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did eminem really make mgk give up rapping? | thethings

did eminem really make mgk give up rapping? | thethings

Colson Baker, better known as Machine Gun Kelly, or MGK, is an American rapper, singer, and actor who rose to fame in the early 2010s. Widely known for his rap career, MGK grew up listening to famous acts such as DMX and his "idol" Eminem. MGK has released five studio albums, four of which are rap albums. His most recent release is a pop-punk album, produced by blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.

Grammy and Oscar winning rapper Eminem, given name Marshall Mathers, has been making music since the late '90s, and is considered by many to be one of the greatest rappers of all time. The two rappers have famously, or rather infamously, feuded for years, leaving some to wonder if MGK quit rappingdue to his dispute with the mononymous rapper. Here's what we know about their feud and MGK's pop-punk album,Tickets to My Downfall.

This feud started, unwittingly, back in 2012 when Machine Gun Kelly tweeted about Eminem's daughter, commenting on her appearance. The tweet read: "I have to say, she is hot as f***, in the most respectful way possible cuz Em is king."Years later, according to Eminem, he went down a "wormhole on YouTube" and discovered the tweet, igniting a feud between the two musicians.

Several years after Machine Gun Kelly posted his tweet, 6 to be exact, Eminem released a diss track entitled "Not Alike" calling out Machine Gun Kelly for the tweet about his daughter, as he found it inappropriate. After reading it for the first time allthose years later, the tweet bothered Eminem, and when asked about it he explained his frustration and reason for the subsequent diss, calling it "petty" and claiming to not care about MGK's career.

Machine Gun Kelly released an EP called "Binge," which included his own diss track "Rap Devil" in response to Eminem's, the title a direct reference to Eminem's song "Rap God." MGK expressed his confusion over his releasing of a diss track centered on something he said 6 years ago, and spent the remainder of the track airing his issues with the Detroit native. MGK found the diss track troubling for a variety of reasons, but as he would later reveal, he was upset about being entangled in a feud with someone he once revered as an idol.

After "Rap Devil" was released,Eminem released yet another diss track aimed at Machine Gun Kelly, called"Killshot," which spurred reaction posts from fans across the internet. Fans took sides in the feud, some thanking MGK for "sacrificing his career" so they could have another Eminem diss track, and others commending MGK for not only having the courage to release an Eminem diss track, but having the talent to back up his claims. After hearing Eminem's second diss track, MGK wrote a response but never released it. He says he isn't over their feud, but he's done releasing diss tracks.

In 2019, MGK dropped his fourth studio album, Hotel Diablo. The albumwas received with lack of critical acclaim, which Machine Gun Kelly attributed to its release "coming off the tail-end of that infamous beef."MGK described his album as "flawless front to back," and "a hint at the evolution of how [he] went into a pop-punk album" in an interview with Dave Franco for Interview magazine.

The album's most popularsingle "I Think I'm OKAY" is decidedly pop-punk and features a singing MGK rather than rapping. The song is a collaboration with MGK's close friends Travis Barker and British pop-punk singer Yungblud. The three have collaborated as duos and trios several times, creating mostly pop-punk work. Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly said of the Hotel Diablo song, "it felt like the song that we both wish we wrote when we were twelve" in an interview with Audacy. Looking back, fans can see this song was a precursor to the music MGK was going to release.

Just over a year after releasing Hotel Diablo, Machine Gun Kelly made a complete genre shift from his four previous albums and released a bonafide pop-punk album, a complete genre shift from his four previous studio albums. A critical and commercial success, this was MGK's first album to not only reach, but debut at, #1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Although some speculate Eminem pushed MGK to switch from rap to pop-punk, MGK has made it clear he shifted on his own, telling NME he's played guitar since he was a kid and was a member of a pop-punk band as a teenager. He mentions, too, "a lead singer with a guitar-playing four-chord pop-punk" is "a missing link in this current day."Tickets to My Downfallshowed fans MGK plans to fill that void.

