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how to do mirror finish grinding by a grinder - information - more superhard products co., ltd

how to do mirror finish grinding by a grinder - information - more superhard products co., ltd

Mirror grinding is a grinding that the surface roughness of the workpiece is Ra< 0.01m, and the light is like a mirror after grinding, so it can be clearly photographed. The flatness of the grinding surface is not greater than 3m /1000mm. The surface machining of high precision and high added value parts requires mirror grinding.

1. Balance grinding wheel. After installing the flange on the grinding wheel, the coarse static balance is carried out first, and then the two end faces and outer circles are repaired on the grinding wheel shaft. Finally, the precise static balance is carried out.

2. Dress grinding wheel. The grinding wheel is dressed well or not directly affects the smoothness of the grinding surface. In order to reduce the surface roughness, dressing the grinding wheel is the key. The following matters should be noted when dressing the grinding wheel

1The general fine grinding allowance is 0.015~0.02mm. When the workpiece is roughed to RA0.8 and the fine grinding allowance is 0.005~0.015mm (the remaining grinding allowance must be determined according to the properties and hardness of the steel. For the steel with high hardness and easy grinding, the grinding allowance should be properly left less), the finishing wheel is required

2When finishing the grinding wheel, the thickness of about 0.1mm should be knocked off first, and then the cutting depth of 0.02mm should be trimmed twice, and then the cutting depth of 0.01mm should be trimmed three times, and the final stroke should be repeated twice without cutting depth. During finishing, the transverse feed speed is 20~30mm/min. For soft steel workpiece, it is better to slow transverse feed when grinding grinding wheel, but it is opposite when machining hard quenched high speed steel.

3When dressing the grinding wheel, sufficient grinding fluid or other coolant must be used to flush the contact point between the grinding wheel and the diamond cutter, so as to wash away the grinding wheel debris in time to avoid affecting the grinding quality.

4The diamond dresser for finishing does not need to be very sharp, because the grain-size of the grinding wheel is coarser. Diameter of diamond tool tip is within 0. 8mm. When dressing with sharp diamond dressers, the rate of cross feed must be reduced.

1Grinding wheel back feed is about 0.005mm. According to the nature and hardness of the workpiece steel appropriate increase or decrease, such as high hardness of quenched steel, tool back feed is too large easy to cause burns, and soft steel back tool amount is too small and not easy to polish.

2The single stroke of transverse feed is 0.2~0.4mm. The transverse feed speed has a great influence on the surface roughness, because the cutting ability of the grinding wheel in mirror grinding is very poor. If the transverse feed speed increases, the surface of the grinding wheel will be damaged, so it cannot obtain a very smooth surface.

4No cutting depth polishing. Due to the poor cutting ability of the grinding wheel in mirror grinding, there are often knife marks on the surface of the workpiece (the circular workpiece is in the shape of a moon, the rectangular workpiece is in the shape of a belt), which reflects that the surface of the workpiece is not straight, so it needs to be polished without feed for about two minutes.

Mirror grinding on a surface grinder often produces some defects, such as surface ripples, burns, scratches, patterns and wear marks (silk flow), etc. In order to solve these problems, the following measures can be taken:

1) Most surface ripples are caused by grinding wheel vibration, such as excessive bearing clearance, spindle deviation, motor rotor dynamic balance, uneven oil film between spindle and bearing, etc. In addition, if the grinding wheel is not balanced properly, it will cause ripples. If the grinding wheel is well balanced and there are still ripples, it is necessary to overhaul or adjust the grinding wheel and its matching parts to completely eliminate the ripple phenomenon.

2) When processing high hardness materials , the grinding efficiency of the grinding wheel is poor, and the grinding point will produce high temperature, which is easy to burn the workpiece (for example, when grinding W18Cr4V, it is more likely to burn). To prevent burns, there must be sufficient grinding fluid at the grinding point. In addition, the amount of knife should also be appropriate, should not be too large. The best method is to reduce the linear speed of the grinding wheel, which is about 18m/s. At low speed of 1440r/min on M7120A grinder, the burn phenomenon can be basically eliminated. Another advantage of reducing the grinding wheel linear speed is to reduce the vibration of the grinding wheel rack, which can also reduce and eliminate the ripple phenomenon.

