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wholesale dryer machine for home manufacturer and supplier, factory exporter | dryfree

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home freeze dryer machine for sale - lab instrument manufacturer

home freeze dryer machine for sale - lab instrument manufacturer

A home freeze dryer is a really good way to prepare for difficult and lean times, allowing you to easily preserve anything you eat. And, the food will taste great and retain nearly all of its nutritional value for up to 25 years when the food is stored and packaged properly.

Lyophilization or freeze drying is a process in which water is removed from a product after it is frozen and placed under a vacuum, allowing the ice to change directly from solid to vapor without passing through a liquid phase. The process consists of three separate, unique, and interdependent processes; freezing, primary drying (sublimation) and secondary drying (desorption).

Freeze drying takes advantage of the scientific principle of sublimation, the direct transition of a solid to a gas, by removing ice (the solid) from frozen food as water vapor (a gas). Using sublimation, the food retains much of its original texture, flavor, and nutrition when rehydrated.

Freeze drying is broken down into two simple processes: freezing and vacuum drying. Foods are first frozen to well below 0F. The colder the freeze the more efficient the next step will be. Once frozen, foods are subjected to vacuum drying. The air and water vapor (gas) are removed from the food processing chamber using a vacuum pump. This includes removing the water vapor that was once inside of the foods. When these two steps are properly completed, the food is dry enough to allow for safe storage at room temperature.

The fundamental principle in freeze-drying is sublimation, the shift from a solid directly into a gas. Just like evaporation, sublimation occurs when a molecule gains enough energy to break free from the molecules around it. Water will sublime from a solid (ice) to a gas (vapor) when the molecules have enough energy to break free but the conditions arent right for a liquid to form.

There are two major factors that determine what phase (solid, liquid or gas) a substance will take: heat and atmospheric pressure. For a substance to take any particular phase, the temperature and pressure must be within a certain range. Without these conditions, that phase of the substance cant exist.

Water can take a liquid form at sea level (where pressure is equal to 1 atm) if the temperature is in between the sea level freezing point (32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius) and the sea level boiling point (212 F or 100 C). But if you increase the temperature above 32 F while keeping the atmospheric pressure below .06 atmospheres (ATM), the water is warm enough to thaw, but there isnt enough pressure for a liquid to form. It becomes a gas.

This is exactly what a freeze-drying machine does. A typical machine consists of a freeze-drying chamber with several shelves attached to heating units, a freezing coil connected to a refrigerator compressor, and a vacuum pump.

With most machines, you place the material to be preserved onto the shelves when it is still unfrozen. When you seal the chamber and begin the process, the machine runs the compressors to lower the temperature in the chamber. The material is frozen solid, which separates the water from everything around it, on a molecular level, even though the water is still present.

Next, the machine turns on the vacuum pump to force air out of the chamber, lowering the atmospheric pressure below .06 ATM. The heating units apply a small amount of heat to the shelves, causing the ice to change phase. Since the pressure is so low, the ice turns directly into water vapor. The water vapor flows out of the freeze-drying chamber, past the freezing coil. The water vapor condenses onto the freezing coil in solid ice form, in the same way water condenses as frost on a cold day.

This continues for many hours (even days) while the material gradually dries out. The process takes so long because overheating the material can significantly change the composition and structure. Additionally, accelerating the sublimation process could produce more water vapor in a period of time then the pumping system can remove from the chamber. This could rehydrate the material somewhat, degrading its quality.

Once the material is dried sufficiently, its sealed in a moisture-free package, often with an oxygen-absorbing material. As long as the package is secure, the material can sit on a shelf for years and years without degrading, until its restored to its original form with a bit of water (a very small amount of moisture remains, so the material will eventually spoil). If everything works correctly, the material will go through the entire process almost completely unscathed!

Its been known for many years that the Freeze Drying process is better than canning, freezing, and dehydrating! The freeze drying process causes no damage to the nutrition of the food being preserved. Other food preservation methods like canning and dehydrating use higher temperatures that can destroy more than half of the foods nutritional value. Also, the freeze drying process retains the aroma, flavor, color, shape and nutritional content, and does not shrink or toughen the food. You can freeze dry single simple ingredients and even every day meals:

A home freeze dryer is a really good way to prepare for difficult and lean times, allowing you to easily preserve anything you eat. And, the food will taste great and retain nearly all of its nutritional value for up to 25 years when the food is stored and packaged properly.

