efficient circular vibrating screen in kenya

efficient circular vibrating screen | fote machinery

efficient circular vibrating screen | fote machinery

A vibrating screen is a necessary machine for mining and quarrying industries. In the quarrying field, the screening process always follows the primary and secondary crushing stages to divide rock material into more than three sizes from coarse to fine.

Actually, how many sizes of material do you want to get depends on how many screen decks you adding to the machine, which greatly improves the value of raw material. Besides, the vibrating screen also plays a key role in the ore mining industry where ore beneficiation process has strict requirements on the size of ore. For example, before entering a ball grinding mill, ores must get their size meet a ball mill opening size, and be not containing impurities with the help of a vibrating screen.

The working principle of a vibratory screen is quite simple, which makes it easy to operate. The crucial parts of the machine include vibrating screens, exciter, motor, screen decks, liners, and side plates.

Vibrating source comes from an exciter that transmits vibration to the screen deck by the V-belt, which makes material shaking and distributing evenly on the screen. During the process, the large size of material will stay on the top while the small and fine size material can go throughout the screen mesh to the bottom, then youll get different sizes of materials.

The vibration of screen is generated by an exciter which consists of housing, bearing, shaft and an eccentric mass. In-deep speaking, the motor passing the driving force to exciter by V-belt, and then eccentric mass rotating around the exciter shaft to create vibration.

The screening and frequency can be adjusted by changing the ratio of the V-belt sheaves. The high-quality exciter can performance a force output of 1000 KN, keeping excellent operational performance and economic efficiency.

The task of the balance wheel is to ensure centrifugal forces evenly distributing around the axis of rotation, otherwise, the unbalanced cause the pulley to vibrate thus leading to premature or even catastrophic failure.

An inclined vibrating screen is one of the most popular screening machines. The inclination of this type of screen is at the range of 15 to 30 degrees. Screening stroke can be adjusted by remove or add eccentric mass and is generally at 8mm to 12mm.

The inclined screen utilizes gravity to help material move downward. Besides, the circular motion also helps to separate coarse and fine material. This type of vibrating screen is often applied in stone crushing, sand making, ore processing, construction waste recycling, wet screening, and chemical fields.

The inclination angle of the horizontal vibrating screen is between 0 degrees and 5 degrees, almost parallel to the ground. It is equipped with a triple drive mechanism that combines advantages of linear and circular vibration types in elliptic vibration.

The triple drive mechanism can keep material moving horizontally under the help of linear vibration while avoid them plunging because of the circular vibration. A horizontal screen has a simple structure, reliable performance, and large capacity, and can overcome any condition. So, it is the most practical vibrating screen in the quarrying field.

The outstanding feature of a high-frequency screen is high frequency and low amplitude, which ensures a faster material speed thus greatly improving screening efficiency. It is perfect for screening feeds containing solid and crushed ores down to approximately 200m in size.

It is mostly used in dehydration wet screening in which a filtering layer on the screen surface can block the passage of fine material thus reducing the loss of solid materials in water and improving the recovery rate of solid. It is applied for screening and separating iron ore, tin ore, tungsten, tantalum, and niobium, etc.

Fote is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality vibrating screens. It mainly produces circular motion vibrating screens/inclined vibrating screens, horizontal vibrating screens, high-frequency vibrating screens, drum screens. If you have any needs, please consult our experienced screen engineers to obtain solutions and other information and suggestions.

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circular vibrating screen - eccentric vibrating screen - sieving machine | china hongda

circular vibrating screen - eccentric vibrating screen - sieving machine | china hongda

YK Series Circular vibrating screen is updated product of YA Eccentric Vibrating Screen. By introducing technology in the industry from Japan and Germany, according to applied level and develop & technology level of home and abroad, and combining with our country factual enforced environment, we has designed this newest and high efficient Circular vibrating screen. This series sieving machine reserves the characteristics of the former product.

1. The vibration exciter adopts eccentric form. In this way, it is not only aggrandize the single vibration power of vibrator but also can charge the stimulating-power stochastically, suitable for modularization design and use.

circular vibrating screens, vibrating screens, manufacturer, india

circular vibrating screens, vibrating screens, manufacturer, india

Circular vibrating screen or round vibrating screen is a multi-layer, highly efficient and new vibration screen machine that moves on a circular motion. It adopts drum eccentric shaft exciter and eccentric block to adjust the vibration amplitude, so that the screening line is long and the screening specifications are more. Since it has such features as reliable structure, strong exciting force, high screening efficiency, low vibration noise, long service life, convenient repair and safe use, circular vibrating screen is widely used for the product classification in mine, building material, transportation, energy and chemistry.

