fluorite ore popular vibrating feeder

fluorite ore mineral processing plant

fluorite ore mineral processing plant

The main component of fluorite ore is calcium fluoride, which is an important raw material for the fluorine chemical industry. So what is the fluorite ore processing equipment? What is the processing plant? Fluorite ore has a specific gravity of 3.0-3.3 and good natural floatability. The mainly separation method is flotation and gravity separation. The flotation method is mainly used to produce high-quality chemical grade fluorite powder; the gravity separation method is mainly used to produce coarse-grained metallurgical grade fluorite concentrate.

Fluorite ore processing equipment: The fluorite ore processing production line has undergone stages of crushing, screening, grinding and classifying, gravity separation, flotation and drying. The main equipment include jaw crusher, ball mill, spiral classifier, jig machine, flotation machine, mixing tank, dryer, thickener, vibrating feeder, belt conveyor and other equipment. Among them, the flotation machine and jig machine are the key equipment in the fluorite ore processing plant, used to separate the fluorite concentrate.

Introduction of fluorite ore processing plant: Fluorite is brittle and fragile. In the crushing process, hammer crusher or impact crusher should be used as little as possible; jaw crusher is mainly used for coarse crushing. The coarsely crushed materials enter the trammel screen, after the screen it will separate out 30+ mm, 0-8mm, 8-30mm three size materials, and the 30+ mm materials enter the manual belt conveyor for hand separation, manual separation is the process of manually separating fluorite lump ores by observing the difference between fluorite and waste rock. Due to the labor intensity of workers and unstable sorting indicators, manual separation has rarely been used. The ore is crushed until the jig is effectively put into the classifier for re-selection and purification. The 0-8mm and 8-30mm materials can be separated into trapezoidal jig machine and large particle jig machine, and the final concentrate is mixed with the hand-separated concentrate as a metallurgical-grade fluorite ore, the tailings enter the flotation process after dewatering.

The flotation process is divided into grinding, classifying, agitating, flotation and other processes. Due to the high requirements for concentrate grades, multiple flotation concentration separations more than 6 times, and the fluorite floatability is relatively good, usually only one scanning separation is required. Fluorite ore flotation adopts heating flotation; the main agents used are shale oil, oxidized paraffin soap and so on.

Fluorite ore is brittle and fragile. It is easy to produce many high-grade powdery ores during crushing, and there will be some loss in the process of gravity separation and manual separation. Therefore, the gravity separation and manual separation of fluorite ore tailings are often go to the flotation process to improve the concentrate grades. At the same time, the economic benefits are maximized.

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how did beneficiation plant become the best? find out

how did beneficiation plant become the best? find out

Raw fluorite ore enters two-stage crushing equipments through vibrating feeder. After crushing, ore less than 30mm is obtained. Then the fluorite ore is graded by trommel screen. The ore with different grain size range is 0-8mm,8-30mm.

0-8mm fluorite ore is processed by LTA1010/2 jig. 8-30mm fluorite ore is processed by AM30 jig. After treatment with two types of mineral jigs, the concentrate is further treated separately. The fluorite concentrate of AM30 is dehydrated using a dewatering screen. The fluorite concentrate of the LTA1010/2 jig is settled in a settling tank. Fluorite concentrate products of different sizes are finally obtained.

This gravity beneficiation process has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and large processing capacity. Forui machinery production equipment to obtain ISO9001 quality certification. Our equipment has the advantage of WEAR RESISTING, SIMPLE STRUCTURE, EASY MAINTENANCE, etc.

Jigging separation process is the main process for obtaining fluorite concentrate in industry. The beneficiation medium used by the jig is circulating water. It will not pollute the environment while saving water resources. Widely used in mineral processing industry.

fluorite stone crushing processing plant in south africa

fluorite stone crushing processing plant in south africa

Fluorite, also known as fluorspar, is a major source of industrial fluoride elements.It is one of the important non-metallic mineral raw materials. Fluorite is widely used in the metallurgy of aluminum, glass, ceramic, cement chemical industry. Because fluorite ore CaF2 content in the lower, over the years, fluorite ore beneficiation process has been at a standstill. Its products are widely used in the field of aerospace, aviation, refrigeration, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, anti-corrosion, fire-fighting, electronics, electrical, mechanical and nuclear, with the continuous development of science and technology and the national economy,the fluorite has become a modern industrial mineral raw materials, many developed countries as an important strategic material reserves.With the advantage of the growing depletion of fluorite ore and metallurgical fluorite ore price increaseThe use of low-grade fluorite ore production of metallurgical materials began being attention of producers.

