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portable crushing plant helps construction waste recycling

portable crushing plant helps construction waste recycling

China's construction waste output will reach a peak in the next few years due to large-scale old city renovation and accelerated urbanization. Construction waste disposal and recycling is a way to solve the urban construction waste siege with both economic and social benefits. In the process of disposal, portable crusher plant plays an important role because of its convenience, high efficiency and large capacity.

Portable crushing plant is a series of crushing equipment for rock and construction waste, which is widely used in mining ore crushing, construction waste recycling, construction aggregate production, expressway, railway, road and bridge construction and other industries. It truly provides customers with efficient and low-cost hardware facilities for project operation.

For construction waste removal, portable crusher plant, of course, is much better than traditional crushers. By using it, people can initially dispose the construction waste at the site where it is generated, and transport the recycled aggregate to the aggregate in-depth treatment center for reprocessing, which can not only reduce the transportation cost, but also reduce the impact on the environment.In addition, portable crushing plant can shorten the preparation time, no fixed crushing plant site selection, planning, environmental protection and other procedures brought about by the long construction cycle.

The main function of vibrating feeder is to evenly feed and improve the working condition of crusher.Generally choose bar feeder, in the material is subjected to vibration, sliding forward into the crusher, those small particles of construction waste, will fall from the gap between the bar, play the role of screening.

Crusher is the core part of portable crushing plant, mainly responsible for crushing construction waste. As construction waste belongs to medium hardness materials, no viscosity.As for water content, itdoesnt have too high requirements, so generally meet the requirements of stone crushing equipment can be applied to the portable crusher plant of construction waste recycling.

In order to ensure the quality of recycled aggregate after crushing, secondary crushing is needed for those whose particle size cannot meet the requirements after primary crushing. It requires adding a screening system to screen the concrete blocks with larger particles and sending them back to the crusher for re-crushing, so as to ensure the crushing quality of construction waste.

The portable walking mechanism has a high chassis and a small turning radius, which is convenient for driving on ordinary roads. Vehicle-mounted generator sets can provide a continuous source of power for the equipment.

The content of sundries in construction wastes is more, such as waste iron, wood, glass and waste plastic, especially in reinforced concrete, waste steel, waste iron wire is more, so it is necessary to install a sundries sorting device in portable crushing plant, to eliminate the impact of waste steel, waste iron wire on the performance of recycled concrete aggregate.

stone crusher business plan

stone crusher business plan

SBMs various kinds of stone crushers have been exported to more than 120 countries and regions. Our products have won customers highly commended over the world. We are professional manufacturer of mining crushing equipment, sand making equipment and industrial milling equipment. We have more than twenty years experience of mining machinery production. And in these twenty years, we have always been committed to combine the modernization of the advanced technology and excellent technical traditions. We continuously improve the performance of equipment, and try to provide customers with the best quality and efficient products. At the same time, we focus on building pre-and after-sales service system.

In order to let more customers know us, we will implement stone crusher business plan this year. And in the next few years, we will strengthen to promote some of our star products, including PEW Series Jaw crusher, CS Series spring cone crusher, and mobile stone crushing plant.

PEW Series Jaw Crusher is designed on the basics of traditional jaw crusher. This new type crusher is the perfect combination of modern technology and production practices. So it is more in line with the needs of our customers requirement of automated production. It is widely used in ore crushing, construction aggregates production, construction waste crushing, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, highway, railway, bridge construction and other industries. PEW series of jaw crusher is made of high-quality materials, so it is with exceptional reliability.

If you are seeking for a small scale and efficient stone jaw crusher for crushing hard materials, PEW Jaw Crusher produced by SBM is your best choice. It is suitable to deal with various hard minerals and rocks in secondary and tertiary crushing, such as granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz stone, river pebble, iron ore, copper ore, etc. The design is more reasonable, and ensures the sizes of the feed material in actual and theoretical are same. The crusher equipped with hydraulic oil stations, to ensure lubrication system supplies oil for the machine's lubricated parts.

CS Cone Crusher is an ideal crusher used in secondary, tertiary and fine crushing stages. It is produced on the basis of absorbing foreign technology, and customers' requirements. It is made of high quality materials, so this stone crusher is durable and reliable. Perfect performance makes CS cone crusher widely used in coarse crushing and fine crushing processing line of a variety of materials with high hardness.

The machine adopted laminated crushing principle, which formed a protective layer of the materials. As a result, it can not only reduce wearing parts consumption and prolong its service life, but also significantly increase the proportion of the cube. And it is equipped with iron protection device to ensure the machine quickly return to normal operation when debris get in the crushing chamber.