3) There are roughly two kinds of scratches in mirror grinding: one kind of scratches is not regular, which is that the grinding fluid is not pure, and the impurities and abrasive particles are washed to the grinding wheel and the workpiece. The method to eliminate this scratch requires grinding fluid filtration, generally using magnetic, copper wire mesh three filtration; Another kind of scratches are lines like dotted lines, shallow, the length of the same distance, this is the grinding wheel grain is about to fall off, as the grinding wheel rotates and scratches. At this time, the elimination method is to use sufficient grinding fluid when dressing the grinding wheel, and trim the two end faces of the grinding wheel into an oblique shape, which is wide outside and narrow inside. In addition, the selection of grinding wheel should be appropriate, not too soft, do not use the grinding wheel with too good self-honing.

4) When do mirror surface grinding, easy to appear the pattern shape has a variety of forms. There are many factors that produce patterns. The main reason is vibration, including the periodical vibration of the grinding wheel, the external influence and the vibration of the neighboring machine tools, etc. In addition, when the grinding wheel is too blunt and the stroke is unstable, patterns will also appear. When the grinding is carried out when the adjacent machine tools are not in operation, the pattern is less likely to appear.

5) When the trace (wire flow) in mirror grinding is obvious, it is necessary to use a fine-grained grinding wheel to remove the wire flow. However, when using a fine grinding wheel, the following points must be considered:

A. When finishing the grinding wheel, the diamond dresser should be sharp, the grinding fluid should be sufficient, and the debris should be washed away in time to avoid affecting the surface of the grinding wheel.

E. When using a grindstone to finish the grinding wheel, the contact area between the grindstone and the grinding wheel should not be too small, and the grindstone used should not be too soft, otherwise it cannot play the role of the finishing grinding wheel.

the lightest laptops and ultrabooks in 2021 - the complete list

the lightest laptops and ultrabooks in 2021 - the complete list

A laptops overall weight is one of my main concerns when shopping for something thats supposed to be highly portable, something Ill constantly grab along to work or school or during my commute, or something I can comfortably bring with me when traveling. In fact, a lightweight and sturdy build matter more to me than having the most compact footprint or the thinnest design, although in most cases the lightest laptops are also some of the thinnest and most compact as well.

Manufacturers rarely advertise the weight of their devices, but since Id reckon many of you out there are interested in this sort of lightweight computers, Ive put together a few lists of the lightest options you can find in stores all around the world based on a couple of criteria. Well be looking at regular clamshell ultrabooks, 2-in-1 convertible laptops, Windows tablets, and a few Chromebooks, snappy and well-priced options for everyday use these days, so theres something in here for each and every one of you.

Ill also that only the latest versions of each device are included in these lists, which I update periodically with new entries. At the same time, this article is not a top or classification of the best lightweight laptops out there, a subject youll find more thoroughly covered in this separate article here on the site.

Were doing our best to keep the article up-to-date, but if you spot anything thats light enough to be included and is not, please tell us about it in the comments section at the end of the article so we can add it up.

Ive also included details on the important hardware specs, screen size, and battery size for each unit, and the latter is particularly important when it comes to lightweight laptop computers, as some units skimp on battery size (and long battery life as a result) in order to weigh as little as possible, and thats not something Id sacrifice on my everyday computer.

These are the lightest laptop computers you can find in stores these days that weigh less than 1 kilo. Ive included mostly complete laptops in here, but also a few tablet formats that keep under the 1 kilo limit with their included keyboard folios/docks.

This is a list of mini ultrabooks, Chromebooks, and 2-in-1s with sub-13-inch displays that weigh between 2.2 and 2.6 lbs (1 to 1.2 kg). The lighter variants that weigh less than 1 kilo have been included in the first subsection of this article.

This section includes lightweight 13 to 14-inch laptops that weigh between 2.2 and 2.6 lbs (1 to 1.2 kg). Just as before, the lighter variants that weigh less than 1 kilo have been included in the first subsection of this article.

