equipments for nstruction work

type of equipment use in construction - basic civil engineering

type of equipment use in construction - basic civil engineering

There are several equipment that is been used in the Construction Industry. These are used for both large and small scale purposes. Various types of Equipment are been used for Building & structural Construction, Road construction, underwater and other marine construction work Power projects etc.There are various operations that are involved in construction projects , whether its a large scale or a small scale; Excavation and digging of large quantities of earth, Placement of construction materials (eg:-Bricks, concrete) Compacting and leveling, Dozing, Grading, Hauling etc

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These trucks are new unused (Year: Dec 2015) and configured with Cummins engine from USA and transmissions from world-renowned brands such as ZF, Allison and Eaton. Brand new price for the PRD350Z and PRD350Z-II is $238,000 and $255,000 respectively. The difference between these 2 models is the engine power and transmission where the former has a manual gearbox and the latter an automatic gearbox. For the articulated trucks, brand new is priced at about $228,000. Lets not even talk about the prices of brand new CAT, Komatsu and Volvo for a truck of similar capacity, they are way higher.

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As there are different types of equipments used during constructing the buildings these equipments are very heavy to use and you cannot operate by single you have to take help of the other to operate them easily.

26 heavy construction equipment names | bigrentz

26 heavy construction equipment names | bigrentz

Every construction project has a perfect set of machinery to get the job done. Getting the right equipment for each project helps with efficiency, safety and build quality. Because of this, its essential to be on the same page with your team when it comes to choosing equipment. Some machines have multiple uses, while others are task-specific.

A boom lift is a type of aerial platform used to get workers off the ground to work on an elevated project. This construction lift has a bucket thats typically large enough for one to two workers to stand in. Wheels or a continuous band of treads are used to make the machine mobile. The crane that lifts the bucket is operated by a hydraulic lift system.

Similar to a boom lift, scissor lifts are aerial work platforms used to elevate workers. Both electric and engine-powered scissor lifts exist. Electric scissor lifts are used when a quieter work environment is needed, whereas engine-powered lifts sacrifice quiet for rugged terrain mobility. Scissor lift buckets are elevated by a system of jacks.

If materials need to be transported a short distance, forklift equipment can be used. The lift can move materials both vertically and horizontally. Usually used in warehouses, its operated by a steering wheel and dashboard controls. This equipment is great for loading and unloading heavy packages/materials.

The manlift was created to transport workers between floors of buildings under construction. Typically, manlifts are equipped with four wheels, and most can maneuver around sites. However, these machines are sometimes stationary and have to be moved on a trailer.

Manlifts utilize a bent crane system that uses hydraulic pumps to raise a bucket that workers stand-in during transport. This construction lift is ideal for any project that needs to reach high elevations.

Bulldozers are pieces of crawler equipment and have many different uses. Equipped with a metal bucket plate, this piece of heavy machinery is used to push, carry and condense any sort of loose material on site. The metal plate can also be used to loosen compacted materials and break apart walls or other stable structures.

Wheel tractor-scrapers are also used in earthmoving operations. This piece of heavy equipment consists of a rear hopper which can move vertically, with a sharp edge for flattening a surface. The front end hosts a sharp edge to cut soil and a carpenters plane for cutting wood. The two tools work together to fill the hopper and transport whatever material was removed from a cleared area.

From buckets to loaders, a skid loader can host different equipment and is also small enough to maneuver into tight areas of a site. The frame is rigid, meaning turning is done through differential steering (e.g., each wheel moves at a different speed, thus causing a turn).

Another type of digger is a backhoe loader. Equipped with a backhoe in the back and a bucket in front, this is a multi-use machine. Similar to a tractor, its operated by a driver and has the ability to push materials, with the additional benefit of scooping. Due to its small profile and high maneuverability, the backhoe loader (referred to as backhoe in the industry) is commonly seen in urban environments.

An excavator is a heavy piece of machinery used to dig and crush material on a site. It consists of a hydraulic crane-like boom with a metal shovel that has sharp prongs on the end. The drivers cab is set on a rotating platform, making the machine more maneuverable. The machine is mobile due to an undercarriage consisting of heavy-duty tracks. Although sometimes called a power shovel, an excavator and a power shovel have their differences.

