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gold machine, gold equipment, gold machinery, gold equipment for sale - xinhai

gold machine, gold equipment, gold machinery, gold equipment for sale - xinhai

Since established in 1997, Xinhai always be at the forefront of the global gold industry, who has been committed to the research and development of cyanide gold process, technology and equipment, after 20 years of research, Xinhai has formed a set of efficient, environmental, energy-saving and economic Xinhai gold processing equipment.

Using exogenic process to break up large pieces of gold ore, which overcome their internal intermolecular force and gradually reduce gold ore granularity until to a certain size, which can provide appropriate particle size of gold ore for separating operation. The quality of crushing directly affects gold extracting technology and economic indicators.

Using screen to divide gold ore into several levels according to the particle size, then screening the fine particle of the gold ore from feeding, which increase the productivity of Xinhai crusher and avoid over crushing problem.

Grinding is the next step of mill process, and is the last process before the separation operation. To make the gold ore achieve individual separation completely or basically, at the same time, as far as possible to avoid over grinding, provide gold ore pulp with appropriate particle size and concentration for separation operation, creating better conditions for gold recovery.

Separating standard fine grain before gold ore is sent to the grinder. Then separate the rough grain from ore discharge of grinder, then return to the grinder. Classification can separate the standard gold grain from the grinder discharging in time, avoiding needless grinding, and send to separate operation early.

After crushing and screening, grinding and classifying, gold ore is sent to agitation tank for pulp stirring, then after add Xinhai special activated carbon to achieve counter current absorption, gold loaded carbon passed by desorption electrolysis system and get gold mud after electric shocks, then gold loaded carbon carry on recycling operations, finally leach the pulp and get gold concentrate.

After crushing and screening, grinding and classifying, gold ore is sent to agitation tank for pulp stirring, then sent to Xinhai flotation cell for gold flotation process, finally get the gold concentrate after thickening and dewatering.

After crushing and screening, grinding and classifying, gold ore is sent to agitation tank for pulp stirring, then sent to Xinhai jig, shaking table or mixing equipment for gold gravity separation process, finally get the gold concentrate after thickening and dewatering.

The gold ore particles are deposited from the pulp by gravity or centrifugal force, which can concentrate the tailings pulp and recycle some water as recycle water; And it can also be used as gold concentrate dewatering before filtering, improving the grade of gold concentrate and filter effect.

Filtering is the next step of thickening, it relies on filtering medium (filter cloth) and pressure difference to make gold ore pulp achieve solid-liquid separation in porous filter medium (such as filter cloth), and make the concentrations of gold concentrate and tailings reach standard. For example, gold concentrate moisture can be reduced from 45-60% to 10-18%.

Xinhai has make Class A design Qualification, set up mine design institute and mineral processing research institute, more than 200 professionals provide the technical support service for gold processing plant, Since its establishment 20 years, Xinhai has been committed to gold processing service the development and innovation of equipment, and has formed the complete gold processing system. Xinhai concentrates on providing the Turnkey Solution for Mineral Processing Plant that is research and design- complete equipment manufacturing and procurement- commissioning and delivery, striving for building the international leading enterprise in gold processing plant industry.

"Create a global brand, based on global gold markets " has been one of the strategic thought of Xinhai, depending on its professional gold processing service, Xinhai has got the EU certification, and ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification as early as in 2008, Xinhai is classified as the assured brand with advanced products and standard quality!

Xinhai currently has 112 patents technologies, the gold dressing plant projects spread among China, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, Iran, Russia, Mongolia, North Korea and other places, and Xinhai has established offices around the world.

gold ore processing - xinhai

gold ore processing - xinhai

Flotation is widely used in gold processing. In China, 80% rock gold is processed by flotation. Flotation process maximizes the enrichment of gold into sulfide minerals. The tailings can be directly discharged. Flotation in gold mine has low beneficiation cost.

For the gold wrapped in sulfide minerals, sulfide ore reaches monomer dissociation; but for the gold with gangue, grinding fineness should reach gold monomer dissociation. Grinding fineness of minerals is determined by test.

A gold mine in Yunan, capacity was 300t/d; the main mineral was pyrite; fine granularity of gold; the gold had close relationship with metal sulfide mineral. This plant adopted the flotation process---one roughing, two cleaning and two scavenging. But due to surface oxidation of arsenic antimony mineral, it adsorbed amount of flotation reagents, and the flotation effect was poor. So the plant authorized Xinhai to reform the process. Xinhai replaced cyclone tailings with stages grinding & flotation and flotation tailings in accordance with existing problems in production, and Xinhai also changed the number of machine and reagents rules. Finally, this plant obtained excellent indexes. The indexes comparison as follow:

The production process flow into stage flotation flowsheet, easy operation, to achieve early harvest, fast charge minerals useful higher impurity minerals; adjust the structure of flotation machine, improve the separation environment, but also improve the flotation pulp mineralization effect, the index of stability and flow.

mineral processing, equipment manufacturers, ball mills, flotation, thickener - xinhai

mineral processing, equipment manufacturers, ball mills, flotation, thickener - xinhai

Xinhai devotes to providing Turn-key Solutions for Mineral Processing Plant (EPC+M+O), namely design and research - complete equipment manufacturing and procurement - commissioning and delivery - mine management - mine operation. The essence of EPC+M+O Service is to ensure sound work in every link. The model is suitable for most of the mines in the world.