Mobile stone crusher integrated conveying, crushing and screening altogether. It is easy to adjust and collocate. Customers can use mobile crusher alone, or match with other equipment to meet the different product requirements. Compared with fixed ore processing plant, mobile stone crusher can reduce the cost of disassembly, transportation and installation greatly. At the same time, it can eliminate the limit of environment. It has many incomparable advantages. The machine is with high performance, high reliability, attractive appearance and other characteristics, has reached the international level of the similar products. And we can design a new mobile stone crushing plant for our customers according to different requirements.

All of our star products are made of high-quality and wear-resistant materials, and with the features of stable and reliable. Our stone crusher business plan will expand our market and provide customers with efficient, low production cost crushing equipment.

c6x series jaw crusher

c6x series jaw crusher

Deep crushing cavity, no dead corner. Input size range and capacity are increased; big crushing radio, even final product, new oil-way design can match up with oil pump, easier and effective operation.

mobile crushing station, portable crusher, mobile crusher - shanghai zenith company

mobile crushing station, portable crusher, mobile crusher - shanghai zenith company

As the leader of mining crusher, sand-making, industrial milling industry, our company has always focused on research, development and production applications of industrial crushing,milling equipment, and other related auxiliary equipment. Currently, our sales network has been covering more than 130 countries and regions; we will open up a broader overseas market in the future.

Our company adheres to the concept of"rapid response, carefree communication, accurate and efficient, reasonable and thoughtful". We have set up a complete and efficient service system, and also have an experienced, skilled service team.Upon receipt of inquiry, we will get in touch with customers in the first timeto understand the specific needs of them, and help customers analyze and solve problems. Regardless of preor after-sale, we are dedicated to providing the best servicefor our clients.

epc-sbm industrial technology group

epc-sbm industrial technology group

An EPC project is, also known as the turnkey project, usually used in construction and mining industries. Generally, EPC projects are characterized by high investments, long construction period, complex technologies and many uncertainties, which puts a high standard on comprehensive strength of contractors. SBMs strength is unanimously acknowledged by many peers. SBM has abundant successful EPC projects in crushing and grinding fields. In recent years, many domestic and foreign customer companies have chosen SBMs EPC projects with all accepted smoothly. In later days, SBM is willing to offer EPC projects to more customers by virtue of high-quality products, considerate services and systematic project management.

SBM has many successful EPC projects in aggregate crushing, mineral crushing and industrial milling fields, including tuff crushing line in Zhoushan, gold cyanide line in West Africa and coal powder production line in Gansu

In 2016, a state-owned energy company in Gansu, Chian entered business relationship with SBM to build an efficient and clean coal powder preparation production line. The annual output is 300,000 tons. Currently, the project becomes the model of efficient coal powder industrial boilers in local and surrounding areas. This energy-saving and environment-friendly project is deemed to have a promising future.

The customer company is engaged in green building materials. It plans to build an environmental industrial park with local characteristics to produce high-quality sand & gravel, concrete, dry-mixed mortar and PC prefabricated parts by recycling piling mine gangues and wastes. This project adopts SBM's EPC service. The project can recycle 7.2 million tons of granite wastes and gangues and produce 3.6 million tons of high-quality aggregate every year. The annual profit can reach nearly 1 billion yuan.

In the second half of 2016, an aggregate production company, chose to cooperate with SBM by investing a special granite crushing production line. The project is located in a governmental planned industrial park so the requirement on environment protection is quite strict. The customer requires the production line must be pollution-free, noise-free and dust-free. So, finally, after comprehensive investigations and analyses, he chose SBM.

Huaji Building Material Technology Co., Ltd., one of top 5 concrete companies in Shanxi, intended to build an industrial park where it can produce high-quality aggregates by processing tailings and recycling building wastes. The park includes 4 systems --- 1,000,000TPY high-quality aggregate production system whose materials are tailings and building wastes, 300,000TPY dry-mixed mortar system, 150,000m3 per year special building material production system and precast wall plank production system and underground pipeline system.

The customer company is from a central country in West Africa. It has been being engaged in petroleum and gold exploitation for many years. It is an old customer of SBM. Although the order for the first cooperation was small, our sales persons were still enthusiastic about this cooperation and answered customers questions patiently. When the customer sought for another cooperation with SBM, we recommended the EPC service. After having a clear understanding of this service, the customer approved and spoke highly of it.

The customer wanted to offer coal powder to local lime kilns so he decided to buy a complete set of milling system to process its bituminous coal. After knowing the customer's needs, SBM customized a turkey project for him.

As for every EPC project, SBM is willing to make every effort to customize suitable scheme for our customers and to help them get profits quickly with our professional knowledge. If you have no idea of EPC investments, there are some fields for reference.

With the professional technology and a full range of services, SBM can provide integrated solutions and professional products for desulfurization agent of thermal power enterprises. At present, SBM has established dozens of advanced desulfurization process line for many famous large power plants in China.