These aside, check out our more detailed analysis on 13-inch ultraportables for a few more options that do not meet the strict weight limits chosen for this selection, but are still among the best ultrabooks money can buy these days, such as the Dell XPS 13, Microsoft Surface Laptop or the Apple MacBook Air. You should also check our Chromebook Buying guide for some more options in that class.

While full-size 15-inch laptops are not primarily designed with a lightweight chassis in mind, some of you might actually want a thin-and-light laptop with a bit more power and a larger screen, thats why Ive compiled the following list of 15-inch notebooks that weigh less than 4 pounds (roughly 1.8 kilos).

Youll mostly find two types of laptops in this class. On one hand, there are the 15-inch models based on Intel Core i5/Core i7 U or AMD Ryzen 5/7 U hardware platforms with Intel/AMD integrated graphics, and Ive only included those options that weigh less than 3.5 lbs in this class, in order to keep to a more manageable selection. On the other, there are the more powerful models built on Intel Core H/U or AMD Ryzen HS/H platforms with some sort of mid to high-level Nvidia GeForce dGPUs, and in this case, Ive included those that weigh 4 lbs or less, as I feel slightly sacrificing on the portability is compensated by the vastly superior performance with these products.

If youre looking for a more ample selection of excellent thin-and-light laptops with 15+ inch displays, this article is a must-read for you, as it also covers those options that go slightly over the limits weve set for this article, but compensate for it with higher-quality constructions, extra features, and capabilities that some of these ultra-lightweight models might not completely check for you.

Theres also a wide range of 15-inch laptops that weigh between 4 and 4.4 lbs, including both multimedia and gaming models. Check out this post for my detailed list of recommended 15-inch portable laptops.

In case youre interested in a lightweight laptop with a larger 16 or 17-inch display, the following table includes the few portable options out there. The limits are fairly permissively set at 5 lbs (2.25 kg) for 16-inch models and 5.5 lbs (2.5 Kg) for 17-inch models, regardless of the hardware specs, and thats because many of these products are full-performance laptops with powerful specs and modern features, the kind Id expect youd want in a larger-screen computer.

This pretty much wraps up these lists of lightweight and portable laptops. I might have left some of them out, so if you spot anything thats missing and should be in here, let me know in the comments below.

Furthermore, for more details about ultrabooks, check out all the other articles here on the site. And if you have any questions or need any help picking the best thin-and-light laptop for your needs, drop me a line in the comments section or by email, Ill be around to reply.

Hi Andrea, I value your information and insights so much. I put off buying last year because the products are changing so rapidly and are getting lighter which is a high priority. I perused the lists above of ultralightweight computers but did not see specs regarding speed and memory. i want you to recommend a PC under three pounds I love seeing the new two pounders and they are a real plus with 12 GB ram and 500GB-1TB of SSD (hard to find except in MAC and Im a PCer) or hard drive. If hard drive, I still need the ultralight weight. I am hooked on Windows 7 but understand it wont be available in these newest machines and I should get with 8.1 or 10. The Microsoft Surface Pro is ultralight and on your list but the keyboard is too flat for good response. I want a backlit keyboard, too. To recap, the minimums are under (1)under three pounds, (2) 12 GB RAM, (3) 500 GB memory (preferably SSD), (4)good keyboard for fast typing (Im using a 4 year old $250 HP Mini 210-2072CL with great keyboard, great computer in all regards except speed and RAM and hard drive), (5)backlit, (6)fast processing speed, (7) price under $1500 if possible, (8) do not need convertible since I have an ipad mini, (9) touchscreen is a plus since everything is headed that way. Thanks.

Ill limit the specs needed. I dont require a 15 screen. 13 is fine. I could even manage with 11. Under three pounds is a must and the lighter the better. 8 gb of RAM will do. Id like 512 gb of storage and it can be SSD or hard drive as long as the weight is ultralight. I neglected to mention USB ports. I would like two, one for my indispensable mouse and one for a flash drive or other connection. Does that help you specify something that fits the bill? Thanks!

