frame connecting rods of single toggle jaw crusher

jaw stone crusher | single toggle vs double toggle - jxsc mine

jaw stone crusher | single toggle vs double toggle - jxsc mine

Jaw stone crusher is heavy duty machines and hence need to be robustly constructed. The movable jaw and static jaw are made up of the crushing chamber. It stimulates the movement of the two jaws of the Animal and completes working. Widely used in mining smelting, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy, and chemical industries in a variety of ore and large pieces of material crushing. The classification of Jaw crusher: single toggle jaw crusher, double toggle jaw crusher, hydraulic jaw crusher, impact jaw rock crusher, mobile jaw stonecrusher, etc. Which jaw crusher better single toggle or double toggle.

The movable jaw is suspended from the mandrel and swings from side to side. When the eccentric axis rotates, the connecting rod moves up and down. And drives the two thrust plates to move back and forth as well. Thus pushing the jaw to move left and right to move back and forth, realizing crushing and discharging.

This kind of crusher adopts a crank two-bar linkage mechanism. Although the moving jaw is subjected to a great crushing reaction. Its eccentric shaft and connecting rod are subjected to a little force. So it is often made into large and medium-sized machines for crushing hard materials in the industry. In addition, when the crushers work, the movement track of each point on the moving jaw is a circular arc with the center of the center axis.

The radius of the circular arc is equal to the distance from the point to the axis. The upper arc is small, the lower arc is large, and the crushing efficiency is low. The fragmentation ratio is generally 3-6. Because the movement track is simply so-called a single toggle jaw crusher. The structure of the single toggle jaw crusher is compact and simple, and the force of transmission parts such as eccentric shaft is small. The vertical displacement of the movable jaw is small, the material is less excessively broken and the wear of movable jaw plate is small.

The upper end of the movable jaw is directly suspended on the eccentric shaft. As the connecting rod of the crank connecting Rod mechanism, the lower end of the movable jaw is supported on the back wall of the frame by the thrust plate. When the eccentric axis rotates, the track of each point on the movable jaw is from the circumference line of the suspension point (the radius is equal to the eccentric distance), and gradually becomes an ellipse. The movement track of each point on moving jaw is more complex in this kind of machine, so it is called a double toggle jaw crusher.

Compared with the single toggle jaw stone crusher, the double-toggle jaw crusher has the following advantages: less weight, fewer components, more compact structure, a better filling degree in the crushing chamber, even crushing of the loaded material block, and forced unloading of the finished product by moving the lower jaw. Therefore, productivity is higher, 20-30% higher than that of the single-toggle of the same specification. And the material block has a bigger up-down rolling motion in the lower part of the moving jaw, so it is easy to be discharged in the shape of a cube.

First of all, the choice of the crusher machine is determined by the size of feeding and discharging. The feeding degree, product size is coarse, choose the big jaw crusher or more coarse, otherwise use medium and fine. In the calculation of feed size, the maximum open-side feed size is multiplied by 0.85. And the average size of the product is calculated by dividing the maximum feed size by the crushing ratio. In general, the feed size distribution of jaw crushers cannot exceed 10 %. If more than 10 %, the power consumption will increase and the product size will become flaky.

Secondly, when choosing the liner of jaw stone crushers equipment, the user must consider three factors: output, power consumption and wear resistance of liner. In general, the following principles should be followed: maximum feeding size, size change, the size distribution of feeding, the hardness of a material, Abrasion Resistance of materials. The longer the jaw crusher liner, the higher the power consumption, hard materials choose short liner, soft materials choose longliner. In the distribution of materials, thin materials choose short liner, coarse materials choose longliners.

Finally, the crusher in the work, feeding to uniform, can not segregation. If the uneven feeding will occur production capacity reduction, product size is too large, frequent spring action, bowl-shaped bearing pressure, power consumption rise. And it must have iron remover to prevent crushing chamber over iron. If frequent over iron, it may cause shaft broken accident. The moisture content of viscous materials can affect the amount of material through. In terms of moisture content of materials, generally not more than 5 %. In the use of power: Standard stone crusher should reach 75% ~ 80 %, short head crusher should reach 80% ~ 85 %.