If youre like many of us, we feel guilty when we throw away unused leftover meals, over-ripened fruits and vegetables, and other foods that spoil before we get around to using them. Eliminate the guilt! Freeze dry your leftovers, fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, and dairy items. Confidently squirrel it away until you are ready to use it! Now, you and your family can avoid food waste and preserve large quantities of high quality food that would normally be tossed out in the garbage.

The home freeze drying process is ideal for any special diet or nutritional need(s) which can be of concern to folks wanting to store long term foods for emergencies. Common dietary concerns that can be eliminated by home freeze drying your own food include:

Prepackaged, processed meals often include unhealthy additives (i.e., sodium nitrate, high-fructose corn syrup, trans fats, food dyes and colors). When you freeze dry at home, you are assured of the foods that you and your loved ones will be consuming.

You can freeze dry a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and meats Things like apples, peaches, strawberries, bananas, tomatoes, avocados, green beans, peppers, onions, potatoes, spinach, shrimp, chicken, turkey, pork, beef, lobster, and more. Even your favorite meals and desserts can be freeze dried! Lasagna, spaghetti, casseroles, macaroni & cheese, chili, soups and stews, steak, pork chops, pasta sauces, cheesecake, pudding, and pie filling to name a few. You can even freeze dry dairy and egg products too! Ice cream, cheese, yogurt, raw eggs, scrambled eggs, omelets, and so much more! Create healthy, allergen-free and inexpensive snacks or pureed baby foods. Kids of all ages love the taste and texture of freeze-dried foods. And dont forget about your pets! Homemade pet food and pet treats can be far healthier, tastier, and less expensive than commercially produced pet foods.

The most apparent difference is in how the two types are used. Home versions are primarily for freeze drying food for preservation, to be eaten later. Lab freeze dryers are used to preserve samples for storage or to change the state of the sample for testing/research. Be careful not to confuse lab freeze dryers with industrial freeze dryers. Industrial lyophilizers are very large, possibly an entire room, and are often used in manufacturing, such as freeze drying pharmaceuticals, or fruit to be put into cereal.

Home freeze dryers are overall smaller. They will almost always be an all-inclusive unit with a vacuum pump built in; small enough to fit on a countertop. A lab freeze dryer, however, requires multiple components the lyophilizer itself, a drying accessory such as manifold and flasks for small samples or a tray dryer for large samples or vials that may need to be stoppered under vacuum or nitrogen. A vacuum pump that reaches an ultimate vacuum of 2 x 10-3 mBar is required, for sublimation to occur. They can be designed to sit on a benchtop or cart, or as consoles that sit on the floor.

best home freeze dryer on the market today [with video reviews]

best home freeze dryer on the market today [with video reviews]

Why? Because freeze drying and dehydration are two standard food preservation methods. And both methods remove water from food products. Thats why a lot of people mistakenly use the two terms interchangeably.

With $2000 you can get about 295,000 calories worth of store-bought freeze dried food. For a typical family of four (1500 calories per person per day) thats only about 1.5 months worth of emergency food.

By taking any of these approaches you could help justify the upfront cost of buying a freeze dryer. And if you use it as a small business venture your new freeze dryer investment could even turn a nice profit!

the best dryers | digital trends

the best dryers | digital trends

A reliable clothes dryer is essential, but with all the choices out there, finding the best dryer for you is no easy task. The Electrolux EFME627UIW is at the top of our list since its an attractive and reliable unit with loads of features.

Though it may not have endless cycles, the Electrolux Front Load Perfect Steam Dryer with Predictive Dry and Instant Refresh has a lot of ways to dry your clothes or just refresh, sanitize, or get them nearly allergen-free. Sometimes an overwhelming amount of cycles isnt a good thing; lots of people just stick to normal and vary the temperature based on what theyre drying. But this Electrolux has some youll want to pay attention to, like allergen (which cranks up the heat to kill dust mites), 15-minute fast dry (for small loads), and instant refresh (which airs out clothes that are clean but less-than-fresh).

