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pockie ninja ii social: ninja equipments and enhancement guide - urgametips

pockie ninja ii social: ninja equipments and enhancement guide - urgametips

Ninja Equipments are used to increase the overall Focus value of your ninja, thus increasingtheir performance in battle. When you are deciding which equipments to use for your specific ninja, just make surethat you equip the items to their specified class.Check the 2 main factors too, the Grade or color of the equipment and the number of Enhance Triesto easily find the best equipments. Back to Pockie Ninja II Social FAQ, Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guides List - 2 Main Factors to Mind - 1) Equipment Grades (color based) - Higher Grade will give better overall stats including stats per enhancement. - Equipping items into a wrong class is possible but the bonus stats will greatly degrade. - Equipping a set will give your ninjas some bonus stats (Set Bonus - refer above screenshot). Equipment's Set Names (Blue/Purple/Red) - Taijutsu = Grim Set - Requires level 1 - Weapon = Ruin Set -Requires level 1 - Ninjutsu = Calm Set -Requires level 1 - Taijutsu = Gore Set - Requires level 10 - Weapon = Hale Set -Requires level 10 - Ninjutsu = Flay Set -Requires level 10 - Taijutsu = Doom Set - Requires level 20 - Weapon = Gale Set -Requires level 20 - Ninjutsu = Gilt Set -Requires level 20 - Taijutsu: Bane Set - Requires level 30 - Weapon: Dark Set -Requires level 30 - Ninjutsu: Keen Set -Requires level 30 Blue: Equipment Grades - Level 1 Blue Equipments - Obtained at Enter: NarutoUzumakiMapLucky Draw - Level 10 Blue Equipments -Obtained at Land of WavesMapLucky Draw - Level 20 Blue Equipments -Obtained at Chunin ExamMapLucky Draw - Level 30 Blue Equipments -Obtained at Sasuke's DepartureMapLucky Draw - Can also obtain some blue grade equipments from early quests. ______________________________________________________________________ Purple: Equipment Grades - Level 1 to 10 Purple Equipments -Obtained at Enter: NarutoUzumakiMapLucky Draw (Hero Mode). - Level 20 to 30 Purple Equipments -Obtained at Land of WavesMapLucky Draw(Hero Mode). - Purple Equipments can also be redeemed through the redeem icon. - Choose the Equipment Exchange tab and browsethroughthe available Purple Gear Chests. - Requiresa number ofPurple Gear Pieces. - How to Gain More Purple Gear Pieces - Lucky Draw from Story Maps or Plots - Active Point Chests - Salvaging Existing Gears (Blue equipments will get Purple Pieces). - Arena Lucky Draws ______________________________________________________________________ Red: Equipment Grades - Level 1 Red Equipments -Obtained at Land of WavesMapLucky Draw(Hero Mode). - Level 10 to 20 Red Equipments -Obtained at Chunin ExamMapLucky Draw(Hero Mode). - Red Equipments can also be redeemed through the redeem icon. - Choose the Equipment Exchange tab and browsethroughthe available Red Gear Chests. - Requires a number of Red Gear Pieces. - How to Gain More Red Gear Pieces - Lucky Draw from Story Maps or Plots (Hero Mode only) - Active Point Chest (Ultimate Active Chest only) - Salvaging Existing Gears(Purple equipments have chance to get Red Pieces). - Arena Lucky Draws ______________________________________________________________________ 2) Number of Enhance Tries - Higher Enhance Tries will give higher stat results after enhancing. - So instead of just comparing the item's initial attack and HP bonuses, it is better to pick the item that has higher Enhance Tries, regarding that the 2 items share the same grade. ______________________________________________________________________ - Enhance Ninja Equipments - Always remember to enhance your ninja's equipments every after cool-down. They are cheap and can also increase your ninja's overall Focus value. How to Enhance Ninja Equipments - Go to your Ninja Page and click a ninja to view his or her stats. - Click the "Equipment" button to enter the equipments page. By default, you can first view yourninja's current equipments. - Click the "Enhance" tab to start enhancing equipments. - Choose the item you want to enhance (you can also see who's item is it). - Click the "Enhance" button to increase the stats of your item. - Don't worry,Enhancing equipment will never fail! - If the cool-down bar is full, you will have to wait for it to cool-down first before you can do more enhancements. - If the "Enhance Tries Max" is reached, you will need some "Cap Boost" items to increase the maximum tries. Cap Boost items can be farmed from the Story (Hero Mode) Lucky Draws. ______________________________________________________________________ RelatedPockie Ninja II Social Tips & Guides: Pockie Ninja II Social: Complete Ninja Character List Pockie Ninja II Social: Best Ninjas with Skill Builds Pockie Ninja II Social: How to Recruit, Acquire or Get a Ninja Pockie Ninja II Social: Unique Skills/Ninjutsus and Effects Pockie Ninja II Social: How to Get More Skill Books Pockie Ninja II Social: How to Get or Recruit Golden Ninjas Pockie Ninja II Social: Trial - A Place to Get Gold Ninja Packs Pockie Ninja II Social: Enhancement Guide Pockie Ninja II Social: Ninja Spirit Weapon Types and Skills or - CLICK HERE TO BROWSE MORE POCKIE NINJA II SOCIAL TIPS & GUIDES -