Do you know of any 15+ inch that are lighter weight (around 5lbs), that have a taller screen in 16:10 ratio or any taller size? Im also looking for a smooth mouse pad surface (not textured). That extra height on the screen is adds so much function.

There are a few other under 5 pounds 15 inchers, but all are premium devices and expensive. Among those, the Asus Zenbook NX500/UX501/G501 , Dell XPS 15 2015, MSI GS60, Samsung ATIV Book 9 2014 NP940X. If I remember correctly, all of them offer smooth glass trackpads, but you should double check on that.

Ive been an avid Thinkpad/Lenovo-fan the last 16 years. Ill be going back to university this fall and am looking for a lightweight, i5-ish (or something giving similar performance) computer with battery life of 7 hours+. I do not need much storage space, and will be using it mostly for documents and surfing. I would like 13.3 or smaller. I have a larger, more powerful PC at home, but its way too heavy to lug around. My budget is $750. Ive been trying to look for Lenovos that meet my criteria, but Im not up to date anymore with the different types of models. I have also heard good things about the Acers and Asus.

Hi Evelyn. Your budget is somewhat low for an up-to-date ThinkPad. I would advise going for a THinkPad X240/X250, but the i5 options are significantly more expensive. Lenovo might have some good student discounts, so you could hunt down some sales for the X240.

You could also consider something like the Yoga 3 11 with Core M hardware, or maybe the Asus Zenbook UX305, which is a great bundle for the money ($699 these days). However, make sure you read more about Core M and what it can do. Its a fanless platform, so quiet, BUT its only powerful enough for light-use. From what youre saying though you dont need much from this computer, thats why I think these options should fit nicely with your requirements.

Great information here. Im a IT university student looking for a 14 or larger light ultrabook, 7hrs> battery life, 128gb> ssd, full HD or better resolution, 8gb> memory and possibly touch screen, Ive had trouble finding a suitable 14inch or larger ultrabook, I dont might OS and have a budget around 2000AUD.

The Dell Latitude 14 and the Lenovo THinkPad X1 carbon 3rd gen are among the better 14 inchers out there and should fit within your budget. Theres also a detailed list of options here: , try to narrow it down to some of the options that check the right boxes for you.

Great information here. Im a IT university student looking for a 14 or larger light ultrabook, 7hrs> battery life, 128gb> ssd, full HD or better resolution, 8gb> memory and possibly touch screen, Ive had trouble finding a suitable 14inch or larger ultrabook, I dont might OS and have a budget around 2000AUD. What models would you recommend?

Hi, I am looking for a very lightweight (under 2 kgs) ultrabook which has a 13 in screen and is powerful enough to do multiple multi-tasking jobs (Word, Excel, powerpoint, multiple webpages, but no gaming).

Otherwise, there are plenty of devices built on Intel Broadwell U hardware, like the Dell XPS 13, Asus Zenbook UX301LA/UX303LA, HP Spectre x360 and many other. Aim for a Core i7 processor, 8 GB of RAM (or more, if available) and fast SSD storage and you should be OK.

Hi Andrei, Im a grad student in US now and after I finish my grad I will teach in collage and I want to build a laptop from a company, so may I ask which brand you think is better and what most important details I need to tell them (Like CPU, RAM, drive). I want it very fast, light, thin and for math and photo editor programming, no gaming or movies a lot could you help me please.

I currently have a Smasung Series 9 900X3C, and I upgraded my SSD to 512Gb and my RAM to 16Gb. I love this laptop apart from the fact that the paint is peeling off the keys and the battery now only lasts 1.5 hours.

Ideally Im looking for a direct replacement for this, preferably with an i7 processor, but the biggest requirement is the same size and weight and the ability to support 16GB RAM as I run virtual machines which I need to assign 8Gb RAM.

I currently have a Smasung Series 9 900X3C, and I upgraded my SSD to 512Gb and my RAM to 16Gb. I love this laptop apart from the fact that the paint is peeling off the keys and the battery now only lasts 1.5 hours.