Buttons to the side of the Nest-like dial let you add steam to get rid of wrinkles and static, as well as change the time, temperature, and spin speed. Inside the drum, sensors keep track of how wet your clothes are, so they dont overdry and harm the fabric. Electrolux also offers an impressive 10-year drive motor warranty.

The Electrolux EFME627UIW is no doubt a luxury appliance, with a price tag to match, but you get a spacious drum, steam, and germ-killing features. Best of all, its companion washer, the EFLS627UIW, is also an excellent machine.

With 9 cubic feet of capacity, this LG dryer can hold a large load of laundry, but also give it room to tumble around. This unit is loaded with tech, including LGs Smart Diagnosis technology to keep your dryer running its best, as well as low decibel operation so your dryer runs quietly. It has TrueSteam to refresh clothes and reduce wrinkles quickly and easily. Theres even a spot-clean setting that uses steam to clean stains on your garments. Sensor dry technology helps dry your clothes without wasting time and energy too.

With the LG DLEX8100V, you get 14 different drying programs, including one especially for touch-ups, another that uses steam to refresh your clothes, and the sanitize cycle and anti-bacterial cycles to kill germs. You can further control the temperature, dryness level, and which way the door swings. Theres even an air-only setting for instances when you want to air fluff without heat.

Theres no getting around that the Samsung FlexDry is big and spendy. But the extra bulk is for the dedicated Delicate Dryer, a space on top where you can lay sweaters and other items you wouldnt normally toss in the tumbling drum. Lots of dryers let you insert a rack into the machine itself, but this Samsung model lets you leave the drum open for traditional loads while taking advantage of heated air. It never gets truly hot but still dries stuffed animals and clothing faster than letting them drip dry.

In addition to the top compartment, the drum has plenty of space. The 7.5-foot capacity dryer has oodles of cycles, including sanitizing options. Using steam, you can increase the machines versatility with wrinkle-fighting and refresh cycles. The FlexDry also works with Samsungs Smart Home app, so you can see if your load is finished without trekking down to the basement. If you have some items you absolutely refuse to toss in the regular dryer, this appliance just might change laundry day for you.

Its amazing how many smart features Whirlpool has packed into this 7.4-cubic-foot dryer. You can customize up to 36 cycle combinations to get the perfect cycle for exactly what youre trying to dry, controlled by an intuitive touch control panel that can learn and suggest options for you based on your laundry habits. This is all backed up with great moisture-sensing technology, with three sensors to track moisture and temperature and avoid over drying.

The Whirlpool WED9620HC also boasts plenty of unique additional features to help out. A sanitize cycle is specifically designed to eliminate common household bacteria, while a wrinkle shield plus setting uses tumbling and steam to prevent wrinkles from setting in. It even has an option for reducing static on your clothes. You can start the dryer remotely via the Whirlpool app, and maintenance is super easy too.

As one of the more reliable dryer brands, LG is known for making laundry machines that last. This model is no exception. It may not have all the extra features youd see in a more expensive dryer. For instance, it doesnt connect to Wi-Fi, so you cant control it with your phone. But it does offer a lot for a low price. It has eight drying cycles, including a wrinkle care option, a freshen up program, a program for bedding and bulky items, and a speed dry option. The display is easy to navigate, as it has a dial and LED display indicators.

The LG DLE7100Ws built-in sensor dry system detects moisture levels in your clothes during the cycle and automatically adjusts the drying time accordingly, while a smart diagnosis feature makes it so you can quickly and easily maintain your machine. It even has a duct clogging indicator to let you know its time to clean your dryers ducting.

Speed Queen prides itself on creating dryer models that last 25 years in your home, so if youre looking for reliability, this is the place to start. The 7-cubic-foot dryer sports commercial-grade components and a full set of digital controls that are made to stand up to moisture, heat, vibration, and power surges.

With the Speed Queen DR7000WE, you can select a specific moisture level if you want, or use one of the seven presets and four auto dry cycles, then trust the dryers moisture sensors to know when your clothes are finished. Theres also an eco cycle to save on energy, and an extended tumble setting to keep tumbling clothes without heat after the cycle is over. We also like the reversible door that allows you to place the dryer in more locations.

