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china lime production line suppliers, manufacturers, factory - best price - sankay

china lime production line suppliers, manufacturers, factory - best price - sankay

The lime production line is also called the calcium hydroxide production line. The limestone is calcined into quicklime, and then slaked lime is obtained after being digested, selected and decontaminated.

We manufacture Lime Production Line Active Quicklime Fully Automatic Hydrated from Limestone. We devote ourselves to mining machinery many years, and our machines have been exported to South Asia, South America, Africa, Middle East and some other area. We expect be your partner in China.

The lime production line is also called the calcium hydroxide production line. The limestone is calcined into quicklime, and then slaked lime is obtained after being digested, selected and decontaminated. According to the market demand, our company actively designs and develops new products, and continuously develops automatic environmental-friendly lime production line for domestic and foreign customers, improving products quality, energy saving and environmental protection.

In a lime production line, the quicklime is sent to the silo by bucket elevator after being crushing to 10-40mm by crusher. The quicklime in the silo enters the first-stage chemical slaker through the screw conveyor or the quantitative weighing system. Under the slow agitation of the agitator arm, the preliminary slaking are carried out chemically (can be divided into single, double and triple axes according to the capacity), and then enters the secondary and tertiary chemical slakers to complete the slaking process. The slaked lime is chemically decomposed into qualified meshes, and then sent to the classifier through screw conveyor and bucket elevator. The classifier can remove the impurities and select the finished slaked lime. The finished slaked lime is sent to the product silo by conveyor and bucket elevator.

1. Environmental friendly, less pollution. Traditional craft workshops produce large amounts of steam and dust during slaking, with a pollution radius of at least 1000 meters. This lime production line solves this problem well.

2. High quality products. Traditional production is based on experience, and product quality cannot be controlled and can only be used in the low-end market. The quality of the products produced by the production line is stable and can fully meet the requirements of the fine chemical industry.

4. The discharge temperature is controlled at about 45 degrees, and the water content of the discharge is controlled at about 1%. In this way, the agglomeration of the product is avoided, and the efficiency of the powder selection is improved.

cement production line - cement manufacturing plant | agico cement plant

cement production line - cement manufacturing plant | agico cement plant

AGICO dry process cement production line comprehensively adopts the IT technology, multi-function grinding system, new-type wear-resisting and heat-resisting materials, mechanical powder conveying device, and some other modern technologies to realize quality cement production. It has the characteristic of energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection, and low emission. Besides, it benefits our customers from the automation of production, upsizing of process equipment, and scientific management.

The cement production line we manufactured includes mining system, raw material crushing system, raw material homogenization and storage system, raw material batching system, raw material grinding system, raw material homogenization and kiln entry system, preheating system, clinker calcining system, cement batching and grinding system and cement storage and delivery system. You can choose the system you need based on your requirements.

AGICO has mature and advanced limestone mining technology, which uses the blasting method to break limestone into particles with different granularity. The mining equipment we offered mainly includes the large drilling machine, shovel equipment, etc.

After limestones are quarried, they need to be coarse and finely crushed. The crusher we applied in the cement production line includes jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, etc. After this process, the pulverized material will be less than 70mm.

The chemical composition of crushed limestone and other raw materials, such as clay and sandstone, is very uneven, so material homogenization is a necessary step for cement production. This system is composed of a stacker and reclaimer, both of which realize the programs automatic control. Besides, we adopt an oblong or round storage yard for raw material storage.

The raw material batching system in cement production lines is used to mix raw materials in a certain proportion according to the special formula. In this system, the electronic belt weigher is the main equipment used for accurate measurement and batching.

The cyclone preheater and calciner are two important devices in the preheating system. The coal injection pipe in the calciner heats the raw meal to produce a decomposition phenomenon. Therefore, 80% decomposition of the material has been completed here before formal calcination.

Cement kiln is the most critical equipment in the clinker calcining process. Raw material enters from the kiln tail, calcines into clinker, and then discharges from the kiln head. The highest temperature inside the cement rotary kiln can reach more than 1000 . AGICO provides an automatically controlled calcination system which realizes high-efficiency and steady production in cement plants. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

Cement rotary kiln usually takes coal as fuel, and the coal should be pulverized in advance to achieve enough fineness to burn. The pulverized coal preparation equipment in our cement production line mainly includes the vertical mill and air swept coal mill. The coal vertical mill we produced has low power consumption and high quality. Its dust emission concentration is much lower than the environmental protection standard. Because of the inflammable and explosive characteristics of pulverized coal, all of our machines are equipped with automatic monitoring, alarm, and fire extinguishments system.

According to different requirements of cement properties, the clinker should be mixed with an appropriate amount of gypsum and other materials by high-precision measurement, and then they will be fed into the cement mill for further grinding. In this system, we provide the cement ball mill, cement roller press, and high-efficiency powder separator as the main cement equipment.

After grinding, the cement powder will be stored in cement silos. After a series of strict chemical and physical tests, qualified cement can be sold as finished products. According to the needs of customers, we can transport the cement in bulk or in bags.

The dry process cement production lines built by our company are economical and practical. The whole production system runs stably and the power consumption is reduced by 20%-30%. Besides, the convenient construction process does not need too many workers, saving a lot of labor costs, greatly improving the benefits of customers.

AGICO Cement has large manufacturing workshops and professional processing equipment to ensure the fast and high-quality production of related equipment in the cement production line. Besides, we have more than 20 years of production and sales experience. Our products have been exported to all over the world, therefore, we can ensure timely and safe delivery, reducing the time cost of customers.

AGICO provides cement EPC turnkey projects. It not only includes the manufacture of various specialized equipment in the cement production line but also includes the cement production line design, onsite installation, real-time commissioning, equipment operation training, and usual spare parts service.

Customization is the most basic service our company provides for each customer. We will design cement production lines according to customers specific needs, such as production line capacity, cement type, construction environment, etc. Every customer will get their satisfied cement production line here.

This dry process cement production line is equipped with advanced dust collectors to strictly control dust emission and noise pollution. It can effectively realize the reuse of resources, so you dont need to worry about the environmental issue.

Dry method cement production lines manufactured by AGICO take the suspension preheating and the pre-decomposition outside the kiln as the technical core. This is a kind of high yield, energy saving, large-scale, and automatic modern cement production method.

AGICO Group is an integrative enterprise group. It is a Chinese company that specialized in manufacturing and exporting cement plants and cement equipment, providing the turnkey project from project design, equipment installation and equipment commissioning to equipment maintenance.

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