Feller bunchers are a type of harvester that are required for logging. They consist of a standard four-wheel base, giving them easy access to off-road sites. A feller buncher gathers trees by wrapping multiple metal arms around a trees trunk and then snipping its base with a chainsaw. This type of harvester then carries the entire tree to a collection area where the greenery will be broken down by other machines.

The harvester, or combine, is used to gather grain and other similar crops. This machine combines reaping, threshing and winnowing into one process, making it efficient for agriculture projects. It helps separate straw from the crop itself, minimizing manual work for a farmer. A massive vortex roller sucks in the crop, and discards stems through a chute.

Trenchersare the perfect tool for digging ditches, channels or other long, narrow holes for things like underground piping and cables. This powerful tool is equipped with a heavy metal chain made with incredibly strong steel which it uses to cut into the ground and rip through things like roots, smaller rocks and dirt. They come in a range of sizes and capacities, like the wheeltrencheror chaintrencher, which looks like a giant chain saw.

As with any articulated truck, an articulated hauler has a pivot joint in its build, giving it increased mobility. Because of this joint, it can carry massive loads around tight turns, making it ideal for most structural builds. This dump truck has a control hub where the driver sits and a material pail where loads go to be transported. Almost all articulated haulers are four-wheel drive, giving them access to most sites regardless of condition.

The off-highway truck is specifically made for rugged environments. This heavy-duty dump-truck has massive wheels with deep treads, allowing it to venture off-road and support construction and mining sites. Its primarily used to transport materials like rocks or dirt from one site to another. Some models use multi-axle dump buckets to support even heavier loads.

Machines used to lay asphalt are called asphalt pavers. Asphalt is loaded into the paver by a dump truck, and then distributed onto the desired area before being semi-packed down then they are completely flattened by a roller. The paver is typically towed by a dump truck holding asphalt.

These machines help get a surface ready for new asphalt and aid in the recycling efforts by recovering old asphalt. This machine is bulky and hard to maneuver, so its essential to get the machines placement right when starting a job to ensure minimal shifting while milling.

A motor grader is essential to the process of building a road. This heavy machinery is one of the components that flattens an area of dirt in order to build a road. A grader ensures an even grade thanks to a metal plate that flattens the areas it passes over. Its typically six-wheeled and has an elongated nose where the flattening metal plates sit.

While there are many types of compactors in construction, the plate compactor is the most commonly used. It has a vibrating base plate that levels surfaces and crushes uneven debris. Another common compactor is a road rolling compactor.

Road rolling compactors are used to flatten roads in order to prepare them for re-asphalting or to lay foundation. Other common compactors found on construction sites are trash and hydraulic compactors.

In order to press asphalt, soil and other loose materials, drum rollers are used. This machine is typically found at road construction sites. There are two types of drum rollers: smooth rollers and padfoot rollers.

Smooth rollers provide static pressure and use vibration to compact loose materials. Padfoot rollers, also known as Sheepsfoot rollers, also provide static pressure and vibration; however, they also generate manipulative force, allowing for uniform compaction.

A compact track loader (CTL) and multi-terrain loader (MLT) are small, compressed machines used to transport and load materials. Equipped with front metal plate scoops, both machines lift and break apart massive loads.

The difference between a CTL and an MTL is that a CTL is more rugged and puts immense pressure on the ground its on, so its best for tough terrain. The MTL is less rugged but is designed to work on more delicate surfaces.

Skidders are also used in logging operations. These foresting machines cut and then move trees to a landing site where they will be loaded onto a vessel for transport. Unlike forwarders, which carry logs a few inches above the ground, skidders typically drag logs to a loading site.

The forwarder is also used in logging efforts it takes felled logs and carries them to a loading site. Typically an eight-wheel truck, this machine is designed to go off-road into rugged terrain. The advantage of using this forestry vehicle over other machines is that its able to carry logs above the ground. This eliminates dragging, which can destroy the soil.

