gold mining companies in uganda

gold refinery uganda - ilota mining: buy gold uganda

gold refinery uganda - ilota mining: buy gold uganda

Ilota is a licensed Mineral mining and selling company based in Democratic Republic of Congo and with operational offices in Uganda. We specialize in buying and selling of gold, gold refinery and smelting, wolfram,tantalite,copper and diamonds. Mission: Is to make profitable production of gold, diamonds and other minerals which we mine and also deal in.We strive to attain this as a company, societies and individuals.

mining for gold and metals in uganda

mining for gold and metals in uganda

Gold production in Uganda has radically increased in the recent past. Today gold sales contribute about 30% of Ugandas export revenue. With gold deposits spread across the country, Uganda offers companies a great opportunity to invest in gold mining.

So far, exploitation of gold in the country has been concentrated in a few areas such as Karamoja, Kigezi, Busia, Mubende and Buhweju. Most of the gold mined in the past was on a small-scale in the Buhweju basin. However, there has been an increase in the number of big multinational businesses coming in during the past few years. This shows the growing industry and bright future that Uganda has for mining.

Gold mining in Uganda started in the 1920s with the locals carrying out small-scale gold mining along the river basins. This continued well into 1980s as a result of the political upheavals that followed immediately when the country attained its independence. But, with the coming to power of President Yoweri Museveni in 1986 that stabilized the politics of the country, many international companies started seeking gold exploration licenses to prospect for gold in the country.

Some of the earliest gold discoveries include the Mubende district, Kanungu district and Busia district among others while some of the early mines that were established in the country were the Busitema gold mine and the Kisita Gold Mine. Most of the gold mining in Uganda is still done by small-scale artisanal miners, as has been the case for years.

Most areas have not been properly explored for the purposes of commercial mining. This leaves most gold rich areas to artisans who use traditional methods to mine gold. This shows the great potential that this country offers since there is so much country yet to be surveyed by competent geologists.

Gold mining in Uganda is governed by the mineral act. To start mining you need to acquire a number of licenses. For example to explore for gold you need a prospecting license which has to be renewed yearly although there some special mining licenses that last for up to 20 years. The ministry of environment gives out the licenses.

Today there are several multinational companies prospecting and mining gold in Uganda. Vangold is the largest international player in Ugandas gold industry at the moment. With Ugandas welcoming environment for international investors in the gold mining sector, Vangold carries out its mining activities through two main subsidiaries, the Dome Mines Ltd and the Rwenzori Cu&Ni Ltd.

Vangold has the license to prospect for gold in the West Nile region. This covers the greenstone belt on the Ugandan side of the Kilo Moto gold fields in the democratic republic of Congo. The region has shown high prospects in the recent past especially after the discovery of the continuation of the Kibalian host rocks that contain gold in the Kilo-Moto on the DRC side of the border.

The Ghanas Blaze Metal Resources Ashanti is also another important player in the gold mining industry. The company is carrying out gold prospecting in Ugandas eastern districts of Namayingo and Bugiri. Date from the department of Geology Survey and Mines shows that there are gold deposits in the districts and this has made prospecting in the area a very hopeful endeavor. The exploration is expected to last for about five years when the mining is supposed to commence.

Informal and unregulated mining operations are common throughout Uganda. These are areas that are being actively mined by Ugandans that are not part of a commercial mining operation. Most miners recover just a few dollars in gold each day using primitive placer mining techniques.

The Rupa Gold Mine is one of the informal mining operations. It is located a short distance north of Moroto Town in the Karamoja Region. Some estimates have stated that as many as 10,000 miners work this site to support themselves.

top 10 mining companies in uganda 2021/2022 online portal

top 10 mining companies in uganda 2021/2022 online portal

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gold refinery uganda , uganda methods in gold refining

gold refinery uganda , uganda methods in gold refining

GOLD REFINERY USING MILLER PROCESS: The Miller process uses gaseous chlorine to extract impurities when gold is at melting point; impurities separate into a layer on the surface of the molten purified gold.The Miller process is rapid and simple, but it produces gold of only about 99.5 percent purity.

GOLD REFINERY USING WOHLWILL: The Wohlwill process increases purity to about 99.99 percent by electrolysis. In this process, a casting of impure gold is lowered into an electrolyte solution of hydrochloric acid and gold chloride. Under the influence of an electric current, the gold migrates to a negatively charged electrode (cathode), where it is restored to a highly pure metallic state, leaving the impurities as a separatesolution or residue.