Ideally Im looking for a direct replacement for this, preferably with an i7 processor, but the biggest requirement is the same size and weight and the ability to support 16GB RAM as I run virtual machines which I need to assign 8Gb RAM. Also availability in the UK and a UK keyboard

Hi Andrei, Im a grad student in US now and after I finish my grad I will teach in collage and I want to build a laptop from a company, so may I ask which brand you think is better and what most important details I need to tell them (Like CPU, RAM, drive). I want it very fast, light, thin and for math and photo editor programming, no gaming or movies a lot could you help me please.

Done. And thanks, I wasnt aware of it. Too bad it only comes with Haswell hardware, but Id reckon Dell will have a Skylake update soon. Also, a version without the Quadro graphics would be really nice as a thin and light multimedia 15-incher.

top 8 best angle grinder for welding (2021 reviews) - brand review

top 8 best angle grinder for welding (2021 reviews) - brand review

This tool is used in cutting metals, preparing metal, rust removing, paint removing, cutting tiles and mortars. Considering the advantages of the angle grinder, the consumers search the best angle grinder for welding purposes in Amazon.

This device has five grinding wheels and an effective hard case. This metabo hpt angle grinder comes in a lightweight and the company gives five years life warranty feature to the buyer. This tool has a spindle lock and low profile gearcase.

Yet another best angle grinder for welding is black and decker angle grinder having 6.5 amps. The tool is effective against heavy metals and the durability is laudable. The metal gear case of the hand tool lasts for the consumers for a long time.

You can have an easy accessory change due to the efficiency of the spindle lock. The comfort and control of the machine are facilitated by 3 position side handle. Due to this feature, optimal control is possible.

The power source of this hand tool is electric powered. The device is very useful for consumers, especially for industrial people a lot. The high-end performance, efficiency, and durability features of the hand tool are hair raising.

This technology is of great use by protecting the tool from dust and debris. The weight of the angle grinder is 5.1 pounds and its dimensions are perfectly suited to the comfort of the user. The three-year warranty feature of the product is highly appreciable.

This Meterk electric angle grinder has 115mm 3 Grinding abrasive wheels. The product has also three cutting abrasive wheels. These powerful wheels are highly helpful for the user for cutting any metals.

The device is 4-1/2 inch and has 11 amp features. The durability and performance of the motor are priceless as it has brushless motor features. The drilling efficiency of the motor is powerful and hence the outcome is very superior.

The DeWalt dwe402k has a German engineered mechanism and hence we can find quality features associated with the machine. This device also has dust ejection technology thereby preventing the machine from dust and debris that enters the machine.

The 4 HP and electric-powered features are the main highlights of the machine. The presence of side and main handles adds value to the product. The presence of a burst wheel resistant guard is another main feature of the machine.

When it comes to choosing the equipment you need when welding an angle grinder is a tool thats worthy of consideration. The difficulty arises when youre trying to choose the best angle grinder to suit your needs.

They come in such a variety of sizes, styles, brands and powers that the market is flooded with them. When choosing one for the purpose of welding there are some factors, you need to take into account such as:

The next thing you need to consider is the speed and power of the grinder that you need. Speed will be measured in revolutions per minute and theyre usually powered by petrol compressed air or electricity.

When using an angle grinder for welding its handle is also very important. How you hold the angle grinder is vital when youre considering what is the best one to buy. Thankfully there now are several high-quality models on the market that come with adjustable handles

However, depending on how you want to use the grinder and space it is going to be operating in this will determine the size that you need to work with. Typically, most welders will work with a four and a half inch diameter disc, as this is sufficient for most projects.

Bigger discs are wheels I really only made to create deeper cuts suitable for cutting into concrete slapping can be over 3in thick. Obviously, this is not something you will need to consider when youre using your angle grinder for welding and your four and a half-inch wheel is more than enough size.

You dont have to worry about buying 9-in models or anything else. Your smaller discs have smaller circumferences and as a result, can spin much faster than a larger disc anything up to 11,000 RPM making them perfect for small but powerful cutting jobs and polishing metal.

Because of this, we recommend you purchase a higher quality angle grinder which comes with an adjustable speed setting this will negate the possibility of it running all the time at its highest speed and overheating.