pockie ninja handbook | guidescroll

pockie ninja handbook | guidescroll

This is an area within the Pet Kennel window where you drag and drop various foods in. There are a total of six empty boxes with icons. What are these icons? They are food-type icons corresponding to certain foods like Grain, Vegetables, Debris, Meat, Dessert, etc. You cant just put any food into each box. The food must be the correct type like a matching game. You can obtain food from the Visiting Residents or Collecting Foreign Matter quests at the Rewards Quest, Explorations, Item Mall, and Item Shop.

I recommend the first method because some food-types, shown in the box when you put your mouse over a food item, may be different than its matching food-type icon in the Pet Kennel. (Grains = Cereals, Debris = Others, Random = Any)

As I said above, digestion takes two hours to accomplish. But you can instantly digest by paying 8 gold/gift coupons. After two hours are over, you will notice that the food-type icons have changed. Also, you may see that your previous foods are still in the boxes. This means that you need to refresh it and you can do this by dragging your pet into your pet (youll notice the food will disappear). After that, you can put your pet back into the Pet Kennel.

Note: If you leave a food-type icon empty, itll remain there after digestion. It is best to buy the food in the Grocery section of Item Shop (100 stones each, hunger level: 5) if you cannot fill up all six boxes in the Pet Kennel. This will ensure that all food-type icons will be changed so you can use a high-hunger level food.

Your pets hunger level bar is located above the Package section, beside the pets photo. When you first obtain a pet, its hunger level is initially at zero. But when you feed it, the hunger level increases. You can see the amount of hunger level that the food increases by putting your mouse over the food item and look for Hunger level decreases. For example, [Eggplant] has a hunger level of 147 and would increase your pets hunger level by an additional 147 if you fed it to your pet in the Pet Kennel.

When your pets hunger level reaches the maximum (the hunger level bar is all green), you are able to discover a skill! The discover buttons in the Pet Kennel window will be colored orange which means you can discover a skill. If all your pet skill slots are full in a row and you try to discover a skill, the system will choose a random skill slot in that row and replace it with a random skill.

In the Item Mall. you can buy an item called [Pet Skill Lock] (28 gold/gift coupons) which will lock only one skill of each type, at a time. This is useful when you have filled up all the open skill slots with skills. Like I said above, if you discover again with a row of full skill slots, itll take a random skill slot and replace it with a random one. If you lock a skill (click on skill in Pet Kennel and choose Lock, must have [Pet Skill Lock] in bag), it will not be replaced.

You can enhance a weapon at most 8 times successfully. This will give an substantial attack bonus from the original. Armors like boots, gloves, chest, or helmets are also enhanceable. Instead of giving an attack bonus, you get HP bonus if you enhance armor.

To enhance, you need an [Enhancement Talisman] or spend 8 gold/gift coupons. These are easily obtained from the slots machine (see 1.7.1). You may get them from the third place prize or from defeating all three opponents during a slots machine challenge.

Tip: Save your enhancement talismans until you are level 16, 26, 36, 46, etc.. you can use a newer weapon. Use your enhancement talismans on it and youll end up having a higher attack than the next tier weapon. Level 36 weapon enhanced 7 times has 90-110 attack while a level 41 originally has 77-93 attack.

This allows you to change the stats of an equipment using a [Refining Talisman] or spending 8 gold/gift coupons. Its handy when you dont like the stats on your equipment and want to get better stats. It may be costly by using gold/gift coupons, but I personally think it is worth it to get stronger.

Enchanting items may give you a tough start. There are many different enchantment stones for Weapon, Accessory, Top, Armor, and Bottom. They are all pretty straight forward but [Bottom Enchantment Talisman] can be used for the belts or boots.

