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December 18, 2018 - THE Alliance members Hapag-Lloyd, Ocean Network Express(ONE) and Yang Ming have published details of a rationalised revamped network for east-west trades effective from next year which will include a new pendulum service.

The standout feature of THE Alliance service restructure is its new east-west pendulum service which will replace the existing FE1 Asia-North Europe loop and the PS1 and PS2 Asia-US west coast services.

THE Alliance said this restructure would provide a necessary capacity upgrade to the existing Asia-Europe network and overall optimised port-pair connections will be implemented to accommodate customers needs of greater reliability and stability in service quality.

Commenting on the pendulum service, a spokesperson for Hapag-Lloyd told The Loadstar this morning: It is not a new concept and allows THE Alliance to run this service even more efficiently, as a lower number of ships are required.

The revised THE Alliance network will see the member carriers deploying 249 vessels and connect 76 ports in Asia, North Europe, the Mediterranean, the US, Canada, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, the Indian sub-continent and the Middle East.

THE Alliance is the smallest of the three vessel sharing groupings and has reportedly conceded market share this year due to combination of factors including an injection of ULCV capacity by the Ocean and 2M alliances; the chaotic launch in April of ONE; and concerns over the financial health of Yang Ming.

There is much talk in the market that South Koreas HMM with its orderbook of 12 20,000 teu and 8 14,000 teu, all being built with scrubbers installed, is being courted by THE Alliance to join the VSA group in 2020 when its slot charter agreement ends with the 2M.

container shipping network efficiency comparison in indonesia: nusantara pendulum and sea tollway - sciencedirect

container shipping network efficiency comparison in indonesia: nusantara pendulum and sea tollway - sciencedirect

The disparity of the trading activities in Indonesia has triggered Indonesia Port Corporation to come up with the plan of Nusantara Pendulum, the future network of container shipping in Indonesia. The Sea Tollway plan is the modification of Nusantara Pendulum that is also envisioned by Indonesia President for Indonesia future backbone container plan. Both networks were designed to increase Indonesia container shipping flow from west to east and vice versa like a pendulum, thus results the reduced transport cost. This paper depicts the comparison of network efficiency analysis between these networks: Nusantara Pendulum, Sea Tollway, and the existing network. Two main methods that are used are Nagurney-Qiang and Jenelius-Peterson-Mattson. Mainly, these two methods use the efficiency calculation by considering parameters of demand (goods flow) between each region and maritime transportation cost. It is concluded afterward that: 1) Sea Tollway is 8% more efficient than Nusantara Pendulum; 2) Sea Tollway and Nusantara Pendulum are ten times more efficient than current network; 3) Eastern ports in Indonesia (Bitung and Sorong) urgently requisite a development.

pendulum announce new

pendulum announce new "elemental" ep and vinyl drop - edm.com - the latest electronic dance music news, reviews & artists

Last yearPendulum made their grand return to the airwaves with a number of new songs and livestreamed performances. Now, the iconic drum & bass group are packaging the singles into a new EP calledElemental, set to be released next month.

Across their social media channels, they shared the announcement via a short teaser video. More of an informational video than a music teaser, the clip features orchestral sounds, which follow an animated cat as the record's release information is shared. At the very end, some familiar drums kick in, but they're gone in a fleeting instant, leaving fans with just a microscopic taste of what's to come.

The EP's tracklist was revealed in a press release. Elemental is set to feature four tracks, "Driver," "Nothing For Free," "Come Alive," and "Louder Than Words," the latter of which is a hotly anticipated collaboration with Hybrid Minds. Some attentive fans may remember when Pendulum debuted the track during their momentousSpitbank Fort performance.

For the wax-collecting fans out there, Pendulum will be releasing the EP on vinyl. Rather than just a plain old record, the disk is custom-designed by the band's founder and vocalistRob Swire and will play an animation when recorded with your phone's camera. You can find out more via the vinyl'sproduct page.

pendulum announce new ep, 'elemental,' their first body of work since 2011's 'immersion' | your edm

pendulum announce new ep, 'elemental,' their first body of work since 2011's 'immersion' | your edm

A new EP from Pendulum is coming June 17, calledElemental. The EP will feature previously released singles Driver, Nothing For Free, and Come Alive, as well as a new collaboration with Hybrid Minds, Louder Than Words.

The Elemental EP will consist of four tracks, and is their first body of work to be released since 2011s #1 smash hit album Immersion.The EP will also be available on 12 vinyl in the form of a premiumphenakistoscope picture disc, which utilizes the artwork to create a unique animation when played at 45 rpm and filmed on a mobile phone.

Fans have been waiting eagerly for a new EP or album from the UK drum & bass group for a decade, so this is certainly a moment to celebrate. Watch Pendulums Elemental EP teaser video below, and pre-save the EP here. You can also pre-order the vinyl here.

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