Focusing on the research and development and innovation of mineral processing equipment, Xinhai has won more than 100 national patents, strives for perfection, strives to complete the combination of equipment and technology, improve productivity, reduce energy consumption, extend equipment stable operation time, and provide cost-effective services.

With Class B design qualifications in the metallurgical industry, rich in ore mining, beneficiation, smelting technology and experience, completed more than 2,000 mine design and research, not only can provide customers with a reasonable process, but also can provide customized equipment configuration.

The precious metal minerals are mainly gold and silver mines. Xinhai Mining has more than 20 years of experience in beneficiation for gold and silver mines, especially gold ore beneficiation technology. Gold craft and placer gold selection craft etc.

With Class B design qualification, it can provide accurate tests for more than 70 kinds of minerals and design a reasonable beneficiation process. In addition, it can also provide customized complete set of mineral processing equipment and auxiliary parts.

Xinhai can provide the all-round and one-stop mineral processing plant service for clients, solving all the mine construction, operation, management problems, devoting to provide modern, high-efficiency.

Through mineral processing experiment, the mineral processing flow is customized. Multiple tests are carried out in every link, and make sure the final processing flow to guarantee the successful mineral processing plant construction.

According to tailing processing technology, Xinhai has tailings reprocessing technology and tailings dry stacking. Tailings dry stacking is the self-launched tailings dewatering technology, which is the effective technology in green mine construction.

More than 2,000 mine design and research, equipment supply projects, more than 500 mining industry chain services (EPC+M+O) projects in more than 90 countries and regions around the world, we are always committed to providing you with one-stop, customized Chemical mine solution!

gold extraction, gold cyanide, gold manufacturing process - xinhai

gold extraction, gold cyanide, gold manufacturing process - xinhai

[Introduction]: Gold CIL process (carbon in leach) is an efficient method of extracting and recovering gold from its ore. By cyaniding and carbon leaching crushed gold ore slurry simultaneously, CIL process lowers the gold mining operation cost and increases gold recovery rate to 99%, which is the first choice of modern gold mining and gold beneficiation plant.

[Application]: CIL mainly applies for the process of above 1g/t grade gold ore and gold ore with large bearing ore volume: silver, platinum, copper, etc. And CIL has a better performance in extracting these minerals at the same time.

After the crushing and grinding stage, add 9 step-arranged high-efficiency cyanidation leaching tanks into the pulp. Gold pulp cyanidation is carried on the first two leaching tanks, countercurrent adsorption operation is carried on the last six or seven leaching tanks (cyanidation and adding activated carbon simultaneously).

Compared with gold CIP process and other traditional gold extraction processes, Xinhai gold CIL process greatly shortens the cyaniding time, reduces the capital backlog in the gold retention stage. Taking the gold cyanidation plant with processing capacity of 100000 tons per year and gold grade of 7.5 g/t as an example, gold CIL process can save the investment cost of $486000 than the CIP process, reduce the capital backlog of $201700, save and recycle capital of $675100 in advance excluding the cost of activated carbon.

In the adding activated carbon step, add the coconut shell activated carbon (small hole, high activity, wear-resisting and renewable) specially selected by Xinhai mineral processing design institute into the pulp, which can dissolve and adsorb the gold and silver ions then form the gold loaded carbon according to the characteristics of gold and silver adsorption.

Compared with the traditional gold extraction process, Xinhai gold CIL process ensures the gold and silver dissolution and the adsorption of activated carbon synchronously, which will not be affected by the excessive ion concentration, greatly improves the recovery rate of the precious metals (such as silver and copper) in the associated metals , and significantly improves the economic benefits.

Vibrating screen and dewatering screen are the key equipment for the reverse movement of pulp and carbon. Filter press and high frequency dewatering screen developed by Xinhai can effectively reduce the carbon wear on the surface of vibrating screen and in the process of continuous slurry pumping, and reduce the cost, facilitate the maintenance and operation.

Air lifter used in the agitation process can make the slurry carry on small minor-cycle. Compared with other agitation tanks, Xinhai air lifter can reduce the power consumption by 70%, making the solid materials uniformly suspended, the activated carbon less worn, and the gold recovery rate higher, which is an important equipment in a modern cyanide plant.