Not as hot as you may think. Even though your clothes feel really hot when they first come out of the dryer, your dryer isnt reaching temperatures like your oven or curling iron. On low heat, it may reach around 125 degrees Fahrenheit, and on high heat, you might be looking at 135 or 145 degrees. According to GE, most 120V dryers will hit 145 Fahrenheit during operation. Just because your dryer doesnt reach several hundred degrees, this doesnt mean you dont need to be careful of dryer fires though.

You should expect your dryer to last between 8 and 12 years provided you care for it properly. However, if you dont take proper care of your dryer you overload your unit, you dont clean your dryer regularly, and you dont follow the manufacturers maintenance instructions your dryer could go out on you within a few years.

Use a stacking kit, which is a support system for stacking the two appliances on top of each other. Most stackable appliances have their own designated stacking kits. You should also use compatible units and place the washer on the bottom and the dryer on top, because the dryer is typically lighter than the washing machine.

A vented dryer pulls the surrounding air from the laundry room, heats that air and uses it to dry the clothes, and then pushes the humid (lint-filled) air through a vent and outside of the home. A ventless dryer, however, pulls air into the machine, heats it, and then recycles the air and heats it again. The moisture goes down a drain or into a tray that you empty, and theres no air being vented outside.

Gas dryers tend to be cheaper to operate than electric dryers, but they also tend to be more expensive upfront. Gas dryers also tend to heat up faster (hence they may dry your clothes a bit faster), and theyre also cheaper to maintain.

Robot vacuums have made it so we dont have to actually physically vacuum. There are products coming onto the market that are attempting to make it so we dont have to fold laundry. For instance, at CES 2019, an automatic folding machine called FoldiMate was debuted. The machine lets you feed clothing into a flat slot, and it comes out neatly folded. You can join a pre-order wait list to purchase the FoldiMate.

Ideally, no. Dryer sheets are sheets of fibers coated with stearic acid or fatty acids. Over time, these acids can damage your clothes and the inside of your dryers lint trap. However, its up to you to decide whether the benefits of dryer sheets are worth the risks.

If your dryer isnt drying your clothes (even after youve cleaned the duct and lint trap), or if it has mechanical issues that pose a safety issue or if those mechanical issues cost more to repair than the value of the machine, its time to replace your dryer.

Many people discover the best time to buy a dryer is when their current one starts shaking and clanging, then dies mid-cycle. But if you have some advance warning, it can be beneficial to wait. Many manufacturers start rolling out new products in September or October, meaning retailers want to make room for the new inventory by lowering the prices of previous models.

There are exceptions to this rule. A lot of stores offer deals during holidays or lower prices at other times of the year. Its not just Black Friday, either. You can often find bargains during long weekends like Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Presidents Day.

Some appliance stores organize annual blowout sales to get people in the store and get rid of old inventory. You should contact local stores and find out about these events. One located in Seattle, for example, has a yearly sale in early November that draws crowds looking for lower prices.

Dryers are a big purchase for anyone, and doing research before purchasing a new appliance is key. If youve read our reviews, you may wonder how we reach our conclusions. We measure the performance of the dryers by looking at the temperature inside of the drum, how long it takes for the appliance to dry the clothes, and other factors.

Because our dryers are open for everyone in the Digital Trends office to use, we solicit a lot of feedback from our staffers when considering things like ease of use. This means that we take into account more than just one or two peoples opinions, and it also means the machines go through a fair number of cycles by the time were done with them.

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home | dehydrator | dryer machine | drying machine manufacturer - airtek

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Airtek Energy Systems Limited is abbreviated as Airtek. It is a well-known professional heat pump dryer manufacturer; the company focuses on developing, producing, selling, and after-sales of heat pump drying products and provides green new energy with integrated drying and dehumidification solutions. As an enterprise, the Airtek brands purpose is to focus on professional heat pump dryers.

In China, Airtek has a complete industrial chain of heat pump dryer products. It has a two-device and sheet metal production parts factory with a plant area of 13,000 square meters, which ranks among the best in similar enterprises. Concentration and specialization are Airteks product research and development philosophy; we concentrate all our energy to make heat pump dryer products serve all walks of life. The dream-making industry has sexy heat pump products with professional, innovative, and personalized elements.