The knuckleboom loader is designed to handle logs. Some models are more versatile than others depending on their off-road ability. Knuckleboom loaders are equipped with tracks and more versatile than wheel or trailer-based models. Once a forwarder brings a log to a loading site, the knuckleboom loader will use a crane head to grab the wood and put it on a truck.

A towable light tower is used to provide light during night projects or on sites without natural light. This machine is typically diesel-powered and can be taken off-road. It consists of a generator, which is attached to a pair of wheels, and the light tower itself.

A carry deck crane is a small, mobile crane system with a 360-degree rotating platform. This type of crane is ideal for projects that require lifting materials at nearby locations. The operating platform, or deck, sits on four wheels and has a control panel plus a steering wheel for operation.

Whatever your project entails, we hope that this has given you more direction in deciding what equipment you will need. Its important to consider safety as well as efficiency when selecting the gear needed to complete your task.

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construction equipment types and construction equipment list

construction equipment types and construction equipment list

Construction equipment refers to heavy-duty vehicles, specially designed for executing construction tasks, most frequently ones involving earthwork operations. kindly check below the construction equipment types and construction equipment list. Construction equipment for building construction and construction machinery used in construction projects.

Proper use of appropriate equipment contributes to the Economy, Quality, Safety, Speed, and Timely completion of the Project. Construction equipment is an important part of any construction process. It is not always desirable or possible for the Contractor to own each and every type of Construction Equipment required for the Project.

The basic operations involved in the construction of any Project are Excavation, Digging of large quantities of earth, Moving them to fairly long distances, Placement, Compacting, Leveling, Dozing, Grading, Hauling, etc. You can find below the construction equipment used in India and abroad.

Earthmoving equipment used to carry out various excavation tasks such as digging and moving the earth. Different types of earth-moving equipment have their unique applications and used mainly for repairing, constructing, elevating, agriculture, and demolition.

Excavators are popular earth-moving vehicles that feature a bucket, arm, rotating cab, and movable tracks. These components provide superior digging power and mobility, allowing this heavy equipment to perform a variety of functions, from digging trenches and breaking holes to lifting away waste and excavating mines.

A backhoe also called a rear actor or back actor is a type of excavating equipment, or digger, consisting of a digging bucket on the end of a two-part articulated arm. It is typically mounted on the back of a tractor or front loader, the latter forming a backhoe loader

Aloaderis aheavy equipmentmachine used inconstructionto move aside or load materials such asasphalt, demolition debris,dirt,snow,feed,gravel,logs, rawminerals, recycled material,rock,sand,woodchips, etc. into or onto another type of machinery (such as adump truck,conveyor belt, feed-hopper, orrailroad car).

There are many types of loader, which, depending on design and application, are called by various names, includingbucket loader,front loader,front-end loader,payloader,scoop,shovel,skip loader,wheel loader, orskid-steer.

A bulldozer is a large and heavy tractor equipped with a substantial metal plate used to push large quantities of soil, sand, rubble, or other such material during construction or conversion work and typically equipped at the rear with a claw-like device to loosen densely compacted materials.

Skid-steer loaders are typically four-wheel vehicles with the wheels mechanically locked in synchronization on each side, and where the left-side drive wheels can be driven independently of the right-side drive wheels. The wheels typically have no separate steering mechanism and hold a fixed straight alignment on the body of the machine.

A trencher is a piece of construction equipment used to dig trenches, especially for laying pipes or electrical cables, for installing drainage, or in preparation for trench warfare. Trenchers may range in size from walk-behind models to attachments for a skid loader or tractor, to very heavy tracked heavy equipment.

In civil engineering, aMotor-scraperor Wheeled TractorScraper is a piece of heavy equipment used for earthmoving. The scrapercan transport its load to the fill area where the blade is raised, the back panel of the hopper, or the ejector, is hydraulically pushed forward and the soil or clay load tumbles out.

