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advantages and disadvantages of gyratory crusher over jaw crusher - hongxing mining machinery

advantages and disadvantages of gyratory crusher over jaw crusher - hongxing mining machinery

Gyratory crusher is a coarse crushing machine and is mainly used for coarsely crushing rocks with different hardness in ore beneficiation industry and other industrial departments. Other than gyratory crusher, jaw crusher is also a coarse crushing machine. In order to correctly choose and reasonably use the coarse crushing equipment, it is necessary to know the advantages and disadvantages of gyratory crusher over jaw crusher. This paper mainly deals with those advantages and disadvantages of gyratory crusher.

(1) Big depth of the crushing chamber, continuous work, high production capacity and low unit electricity consumption. Compared with the jaw crusher, the gyratory crusher has the same ore feeding width, but the production capacity of the gyratory crusher is much higher and the electricity consumption per ton of rocks is 0.5~1.2 times lower.

(2) Stable working condition, light vibration and small basic weight. Generally speaking, the basic weight of the gyratory crusher is 2~3 times of the mechanical equipment, but the basic weight of the jaw crusher is 5~10 times of the machine itself.

(3) Full chamber feeding. Large-sized gyratory crusher is able to be directly fed with crude rocks without being equipped with ore cabin and feeding machine. However, jaw crusher cannot do this and it requires rock feeding in an even manner, for this reason, ore cabin and feeding machine are needed. When the size of the rocks is larger than 400mm, heavy rock feeding machine with high price is needed.

Anyway, when choosing coarse crushing equipment, the customers should comprehensively consider all of these factors including the performance of the crusher, property of the rocks, granularity requirement of the final products, size of the manufacturing plant and the configuration conditions of the equipment so as to choose the most suitable crusher.

The present sand making technologies mainly include two types: tertiary crushing and rod mill combination sand making technology and vertical shaft impact crusher sand making technology. These two sand making methods have both advantages and disadvantages. Given this, the researchers propose the argument that users only use vertical shaft impact crusher to grind the hard rocks into sand, and through the optimization and adjustment of traditional sand making technology reasonable selection of vertical shaft crushing equipment, finally reach the goal of producing qualified sand.

flsmidth - authorized retail dealer of ev crusher retrofit & mhc twin shaft breaker from mumbai

flsmidth - authorized retail dealer of ev crusher retrofit & mhc twin shaft breaker from mumbai

Since FLSmidth first launched the EVhammer impact crusher in the mid fifties, design improvements have continuously been introduced. The EV crusher retrofit is the preferred solution when upgrading EV crushers from before 1987.

The new hammer rotor consists of a heavy, forged, square cross-section shaft fitted with cast steel rotor discs. The special "sandwich" assembly of the discs is a robust construction, preventing distortion and crack formation. The closed surface of the rotor eliminates the risk of rocks getting stuck and causing operational disturbances. The hammer rows are displaced in relation to each other and cover thereby the entire width and area, increasing the overall efficiency of the crusher.

The MHC Twin shaft breaker requires no supervision during operation. A speed monitor on the rotor shafts will stop the main motor and send a signal to the central control room if the machine is overloaded or if a non-breakable piece of material gets trapped between the rotors.

The Twin shaft breaker has four bearings that are continuously lubricated by a grease pump placed in a cabinet. The grease barrel contains grease for several months and the system is monitored by sensors that trigger an alarm if a malfunction occurs or the barrel is empty. Tools and lifting yoke are supplied together with the breaker to facilitate quick and trouble-free maintenance, including replacement of wear parts.

The EVhammer impact crusher reduces quarry size limestone boulders to mill feed in only one reduction, giving a reduction ratio of 1:100. The hammer rows are fitted in a staggered arrangement to give complete coverage across the outlet grate. The hammer assembly provides several points of attack on the raw materials, increasing the overall efficiency of the impact crusher. The crushed product has a relatively high proportion of fines and more of the comminution work is therefore moved from the less energy efficient raw mill to the more energy efficient impactcrusher.

The EVhammer impact crusher accepts coarse feed blocks, as it incorporates two shock absorbing inlet rollers. The inlet rollers accurately control the feed to the crusher and ensure a smooth and even flow of material.

gyratory crusher upgrades - metso outotec

gyratory crusher upgrades - metso outotec

Primary gyratory crushers are the initial driving force for the entire mineral processing circuit. Adding extra production capacity here can have significant effects downstream. Over the years, Metso Outotec has introduced many advancements that bring increased speeds, higher installed power and mechanical improvements all designed to provide you with next level production.These features are all available in the Superior MKIII but you can also achieve those same benefits with your previous generation crusher through integrating one or all of our three production upgrade options. View them below.

The Arched Spider geometry changes the available feed opening for better flow of material into the crushing chamber, reducing bridging and increasing productivity. The Super Spider builds further on these improvements by increasing the feed opening.

Increasing the speed and horsepower of the drive motor facilitates higher throughput ability of the crusher. To provide a complete package for long term production, this solution typically involves upgrades to lubrication and cooling systems, along with internal operating parts.

