dushanbe new iron ore vibrating feeder manufacturer

Shandong Kelihua Electromagnetic Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2003 with a registered capital of 15 million yuan. It is a leading enterprise in the national Torch Plan magnetic equipment and a professional enterprise for the separation of recycled metals.

It is mainly used to recover copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals from industrial waste, domestic garbage and electronic waste. It can be widely used in environmental protection fields such as garbage disposal, used cars and dismantling and recycling of used electrical appliances, as well as materials processing in non-ferrous metal processing industries. . This product has the characteristics of strong adaptability, easy maintenance and high sorting efficiency, and achieves good results for a variety of non-metal sorting. Our company can design and produce separately according to the needs of users and the actual needs of the site to meet the needs of different customers.

RCQ series medium-field permanent magnet roller (two magnetic and full magnetic structure) is used for purifying powder, granular and small block materials, or recycling iron, to prevent crusher The destruction and wear of the grinder and press provide a reliable protection. It is easy to install, strong in suction, no energy consumption, continuous operation and simple operation. According to the standard design of DT-75 belt conveyor, it can meet the requirements of users for high field strength and large depth iron removal.

It has the function of dividing the waste stream of the feed into two garbage streams or a plurality of garbage streams, and according to the particle size of the garbage components, the various garbage components entering the drum screen can be separated. The drum screen consists of a sturdy steel frame (section steel) and a drum shell with a responsive rail plate for the feed, residue and screen sections. The hood prevents dust from coming out and can also be used to connect to the dust collector provided on site.

Vibrating feeder is a new type of feeding equipment developed by our engineering and technical personnel. It is used in metallurgy, coal, chemical, building materials, ceramics, abrasives, grain and other industries. It can be used in blocks, granules and powders. The materials are uniformly, quantitatively and continuously fed into the receiving equipment from the warehouse, and are suitable for automatic batching, quantitative packaging and automatic control.

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