only a hammer glass crusher would be your best choice because it can not only reduce your cost but produce profitable glass sand.

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