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property listings | goldproperties4sale

20 acres. This is avery fine gold propertywith great access to a rich gulch located on the claim. We can find gold on this claim right now.It has a nice meadow and great camping areas. $7,000.00FINANCED!!

This claim has lots of potential for a larger operation. With two different creeks and several old cabin sites. Miller Creek drains Baboon Gulch. It isso far the richest discovery to date in the basin. Come take a look!

This is an extension of the patented Waverly lode mine one of the most extensive tunnel systems in the Florence basin. Located on 6 ounce Gulch with over 40 documented gold laiden viens.There isrunning water on this claim. Standing water is present also.

Is a 20 acre placer claim on Sand Creek. There's an old bucket line dredge that still remains on this claim as well as two cabins. This claim is rich! The bucket line dredge was rendered useless because of the peat(large trees not yet decomposed under the meadow). Heavy mineralized high grade present.

dealmakers african mining network

dealmakers african mining network

African Mining Network offers companies and individuals in the mining and mining supply sector a platform to connect to 18,000 African Mining Network members and subscribers through our Dealmakers page.

We invite your project listings seeking investors and funding to progress your endeavours. The cost for the listing will be ZAR1000 for a three month listing on our Dealmakers page. You must provide the following minimum information for your listing:

Should you wish to list on our Dealmakers page please contact [email protected] who will issue an invoice for payment of the above listing. Once payment has been made please provide the above information to [email protected]

Investors and funding are sought for a start-up coal mining operation in a greenfield area of 2200 ha of land to mine anthracite coal, lithium and chrome in South Africas Mpumalanga province. The titles are held by Phiromercy Company Pty Ltd, registration no: 2013/11/599/07. The titleholders would be interested in a partnership or a joint venture business and interested to speak with interested parties. Prospecting licences have been issued for the exploitation of anthracite coal, lithium and chrome and a title deed is available. There are known other minerals on this land but no prospecting rights have been issued. Titleholders of this land are looking for investors that can inject ZAR$6.5 million to prepare a prospecting work program, including a geophysical survey, environmental rehabilitation, geological core drilling and compilation of a geological report, Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Plan for mining rights, bulk-sampling and laboratory work, data handling and modelling, feasibility study and undertake DMR outstanding payments.To get the projects into operation the title holders are then looking for ZAR300 million which would allow the plant to go into construction and provide for the hire of labourers, transportation and earth removal resources. There is no infrastructure currently on-site, or nearby to serve the site.For more information contact:Thabang ChoshiEmail: [email protected] Phone: +27 (0)78 964 1954

Investors are being sought for gold, chrome and copper projects in Zimbabwe. The goal for the projects is to create employment in Zimbabwe. The project has the backing of private individuals and the government.

Investors are being sought for mining concessions in Southern DRC. Several concessions are available, with good prospects for gold, copper, cobalt and zinc. The concessions include exploitation and exploration permits.

Potential buyers are being sought for a 41Ha farm in Richmond, South Africa. Estimated price is ZAR6 billion. The site is rich in gold, platinum and granite with opportunities for spring water. Ilmenite is also present. Documentation for valuation, mineral deposit surveys and spring water sites are available on enquiry.

Investors are being sought for the expansion of a deposit in a tile quarry in Okpella, Nigeria. The aim is to extend the current quarry licence, as well as licensing the untouched parts of the deposit. Also present are tourmaline, quartz, kaolin and there is potential for precious metals.

Investors are being sought for a gold mine in Dwaalboom, South Africa. Required funding at this stage is R300,000. Majority shares may be considered if the investor commits to funding the full project, of about USD25 million.

Investors are being sought for a 1500 ha mine near Lydenburg, South Africa. Platinum, titanium, vanadium and copper have all been detected at the site, with a potential for chromium as well. Title deed and CPA certificates are held by the seeking party.

Partners are being sought to invest in a gold mining venture in Zimbabwe. There are several gold claims in the eastern region of Zimbabwe. Geological surveys and reports of the mines have been conducted.Results from sample testing have been positive. Funding is being sought for mining equipment to start mining.

Investors are being sought for mining concessions available in the Democratic Republic of Congo.Several concessions are available showing good prospectivity for gold, diamond, sapphire, copper, cobalt, steel, and other minerals. The concessions include exploitation permits as well as exploration permits. Investors seeking to Joint Venture or buy are welcome to make contact.

Investors are sought for prospecting land in Liberia. The lands are rich in gold and diamonds, but lack a reliable mining company and facilities. Currently, youths are digging the land with basic tools to sell the gold at a giveaway price in orderto provide for the family. Equipment is on site from past excavations. Smaller scale equipment has been used. Samples from the lands are available on contact.

AMHO Reserve Limited, a registered mining company in Sierra Leone, wishes to offer an opportunity to an investor for a viable and productive exploration and mining project in the Northern Province of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

AMHO Reserve CEO Adrian Thomas holds a dual citizenship of United States of America and Sierra Leone. Mr Thomas has built a respectable relationship within the government of Sierra Leone and maintains a strong network in the Ministry of Mines and Resources, The National Minerals Agency (NMA) and The Government Gold Diamond Office.

The company has offices in Freetown and in the Northern Province (Bombali District). The company currently has land rights in four villages in the Northern Province, with artisanal mining being performed in two of these. The areas consist of four chiefdoms, with exploration and mining opportunity of more than 1000 acres of land per chiefdom. The company operates on one acre of land in each chiefdom.