In Hong Kong and Manila, Philippines, Airtek has its own market development, product design, and product sales teams. In Congo, we have an after-sales installation team dedicated to serving the African market.

Airteks lifelong pursuit of promoting heat pump drying and drying technology is to solve the current environmental protection and high energy consumption problems caused by other heat sources such as boilers and electric heating. At present, our successful case industries include the fruit and vegetable drying industry, herbs and spices Drying, meat drying, fish and seafood drying, nut drying, wood drying, Buddha incense drying, hemp drying, tobacco drying, etc.

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the best washer dryer combo machines for 2021 | digital trends

the best washer dryer combo machines for 2021 | digital trends

Few things are more annoying than having to spend an afternoon at the laundromat doing your laundry for the week. Not everyone has enough space to accommodate both a washer and a dryer. Thankfully, washer and dryer combos, such as the LG WM3488HW, allow you to make quick work of your laundry from the comfort of your home, without taking up the space required by separate units.

LGs compact combo washer and dryer is a perfect fit for an apartment or small home. The 2.3-cubic-foot model has an array of LG technology to improve both washing and drying cycles. That includes ventless drying, so you dont need to worry about where to position the model, and a clean cycle that you can use after several loads to sterilize the inside of the washer drum (something thats especially useful for these combo units).

The LG WM3488HW also includes six different washing motions to make sure even larger loads are thoroughly cleaned. The model doesnt skimp on treatment options, either, with dispensers for pre-wash liquids, bleach, and fabric softener. Its also designed for quiet operation and automatic cycle optimization based on the load. Washing programs include the traditional options, plus choices like baby wear, sportswear, speed wash, and several other options.

Washers can come with a lot of great smart features these days, and combo models are no exception. We particularly like the many options of this Blomberg model, which allow you to customize your washing and drying cycle exactly how you need to a useful option for starting your laundry in the morning and coming back after work just in time to have your clothes ready to hang and fold.

The 1.95-cubic-foot combo includes 16 different wash programs, including hand-wash, baby clothes wash, jogging wear wash, a wash and wear setting for easy results, and much more. The Blomberg WMD24400 also has intelligent temperature control to make sure the temperature is always where it needs to be for a specific load of laundry. The delay start option will let you choose exactly when the cycles begin, so you can get the timing just right with a little experience. All of this is controlled with a basic dial and a useful digital display.

The spacious 2.8-cubic-foot drum in this model is only one of the many benefits LG brings to the table with its latest work. The LCD display and SmartThinQ compatibility are welcome features, since few combo models are this smart. You can monitor and control the model from your phone, get notifications about what cycle its in, and even track how much water and electricity youre using. The auto dose feature will detect soil levels in your laundry and dispense however much detergent it thinks is necessary for a full cleaning (you also get alerts for when its time to fill up detergent again).

If you prefer more control over your laundry, you can choose from 17 different washing programs and six drying programs (including outdoor, perm press, and delicates). We also really like the TurboWash design that helps power through larger loads in less time, saving up to 20 minutes when you fill the dryer. Its also compatible with LGs Side Kick, which is a mini pedestal that also functions as a tiny extra washer thats great for washing one set of dirty clothes or tackling smaller loads while the big washer does its work.

This energy-efficient machine may be small, but dont let its size fool you. Its loaded with cool tech and smart engineering. This unit has one-button convertible venting/condensing options, meaning you can easily convert the dryer from vented to ventless. Theres a winterize option for RV users, while dual fans make the machine dry faster, and a quiet mode makes the dryer operate at less than 60 decibels.

In addition to its intelligent engineering, the Deco DC 4400 also thrives at cleaning and drying clothes with features like an automatic water level sensor, delay start time, a sensor dry feature, automatic heat and dry levels, a 12-minute hot-dry refresh cycle, and a wrinkle guard feature.

When you go to unload the machine, the 180-degree door swing and angled door handle reduce back strain. The Deco DC 4400 is also easy to install, has built-in diagnostics, and can be portable. It feels like the only things this machine cant do are fold your clothes and put them away for you.

