garbage to brick machine

garbage sorting machine - no pollution | no odor

garbage sorting machine - no pollution | no odor

Beston garbage sorting machine has made a great contribution to the treatment of garbage solid waste. The sorting system has integrated the technology and services into a whole. And, it has adopted the most advanced design concept, top technology, perfect supporting and stable characteristics. Meanwhile, our garbage sorting systems also have possessed the top-class waste sorting lines and waste compressor. Therefore, it can also help the waste transfer station realize higher working efficiency, which includes waste collecting, separating, compressing and transferring. By this method, Beston garbage separation system can bring more economic, environmental and social benefits to waste transfer station. Meanwhile, it can respond the national concept of recycling economy and sustainable development.

Firstly, the plastics have two ways to deal with. We can sell them directly or deep process them into fuel oil and carbon black through Beston waste plastic pyrolysis plant, which can create bigger value and economic benefits. Moreover, we can also make plastic granules by the newest-designed waste plastic recycling machine.

Thirdly, for example, the organic material can be processed into natural fertilizer to improve the quality of soil. And there are also some residual solid material which can be recycled by brick making industries to produce the construction bricks.

Firstly, we usually use the crane to pour the various garbage into the plate conveyor to scatter the waste. And then separate the big waste by manual power with garbage separator. In this step, we can generally get many large size waste materials, such as the big appliances and furniture which can be usually recycled directly or cracked by the supporting shredding equipment. Secondly, it is the bag-breaking machine that we use it to crush the plastics and then pack them directly or have a deep process. The cylinder round sifter can separate the metal through the magnetic separator and the organic material to make into fertilizers. In addition, the left waste will be processed by the comprehensive garbage treatment plant to get combustible material which can be used to generated electric. In short, through the garbage sorter, we can divide waste materials into plastic, metal, organic, papers and etc. And all of these waste can be recycled to produce the related products.

At the first, our garbage recycling plant generally possesses the handing capacities of 100 ton to 400 ton. So you should offer your handing capacity for us if you are interested in our recycling garbage machine. Then, Beston garbage segregation machine can work continuously for 24 hours without a stop, which has a high operation efficiency. Besides, each part of the garbage sorting system is made of first-class manufacturing materials that can ensure the quality of the whole garbage waste sorting equipment and extend the service life. As for the garbage recycling plant cost, we guarantee that we will provide the most reasonable price and perfect after-sales service which can help you save more cost to create more benefits. Therefore, contact Beston Machinery now!

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kenyan womans startup recycles plastic into bricks that are stronger than concrete

kenyan womans startup recycles plastic into bricks that are stronger than concrete

nzambi matee a nairobi-based 29-year-old entrepreneur and inventor is the founder of a startup that recycles plastic waste into bricks that are stronger than concrete. called gjenge makers ltd, her company initiated following the development of a prototype machine that turns discarded plastic into paving stones. one day at the factory means 1,500 churned plastic pavers, prized not just for the quality, but for how affordable they are.

it is absurd that we still have this problem of providing decent shelter a basic human need, said matee. plastic is a material that is misused and misunderstood. the potential is enormous, but its after life can be disastrous.

before creating gjenge makers ltd, nzambi matee majored in material science and worked as an engineer in kenyas oil industry. in 2017 she quit her job to start creating and testing pavers, which are a combination of plastic and sand. she gets the waste material for free from packaging factories and also buys it from other recyclers. through experimentation, she understood which plastics bind better together and then created the machinery that would allow her to mass produce them.

we must rethink how we manufacture industrial products and deal with them at the end of their useful life, said soraya smaoun, who specializes in industrial production techniques with UNEP. nzambi matees innovation in the construction sector highlights the economic and environmental opportunities when we move from a linear economy, where products, once used, are discarded, to a circular one, where products and materials continue in the system for as long as possible.

thus far, gjenge makers ltd. has managed to recycle more than 20 tonnes of plastic waste into paving bricks that come in an array of colors including but not limited to red, blue, brown, and green. not only are they incredibly strong tested to hold twice the weight threshold of concrete blocks but the startup has also generated 112 job opportunities for garbage collectors, women and youth groups.

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all you `need to know about automatic garbage separation machine

all you `need to know about automatic garbage separation machine

Garbage sortingmachine makes use of a variety of masterminding expects to detach the characteristic issue, plastics, metal, pieces and stones and different substances out from garbage to the most outrageous, to improve the reusing and reusing of waste. Meanwhile, disconnected waste materials can be further re-arranged into significant resources. Along these lines, the crucial purpose behind the automatic waste sorter is diminishment planning and changing waste into treasure.

1. Squander plastics: at first, the plastic waste can be full through auto package machine and sold specifically; also, it can be crushed, cleaned and made into granules by related plastic reusing machine; thirdly, we have the ensuing pyrolysis plant accessible to be acquired that can change over plastic waste into fuel oil and carbon dull;

The automatic garbage sortingmachine is outfitted with different contraptions, for instance, belt transport, uniform distributing machine, and so forward. The sensible structure and setup can guarantee the masterminding machine to finish automatic operation, keep up a key separation from manual operation messes up, diminish work power and upgrade working capability.