A preliminary geological survey indicates that the lands are rich in gold, diamond and coltan, alongside other minerals. As part of due diligence and risk assessment processes, further in-depth geological surveys in these areas are welcome.

The company has also obtained artisanal mining licences, demarcation of lands, surface rent and a gold export licence. The leading chiefs in these areas have provided consent for further exploration and expansion of the projects to a small Scale Mining Project.

Powerpride, a gold mining and exploration company based in Zimbabwe is looking for investors for its project. Geo-magnetic reports indicate a strong presence of gold in the area. The site has not been worked before.

Varaha Funding Solutions HKLtd (a Hong Kong registered company ) has been approved to set up a Gold Refining Process of gold dore bars to 999.9 refined Barsin Hyderabad, Telangana State (South India). This link is a program shown on television ( a web link below (

Funds are being raised for investing in mines across Africa and other nations and information is being sought on mines available for purchase and lease. Information, including detailed project reports, is required.

Summary of the Plan: Acquire a 3,768-acre tract of land. The site will be mined for construction grade sand and gravel and fracking sands and sold via take-or-pay contracts with major construction companies and/or oil and gas service companies operating in the local market. Initially, the material will be produced via a modular or temporary plant, and later from a larger capacity, permanent facility.

It is anticipated that the capital expenditures for land acquisition and installation of the provisional facility will be about $100 million; for the purchase and construction of the permanent facility $50-100 million. Working capital requirements are estimated to be initially $5 million, increasing to $10 million as the facility reaches its capacity.

The capital required will be provided by a combination of equity and debt; equity by financial partners and debt by trade parties and lenders. The proceeds will first be directed into paying back the capital. After the capital is recouped, a revenue sharing of 50/50 will kick in.Documents available upon enquiry.

Investors are sought for a partnership with the Ditonex company for gold mining in Tanzania. The interested investor is required to have full financing for the project while Ditonex we will provide the project land and mining management. There are 36 concessions available of which 10 have been issued a mining licence and gold mineralisation has been established at these licences.

Purchase of requirements is expected to be realised from income on the sale of the gold. Provision of working capital will get the operations underway. The investor is expected to recover the investment from monthly sales of gold.

In terms of shares, the government no longer insist on 49% and 51% for foreigners and Zimbabweans respectively. Agreements will be handled by the two parties' lawyers. In some cases the registration of ownership will change to the investor.

list of gold mines in south africa - south africa lists

list of gold mines in south africa - south africa lists

List Of Gold Mines In South Africa And Their Names.South Africa is one of the countries making a lot of people via mining. The mining sector keeps contributing greatly to the countrys economy, and it is common knowledge that South Africa is blessed with important minerals and metals like diamonds, coal, coal, platinum, and so on. Nevertheless, in this article, we are more concerned with Gold.

There is a lot of gold in South Africa no doubt. In fact, according to reports about half of the gold in the world is located in South Africa. This should point to the fact that the country will have some of the biggest gold mines you can find anywhere.

Gold is an important mineral, and its one of the things that made South Africa an important country too. It is a valuable metal world wide, and mining activities in a country like South Africa is worth a fortune. The gold mining sector has employed a lot of people, and there are several of these mines in different parts of the country.

The South Deep Gold Mine is actually situated in Witwatersrand Basin 45 kilometers southwest of Johannesburg and has a reputation for being the second-largest Gold mine in the whole world (it can boast of having around 39.1Moz of gold reserves).

It is one of the oldest mines in the country, and it used to be known as Western Areas Gold Mine before it became South Deep Gold Mine in 2000. Additionally, it is known as one of the deepest mines in the world. There is a great amount of gold in the mine, and it was made known that mining activities could continue there till 2092.

Mponeng Gold Mine is in Carletonville, owned and run by AngloGold, and it is actually one of the largest gold mines in the world (regarded as the tenth-largest). It was made known that the mine has around 13.81Moz of the gold reserve, and it has the reputation of being the deepest mine in the world.

Here is another popular gold mine in South Africa whose depths reach close to 4km (which made it the third deepest of its kind in the whole world). Located in Gauteng, the Mine is also owned and managed by AngloGold Ashanti.

TauTona Mine is one of the deepest gold mines in the world and is one of the oldest in South Africa (mining operations started there as far back as in 1962). The Mines depths close to 4 kilometers, and it is also owned and managed by the popular AngloGold Ashanti.

East Driefontein Mine started operations in 1952 and is owned by Sibanye-Stillwater. This is obviously a prominent gold mine in South Africa with a reputation of being one of the deepest mines in the world (it has a depth of 3.24 kilometers).

It is necessary to add that the list of gold mines in South Africa is a pretty large and huge one because there are tons of other smaller mines in different places in the country that were not featured on the list. As stated before, there are different gold mines in different places in South Africa, since the country is blessed with the mineral. So, there are also some small players in the gold mining industry in South Africa, contributing in one way or another to the countrys economy.

Mining activities have a long history in South Africa. Several years before now, some groups have been mining resources but some of these mines were abandoned at one point or another. Nevertheless, the discovery of gold led to the birth of more mines in South Africa, and so, today, we discovered that there are more gold mines in the country than others. Here are the Gold mines in South Africa:

In conclusion, you should have noticed that some firms own and manage more than one Gold mine in South Africa, as it is a quite lucrative venture. Additionally, Gold mining is important in the country, as the industry is a major pillar of the economy. Gold is doing well in the global market, and there are buyers always willing to splash huge cash to get luxurious gold products for different reasons. Therefore, as expected, there will always be investors interested in the gold mining industry, and there are several players in South Africa too doing great for some time now.

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