Although this Magic Chef all-in-one machine has a smaller capacity (2.7 cubic feet), it can handle an exceptionally large amount of laundry. The washers maximum capacity is 26.4 pounds, and the dryers max capacity is 17.6 pounds.

This affordable washer dryer combo boasts a lot of features, too. It has a delay start time feature (up to 24 hours), de-wrinkle options, and an LED display. With 16 total wash cycles, you can properly care for virtually all of your clothing, from your delicate items to jeans to dress shirts. Theres even a tub clean cycle to keep the Magic Chef clean and mildew-free.

A washer dryer combo is a single unit that both washes and dries clothes in the same machine. An all-in-one washer dryer combo looks a lot like a standard washing machine, except when you place dirty clothes in the machine, they come out clean and dry without the need for you to transfer the clothes from the washer to the dryer.

Laundry centers are sometimes considered a type of combo machine they look a lot like stackable units, but theyre connected as one unit with a washer on the bottom and a dryer on top. Although a laundry center performs both functions in one machine, theyre different from all-in-one combo machines because you still have to transfer the clothes from the washer portion of the machine to the dryer portion.

If the washer dryer combo uses a condensing ventless dryer, once the machine washes the clothes and they cool down, the air inside the chamber is heated, and the spinning drum produces condensation. This condensation is drained out of the unit through a drainage tube. Then, the process happens again, and more hot air and tumbling cause more condensation until the clothes dry. To learn more about how ventless dryers work, check out our guide on how different types of dryers work.

Yes. If you purchase a reliable machine, your washer dryer combo unit will wash and dry your clothes, but you should not expect it to perform exactly like a separate washer and dryer. This is an entirely different way of doing laundry, and an all-in-one combo machine is typically not going to do your laundry as fast as a separate washer and dryer.

Oftentimes, washer dryer combos are ideal for people with limited space or for those who want to avoid the laundromat. If you have a large laundry room in your home, youd likely opt for a separate washer and dryer over a combo all-in-one washer dryer.

It depends. If you have limited space, these machines can be huge space savers. An all-in-one combo machine also makes it so you can set it and forget it. Because the machine both washes and dries in one fell swoop, you wont have a moldy load of laundry waiting for you if you leave the laundry sitting in the machine (like you would if you left a load of laundry sitting in the washer too long).

Washer dryer combos are generally energy-efficient. The front-load washer uses little water, while condenser dryers are also considered energy-efficient (although drying typically does take longer in a combo machine).

Washer dryer combos are smaller than separate machines. Their capacities are often around 2 to 3 cubic feet. You can, however, find a larger capacity machine (for instance, the Kenmore Elite 41002 is 4.5 cubic feet), but you typically wont find the mega capacities that you can find with standalone washers and dryers.

Yes and no. You wont be able to clean a large load of laundry in a compact machine thats 2.3 cubic feet or less. You can fit a small basket of laundry in a compact machine (probably about two or three days of clothing), but you wont be able to fit a large comforter or a large, full load of laundry.

It depends on the specific unit and the amount of clothes youre cleaning. However, generally speaking, the wash cycle can take anywhere from 25 to 90 minutes. The drying times take longer (typically anywhere from 60 minutes to as long as 4 hours). Washer dryer combo machines typically take longer to dry your clothing than standalone ventless dryers (probably around double the time).

Getting the laundry setup you need is important, but you also have to consider how to stay within your budget. Youll also want to think about your laundry habits, and if youd be open to changing your typical schedule for something that would better suit a washer dryer combo. If you usually do all your laundry in one day or wait to do laundry until your hamper is overflowing, it could be challenging to tackle the entire load with your washer dryer combo.

If you have the space for it, a full-size laundry center is a good investment because youll have virtually no limit to load sizes. Inversely, if youre the kind of person who routinely forgets to take your laundry out after a wash load and then has to re-wash the clothing to get rid of gross smells or mold, then you may benefit from a washer dryer combo.

Be sure to consider the combo machines laundry capacity. If your unit consistently is too small for your regular laundry loads or cant fit your blankets, curtains, or towels, you may find yourself shopping for another laundry unit in the near future. Youll also need to decide where you want your laundry machine to be located and make sure there are compatible electric plugs in place.

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