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200-500tph phosphate rock crushing and screening plant in kazakhstan

200-500tph phosphate rock crushing and screening plant in kazakhstan

In 2013, in the rankings of business environment, Kazakhstan ranks the 49th in the 185 countries around the world. The development and utilization of phosphate rock resources is one of the key developments of chemical industry in Kazakhstan. The rich phosphate resources are the basic factors that Kazakhstan has been focus on the development of phosphate industry. Kazakhstanphosphate resources are mainly distributed in the south and northwest. The card sleeve mountain is a famous apatite origin, it contains 80%phosphorus resource of Kazakhstan.

In order to improve the yield and quality of crops, the government of Kazakhstan completed revised domestic fertilizer subsidy rules last month, this is a good time to sell phosphate rock. The large scale production of phosphate rock need choose high efficiency grinding equipment. One company in Kazakhstan bought two sets of phosphate rock equipment from SBM. Reportedly, the two sets of phosphate rock production device are in everything in good order and well-arranged operation, whose production capacity is 20 tons per hour. At the same time, two warehouses can accommodate 1250 tons of phosphorus slag has been completed. In order to guarantee the full exploitation of phosphate resources,Kazakhstangovernment has built 30 carriage loading stations which can provide a strong guarantee for phosphate powder conveying.

As the largest country in central Asia, Kazakhstan tungsten reserves accounted for the first in the world; chromium and phosphorus ore accounted for the second; copper, lead, zinc, molybdenum and phosphorus reserves accounted for the first in Asia. As the basic resource of Kazakhstan economy development, phosphate rock belongs to the non-renewable resources.At present, the exploitation of phosphate resourcescan maintain the production for 50 years. The scarce and irreplaceable of phosphate rock resources decided the valuation should be higher than those of other resources.

Phosphate rock minerals and impurities in phosphate rockare often flock together at different certain degree, in order to reduce the particle size of phosphate rock, the only method is making a crushing process plant. InKazakhstan, the main crusher in 200-500tph phosphate rock crushing process is jaw crusher. SBM jaw crusher can reach the crushing ratio of 4-6 and the shape of final product is perfect. It is widely applied to crush high hardness, mid hardness and soft rocks and ores such as phosphate rock. PE jaw crusher adopts advanced manufacturing technique and high-end materials, whose production efficiency is very high.

The mainly methods used in low cost phosphate rock screening plant consist of washing method and flotation method. Used for the separation of fine mineral particles, such as phosphate rock, clay and fine quartz etc.. Due to wet mud often adhesion in phosphate rock, sometimes it is forming clumps, in order to make the separation of them should scrub with method of dispersing. The use of different surface properties of phosphate rock minerals and impurity minerals flotation agent, we can use the flotation method to achieve the purpose of separation, and this operation is called positive flotation. Low cost phosphate rock screening plant in Kazakhstan need sand washing machine and flotation machine which can ensure the normal phosphate production technology.SBM sand washing machine has the advantages of long service life and no quick-wear part, leading to low investment cost and operation cost.Choose a good partner, who can together with you to help you create huge economic benefits in Kazakhstan phosphate rock crushing plant.

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