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lm vertical grinding mill-the recommendation of safe and green production equipment for pulverized c

lm vertical grinding mill-the recommendation of safe and green production equipment for pulverized c

We have made much introduction about characteristics of LM vertical grinding mill, such as fully function, simple system, tight layout and reliable products. In addition to the performance and capacity of the equipment, people have more requirements about the safety and environmental protection production. Here is the example of pulverized coal production to introduce the outstanding performance in these two aspects.

The pulverized coal is flammable. When having a certain density, it can explode under the effect of high temperature, collision, friction, vibration, naked flame and electric spark. In the production system, the pulverized coal is transported by the gas, which mixes with the pulverized coal may produce spark and much pressure to induce the danger of explosion. In order to eliminate the hazards and achieve safety production, we take the explosion of pulverized coal production process into full consideration and set special explosion-proof point for LM grinding mill to release the inner pressure, which will make the inner air pressure achieve balance at any time.

The overflow may happen in most of the pulverized coal production site. The operators are easy to cause pneumoconiosis and other occupational diseases if they do not wear professional protecting appliance. To avoid the waste of resources caused by pulverized coal spillovers and the harm brought to the staff on the site, the equipment structure adopts totally-enclosed design and runs under negative pressure. In this way, the problem of dust pollution will be solved thoroughly. On the one hand, it ensures sanitary cleanup of the site and health of the staff; on the other hand, the characteristics of energy-saving, environmental-protection and no pollution make the production line live up to the national environmental-protection standards.

Nowadays, Peoples awareness of safety and environmental protection is gradually strengthening; the investors concerning degree to the equipment is also increasing. The LM vertical grinding mill has become the best choice for pulverized coal production. It also improves the safety and environmental protection of the production process while ensuring the quality and production efficiency. It is the best performance and most comprehensive equipment of pulverized coal mills.

vxpmill for fine & ultra fine grinding | flsmidth

vxpmill for fine & ultra fine grinding | flsmidth

Ease of implementation and setup are top of mind as you strive to keep your plant running at peak levels of productivity. Our VXPmills are designed for easy shipment, simple installation and trouble-free maintenance. Most importantly, the mills are customisable to each unique mining application, optimising the performance of your mill and increasing ore recoveries. VXPmills are delivered with short lead times at market-leading capital and operating costs.

The VXPmill is a vertically oriented stirred media mill that is open to the atmosphere. They are designed with a modular impeller that has removable discs and spacers. Slurry enters at the bottom, travels upward through the mill chamber, and overflows through a media retention screen at the top. The rotating polyurethane discs activate inert ceramic grinding media inside the milling chamber. This activation fluidises the media bed which performs an attrition grind on the particles in the slurry.

The mills are designed to run at tip speeds between 10 and 15 m/s and are capable of operating with very dense grinding media. The result is a power intensity that is higher than the low-speed mills and overlaps that of the high-speed mills.

There is a large gap between the tip speed and power intensity of the low-speed vertical mills and the high-speed horizontal mills. The VXP mill bridges the gap between high-speed and low-speed mills.

The VXPmills are designed for fine and ultra fine grinding applications. In practice, the mill performs best when the feed has a normal distribution. However, the mill has been used to preferentially grind the coarser hump in bimodal distributions without over grinding the finer part of the distribution.

Grinding efficiency is affected by a wide range of variables. Process parameters such as, slurry flow rate, slurry density, and slurry rheology all affect grinding performance. These variables can often be regulated to fall within an acceptable design range. The mill configuration and/or operating conditions can then be modified to increase the grinding efficiency.

The mills are manufactured in a range of sizes to accommodate different feed rates and process conditions. The laboratory models are generally used for metallurgical and material testing. The pilot mills are designed as modular systems for use on site in pilot trials. These are generally replaced by the larger production mills once pilot trials have been completed.

The VXPmills unique design allows operators to quickly flush and drain the media out of the mill into a holding tank in preparation for disc maintenance. After the flushing cycle is completed, a valve is simply opened at the bottom of the mill and the ceramic beads drain into a temporary media storage tank.

FLSmidth provides sustainable productivity to the global mining and cement industries. We deliver market-leading engineering, equipment and service solutions that enable our customers to improve performance, drive down costs and reduce environmental impact. Our operations span the globe and we are close to 10,200 employees, present in more than 60 countries. In 2020, FLSmidth generated revenue of DKK 16.4 billion. MissionZero is our sustainability ambition towards zero emissions in mining and cement by 2030.

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