Fluorite ore is very crisp and slight. When fluorite ore is broken, it will produce more powder fluorite.After crushing, we can get less coarse grain and bulk fluorite. So we needs special fluorspar crusher, minimize the high grade fluorspar lump ore crushing. The rawfluorite ore is fed to jaw crusher by the feeder for primary crushing. Fluorite, after the initial break, ore is fed into the secondary crusher (crushing the ore to <3-5mm60% 90%). After two broken, ore can be transferred by belt conveyorinto the ball mill for grinding. Generally, the ball mill and spiral classifier mill compose closed circuit, after which the material into the grinding mill grading machine grading, passing into the next process of fine-grained ore, coarse ore failed to return to the ball mill grinding.

The exploitation of fluorite ore by vibrating feeder to proceed with selected belt manual sorting, for a large chunk of high-quality fluorite ore, hand selected after fluorite into shaker screening classification, 0-8mm fluorspar into LTA1010 / 2 8-30mm into the AM30 jig, jig in gravity separation, to obtain two grain size grade fluorite mine.

In South Africa, there are many Fluorite processing plant equipment manufacturers who manufacture different kinds of equipment which suitable for different enterprises. SBM is one of a professional fluorite ore processing equipment manufacturer which has rich experience and advanced producing technology. SBM can supply fluorite crusher machines, fluorite grinding equipment, fluorite screening and feeding machines for you with best service. Also SBM has a very high reputation in South Africa.

SBM manufactures fluorite ore Jaw crusher often is used as primary crusher during fluorite ore crushing process. Our company has two types of jaw crusher. Such PE jaw crusher and PEW jaw crusher. Jaw crusher which is manufactured by SBM has big competitive advantages. Like: stable performance, high capacity, even final particles and high crushing ratio.

Cone crusher is the fine crushing machine commonly used in fluorite processing plant. After crushing process, fluorite ore is less than 15 mm. comparing with other kinds of traditional crushers, SBM manufactures cone crusher with quite excellent hard material and the final product has good sharp. The innovations like stable lubrication system and excellent sealing system evidently reduce the production cost, helping you to achieve the highest level of profitability.

Ball mill is the most common used fluorite ore dressing machinery. After grinding, fluorite is less than 0.074mm. In order to get Concentrates, re-grinding process is essential. The final size of fluorite powder is usually 100 meshes, 200 meshes, 400 meshes.

fluorite ore processing line - henan xingyang mining machinery manufactory

fluorite ore processing line - henan xingyang mining machinery manufactory

Henan Xingyang Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has been focusing on mine processing equipment for more than 30 years: ball mills, flotation machines, magnetic separators, jiggers, crushers, classifiers, mixing tanks, thickeners, feeders, dryers, vibrating screens, etc. Equipment manufacturing, EPC general contracting can be performed on the entire beneficiation production line. The customer case covers domestic provinces and foreign countries such as Africa, Southeast Asia and other foreign mineral processing countries.

fluorite processing solution - mineral processing

fluorite processing solution - mineral processing

Due to the different nature of fluorite mines in different regions, some processing plants use a three-stage one-closed crushing process, and some processing plants use a three-stage open-circuit crushing process. The fluorite ore beneficiation equipment in the crushing and screening stage is shown in the table below.

The two-stage grinding process is usually used in the grinding stage of fluorite mines. When fluorite and other minerals are closely coexisting in fine particles, the first stage grinding usually cannot well separate the monomers of fluorite and associated minerals, so After a period of grinding, coarse grinding of concentrates and re-grinding is a commonly used method in the separation of refractory fluorite ore, which is beneficial to the subsequent stage of separation and improves the selection index.

Scope of application: suitable for high-grade fluorite nuggets and particle mines with a particle size of 6-20mm.Technological characteristics: The gravity beneficiation efficiency is remarkable, the equipment structure is simple, and the operation is convenient. The main fluorite mine beneficiation equipment is a jig, among which the diaphragm jig is commonly used. Diaphragm jigs produced by Xinhai are divided into two types, left-handed machines and right-handed jigs. The upper limit is 6-8mm. It is not only widely used in fluorite ore beneficiation process, but also widely used in the separation of gold, tin, tungsten and other minerals.

1. Separation of fluorite and sulfide oreUsually, yellow medicine is used as a collector to float sulfide ore preferentially, and then flotation of fluorite ore is carried out. The fluorite ore flotation process generally uses fatty acid collectors. In order to achieve a better flotation effect, a small amount of sulfide ore inhibitor can also be added to suppress the residual sulfide ore, so that the grade of fluorite concentrate can be improved.2. Separation of fluorite and bariteThe ore type of a fluorite ore dressing plant is fluorite-barite type, the main minerals are fluorite and barite, and the gangue minerals are quartz and calcite. The specific fluorite ore beneficiation process is as follows: one roughing, one sweeping, and three flotation processes. See the table below for the analysis results of the chemical composition of the original ore.

Studies have shown that the amount of oleic acid required for flotation fluorite, barite, and calcite is different. Floatation fluorite uses the least oleic acid and calcite the most. When the flotation slurry is neutral, the floatability of fluorite and barite is similar. When the slurry pH is greater than 10, only the flotation effect of calcite is better. When the slurry is acidic, the floatability of fluorite is heavier. The spar is good, which can realize the separation of fluorite and barite.