Xinhai desorption electrolysis system implements high-temperature desorption electrolysis on gold in the gold-loaded carbon through the mixed liquor of sodium cyanide and sodium hydroxide. After wood chips and other sundries are removed by washing machine, and the gold desorption is carried out by Xinhai high-temperature and high-pressure desorption method (150 degrees and 0.5Mpa), which can resolve 99% of gold within 2-6 hours.

The pregnant solution obtained by the desorption of gold-loaded carbon contains higher concentration of gold and silver cyanidation complex ions, while the impurity ions are greatly reduced, which provides an ideal solution for the reduction and recovery of gold from the pregnant solution by electrodeposition. Finally, with Xinhai desorption electrolysis system, the solid gold with high purity can be obtained safely and economically.

china qinghai 450tpd gold processing plant project - xinhai

china qinghai 450tpd gold processing plant project - xinhai

The project originally had a 300t/d gold processing plant. The type of ore in the mining area was (broken) altered rock type. The main metal minerals in the ore were pyrite and arsenopyrite, and the main non-metallic minerals were quartz, sericite, graphite, etc. The ore contains harmful impurities such as arsenic, carbon, and sulfur, and gold existed in the form of fine particle inclusions. The ore was a refractory gold ore.

Grinding and beneficiation stage: it adoptedthe process of stage grinding and stage beneficiation (tworoughing, three scavenging, and three cleaning).After the first stage of grinding, the product enteredthe first roughing operation; the roughing tailings enteredthe regrindprocess.The reground and classifiedproduct enteredthe second roughingand threescavengingsystem, and concentrate after the two roughing enteredthe threecleaning operation. The final grinding fineness was -200 mesh 78%.

Return water part: The return water of the concentrator consists of two parts, one was the overflow water of the gold concentrate thickener, and the other was the returnwater of the tailings pond.All the return water was used by the return pool to return to the system.

gold mining equipment and machines-you have to know - xinhai

gold mining equipment and machines-you have to know - xinhai

Gold mining processing equipment and machinesused in this process are simple. In lode gold, there is some bigger size particle which is appropriate to be separated by gold mining processing, in which Xinhai mainly using gravity process, in this gold mining process, jigs will be used amonggold mining equipment and machines. Gold existed in gangue ore as a monomer, but its content is rare. Commonly, there is only 5-kilogram gold in per ton gangue. Gravity processing is the best method for this kind of gravel mine. Gold mining process such as using gravity process is technical and economical for the lode gold mining and concentration.

Gold ore is simple to concentrate and process. Different specific gravity makes it possible to separate the purpose gold from gangue. Xinhai introducesgold mining equipment and machinesas a jig and shaking table briefly. The chute is a gravity processing equipment and machines forgold mining processing equipment and machinesfor many years. Fixed chute could be divided into big and small chute among gold mining processing equipment and machines. Big chute could be used in open-air plant, processing gold particle from 50mm to 100mm. A small chute is used in gold dredger, processing gold particle less 20mm. Leaching chute and leaching tank will be used in leaching stage. Single-impeller gold mining processing equipment and machines are designed by China Non-ferrous Design Institute, which is also called axial-flow leaching tank. This leaching tank among gold mining equipment and machines is used for gold ore which has high viscosity, faster setting rate, -200 over 85% and slurry concentration are less 45%.

xinhai - the best gold mining machines manufacture - xinhai

xinhai - the best gold mining machines manufacture - xinhai

Placer mine and petrology mineral are the two main kinds ofgold mining equipmentwhich usually be processed in plants.China has a rich resource of gold ore, and many gold processing machines of China has won great reputation from all over the world. Where there is a gold ore plant, where there isgold miningequipment needed. Xinhai has focused on gold machines for over twenty years, many cases have received high recovery rate and many customers from all over the world has relied on Xinhai gold mining equipment since its high quality, reasonable price and perfect installation and commission ofgold mining equipment and gold machines.

As a world-level gold machines manufacture, Xinhaiprovides gold mineral processing test, gold mining processing research, gold mining equipment manufacturing, gold processing machine installation, gold processing machine commissioning, and even provide worker training for gold plant owner. A case of Xinhai can be seen from theXinhai Zimbabwe 700tpd Rock Gold Processing Plant Project, this project is a huge construction, and the newly built-up area is about 2,206 square meters. According to the gold mining production process and other requirements, gold concentrator is mainly divided into three steps, that is: two-stage closed circuit grinding, closed-circuit classifying, twice shaking cleaning. Xinhai installation department employees are the devoted one who stays in Zimbabwe with the local people installation thegold mining equipment.The project just is a particle in hundreds of Xinhai cases of gold mining.

Xinhai value the quality of itsgold processing machinesand gold mining equipment, and its manufacturing of gold mining equipment has already reached even over the international standard. In addition, as a professional gold mining equipment manufacturer, Xinhai has the most professional gold mining experts who can provide you the best gold mining solutions and gold mining suggestions.Welcome to Xinhai!

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