There are different levels for enchantment stones. Level 1 enchantment stones are for equipments level 21-30, level 2 is for equipments level 31-40, etc. Although the item description says usage level: 21 (see picture below), it really means that it can be used for chest armors that are within level 21 to 30 or third tier.

For weapons, you can have a max of three slots and only one slot for armor. Creating slots in equipment allow you to embed gems into the equipment, adding a bit more stats. You can obtain gems from the explorations or from the item mall. To embed a gem onto an equipment, you drag the gem onto the equipment (in your bag) with an open slot, it is free! To remove a gem, theres a Remove tab in the Armory and you can separate your equipment and gem by spending gold. Your equipment and gem will not be deleted, just separated and you will still have an open slot in your equipment.

You can start synthesizing at Level 15. There is a button in your bag called Rapid which will open the Synthesis window. Synthesizing is used in various ways to acquire, update, change a type of item. It may be random, but others are currently figuring out a theory behind synthesizing.

As you have probably known, each time you synthesis (whether fail or success), you have to pay an additional 10 stones which accumulates. But after the server resets each day, itll reduce back to 10 stones on the first try, then 20 stones on the second try, etc.

Also be cautious as to what youre putting in the Main Item and Catalysts. If you want an equipment as the final result, put your equipment in the Main Item and random items with the proper synthesis value in the Catalysts. When you click on the Synthesize button, itll warn you if you are doing an incorrect formula for synthesizing. However, most of the times, it will not because the system does not know what type of item you want as a result (maybe a gem or an item).

For outfits and pets, if you fail a synthesis, you will only lose your catalysts. Your main item will remain the same. However, if you use equipment and fail the synthesis, it will give you the same color of equipment but different item. For example, if you do 2s + 2s + 2s and fail, you will be returned a 2s item of another kind.

This is my most favorite and used place in the game. Ill tell you why as you read on. You can buy either equipment or grocery food here. There are four sections: Item Shop, Black Shop, Mystery Shop, and Grocery.

Equipment you buy in the Black Shop and Mystery Shop are all unappraised, meaning they have a synthesis value of 14 and have no stats. In order to use these equipment, you must appraise them by clicking on the equipment and choose Appraisal. These equipment are unique in each shop because they may give different class equipments such as gray/blue/orange/gold.

This button is located at the top right of each shop. It refreshes the shop with a randomized set of equipments. Refreshing takes about 30 minutes but if you want to instantly refresh, you can spend stones (roughly 100 stones).

Tip: Buy blue (22) equipment here for synthesizing (see 1.3). I normally buy the blue (22) equipment when I want to change my orange outfit. The synthesis formula for this is: Orange + Blue(22) + Blue(22) = Another Orange. If the item shop runs out of equipment with synthesis value of 22, you can refresh the shop by spending stones (see 1.4.2).

The trade market is a very popular place among players. At level 25, you can start to use this feature. To access the trade market theres a bar with eight buttons at the bottom right of your screen. The trade market button is the second button from the right (looks like a cat icon).

If you see items that have a value under Single Stone or Single Gold, it means you can pay with one of these currencies. Take a look at the picture below. For the third Grimmjow listed, you can choose to buy it for 50000 stones or 50 gold (gift coupons are not accepted).

Warning: Avoid scams! Watch out for players who over-price cheap items by adding an extra 0 in their stones (or doing something like 49999 which may make you think its 4999). In some cases, they are just over-priced and unintentional scamming.

In the Consign tab, you can find out the remaining shelf time thats left for your item. You can choose to remove your consigned item from the shelves whenever you want. If your consigned item is not bought within the selling time, you can retrieve your item by clicking Stored. Also, you can retrieve your item during the selling time by clicking Withdraw and then Stored. After you click Stored, your item will be stored into the Trade Warehouse and you can claim it from there.

There is also a button called Display where you can [System] announce your item thats being sold into the chat by spending 2 gold. Id recommend just typing in a message saying you are selling your item since you do not have to spend gold. But the display message allows people to see what the description and stats are for the consigned item.

If you head to the Sell tab, you are able to see all the items you can sell. These items are unbound. You can keep it on the shelf for 8 hours, 12 hours, or 24 hours. The more time you want, the more stones you must spend to put it on the shelf.

If a player has bought your item, you would earn 90% of the money (10% deducted for tax) and it would be stored into the Trade Warehouse. For example, if you sell your item for 20,000 stones, you will get 18,000 stones (10% of 20,000 is 2000).