The mainshaft positioning sensor (MPS) probe enables operators to monitor and adjust mainshaft position to compensate for wear parts quickly and efficiently. Data of mainshaft position can be used to determine wear rates along with providing feedback if mainshaft position is dangerously high or low in its operating range.

If your first stage of crushing is not performing, it will have effects throughout all mineral processing stages. This makes reliability a key concern. Metso Outotec has developed five upgrade options that not only minimize wear but also help to ensure a long and productive life for your crusher and its key components. View them below.

The shimmed spider bushing comes standard with more robust metallurgy to stave off wear that can be detrimental to components throughout the crusher. A key feature to the bushing is its shimable design that compensates for wear to the spider bushing bore. This allows for long term operation and planning for future repairs once all shims are removed.

The re-designed pinion bearings are capable of higher load handling as well as increased operating speed. This upgrade brings benefit alone, however it becomes more critical if you are considering a speed or production upgrade in the future.

Through design changes, the crusher mainshaft has undergone numerous updates in geometry and manufacturing methods. This combination of changes have increased the strength of the mainshaft by up to 70%. Increased strength improves long term reliability of your machine for current operation and future production increases.

Over the life of a mine, changes to operation or ore characteristics can lead to the need for increased balance cylinder capacity. Proper balance cylinder capacity keeps internal crusher components in proper alignment during tough crushing events. This allows your machine to continue operating at peak efficiency for reliable long term operation.

As equipment ages, production efficiency and reliability can decline. Proper maintenance is key to reduce the signs of aging to ensure that your production goals are met. Maintenance can be a costly and labor-intensive job, which is why Metso Outotec has engineered six upgrades to simplify and speed up these tasks. View them below.

This solution saves time as you do not need to install concaves during shutdown. Fewer components are being lifted during the outage period, allowing for maintenance to be done in a more controlled and safe environment. During the shutdown, the shells are separated (optionally with hydraulic shell separators), lifted, and replaced with the relined shells. Learn more about Rotable Top Shell >

These easy to install kits allow for faster and safer separation of spider and top shells minimizing needed maintenance manpower during component removal. Hydraulic jacking components are used at each shell separation reducing the downtime for their removal.

Improvements to spider lubrication systems have provided a more maintenance friendly alternative to previous generations. New systems have integrated lubrication level sensing into the spider cavity providing feedback to automatically replenish oil to the spider cavity as needed. Built-in alarms to the system will alert maintenance personnel to potential issues.

flsmidth to provide gyratory crushers and apron feeders to copper and gold mine in chile

flsmidth to provide gyratory crushers and apron feeders to copper and gold mine in chile

The order, which comes after two years of close, preparatory work with the customer, comprises two 1400x2100 TSU Gyratory Crushers and three Apron Feeders of varying sizes. The mine, located at almost 2,400 meters above sea level and around 1,500 kilometres north of Santiago, is currently undergoing an important expansion and transformation process.

This order is fantastic news for FLSmidth as it demonstrates our strength and competitiveness in the crushing and comminution area. It is a great vote of confident from an important and large mine operator to choose FLSmidth gyratory crushers for their first such purchase in 20 years. Ultimately, this order comes as a result of our close work with the customer and our effort to understand their specific conditions. This meant we could provide the right productivity- and sustainability-enhancing solutions and service, comments Claudio Garcia Bernal, FLSmidth Regional President for South America.

The FLSmidth equipment was chosen by the customer as it is specifically designed for high performance and cost-effective operation due to low servicing and maintenance needs. Each crushers capacity is 2,500 mtph, while the feeders operate at 2,500 t/h (speed: 0,25 m/s).

FLSmidths TSU Gyratory Crusher is specifically designed for extreme applications, where extra motor power and heavier sections are needed and where reliability and minimised maintenance are key factors. The TSU also provides higher throughput capacities.

The TSU Gyratory Crusher is unique among gyratory crushers due to its revolutionary design Top Service (TS) design, which allows for easy access and removal of the eccentric assembly, bushings and hydraulic piston through the top of the crusher. This feature greatly simplifies service functions and provides safety benefits, not found on traditional bottom service machines. As a result, the TSU reduces overall costs and helps to make this a more sustainable and available crushing option.

FLSmidth provides sustainable productivity to the global mining and cement industries. We deliver market-leading engineering, equipment and service solutions that enable our customers to improve performance, drive down costs and reduce environmental impact. Our operations span the globe and we are close to 10,200 employees, present in more than 60 countries. In 2020, FLSmidth generated revenue of DKK 16.4 billion. MissionZero is our sustainability ambition towards zero emissions in mining and cement by 2030.

what is a gyratory crusher | quarrying & aggregates

what is a gyratory crusher | quarrying & aggregates

In 2012, using a HGT6089 gyratory crusher, the raw material crushing efficiency can reach more than 3,300 t/h. If continuous full-cavity feeding is realized, the processing capacity of 6000-7000 t/h can be easily achieved. The HGT6089 gyratory crusher only runs for 15 hours a day, which can meet the daily demand of 50,000 tons of ore.

The main motor of the crusher of HGT6089 gyratory crusher is 10KV, 630KW, and its rated current is 59A, but the current in actual operation is much lower than the rated current, which is only 32-40A during operation.

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