The traditional method called aqua regia (Latin for Royal Water) dates back hundreds of years. This method requires the use of both nitric and hydrochloric acids. Due to the corrosive nature of nitric acid, the fumes produced by this process (nitric oxides) are very harmful. Nitric acid fumes will rust high grade stainless steel in less than 1 second of exposure.

To correct this issue, weve developed a non-corrosive, pelletized substitute for nitric acid called MX3 Concentrate. While there are still fumes when using MX3 alone, they are limited to ordinary muriatic acid (a chemical available in most paint and hardware stores) fumes. Weve also developed self-contained machine for people who prefer this method: the Shor Aqua Regia Refining System. It is a sealed unit with an integrated scrubbing system to even eliminate the remaining muriatic acid fumes. It also scrubs the fumes if you want to work with nitric acid based aqua regia.

leading ugandan gold dealers listed | chimpreports

leading ugandan gold dealers listed | chimpreports

The gold business is so lucrative that early this year a gold refinery primarily owned by a Belgian investor was officially launched in Uganda and the launch was graced by President Yoweri Museveni in Entebbe

Additional data from 2016, published by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, confirmed previous findings regarding the countrys limited own gold production, facts also confirmed in the Government of Ugandas letter to the Group in June 2017.

Accordingly, government should have collected between Shs6.98b and Shs34.9b in royalties using the applicable rates of 1 per cent and 5 per cent for the imported or locally mined gold respectively, the Auditor Generals report reads, in part.

However, collaborative reports from the Customs and Excise Department of Uganda Revenue Authority indicated that 5,316 kgs of gold had been exported with a total value of Shs698b, the AGs report reveals.

Njuba, who is the director for Land Matter at State House, runs AUC with Moses Masagazi. Her gold mines are situated in Kamalenge-Bukuya, Kassanda, in Mubende district and most of the gold mined from there is sold in the UK and Dubai.

deal with precious metal recycling, silver recovery, photographic waste recycling, silver refining, precious metal recovery, silver recovery, gold refining, platinum refining, platinum recovery and gold recovery. Its boss Katana drives a black tinted 4matic Mercedes Benz of UAS series and is often well-guarded by Saracen Security Guards. The Muyenga Group keep their gold ingots in Diamond Trust Bank (branch that is near parliament). Recently they exported over 3.5 tonnes of gold to Dubai.

This Group is supplied by many people and is said to have worked with Gen. Gad Ngabo, Michael Okita and a Nyaru woman only identified as Chantal. The leaders of this wing are close to Gen. Salim Saleh.

He operates in Muyenga but stays in Bukasa. He is very well connected and sometimes the gates of State House are opened for him to meet the President at will. He has been into gold trade for a long time and shares part of the proceeds with powerful government people. He is among the Rwandans staying in Uganda who contributed to the construction of a Museum at Ggolo memorial site in Mpigi district, where Rwandans living in Uganda normally go to commemorate the 1994 Genocide.

The Sheraton Wing is commanded by a Pakistani only identified as Mohammed. He operates a jewelry shop and is said to have a safe full of gold. He exports gold to Dubai directly. He works with Hani Salem, a tycoon based in Switzerland. Salem trades behind the company; Ubaltro IPI Finance, which has branches in Panama, London and Italy. This group gets about 500kg of gold from Uganda per week.

These one operate under Naguru Wing, which is commanded by former Central African Republic Bozize, who is based in Naguru. He works with a section of Ugandans who trade in gold. The company of this wing is coordinated by Bozizes daughter a one Shina. This wing involves many people including but not limited to Prophet Samuel Kakande, Johnson Muwanguzi and several other Ugandans. Recently, Muwanguzi got issues with Kakande over the lucrative trade; he was arrested and detained for some time.

This group is based in Kololo near Summit View. It is led by a one Akim, who rents an apartment where they operate from. They work for and sell their gold to Sheikh Mansour, the owner of City Football Group, which consists of Manchester City F.C, Melbourne City F.C and New York City F.C. In 2009, HHSheikh Mansourbought theCity Football Groupfor 265M British Pounds and later sold only 13% shares ofCity Football Group for the same price.

Nyakuni is a prolific businessman who also owns Ggagaa Buses. Under them is another group that supports Onduparaka Football Club. They trade in gold directly from D.R Congo. Their agents use KKT Bus Company which pries the Arua Wacha route.