1. The immense bits of garbage, for instance, lavatory, furniture, tree, extensive improvement squander, and so forward is detached out by manual; by then the garbage is passed on to the plate feeder by the compartment; there is an adaptable uniform garbage distributing machine incorporated the back of the plate feeder, encouraged with each other to rotating, and the stature can be adjusted, which expect a section in supporting uniformly and ensuring the normal and viable work of the resulting equipment;

2. After similarly distributed by the distributing machine, the city solid waste is passed on to manual organizing stage by belt transport, where the workers will sort the enormous articles contained in the metropolitan solid waste out, including quilts, cotton pieces of clothing, trunk, branches, long sticks, square stones, jugs, and so forward., and the risky waste will also be picked out;

3. The waste having been orchestrated by manual is sent to turning screening machine by the belt transport for screening treatment; as showed by the need of this methodology, we set the strainer plate hole of the screening machine as 50mm; the machine can isolate the MSW into two areas, materials greater than 50mm on the sifter and materials more diminutive than 50mm under the sifter;

5. The materials greater than 50mm experience the alluring separator to pick out the iron materials (generally including iron refreshment containers and iron jugs); by then whatever remains of the materials greater than 50mm are sent to sack breaker machine for isolating the misfortune in packs and then sent to intensive winnowing machine for bend decision by the belt transport; the comprehensive winnowing machine can manage three sorts of materials: at first, light waste plastics; furthermore, overpowering materials (pieces and stones, flexible overshoes, tiles, glasses, and so forward.); thirdly, assistant generous materials (hard plastic, material, versatile things, wet paper things, and so on). This is the working process ofMSW sorting equipment.

waste sorting plant | garbage sorting equipment for sale cost

waste sorting plant | garbage sorting equipment for sale cost

Waste sorting plant in Kingitger group, which is also called garbage sorting machine, provides higher efficient sorting process to sort out the mixed waste with the higher collection rate. Through the advanced sorting process, the mixed municipal solid waste can be classfied into several types of materials, including plastic and paper, organic waste, brick and stones, metal, and other combustible waste.

Adopting the infrared sorting system, the Kingtiger automatic waste sorting equipment can guarantee the superior quality of the sorted materials. Because of the advanced conveying technology with conveyor belts of all types, Kingtiger can promise our highly efficient sorting machine is perfect and reliable logistics for the various materials. The sorting rate of Kingtiger garbage sorter can be more than 85%, which lay the foundation for the following recycling, pyrolysis or other processes.

There is a fact that we all should know many of the materials we consider as waste can actually be reprocessed and used either for recycling or energy resources. In order to protect our environment and our planet, Kingtiger has found the economic and reliable solutions to recycle many types of valuable materials from the waste stream and sort them efficiently according to the specific needs of our customers.

Waste Sorting Plant: adopting the garbage sorting lines, garbage compactors and docking technology, Kingtiger municipal solid waste sorting plants are mainly suitable for sorting mostly household waste and some commercial and industrial wastes.

The waste sorting plant is in great demand because the serious environment pollution in urban. With the rapid development of the economy and the improvement of living standard, municipal solid waste has been keeping sustainable growth, and the composition of solid waste has taken place great changes. Bio-organic municipal waste has accounted for more than 40%. The rate of recyclable resource materials has reached about 40%, like paper, plastic, glass, metal, and so on. In order to fully improve the recycling rate of waste, our company has developed a set of solid waste recycling equipment, which makes garbage back to its image and classified again. Some are processed into nutritional soil as fertilizers for plants and trees. The sorted plastic can be reused to make plastic granules or refine oil by our plastic pyrolysis plant; paper can be recycled to make pulp and produce paper; glass and iron can play their role in resource utilizing again. This technology not only solves the problem of environmental pollution, but also recycles resources and makes the treasure out of waste.

The waste sorting equipment classifies urban waste into several categories through the treatment of smooth auto feeder, large garbage sorting machine, big garbage crusher, comprehensive winnowing machine, magnetic separator and so on, involving inorganic matters, sandy soil, organic substances, nonrecoverable inflammable objects, films and plastics and ferromagnetic matters. The pureness of all the above garbage can reach over 85%, and films and plastics even can be 90% to 95%.

Kingtiger environmental technology Co., Ltd has done a lot of investigation in present garbage composition and waste management, made up the program about technology of waste recovery system and developed better assembly line equipment and supporting facilities based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology. After compression and transfer, we can take bulky waste crushing, life garbage sorting, classified waste packaging and other auxiliary measures. Through again and again processing, our waste sorting plant will certainly improve the recycling rate of waste.

This waste sorting plant is fed by using forklift to send rubbish the rubbish hopper. The material is taken away by plate conveyor. Through the manual sorting platform, big garbage is picked out by workers; at the same time through strong magnetic separation metals are separated. Then use garbage broken drum to screen material into garbage larger than 90mm and smaller than 90mm(the size of plug hole can be set according to the reality). During the phase, undersize material will be output as raw materials for fertilizer. Oversize material will be transported to other devices for reprocessing (or baled and storaged).