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single toggle jaw crusher with unique benefits | hxjq

single toggle jaw crusher with unique benefits | hxjq

There are two kinds of jaw crushers, double toggle jaw crusher and single toggle jaw crusher. In the work of the former jaw crusher, the swing jaw only moveslikea simple arc, so it is also known as simple pendulum jaw crusher, the swing jaw of the latter one moves in an arc at the same time also moves up and down, so it is also known as complex pendulum jaw crusher.

Single toggle jaw crusher is widely used in many industries nowadays and fully replace the double one in actual use because of its advantages of simple structure and easy operation. It deals with all kinds of hard and soft ores and rocks by the extrusion and bending of the two jaw plates: the swing jaw and the fixed jaw. The ores after being crushed can be applied in mining, construction, hydraulic project, chemical industry, etc.

Double toggle jaw crusher is designed for the hardest stones and rocks, tough and abrasive materials, and ferrous metals. But the single one can crush less hard and medium-hardness ores, and deals with a variety of stones and rocks with compressive strength within 320 MPa.

The former crusher can process 5-500 tonsof materials per hour so it can't satisfy larger capacity requirements. While the latter one is suitable for processing 1-2000 tons per hour. Customers can adjust the range of capacity.

The feeding size of the former crusher is about 1,250 mm, and the maximal output size is 20 mm that is decided by the feeding material size. The latter crusher processes larger feeding materials with the maximal size of 1,600 mm. And the adjustment range of the discharging size is also wide from 10 mm to 350 mm.

The working principle ofsingle toggle jaw crusheris that the generator drives the eccentric shaft to rotate through the belt and pulley, and the swing jaw plate reciprocates periodically around the eccentric shaft to the fixed jaw plate, sometimes it is close to the fixed jaw and sometimes it leaves.

When the swing jaw plate is close to the fixed jaw plate, the ores between the two jaw plates are crushed, bent and split. And when the swing jaw plate leaves the fixed one, the crushed ore is discharged through the discharging opening under the action of gravity. Because of the complex trajectory of each point on the swing jaw, it is also called as the complex pendulum jaw crusher.

It works in much the same way as the double one, except that the movements of the swing jaw are different. The double toggle crusher crushes stones by compressing the feeding material between two huge jaw plates. Each point on the swing jaw is an arc line with the suspension axis as the center. Due to its simple movement track, it is called simple pendulum jaw crusher.

Its frame is cast in sections and then bolted together. The casting process is complex. It is mainly used to support the eccentric shaft and bear the impact force of materials, so it requires to be strong enough. The rack of the double one can be welded by a40-50 mm-thick steel plate, but the quality is not as good as cast steel.

The plates comprise a swing jaw plate and a fixed jaw plate. They are fixed on the surface of the jaw bed with wedge-shaped iron block and bolt to protect the jaw bed from abrasion. Usually they are manufactured with high strength and wear-resistant materials, like cast manganese steel jaw, themanganese content in cast steel is 12% - 14%. If the conditions are limited, cast iron can be used instead, but the jaw plate is easy to wear and break, thus the service life is short.

The single toggle type is stronger than the double one, but because of the characteristics of the movement track of the jaw plate, its bottom part is worn out faster than the top, so it is often made into a symmetrical shape, so that the jaw can be installed upside-down after wear, extending the service life.

The crusher with single toggle is a precisely calculated cast iron piece used to adjust the size of the discharge opening and to compensate for wear parts of the jaw plate, toggle plate and toggle plate cushion. The integral toggle plate is used because of its smaller weight and size.

The flywheel is usually made of cast iron or cast steel. It is used to store the energy of swing jaw, and then used for anindustrial formation to make the machine work more uniformly. The smaller crushers are always equipped with anintegral flywheel.

The regulating device adopts wedge type, which is composed of a front and a rear wedge blocks. The front wedge block can move back and forth to support the rear plate. The rear wedge is adjustable, which can move up and down. It moves up and down by the screw and the size of the discharging opening is adjusted. The inclined plane of the two wedge pieces is inverted to fit.

The crusher is light and simple in structure, so it is easy to install and be used in mobile equipment (compared with the double toggle crusher, it is short of some parts, including one connecting rod, one bracket, one spindle and a pair of bearings).

The up and down movement of the swing jaw can promote the discharge of materials, and the horizontal distance of its upper part is farther than that of its lower part, which is easy to crush large pieces of materials, so its crushing efficiency is higher than the double one with the same specification (20-30%), and the crushing ratio is larger (it is general 6-8).