Both grinders are meant to fulfill essential functions differently. The primary differences between them are in their design, power, and size. An angle grinder is mainly employed for rough grinding and cutting, while a die grinder is employed as a precise rotatory tool work.

An angle grinder performs fairly in performing smaller jobs on concrete. With the proper technique of cutting, concrete can be sliced appropriately with an angle grinder. This power tool needs a proper blade to slice the concrete for easier control in cutting.

If you need to quickly cut through smaller pieces of wood, then maybe your angle grinder might be a solution worthy of consideration, but if youre looking to tackle a larger job, dont use your angle grinder there are far more effective tools available.

Angle grinders not specifically designed for cutting wood; but you can use reciprocating saws, jigsaws or even a circular saw, all of which offer far superior cutting power and safety options in an angle grinder.

Because the angle grinder is extremely powerful and can quickly shred the wood causing splinters to fly in different directions. Also, remember that angle grinders can quickly overheat so theyre not suitable for long-term usage.

An angle grinder can power up polishing by sanding the surface. However, for the overall smoothening of the surface, the polisher is best. An angle grinder can sharpen, sand, and polish various materials.

The above features of cutting and grinding the metals are major highlights. You can get the best angle grinder for welding based on the above features and that fits into your shoes of expectations. Online purchase is also recommended for your favorite product.

Depending upon the features of each angle grinder, the consumer can select the best one. The amp power, special paddle power, grinding quality, brand of the product and warranty period is taken into account for the best selection.

You can also go through the specifications online for your clear understanding. You need not worry about the fault of the product since the company is ready to offer you a warranty feature. Indeed, the tool is worth the money spent by a user.

Affiliate Disclaimer: This site contains various affiliate links. is also part of the Amazon affiliate program. I get paid a commission when you purchase items through my links. To Brand Review

the 10 best manual coffee grinders in 2021 | no *bs review

the 10 best manual coffee grinders in 2021 | no *bs review

However, flagship models such as the 1Zpresso Jx can grind rather fast. Typically, youll be able to grind for 2-3 cups in less than 45 seconds. The cheaper entry-level models with ceramic burrs are a lot slower; it will typically take 2-3 minutes to grind 3 scoops of coffee.

1Zpresso has a lot of momentum in the coffee world at this moment. Its a rather new company, but it has quickly gained a reputation as being one of the best bang for buck brands when it comes to non-automatic coffee grinders.

I was instantly mesmerized by how fast and well-crafted their entire line-up of grinders is. The founder of the company, whom I talked to briefly, is Taiwanese, but the production is based in China. Back then, they hadnt entered the Western market, but now it has finally happened.

Because the grinder has big and aggressive 48 mm steel burrs, its also an incredibly speedy grinder. Its a lot faster than any of the other models in this article. You should be able to grind 25 grams of coffee in around 35 seconds.

The only drawback to the grinder is that its on the larger side, so if youre traveling a lot and portability is important to you, you should probably consider its smaller sibling; the 1Zpresso Mini Q, which Ill review below.

Over the last couple of months, I have received several emails and comments on Instagram from readers who have purchased the Jx after reading my review, and they all agree that its an epic hand grinder.

The Comandante C40 has a similar design to some of the other top models in this category. Its got conical steel burrs and an axle that is fixed on ball bearings. The handle is ergonomically shaped, which makes it nice to hold and turn.

However, some people might be worried about dropping it on the floor. You get an extra catch cup when you buy the grinder, so dont worry about it too much. Also, spare parts are relatively cheap to buy from the company.

Another cool thing about joining the Comandante family of users is that you can easily share brewing recipes and specs with other coffee drinkers. Its quite common to see recipes that reference a certain number of Comandante clicks.

The Comandante grinder is one of the most popular models on the market. Theres no doubt that its a well-designed device that produces a very consistent grind. However, you can find cheaper models that are very close to it in terms of performance. You do pay a bit extra for the brand name and recognition here.

