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bucket elevator, bucket elevators, bucket elevator manufacturer henan excellent machinery co.,ltd

bucket elevator, bucket elevators, bucket elevator manufacturer henan excellent machinery co.,ltd

The bucket elevator is equipped with some protection switches. The protection switches will give early warning of possible accidents, and also to be connected to the central control room for real-time monitoring of the operation of the bucket elevator.

The gearbox can be equipped with auxiliary drive according to the need. When the main motor has an emergency failure or the bucket elevator needs maintenance, the auxiliary drive will start and the bucket will run at slow speed.

Gravity+Spring tensioning device is used in the tail part of the bucket elevator to realize automatic tensioning. Constant tension force can be maintained after one installation adjustment to avoid belt slipping or chain taking off.

The drive pulley of belt bucket elevator can adopt segmented diamond-rubber plate. When the drive pulley wears out, just replace the diamond-rubber plate which reduces the maintenance cost and save repair time.

Equipment model: TDG1000-42.50 Handling material: cement clinker Handling capacity: 650t/h Bucket width: 1000mm C-C distance: 42.50m Bucket speed: 1.86m/s End user name: Xuzhou (CUCC) Cement Co.,Ltd

Equipment model: TDG500-26.50 Handling material: Fertilizer Handling capacity: 150t/h Bucket width: 500mm C-C distance: 26.50m Bucket speed: 1.68m/s End user name: Yunnan Yuntianhua Co., Ltd

bucket elevator parts in pune, , , maharashtra | get latest price from suppliers of bucket elevator parts, bucket lift parts in pune

bucket elevator parts in pune, , , maharashtra | get latest price from suppliers of bucket elevator parts, bucket lift parts in pune

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bucket elevators | u series | universal industries inc

bucket elevators | u series | universal industries inc

U Series bucket elevators utilize a single trunk casing and are built with thicker steel to handle corrosive, abrasive and hostile materials. When the elevator experiences extreme temperatures and/or additional harsh material characteristics, Universal Industries, Inc. offers chain instead of belt for various U Series Elevators.

Each U Series model offers an EASY DUMP capacity rating that utilizes gravity discharge techniques to reduce product damage. After product is transferred into the elevator, the buckets travel up at a low rate of speed and then slowly tilt over the head pulley to allow the product to gently cascade down into the discharge housing. This continuous cycle provides a smooth flow of material with minimal damage.

Each of our elevators can reach a range of different capacities and speeds, while offering similar accessories and options for each one. Available in powder coated carbon, stainless, or galvanized steel with buckets available in HDPE, carbon steel, nylon and urethane.

Since 1906, Universal Industries, Inc. has been striving to manufacture quality & reliable equipment serving the bulk material handling industry. Our decades of knowledge and experience in the industry has allowed us to design and engineer products that create significant value for our customers.

Universal Industries, Inc. designs and manufactures bucket elevators / grain legs, slider belt conveyors, idler bed conveyors, continuous cup elevators, and grain & commodities equipment that is suitable for a wide variety of industries and materials.

bucket elevator maintenance checklist

bucket elevator maintenance checklist

Regardless of the material being handled or the configuration type being used, regular maintenance is absolutely essential to bucket elevators. In addition to preventing costly breakdowns, consistent bucket elevator maintenance provides a multitude of benefits such as improved safety and an increase in the life of the equipment. Listed below are key steps FEECO recommends following in order to properly maintain a bucket elevator.

Regular cleaning should be performed to ensure material build-up is continually removed. It is especially important to clean out the boot after each use if the elevator is used seasonally. The equipment should also be operated for a short period of time every two weeks to ensure belt flexibility is maintained.

There are four lubrication points on FEECO bucket elevators: two head bearings and two boot take-up bearings. Each lubrication point must be serviced at least once a week under normal operating conditions. Recommended bearing lubricants are based on standard operating temperatures and can be found in the bucket elevator equipment manual. Refer to the manufacturers recommended maintenance and lubrication procedures for more information.

Although the chain drive is splash lubricated, the chain drives oil level must be checked at the start of each operating shift. This can be visually monitored using the sight gauge (located on the side of the drive guard). If the oil level is low, fill the supply to the required level. Refer to the bucket elevator manual for lubricant recommendations.

Periodically inspect the oil for signs of contaminants. Drain, flush, and refill the oil supply if contaminants are present. Additionally, the chain should be soaked in a nonflammable solution to remove particles, dirt, or water from inside the bushings, rollers, and sidebars. The sprockets should also be cleaned. Both the chain and sprockets should be dried using compressed air. Replace either component if the chain or sprockets show signs of excessive wear or damage.

Periodically inspect the sprockets and drive chain for signs of wear or damage. The best way to effectively examine the component is to remove the upper drive guard and slowly rotate the sprockets and chain to inspect the component for issues.

The sprocket alignment, shaft alignment, and chain slack should also be checked to ensure the proper drive alignment is being maintained. Refer to the bucket elevator manual for more information on this procedure.

In addition to regular maintenance, proper bucket elevator operation procedures must also be followed. Therefore, bucket elevators should only be operated by trained personnel. Operator training is available through FEECOs comprehensive customer service support team.

FEECO is proud to have an exceptional service team with decades of experience solving and preventing problems even if the equipment isnt ours! Whether a customer requires parts, installation, maintenance, or training, FEECO is prepared to support our customers 24/7. For more information on bucket elevator maintenance or any other of our other equipment services, contact FEECO today!

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