This crusher is smaller in size. It is easy for operators to check and change the parts. General workers can deal with its maintenance. It is almost impossible to get clogging compared with the double toggle crusher.

Generally speaking, the vertical movement track of the crusher is large, and the grinding effect of stone on the jaw plate is severe. We adopt high manganese steel cast to manufacture the plates to strengthen its wear resistance.

In recent years, double toggle jaw crusher has been forgotten by customers all over the world. The majority of the manufacturers do not choose this crusher anymore. But fewer customers seems to choose it because of their lower budget. At the beginning of last year, Mr. Ramli from Indonesia consulted our company on the Internet, he wanted to process coal gangue with a crusher.

As we all know, coal gangue is a kind of black and gray rock with lower carbon content and harder than coal, associated with the coal seam in the process of the coal formation. The application range is very extensive, and the utilization rate is high. Its value will increase especially after processing by mining equipment. But it will produce a lot of dust when piled up in the open air.

He said that he was looking for a cheaper crusher that can produce less pollution. He checked the Internet before, and found that double toggle type crusher produced less dust, so he wanted to buy it.

However, we learned that the customer wanted to process 500 tons gangue per hour. After the customer service staff introduced the double toggle crusher to the customer online, they suggested him to use the single one. The technical manager made a phone call to him to explain the differences between these two type crushers in detail. Mr. Ramli said that he had checked the data, single toggle crusher could produce much dust with a higher cost, so it could not be used in his project.

We sent a detailed equipment diagram to the customer, telling him that the single one with a large crushing ratio and capacity is lighter and easier to install. Most importantly, we have redesigned and manufactured the single toggle crusher with new technology, and has been selected by many users.

Mr. Ramli still could not decide which crusher to choose. Therefore, we found a production site nearest to him. After the site investigation, he was satisfied with the single toggle crusher with large production capacity and less pollution, and finally, he decided to buy this crusher to process gangue.

We also sent technical engineers to his production site to help him install and operate. After learning, the workers of his company all said that single toggle jaw crusher was easy to operate. The customer was very satisfied with the on-site work of it.

Single toggle crusher and the double one have their own advantages and disadvantages in practical application. The latter one is cheaper, but it has gradually been withdrawn from the market due to its heavy weight, complicated structure and difficult maintenance. The former one is in great demand in the world now and is selected by many mining and quarrying factories.

And in recent years, with the expansion of the demand for environment-friendly equipment, crusher manufacturers are investing more innovative talents and high-tech to constantly transform and evolve single toggle crusher, striving to reduce energy consumption and pollution. Crusher users also pay more attention to the daily maintenance of equipment, they learn the maintenance methods for prolonging the service life to reduce the losses.

research report of pec series crushers one - liajones

research report of pec series crushers one - liajones

PEC series alloy crusher is classified as twin toggle plate pendulum jaw crusher. The structure shown in picture 1, mainly consists of frame, fixed jaw, connecting rod, toggle plate, adjustment set and transmission parts. When Crusher works, motor drives the eccentric shaft through triangle belt and pulley, which makes the connecting rod move up and down, leads the toggle plate drive the fixed jaw move back and forth, thus the material in crushing chamber was crushed and broken by the force of impact, press and crook.

The machine structure is firm, its frame is welded of high-quality steel plate, and toggle plate, eccentric shaft and other parts are of high quality alloy steel. The machines strength is much higher than other general crushers, thus able to break various ferroalloys under 1500MPa.

General jaw crusher chambers has only one nip angle (usually 18 -22 ), theoretically and practically been proved that such a cavity is unreasonable and not suitable for crushing the high strength materials such as low carbon ferrochrome iron, and with low capacity and makes the tooth plate uneven. On contrary, the PEC series crusher cavity-shape is curved with variable nip angle, gradually decreases from the inlet, even the nip angle of main fracture zone is smaller than general jaw crusher. Its advantage is it is easy for discharge without block, and with high capacity, product size uniformity, suitable for processing high-strength alloy.

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tes perov - offered spare parts

tes perov - offered spare parts

Fixed and swing jaw platesmade of 18% and 21% manganese steel -for single toggle and double toggle jaw crushers and granulators. The parts can be also manufactured of different material according to customers requirements.

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