A wheeled loading shovel is a vehicle attached with a shovel designed to perform heavy-duty tasks in earthwork and construction operations. This shovel has specific capabilities to accomplish the loading tasks. Depending upon various sizes, tasks, and design requirements, this wheeled loader is furnished as skid-steer, payloader, bucket loader, skip loader, and wheel loader.

It is used to transport materials from one place to another. It is equipped with a front-mounted bucket, which is supported by a boom structure. For lifting, it loads the material into the bucket by the forward motion of the machine. After lifting the material, it transports the materials to its respective destination.

A dumper is a vehicle designed for carrying bulk material, often on building sites. Dumpers are distinguished from dump trucks by configuration: a dumper is usually an open 4-wheeled vehicle with the load skip in front of the driver, while a dump truck has its cab in front of the load.

A dump truck, known also as a dumper truck or tipper truck, is used for taking dumps for construction as well as coal. Atipper is a heavy-dutytruckchassis fitted with an open-top body,usedfor carrying aggregate, crushed rock, soil and other bulk materials to and from construction sites

A trailer is an unpowered vehicle towed by a powered vehicle. It is commonly used for the transport of goods and materials. Sometimes recreational vehicles, travel trailers, or mobile homes with limited living facilities where people can camp or stay have been referred to as trailers.

A crane is a type of machine, generally equipped with a hoist rope, wire ropes or chains, and sheaves, that can be used both to lift and lower materials and to move them horizontally. It is mainly used for lifting heavy things and transporting them to other places.

A conveyor system is a common piece of mechanical handling equipment that moves materials from one location to another. Conveyors are especially useful in applications involving the transport of heavy or bulky materials.

A forklift is a powered industrial truck used to lift and move materials over short distances. The forklift was developed in the early 20th century by various companies, including Clark, which made transmissions, and Yale & Towne Manufacturing, which made hoists.

A hoist is a device used for lifting or lowering a load by means of a drum or lift-wheel around which rope or chain wraps. It may be manually operated, electrically or pneumatically driven and may use chain, fiber or wire rope as its lifting medium.

Tunneling equipment. Conveyor systems provide an efficient, reliable, cost-effective, and lower-risk method of removing muck and spoil from tunneling excavation sites. This equipmentis specifically engineered to smoothlyhandlethe transport of materials from thetunnelexcavation site to the surface and beyond.

A typical concrete mixer uses a revolving drum to mix the components. For smaller volume works, portable concrete mixers are often used so that the concrete can be made at the construction site, giving the workers ample time to use the concrete before it hardens. Kindly check thisAre You Looking for a Concrete Lifting Company?

These are the various machines used in the construction road. Though they are available in varying sizes to be applicable in small as well as largeconstructionsites, they are generally considered to be heavy-dutyequipment.

A road roller is a compactor-type engineering vehicle used to compact soil, gravel, concrete, or asphalt in the construction of roads and foundations. Similar rollers are used also at landfills or in agriculture. Road rollers are frequently referred to as steamrollers, regardless of their method of propulsion.

The asphalt plants or asphalt mixing plant is one plant that is used for mixing the dry warm aggregate, padding, and Asphalt for homogeneous mixture at the required temperature. And it is widely used for the construction of highways, city roads, and parking lots.

Acrusheris amachinedesigned to reduce largerocksinto smaller rocks,gravel, sand, or rock dust. Crushers may be used to reduce the size, or change the form, of waste materials so they can be more easily disposed of orrecycled, or to reduce the size of a solid mix of raw materials (as in rockore), so that pieces of different composition can be differentiated.

Crushing is the process of transferring a force amplified bymechanical advantage through a material made of molecules that bond together more strongly, and resist deformation more, than those in the material being crushed do.

Slurry seal is a cold-mix paving system that can remedy a broad range of problems on streets, airfields, parking lots, and driveways. The principal materials used to create slurry are aggregate, asphalt emulsion, and fillers which are mixed together according to a laboratorys mixed design formula.

Aslurry pump is a type of pump designed for pumping liquid containing solid particles. Slurry pumps change in design and construction to adjust to multiple types of slurry which vary in concentration of solids, size of solid particles, the shape of solid particles, and composition of the solution.