They have close ties with the Vaya Family, a group of Asians who have been trading in the East African region for a long time. The Vayas are a wealthy Asian family that operates with army officers to execute gold deals across Uganda, Tanzania, DR Congoand Burundi.

The company is headed by Jamnadas Lodhia aka Chuni and Rajendra Raju Kumar, who are prolific gold dealers in Africa. This one is also deeply involved in gold dealings from the DR Congo, especially Bukavu, Orientale, Kivu and other parts of DR. Congo.

This company one is run by the Bhimji Family, who are also prominent gold dealers in Uganda. Between 2002 and 2006, A.P Bhimji, UCI and Machanga controlled 95% of the gold officially exported from Uganda, with 17 other smaller operators making up the difference. Machanga and UCI also sourced gold from Kivu province (DRC) and sometimes via Bujumbura in Burundi.

He is a commissioner at the Directorate of Geological Survey and Mines (DGSM), who is also said to be deeply involved in gold deals and trading in other precious minerals across East and Central Africa.

This one is the proprietor of Ntahangwa Mining in Burundi, which ferries most of its gold Kampala, where it is refined and late re-exported to Dubai. Mutoka has links to high ranking wealthy army officers.

He is a politician who is the proprietor of Westcorp, a company that buys gold from DR Congo and some Ugandan dealers. Taremwa maintains that his company is fully licensed to conduct dealings in gold and other precious minerals.

Tanzania born tycoon Pemba, who often deals with SK Mbuga, cuts gold deals with Dubai based businessmen who include Steve Stavropolise. He recently entered into a deal to supply Stavropolise gold and copper cathodes from Kenya capital Nairobi to Dubai.

Pemba and Mbuga portray themselves as very wealthy socialites, who are known for buying free alcohol at revellers in bars, buy expensive gifts for people they love or like on top of living flashy lives. They recently sealed a deal with a gold dealer known as Yang Ru, which however went bad.

He is a wealthy businessman in Mbale district and a prominent gold dealer. He got a mineral deal last year from Chinese at a hotel in Ntinda and walked away with a cool USD2m (almost Shs7bn). He also does gold dealing with some Kenyans.

The Talent Africa promoter is a wealthy Kampala businessman with several ventures which includea private security company. According to sources, Ali has been involved in several gold dealing whereby he buys ingots, nuggets and gold jewelry from dealers, which he re-sales.

This popular musician has also been involved in Ugandas gold business. He not only adorns pure gold bling-bling but is also involved in the sale of the precious mineral. However, some time back Chameleone is said to have landed in trouble after allegedly losing over Shs200m ina fake gold deal.

Kulayigyes gold delaings became public last year after a businessman identified as Richard Kamugisha accused him of allegedly kidnapping and torturing him over a gold deal. Kamugisha s accused Col. Kulayigye of allegedly raiding his office in Ntinda, looting it and kidnapping his employees who were later tortured over a gold deal which had gone sour.Kamugisha revealed thatCol. Kulayigye allegedly stormed Matrich Holdings, a Kampala based firm that trades in gold, where he ordered the arrest of the employees who he accused of fleecing his niece of USD49,000 about Shs171,500,000. However, Kulyagiye later said that whereas he had given his niece Brenda Murungi the money to buy the gold in question, he hadnt ordered the arrest of the employees. He also accused Kamugisha of being a conman, although Kamugisha had successfully exposed Kulaigye as a top gold dealer in Uganda. Kulayigye for a long time was dealing with city businessman Hajji Shaban Jaggwe until their deals went bad.

He is another UPDF officer who is said to be deeply involved in gold trade. He is said to have done gold errands for a top army General. He got involved in the lucrative trade when it emerged that there were gold deposits in Kapchorwa.

The Eyat Group began its inspiring journey in 1986, with the overwhelming success of its oilfield exploration services division. Eyat accelerated its growth and diversified into various development sectors, including infrastructure, construction and gold mining under the management of Khalid Ssimbwa who was also the boss of Musalaba Mwekundu, a company that supplied Red Cross for many years.

Owned by Bob Kasenene, the Company owns eighty percent (80%) equity interest in Tremalt Ltd in Democratic Republic of Congo, a company incorporated under the laws of Congo and the Company holds an additional option to purchase the remaining Twenty percent (20%) equity. They deal in gold, diamonds andother precious minerals.

He operates a company called The Gold Nile, which deals in gold, cocoa, Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee and tea.The Gold Nile is a hybridcompany dealing in African Agricultural resources and minerals.

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