Domestic garbage does harm to the environment. It occupies large space of ground and precious land resource even the living space of human beings. A large number of garbage destroys vegetation on the surface of the Earth. This not only influences the beauty of natural environment but also damages the ecological balance of nature.

Municipal solid waste pollutes the environment. It contains all sorts of poisonous substances. If not handled properly, it can pollute soil, air and water resources directly. Ultimately, it will cause seriously damage to various lives, including human beings.

It will bring air pollution. In the process of combustion, life garbage will generate a huge amount of smoke made of carbon black. With the upward motion of air in the combustion process, smoke spreads into the air and eventually falls to the ground.

All in all, picking Kingtiger waste sorting plant can not only help you solve the waste pollution problem, but also can creat great profits. The project is also supported by the government in many countries. Choosing Kingtiger to create a brighter, cleaner future for the next generation.

garbage sorting machine - waste to energy by separation system

garbage sorting machine - waste to energy by separation system

As the government and people are paying more and more attention to environmental protection, the garbage sorting machine is becoming more and more popular in the market. The machine makes use of a series of sorting methods and physical reactions to achieve the separation of various garbage. After sorting, each of the final products has their own applications, which can fully realize the goal of recycling garbage to energy.

2. After uniformly distributed, the garbage is sent to the manual sorting platform by belt conveyor, where the workers will sort and select the large objects (quilts, cotton clothes, trunk, branches, long sticks, brick and stones, bottles, etc.) and hazardous waste. The bag breaker can break up the garbage wrapped in plastic bags for further sorting.

3. After sorted manually, the garbage will be sent into the screening machine by belt conveyor for screening treatment. Screening is a very important ring for garbage recycling. According to the technical requirement, we set the sieve plate diameter of the rotary screening machine as 50mm. The machine can divide the garbage into two parts: large than 50mm and smaller than 50mm. The garbage smaller than 50mm is mainly organic matter, and the iron objects in this part of organic matter can be selected out by the hanging magnetic separator, and then is directly sent into compost workshop for treatment.

4. The iron materials larger than 50mm (mainly iron beverage cans and iron cans) can be sorted out by magnetic separation. Then the other garbage larger than 50mm is sent into winnowing machine by belt for wind election treatment. The comprehensive winnowing machine can sort the garbage on the screen out and divide into three parts: the light plastic waste; heavy materials (bricks and tones, rubber shoes, tiles, glass, etc.); secondary heavy materials (hard plastic, textiles, rubber products, wet paper products, etc.).

The organic matter such as dregs, kitchen garbage, etc. can be added into animal feces and straw to get bio-gas by fermentation system. The bio-gas can be used converted to electricity by gas generator.

The green waste includes tree leaves, grass, fruit shells and other biomass materials. These waste materials can be used for making charcoal powder by our related charcoal making machine. The charcoal powder can be further processed into briquettes, which can be widely used in many areas, such as BBQ.

The other kinds of plastic waste such as PE, PP, ABS, etc. can be processed into fuel oil and carbon black by pyrolysis plant. The fuel oil can be further converted into diesel or gasoline by distillation plant; the carbon black can be processed into fine carbon black such as N220, N330, N660, etc. by carbon black processing plant. Besides, these waste plastic materials also can be packed by automatic hydraulic packing machine and sold directly.

* Rotating screening machine: mainly used for sorting organic matters. According to the sieve plate size, the garbage can be divided into two parts: larger than 50mm and smaller than 50mm. After going through the magnetic separation system, the iron materials in the organic materials (smaller than 50mm) can be selected out. Then the organic matters can be used for composting.

* Comprehensive suction system: through suction machine of the garbage sorting machine, the materials larger than 50mm can be divided into three parts: light plastic waste; heavy substances (brick and stone, rubber shoes, porcelain, glass, etc.); secondary heavy substances (hard plastic, textiles, rubber products, wet paper products, etc.).

* Sealed belt conveyor: mainly used for transporting garbage. It is very necessary for the solid waste recycling process because it can reduce the dust and ashes in the working place effectively to make sure a sanitary and healthy working environment.

* Manual sorting platform: firstly, after distributed, the garbage is sent to manual sorting platform. The large pieces of garbage will be sorted out manually, such as clothes, wood furniture, etc. The comprehensive suction system will separate heavy substances, sub-heavy substances, and lightweight plastic out from the garbage. These three kinds of substances need to be sent to the manual sorting platform for picking out useful substances before recycling.

* Automatic hydraulic packing machine: used to pack light plastic waste, to reduce the occupied space by light materials, which will be convenient for the storage and transportation of light materials.

Beston garbage sorting machine can be used for disposing ofmunicipal solid waste (MSW), household waste, construction waste, plastic sorting, etc. Therefore, the machine cannot only improve the local environment but also drive the local economy because of the strong ability to turn waste into useful materials.

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