Even though the grinder is tiny it still does a great allround-job, and could be used as an everyday workhorse. (However, Id recommend most people to get the Jx-model from 1Zpresso instead, since its faster and more consistent).

The grinding action is helped by two super smooth bearings. In practice this makes grinding incredibly fast at least double the speed compared to the no-bearing ceramic burr grinders in this article. In fact, its even on par with the much more bulky Lido 3 speedwise.

The burr set is made from sharp stainless steel, and it goes through medium roasted beans like a knife through butter. This grinder is suitable for manual brewing but the company doesnt recommend it for espresso (they have a few bigger models such as the K Pro and the Jx that are more suitable for that).

If portability and quality are your top priorities then go for the Q2. Its built to last, compact, and capable of grinding very well. The only slight drawback is that the capacity of the hopper is maximum at 24 grams of light roasted beans. If thats no concern, then I highly recommend this grinder.

If your primary use case for a manual grinder is traveling, then look no further. Porlex Mini is one of the smallest grinders out there and evenfits inside an Aeropress a powerful combination when on the road.

The Porlex has a small set of ceramic burrs that produce a pretty consistent grind at the medium-fine setting and then becomes less and less uniform as it gets coarser. That means that its great for pour over or Aeropress, but less so for French press. It does grind fine enough for espresso but expect it to take 2-3 minutes for a dose of 15 grams.

This grinder is pretty much the perfect travel companion. You could even use it for your everyday coffee mill at home if you only brew one or two cups at a time. The only drawback is that its small and as such takes longer to grind than, for example, the Lido 3 or the 1Zgrinder E-Pro.

The Lido 3 manual grinder has been popular in the specialty coffee community for a while now. Its made by the tiny company Orphan Espresso, which mainly produce various hand grinders as well as espresso accessories.

The Lido 3 is a big and bulky grinder. Pictures dont do it justice. In hand, you can feel how heavy and well-crafted it model is. The irony is that its marketed as a travel grinder due to being lighter than its predecessor, the Lido 2. But weighing in a 2 lbs or just above 1 kilo, youd have to be a hardcore coffee geek to bring it on a trip.

It grinds fast enough but in fact, other high-end grinders such as those from 1Zgrinder beats it comfortably when it comes to speed. The is probably due to the Lidos shorter handle, and less smooth bearings.

The Lido 3 has many fans in cyberspace singing its praises only a fewpeople ever say anything negative about this grinder. However, I have had this grinder for more than a year and have come to notice some severe flaws.

The Lido 3 is certainly a capable grinder, and its rugged and industrial look makes it stand out from the typical cute hand grinders. But it is not really the engineering masterpiece that its been cracked up to be. There are quite a few competitors at the same price point; Id pick over this.

The revamped Skerton with the pro moniker, sports a completely new burr design. These burrs have less wobble than the old ones due to improved construction, and as a bonus its way easier to adjust the grind now.

Being able to tweak the grind setting easily is really an essential factor when it comes to the user experience. The setting is based on clicks now. That makes it easy to reproduce a particular grind. The old Skerton used a step-less system, which made it a pain to go back and find a previous setting.

Another nice feature on the upgraded Pro is the new handle. Before the handle was somewhat flimsy and a little on the short side. The new handle gives you a nice solid feeling when grinding and uses the force better. Simple laws of physics right there.

A little drawback is that the ground receptacle is made out of glass. It does have some protection from the silicone on the bottom, but its still more fragile than plastic or steel. The grinder is also a bit more bulky than some of its competitors, so its not the best one for travel.

The Hario Skerton Pro delivers a lot of bang for the buck. Most beginners and casual coffee drinkers would love this device. The true coffee geek or frequent traveler might be better suited with other options offering more in terms of either speed consistency, or portability.

The Handground is one of those Kickstarter success stories. The project began on the crowdfunding site back in 2015 and was very successful in getting funding. A lot of manual grinder enthusiasts backed this one in the hopes of getting a new top model.

I tried it briefly when it was first launched and was only moderately skeptical. Now a few years later, I have had the opportunity to test it in-depth, and I can say that it simply doesnt stack up against the competition.

