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ribbon mixer | eversun,sieving machine

ribbon mixer | eversun,sieving machine

Ribbon mixer is one kind of slot type mixer for powder and paste. It is widely used in the industries of pharmaceutical, chemical, and food. The main components are U type container, ribbon mixing blades and transmission parts. During the mixing process, the materials in container are doing mixing movement driven by the ribbon spiral mixing blade.

Theribbon blades are generally made of double or triple layers.All the layers are installed on one single horizontal axis, the inner layers and outer layers are doing opposite rotation during mixing process. The inner layers drive the materials from the center to sides, the outer layers gather the materials from sides to the center. The material form a vortex in the flow during these two movement to speed up the mixing speed and improve the uniformity.

According to the mixing requirements of different materials (special materials need to be cleaned each time they are mixed), different spiral bladestructures can be used, and heating and drying functioncan be provided for customers to choose.

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