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earth-moving heavy equipment for construction

earth-moving heavy equipment for construction

Heavy equipment is essential for construction jobs of almost any size, from home building to large-scale commercial and civil projects. Earth-moving equipment covers a broad range of machines that can excavate and grade soil and rock, along with other jobs. Earth movers and other heavy equipment help to speed not only earth work but also materials handling, demolition, and construction. Many types of heavy construction equipment are designed for multiple functions, making them indispensable on job sites.

Excavators are large construction equipment that can be driven by tracks or wheels, but tracks are more standard. A conventional excavator has a long bucket arm attached to a pivoting cab that can rotate a full 360 degrees. The operatorsits in the cab and from there has good visibility of the site. Excavators are highly versatile and can be fitted with special attachments for specialty jobs. The most common uses for an excavator include:

Backhoe loaders, often calledbackhoes, have a body that's similar to a farm tractor and include an adjustable shovel in front and a small bucket in the backfor digging. Backhoe loaders are considered medium-sized construction equipment for smaller jobs and are capable of working in limited space to perform various operations. They can move dirt, backfillexcavations, dig holes and trenches, and place pipes and other materials. One of the best attributes of backhoe loaders is that they are wheel-driven and can be used in urban areas. They can even be driven to a job site. The bucket in the back can be changed to dig trenches of different widths.

Bulldozers are considered one of the strongest and most reliable heavy equipment used in the construction industry. A bulldozer is a powerful and extremely heavy machine used to move dirt along large open tracts of land. Bulldozers have a wide, flat blade in front that can be operated using two hydraulic pistons to move the blade in a limited range of angles and depths. They are normally used to push piles of earth and for rough or fine grading, depending on the size of the bulldozer. A bulldozer's considerable weight helps it crush large boulders, among other operations.

Skid-steer loaders are among the most versatile machines available in the construction industry. They are small and nimble and can turn within their own footprint, just like a tank, making them ideal for work in confined spaces or in areas where construction activity has been finalized. Skid-steer loadersare wheel-driven and offer good traction in snow and mud. The wheels also minimize soil compaction and damage to finished areas. These handy loaders come in a few different sizes and can be outfitted with a variety of attachments to perform digging, drilling, compacting, log grappling, snow blowing, jack-hammering, and other tasks.

Motor graders are heavy equipment used for fine grading and for moving small amounts of dirt. They have a long blade that can be adjusted to meet certain angles to create a flat surface. They can also be fitted witha second blade in front of the front axle and in some instances can be used for underground mining. Motor graders are typically used to fine-grade dirt or gravel roads or to prepare the road base course before placing asphalt. Graders can also be used to create sloped surfaces or drainage ditches with shallow V-shaped cross-sections.

A crawler loader is a cross between an excavator and a backhoe or bucket loader. Its tracks give itexcellent stability, and its versatile bucket makes it useful for moving soil and debris and for loading material onto trucks. Crawler loaders are also used for excavation on relatively small projects. For larger-scale work, a hydraulic excavator is often used instead of a crawler loader.

True to its name, a trencher is used to dig trenches, usually narrow trenches for piping and cabling. Trenchers come in many different types and sizes, from small walk-behind versions to very large trenching machines that can cut intoasphalt pavementand other hard surfaces. The trencher has a conveyor system that carries the excavated material and deposits it onto the ground next to the trench. Trenchers can use different digging implements depending on the depth of the trench and material being excavated.

A scraper can move dirt and aggregates quickly around a construction site and is used primarily for digging and leveling large areas of land. Scrapers are large heavy equipment designed for open areas, where they can run at high speeds for cut and fill operations. Large self-propelled scrapers are called motor scrapers. There are also smaller scrapers, called pull scrapers, that are pulled behind another vehicle.

Dump trucks are needed on almost every large job site. They offer limited functionbut perform the all-important task of moving and dumping many types of heavy material. They are also road-ready so they can bring material into or out of site and can travel anywhere large equipment is permitted. Dump trucks come in many different sizes for different capacity and load needs, ranging from small utility-type trucks with dumping beds to enormous machines used in mining operations.

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