The fluorite beneficiation uses oleic acid as collector, water glass as inhibitor, and flotation under the condition of ore pulp pH of 8.5-9. The pH adjusters are sodium carbonate and sulfuric acid. Sodium carbonate can not only adjust the pH, but also be a softener of hard water, and can also be used to disperse sludge. In the flotation, in order to prevent foaming and stickiness, the amount of sodium carbonate and oleic acid should be added in an appropriate amount. In order to ensure high-quality fluorite concentrate, fluorite and barite concentrate are obtained by the method of inhibiting the barite from floating out of fluorite.3. Separation of fluorite and quartzFatty acid is used as a collecting agent to collect fluorite, and water glass is used as an inhibitor to inhibit quartz. When the amount of water glass is small, the effect of inhibiting quartz is poor, but fluorite can be activated in flotation. If the water glass is excessive, it will inhibit the flotation of fluorite. Therefore, the amount of water glass should be properly controlled. In order to enhance the inhibitory effect of water glass on quartz, certain polyvalent metal ions can be added, which not only inhibits quartz, but also inhibits calcite.

fluorite ore beneficiation process,ore grinding technology,fluorite and separation beneficiation methods | prominer (shanghai) mining technology co.,ltd

fluorite ore beneficiation process,ore grinding technology,fluorite and separation beneficiation methods | prominer (shanghai) mining technology co.,ltd

The quartz type is mainly composed of fluorite (with a content of up to about 85%) and quartz. There are only a small amount of calcite, barite and sulfide. The key to its selection is mainly to reduce the silicon content of the concentrate.

To separate quartz and fluorite, the appropriate grinding fineness must be determined, and the monomers of quartz and fluorite must be dissociated through grinding operations. Therefore, the fineness of grinding is an important factor affecting the flotation of quartz fluorite.

Grinding particle size is too coarse, there is a concatenation of quartz and fluorite in the product, which will cause the high silicon content of the coarse concentrate after flotation; the grinding particle size is too fine, although the quartz and fluorite have been monomeric dissociated, but It will cause the fluorite in the grinding products to be over-smashed, greatly reducing the recovery rate of fluorite. In this regard, it is recommended to adopt a stage grinding-stage flotation process, which can reduce the silicon content in the fluorite concentrate after flotation and increase the recovery rate of the fluorite concentrate.

The main minerals of carbonate-type fluorite ore are fluorite and calcite (the content is as high as 30%), some of which contain a small amount of quartz, and sometimes quartz-calcite-fluorite-type ore can be formed.

The difficulty in beneficiation of calcite-containing fluorite ore is that both calcite and fluorite are calcium-containing minerals and have similar surface physical and chemical properties. When they coexist in a solution, they are prone to inter-conversion between minerals. To achieve the separation of calcite and fluorite, the pH value of the slurry must be adjusted, and a collector can be used to achieve a good separation effect. In the pH range of 8-9.5, using oleic acid as a collector, both types of ores can float, but in a weakly acidic medium, the floatability of calcite is relatively lower than that of fluorite, and water is used. Glass, salted water glass, acidified water glass, sodium hexametaphosphate, lignosulfonate, dextrin, tannin and tannin extract are used alone or in combination to inhibit calcite, thereby achieving the purpose of separation.

The main minerals of barite-type fluorite ore are barite and fluorite. The content of barite is generally 10%-40%. This type of ore is often accompanied by sulfide minerals such as pyrite, galena and sphalerite. The difficulty in beneficiation of barite-type fluorite is that the floatability of barite and fluorite is similar, which makes it difficult to separate the two. In this regard, the flotation of barite type fluorite generally needs to adjust the pH value of the slurry through a mixing process and Na2CO3, and use oleic acid and water glass as collectors and inhibitors to obtain a mixed concentrate of fluorite and barite. Ore, and then flotation to separate barite and fluorite.

The mineral composition of sulfide-type fluorite is similar to that of quartz-type fluorite, but its metal sulfide content is higher, and sometimes the content of lead and zinc can reach industrial grade. Therefore, while developing and utilizing fluorite, we must also consider the recovery of metal ores. Sulfide-type fluorite ore generally can use sulfide ore collectors to preferentially select metal sulfide minerals, and then use fatty acid collectors to recover fluorite from flotation tailings.

The above are several common fluorite beneficiation methods. In actual production, the fluorite beneficiation method needs to be formulated according to various factors such as the nature of the ore and the required concentrate grade. Generally, the beneficiation of metallurgical grade fluorite concentrate can only require manual and gravity separation. The fluorite concentrate used in the chemical industry requires flotation or combined processes. To ensure the ideal sorting index, it is recommended to conduct targeted tests on the ore first to obtain a scientific and reasonable fluorite beneficiation process.

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