While this is a good idea, in theory, it doesnt work well in daily use. The handle is on the shorter side, and the weight and shape of the grinder make it challenging to hold it steady on the counter.

The Handground has 40 mm burrs. In theory, that should make it a faster grinder than the Porlex and the Hario models with their 28 mm ceramic burrs, but in reality, they are about the same speed. The Handground is not a fast manual grinder. The dull burrs especially have problems when it comes to lighter roasts.

Due to the unusual design with a gearbox and a side-mounted handle, you also have more weak points that could potentially break. The build quality doesnt feel particularly robust in hand, so this is something that would worry me.

The Handground is based on an intriguing idea, but too many flaws and a high price point makes it hard to recommend. If youre keen on the concept of forward-motion grinding, then the Rok grinder below is a better option.

The Rok coffee grinder looks pretty awesome. The manual espresso maker from the same company is a great gadget, so its easy to assume that its grinding sibling is equally impressive. Thats not the case, unfortunately.

The Rok is entirely different from the other hand grounds out there. Its not handheld. Its a colossal device meant to be placed on a counter. It looks impressive and would stand out in a good way in most home baristas setup.

For the price, its reasonable to expect a top product. But the burrs arent really high end and do produce a lot of fines. Maybe its just me, but Im also not really a fan of this kind of forward-motion grinding. But then again, perhaps its just because Im more used to the traditional hand grinding.

Also, the grinder is top heavy. That means that you need to use one hand to hold it steady. The whole idea of theRok grinderis to make it easier to hand grind, but to me, its just a new kind of difficult.

I have used the Hario Mini-Slim extensively over the last couple of years, and yet again its another great budget option. This is the slightly modified 2017 version, which comes with a better handle and a cool and mysterious, dark-transparent color.

The Porlex Mini is just that bit smaller though. If traveling is the main reason for buying a grinder, I would say that it has an edge. The Hario Slim is still very lightweight though, and at 8.7 oz its hardly anything youd notice in a rucksack.

The ceramic burrs do a pretty good job around a medium grind size. There is a little bit of wobble, but the burrs can easily be modded, so they become more stable. The adjustment is based on clicks a huge plus.

The Hario Mini-Slim does have its shortcomings, but for the insanely low price point, you cant expect it to be the best grinder in the world. That being said its probably the best bang for buck grinder in the world.

I have to admit that Im personally not that crazy about this kind of grandpa grinder. That being said Zassenhaus seems to have a lot of fans out there, and if you like the look and the tactile feedback of this wooden grinder, why not give it a go? With a 25 years warranty, its hard to go wrong.

Just ignore most of the advice. By getting a manual grinder,youll be ahead of just about 98 % of the other coffee drinkers out there, and youll be able to make delicious coffee at home consistently.

An awesome thing about manual grinders is that they are very affordable compared to what you are getting. Think about it. When you buy an electric grinder most of the manufacturing expenses cover the motor, housing, and electric parts not the burrs themselves.

That means that for the same price you can get a solidly built hand crank grinder with excellent burrs. Or you can choose to go ultra-budget and still get a hand mill that is capable of producing a good cup.

One of the most common complaints I hear from other coffee lovers is that their electric grinder is broken and needs repair. Thats not fun at all. So its worth finding a sturdy grinder you can rely on.

Manual grinders, in general, are very durable. Of course, it depends on each model, but as long as they are made of materials such as strong plastic (like the Hario Mini) or steel (such as the Porlex), you dont have much to worry about.

If youre like me, you like to get good cuppa joe everywhere you go. Often that means brewing it yourself. In that case, a hand grinder is indispensable. Most models are extremely portable and dont take up much space in the bag or suitcase.

A common problem with electric burr grinders is that they produce heat while grinding because the RPM (revolutions per minute) is so high. That causes a lot of friction, which produces heat. You dont want any heat near your ground coffee until youre brewing. Heat makes the volatile aromas of the coffee dissolve into the air. You want them all in your cup!

There are so many things to consider when getting a new grinder. However, the main thing is this: Does it help me make delicious coffee? Hand grinders, even the cheapest ones, can certainly deliver in this area.

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