The Buy section of the Trade Market is where you want to request an item. However, you cannot request weapons/armors. It works by placing the price you wish to buy the item for. The system deducts your money and puts it into the trade market temporarily until someone sells the item to you.

The Trade Warehouse is like a storage. It stores your items/money after you click Storage in either the Consign tab or Buy tab. The money you receive from selling an item is directly stored into this section. You can simply click Claim to deposit it.

You can get apprentices from defeating players level 18+ in the arena and if players steal one of your apprentices (their character will show up in the Take window). But if you defeat them in the arena, they are not yours on the spot. You can go to Disciple at the bottom in the arena or go to Guidance Room in the village and youll see something called Take. Clicking on this will allow you to view if the person you defeated is a master or an apprentice. If they are an apprentice, you have to defeat their master to get him/her. On the other hand, if they are a master, you can only take one of their apprentices. Sometimes, players are free which means they are neither an apprentice or master. If you defeat them, you can make them your apprentice.

For masters, you can have an apprentice up to 3 days. During these days, your apprentice accumulates EXP automatically and once the three days are over, you will receive the EXP. Some players might also challenge you and steal your apprentice. But you gain the EXP they have accumulated during the time they were your apprentice. You get mail notifications when someone tries to steal your apprentice.

Benefit: You can use your apprentices character in Valhalla (even though they are not online). However, to use your apprentice in the stage, your apprentice cannot be 11 levels higher than the stage level. For example, Endless Sea Forest is for level 26+, so your apprentice can be level 27, 28, 29 36. If the apprentice is level 37, the system will not allow your team to enter.

The slot machine is located at the top left corner of your screen (under your character photo) in some maps. You first experience the slots machine at level 16 in Crossroads where you can team up with others from different villages. Slot machines means exactly what it is. You can pull the rod and win! But to use the rod again, you have to wait 1 hour. Although, to refresh the slots again, you can challenge the three opponents by clicking on Start Challenge in the slots machine. You can choose to go by yourself or fight with 2 other players. If your team wins, the slots are refreshed.

1st place (Senior Avatar Gift) : Naruto + Sakura + Sasuke 2nd place (Avatar Gift): Same character 3x (i.e. Gaara + Gaara + Gaara) 3rd place (Exquisite Gift): Same character x2 (i.e. Gaara + Gaara + Ichigo)

At level 31+, you are able to receive unbound items from the slots machine. The first slots machine that gives you unbound items is Dawning Wilds (31). You can choose to synthesize, use, or sell them. You can only receive 2s+ items at the slots from now on.

Every map with a slots machine has a Team Stone which is used to heal your health and chakra (much like the village lounge). Of course, it costs around 100 stones (Team Stone => Enter Lounge => Restore HP and Chakra).

Do you want teammates? Have no fear! Theres plenty of people in one of those slots machine maps. There is a way to find teammates (Team Stone => Enter Team Organization Stone). If you are already a team leader, you can go to the Team List tab and Request teammate at the top left. If you dont have a team, you can go to the Team Request List and Request team at the top left. Be patient! If you leave the map, you will have to request again.

pockie ninja early leveling, gold, stones and coupon guide | guidescroll

pockie ninja early leveling, gold, stones and coupon guide | guidescroll

First let me start off by saying that this data comes from leveling many different characters to 25. The purpose of doing so was to find the most effective way to get through the lower levels while making efficient stones, saving gift coupons, and creating the best equipment available to you.

That aside, this game has a certain degree of luck involved. Some of the time you just will not get the drops or rewards you were looking for. But I will show you how to make the best of that situation.

Stones are rather elusive to come by before level 31, the options open for you to obtain them are limited. Many of the early quests will give experience and gift coupons to you instead of stones. Do not worry however, you should be able to make it to level 16 incredibly easily without having to spend any stones at all.

Once level 16, you can begin to do the slot machines at the crossroads. You should do the slot machine 10 times a day(for liveliness as well as the chance @ elite rewards) but not any more than that. Before level 31, the slot machines offer a very paltry amount of stones, and the rewards from fighting slot battles are reduced.

Never synthesize unnecessarily. Be patient and wait to earn things like pet food from bounty quests and explorations. ALWAYS do bounty quests and explorations to the maximum for each day, both give you an opportunity to earn a decent amount of stones.