In response to nationals policies on environmental protection, disorder sand exploitation are limited strictly. Thereby, machine-made sand is expected to get popular on markets. To produce machine-made sand, SBM can offer

To develop the new energy-saving, land-saving and recyclable building material to replace the traditional solid clay bricks which have been widely used, there is a series of new policies launched by our country. The direct-controlled municipality and large and medium-sized coastal cities will forbid using the solid clay bricks to promote the modernization of housing industry and improve the residential quality.

From equipment model selection and solution design at the early stage, production capacity enhancement and product mix optimization at the intermediate stage, to after-sales services at the later stage, we have project managers there helping you avoid risks and add project value.

Proficient at sand &gravel industry. He has helped 42 customers from 9 countries finish the installation, commissioning and operation training tasks with excellent profession ability and praisable service.

aggregate crushing plant-high safety high efficiency stable performance

aggregate crushing plant-high safety high efficiency stable performance

As a result of the great development of the basic construction and the reconstruction of the towns and the rapid rise of the high-rise buildings, the old-style buildings die out, and the waste of the construction wastes is directly buried without treatment, Then it will cause long-lasting harm to our living environment. Crusher plant can deal with construction wastes well.

Our company, a professional construction machinery manufacturer in China, provides top quality crushing plant, asphalt plant, concrete batching plant for sale. If you are interested, just contact with us now!

Compared with the mobile crushing plant, the stationary crushing screen plant has no tires. In view of the present situation of construction waste treatment in our country, crushing plant has strong advantages, but with the increasing maturity of construction waste disposal market, it will slowly be transformed into fixed crushing plant, that is to say, mobile crushing station is transitional equipment, and slowly will be converted into fixed type.

It is mainly used for fields like metallurgical, chemical, building material, hydro-power that needs material processing, especially for highway, railway, hydro-power with the operation of mobile stone. Customers can choose multiple configuration according to types of raw material, size and finished material requirements.

Mobile crusher plant can not only reduce the cost of transportation, but also cooperate with brick making machine to make the raw material into finished products at one time. With the increasing market demand, various types of crushing plant are needed, such as jaw mobile crushing plant, tire mobile crushing plant and other types. These plants can produce product with high quality, high crushing ratio, reliable performance.

Vibration feeder takes eccentric shaft as excitation source, gear transmission, low noise, stable operation, long life, and it can screen fine material in advance to make crusher more efficient. Adjust the gap grid design to prevent material blockage. Customers can selectively install speed-regulating motor, easy to control the feed quantity, no need for frequent start-up of the motor.

Circular vibrating screen is a kind of screening machine, which mainly produces centrifugal inertia force (excitation force) with radial variation because of the unbalanced rotation of the vibrating wheel of the exciter. Itdrives the screen box and makes the screen vibrate. The trajectory of the screen frame is elliptical. The material on the screen is thrown up by the upward movement of the screen surface, and then falls back to the screen surface after a distance. In this way, the screening is completed in the process of moving from the feed end to the discharge end. The amplitude of the vibrating screen can be adjusted by changing the weight and position of the counterweight.

As far as the counterattack crusher is concerned, the rotor rotates at high speed under the drive of the motor while working, and the material entered from the feed port is hit by the plate hammer on the rotor, which is broken by the high speed impact of the plate hammer; the broken material is hit back on the liner and broken again; later, it is discharged from the outlet. Adjusting the gap between counterattack frame and rotor frame can change the particle size and shape of material.

The material is uniformly transported into the crusher through the feeder, and after the crusher is initially broken, the closed circuit system is formed by the circular vibrating screen to realize the cyclic crushing of the material, and the material in accordance with the grain size requirements is output by the conveyor, so as to achieve the production purpose.

Before the operation, check whether the supporting equipment can run normally, such as crusher, feeder, and so on, whether the connection of these supporting equipment is loose or falling off, and whether the transmission device is abnormal. Especially the crusher, ensure that there is no residual materials in the crusher. In addition, because the working environment of the stone crushing plant is complex, the tire of the mobile crushing station is a vulnerable part, the user should also check whether the tires can work normally before carrying out the operation, so as to ensure the overall performance and normal operation.

The circuit problem of the whole machine in the operation process is a problem that the user needs to pay attention to. If there are special noises, odors or sparks in the working process, stop the operation immediately, maintain in time and never work by force. Otherwise, the whole equipment and motor may be damaged, and it is easy to cause inestimable losses to the user.

Before the stop of the crushing plant, the user must ensure that all the equipment can stop after all the materials are discharged. After the mobile crusher stops, the user should also check the circuit of the equipment, the supporting equipment and lubrication in time. For any abnormal condition, repair and maintain in time. In addition, due to the complexity of the working environment of the aggregate crushing plant, users need to clean and maintain the equipment in time after operation.

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