Circular motion vibrating screen is mainly composed of screening box, exciter, hanging device and electromotor. The electro motor drives the principal axis of the exciter rotate through v-shaped belt, and under the centrifugal inertia force of the unbalanced materials on the exciter, the screen box will gain vibration and it can gain different vibration amplitudes through changing the eccentric block of the exciter. It can be divided into block type and-hang type. It is Often slantly installed with an angle of ISO -30o to accelerate discharging. Main Advantages 1.The strong vibration of the screen box reduces the phenomenon that the materials block the screen hole, so that the circular vibrating screen has high screening efficiency and production efficiency. 2.The circular motion vibratory screener has simple structure and the dismantling and Changing of the screen surface is convenient. Yash screens for scalping, separating and sizing aggregates, minerals and coal come in several different types and a wide range of sizes. Products include robust vibrating grizzlies and scalpers, and inclined screens. We offer individual units and complete systems, as well as expert advice on choosing the right screen for the job Technical Specification

Our vibrating screen is extensively used to grade and screen those materials in different fields such as building construction, quarry etc. These vibrating screens are highly efficient as they perform the job of screening bulk materials based on different classification. They even have the ability to separate stones that are crushed based on their sizes. We also offer different types and sizes of these screen based on our client requirements. Our heavy duty vibrating screen has the ability to screen and classify huge materials based on their sizes while our light duty screens can screen and categorize tiny and mid sized materials.

Features of our Vibrating Screens Our vibrating screen series are constructed with heavy weight to render its activities with strong force. We have connected both the main body parts and crossbeam using the screw bolts with immense strength. This would explain why our vibration screens have an elegant and simple to use structure which is also easier to maintain. We also make sure that our vibrating screen side body and deck stays connected with sturdy huck bolts which are known for their ability to hold strongly.

The said machines are used to manufacture artificial sand. The artificial sand is the alternative for river sand. The river sand should be protected for nature balance. Grit ( Rubble less than 10 mm ) is the byproduct of stone industries which can be economically converted as artificial sand.

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detail analysis of vbrating screen system - kara liu

detail analysis of vbrating screen system - kara liu

The vibrating screen uses the transducer excitation generated by the multiplexed rotation vibration to work. Oscillator on the rotating weight make the screen surface plane do whirling vibration, while the lower rotating weight cone rotary vibration sieve surface, and their joint effect is the complex rotary-type vibration sieve surface. Vibration trajectory is a complex space curves. The curve in the horizontal projection is a round. Adjust the exciting force under rotating weight, and then you can change the amplitude.change the spatial phase angle under the weight,we can change the shape of the curve of the sieve surface trajectory ,and then change the trajectory of the screen surface material.

Sand production line mainly through the vibrating sieve to filter the materials particles,and finally achieve the specified required specifications! Today, let me introduce the key role of vibration sieve in the sand production line system!The vibrating screen equipment is composed of the exciter (vibration motor), damping device, the base, the screen surface, screen box, dust cover, drop hopper parts, vibrating screen has a small size, easy installation layout, high screening efficiency , low energy consumption, a high degree of wear-resistant, noise generated, production safety and other significant characteristics. And sieve, sieve with a variety of materials and installation materials, a variety of industries to meet the demand for different screening and screening efficiency can also be based on the actual needs of users, customers tailored screening equipment, build customer most satisfactory equipment products. Vibration sieve used in the design of the grease seal, thus avoiding the problem of clogging caused by the drainage system of the water supply machine. Unique the spring hydraulic insurance overload protection device system, avoid accidental entry can not be broken material damage to the body. But also in terms of the mesh design of the vibrating sieve, according to the different particle size of the broken material demand selection, multilayer design can meet the coarse, medium and fine three different levels of material grade requirements. Ding Wang vibrating screen has a high-precision, high mesh sieve, and be able to control a narrow particle size range. the screen will not appear the phenomenon of mesh clogging self-cleaning, it will not reduce the screening efficiency. Realize the single-and multi flexibility utilization, and energy efficient!

Main categories of vibrating screen are as follows: linear vibrating screen, high frequency vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen, vibration sieve, excitation-vibration sieve, ternary vibration sieve, variable frequency vibrating screen, probabilistic linear shaker arc shaped vibrating screen,the playing arm vibrating screen.

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