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how to clean your clothes dryer inside and out | housewife how-tos

how to clean your clothes dryer inside and out | housewife how-tos

Every year, dirty clothes dryers cause several thousand fires leading to death, injury, and millions of dollars of property damage. While cleaning your lint catcher after every load helps reduce this risk, lint still builds up in the vent and hose. It even builds up inside the covered parts of the machine.

To start a proper deep-cleaning of your dryer, youll first need to turn off the power source. For electric dryers, unplug the cord. With a gas dryer, after youve unplugged it, youll also need to shut off the dryers gas supply.

Once youve disconnected the power, pull your dryer out from the wall so you can get behind it. (Ask a friend or family member for help if needed.) Clean the exterior with a lint-free cloth and soapy water. (Or use my homemade all-purpose cleaning spray.) Be sure to clean the knobs and buttons, too, since they both collect grime.

Lint sneaks past the screen in most dryers and collects in the trap, too. Ignoring it can lead to a fire hazard. So, pull out the lint trap screen and wash it in the sink with warm, soapy water. Use an old toothbrush to dislodge stubborn grime, then rinse it well and let it air dry.

While the lint screen is drying, use the flexible lint brush to clean the trap. Insert the brush into the lint trap as far as you can and rub along one side to scoop up lint. Remove the brush, clean it off with a dry towel, and reinsert it to clean the other side of the trap. If you have a vacuum attachment for lint traps (see above), use it to suction out any loosened lint.

Clean the vent hose.Your dryers vent hose may be attached using a clamp or with screws. If its clamped, pressing the clamp ends together will release the hose. Otherwise, youll need to use a screwdriver to detach the tubing from the back of your dryer. Use the flexible lint brush or vacuum attachment to remove lint from inside the hose. (You can use a leaf blower or air compressor to clean rigid vent hoses quickly, but dont use anything more powerful than a blow-dryer with semi-rigid or flexible vent hoses.)

Take off the back panel. Although this step is optional, if youve never looked behind the back panel of your dryer, youll be shocked by how much lint finds its way inside. When I first cleaned my 6-year-old dryer, I pulled out two buckets of the stuff. To check yours, remove the rear panels screws. Use your fingers or your vacuums dust brush attachment to remove lint. Be careful that you dont disturb wire connections. Use a damp cloth to clean the inside of the back panel and let it dry before reinstalling it.

Your dryer pulls in air from its surroundings as it works, so any lint or cobwebs on the walls or floor around it will wind up in your dryer at some point. So, while youve got it disconnected, clean the walls behind where it usually sits as well as the floor. Once theyre dry, reconnect your machines power supply. Push your dryer back into place, give it one last quick dusting, and youre done!

Every use: Clean the lint screen by rolling gathered lint off with your fingers. Dont use a dryer sheet to do this the anti-static coating will keep your lint screen from doing its job of catching lint.

Weekly: Wipe the outside of your dryer with a dry cloth to pick up lint, then with a damp cloth to clean up any spills or messes. Clean the inside of the dryer drum with a disinfecting wipe. Inspect the fins for tangles of thread or hair and remove them. Remove dry lint from the screen with your fingertips then clean it with an old toothbrush and warm water to remove any fabric softener buildup.

At least once a year: Follow the steps above to deep clean your dryer inside and out. Once a year may be enough for smaller households. If you have pets or a large family, you may need to do it more often. Its also good to do any time you wash a large load of new towels since they tend to shed a lot of lint that can clog your dryers vent.

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I finally got the odor out of my front load washing machine, and clothes come out of it smelling fresh. But then I put them in the dryer, and they come out smelling like stinky socks. So gross. Is there a way to clean the inside of the dryer? I always clean the lint trap after each use, have washed the drum, keep the utility room dusted and mopped, so it has to be coming from inside the machine. So frustrated!

I need help !! I cleaned my lint out of my dryer with one of those long brushes !! Now my dryer is making a thump noise and not drying should I take the back of dryer off to see if I jammed something while cleaning lint basket?

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how to clean a clothes dryer: 12 steps (with pictures) - wikihow

how to clean a clothes dryer: 12 steps (with pictures) - wikihow

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Depending on how much laundry you do, you may need to clean your dryer as often as three to four times a year to ensure it continues to operate at the level of efficiency it was designed for.[1] X Research source If your dryer is not drying loads of clothing in the same amount of time it used to, your clothes are coming out of the dryer extremely hot, or its been a long time since the last time you cleaned your dryer, it may be time to give it a thorough cleaning. You can clean your dryer and the vent yourself fairly easily, but remember to disconnect the electricity or gas before attempting any kind of dryer maintenance.

To clean a clothes dryer, start by unplugging it and removing the exhaust hose. Then, vacuum out the opening that connects to the exhaust hose to remove any lint and debris. Next, vacuum the inside of the drum, and wipe it down using an all-purpose cleaner and a cloth. Finally, wipe down the outside of the dryer with the cloth and all-purpose cleaner. To learn how to clean out your clothes dryer hose and vent, scroll down! Did this summary help you?YesNo

dryer vent cleaning meyer machine supply & equipment

dryer vent cleaning meyer machine supply & equipment

Dryer Vent Cleaning is becoming a large industry as a result of dryer vent fires being the number one cause of house fires in the United States. Clogs in dryer vents can root from many causes including dryer lint, rodent and bird nests, smashed piping, and improper installation. Commercial dryer vents may need to be cleaned regularly under some local building codes in such industries as laudromats, heathcare facilities, hotels, senior housing and many more.

how to clean a dryer - bob vila

how to clean a dryer - bob vila

Sorting, loading, foldingdoing laundry is a tiring chore not only for you, but also for your appliances. What drags down the dryer, in particular, are the bits of fluff and fuzz that sometimes interfere with component parts. Allowing too much lint to accumulate can result in malfunctions or less-than-ideal energy efficiency. To avoid problemsand to pay no than is strictly necessary to run the machineclean the dryer regularly. Hey, it only takes about 30 seconds! Heres what to know.

After each use of the dryer, remember to unclog its lint screen. This detachable piece is usually located along the rim of the door (consult the manual for its location on your specific model). Once youve removed the screen, gently scrape away the material thats collected there.

Your dryer needs a deep cleaning about four times a year. All it takes is a vacuum, all-purpose cleaner, and a microfiber cloth. So as the seasons change, make a point to spend 30 minutes providing a little TLC to a machine that you count on and hope will last for years and years:

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cleaning machine with dryer, washing machine with dryer - all industrial manufacturers - videos

cleaning machine with dryer, washing machine with dryer - all industrial manufacturers - videos

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