A Good strategy at level 16 is to find a partner for your 10 slot machine turns, while doing an exploration between each encounter. This way you can explore while staying in the same zone. It is important to not waste any explorations until you get to the crossroads. Your goal will be to get the crossroads Exploration Zone to a 5 Star Setting. Once at the 5 star setting, the rewards looted from the exploration are increased.

** IMPORTANT NOTE ** You must use 12 coupons to replenish your exploration attempts 1 time each day. But once you complete all 290 liveliness, you are awarded with 12 coupons, so it ends up evening out.

Las Noches is good for getting experience but costs 1000 stones to attempt. It is important to complete las noches 2 times per day, but I would recommend saving the attempts until you are 1/3 way to leveling up. At that point use a las noches run to hit the next level to obtain new quests.

When you reach the upper 30s, it is essential to have extra coupons for enchanting and refining your equipment, therefore, while leveling up, refrain from chain attacking, buying item mall items, and skill resetting.

From Purchasing 5 jars, with the odds of each type of loot set, you should get anywhere between 1-4 outfits of varying grades. It is also possible you will get 0 or 5, but from my experience, 2-3 was the safe number.

The key to the Mystery Jars is that they give you unbound items. Save these to sell on the Trade Market, for they will enable you to make a large amount of stones or earn some of your gold back. I am not sure about other servers, but on Flowerflow River, I have been using the following price scheme on unbound outfits.

Orange Outfits 125,000 Stones or 125-150 Gold (based on suit popularity) Blue Outfits 40,000-60,000 Stones or 35-45 Gold (based on suit popularity) Gray Outfits 15,000-25,000 Stones or 20 Gold (Gold for another Jar)

Never spend gift coupons AT ALL except for the education quest requiring you to instantly complete a chain fight (select 5 enemies when doing this quest! Each 5 additional enemies increases the Coupon cost by 1) and to buy an item from the item mall for that education quest as well.

Unbound An item that has not been synthesized or equipped. You do not obtain these very often before level 25. Only unbound items can be sold at the trade market. 1s a magical piece of equipment with ONE stat modifier on it. Regular 1s item color is BLUE 2s a magical piece of equipment with TWO stat modifiers on it. Regular 2s item color is BLUE 3s a rare piece of equipment with THREE stat modifiers on it. Regular 3s item color is ORANGE 4s a VERY rare piece of equipment with FOUR star modifiers on it. Regular 4s item color is GOLD +1(etc.) An outfit or Pet can be synthesized with 2 more exactly like it to create a +1 of that outfit or pet. When continuing to increase the level to +2 and higher, use a +0 for the catalyst items, while using the main +1 as the source item. You do not need to combine a +1 with 2 +1s to make a +2.

Follow the tutorial and accept all the quests in your village when it is complete. After accepting the quests, return to the item shop and purchase 1 more unappraised childs armor from the Black Shop for 1 Stone (could be a 3s!) and then check the normal shop, and purchase any 1s items that are in the original window for 1 Stone as well. Save all 1s or higher items for synthesizing later. Sell nothing but the gray equipment with no stats.

Click the Leave button to go to your first combat zone. Accept and turn in the quests you have here. Continue to do quests and tutorial until you reach level 16. This may take an hour or two, depending on how experienced you are. Have patience, it becomes more and more fun as you level higher.

These levels can take a bit more time. If you play a lot, you will run out of movement. Do ALL quests, bounty quests, explorations, las noches challenges, and valhalla hard camps each day. When you run out of quests, use remaining days movement when everything else is done to fight the highest level creature available to you. Do not waste movement on slots until level 31 (aside from the 10 each day for liveliness!)

Once you get a free pet, you can synthesize it with two 1s items to randomly change it to another pet of the same level. The sunflower is not a very good pet, so I would recommend changing it to a treant, blood bat, or vulture. All three of them have very good unique skills. Use the pet food you find from explorations to level them up and learn skills. Do not waste the 6 little beans you get from the NPC on a sunflower, you will be sad.

Level 31 slots give you better chances at rewards as well as a bigger reward of stones than previous slots have offered. Complete all quests, liveliness, and arenas each day, and then do slot machines until you are out of movement.

The chance of obtaining items at random from enemies in Valhalla has slightly decreased. However the reward system is now similar to exploration. Upon completion of the dungeon, 5 cards will appear, allowing you to choose one for a reward.

The basic Floor One Option The Express Path Which is equal to half of your highest reached floor. (i.e. Highest reached floor of 40 = start on floor 20) The VIP Path Which costs varying amounts of gold, and moves you to the floor beneath your highest reached floor.

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