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here's why machine gun kelly thinks the beef with eminem hurt his career

here's why machine gun kelly thinks the beef with eminem hurt his career

In a lot of ways, Eminem has often come across as a very likable guy over the years. After all, the rapper has a long history of putting out amusing songs as singles and he typically adopted comedic personas in the accompanying music videos. Despite that, to say that Eminem has a long history of picking lyrical fights with his peers is a massive understatement.

When it comes to the rappers that Eminem has beefed with, some of the most notable people include the Insane Clown Posse, Tyler the Creator, Ja Rule, Joe Budden, and Will Smith. In addition to those stars, for years Eminem called out people like Fred Durst, Christina Aguilera, and Moby. Of course, every Eminem fan knows that he also has a long history of saying nasty things about his ex-wife and mother during his songs.

Given all of the people that Eminem has beefed with during his career, it makes sense that his feud with Machine Gun Kelly had little effect on his career. On the other end of the spectrum, Kelly has said that his beef with Eminem did serious damage to his career.

For some reason, in May 2012 Machine Gun Kelly decided to comment on a picture of Hailie Mathers that Eminem posted on Twitter. While that could have been innocent enough, it was pretty gross since Kelly was 22 at the time and he commented that Hailie was hot as f**k even though she was 16-years-old back then. Furthermore, considering Eminems long history of lyrically ripping apart his peers, it was baffling that Kelly would put himself in the crosshairs.

Soon after Machine Gun Kelly posted his Twitter comment about Eminems daughter, it became clear that it had sparked off a feud between the rappers. For example, Kelly would go on to indirectly claim that Eminem tried to have him blackballed because of it. Then in 2018, Eminem took things to a new level when he released the song "Not Alike" in which he dissed Machine Gun Kelly. From there, things were off to the races as Kelly responded with his song Rap Devil which was a play on Eminems earlier track Rap God.

During a 2018 interview with Sway, Eminem had this to say about Machine Gun Kelly. I could give a f**k about your career. You think I actually f**kin think about you? Do you know how many f**kin rappers that are better than you? Youre not even in the conversation. Shortly after, Eminem released a song called Killshot in which he mocked Kellys looks and his lack of commercial success. Unfortunately, for Kelly, Killshot was a massive hit that amassed 38.1 million views on YouTube in 24 hours. Two days after Killshot was released, Kelly called out Eminem during a concert but shortly thereafter he put an unofficial end to their beef by announcing he wasnt going to respond to the song.

Some of the time when two rappers put an end to their beef, both parties manage to come out the other side looking better. In the case of Machine Gun Kellys beef with Eminem, it doesnt seem like that is the case at all. During a discussion with Interview Magazine, Kelly spoke about how his feud with Eminem had damaged his career in a big way.

While talking about his 2019 album Hotel Diablo Machine Gun Kelly made it clear he was proud of his efforts. "As a hip-hop album, ("Diablo" is) flawless front to back, and also a hint at the evolution of how I went into a pop-punk album. However, he is aware that the album didnt perform well and he blamed that on his beef with Eminem. But it was coming off the tail-end of that infamous beef (with Eminem). So no one wanted to give it the time of day."

Its like if you make a shitty movie and then you come out with a great movie right after, but people want to focus on the fact that they hated whatever you just did. What I did in the beef was exactly what it should be, but that project wasnt welcomed. The next album came from already feeling like Id counted out, so I didnt even care what the public was going to think. Thats why the project was ironically my best received one, because it was the most effortless, with the least outside influence.

Even though Machine Gun Kellys 2020 album Tickets to My Downfall has ultimately been well-received, that wasnt always the case. Instead, when Kelly teased the release of new music before its release, he initially was actively mocked online. From the outside looking in, it seems pretty clear that the reason for that initial response was that some people still didnt like Kelly due to his Eminem feud.

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