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know the difference between low-end, mid-end & high-end smartphones! - tricia fountaine design

know the difference between low-end, mid-end & high-end smartphones! - tricia fountaine design

Smartphones are becoming our lifelines and are playing multiple roles to simplify our daily chores. From morning alarm clock till midnight entertainment, the smartphone is our best companion. It is therefore very important to pick the right piece for you. From low-cost smartphones to high definition brands, there is a quite a wide range we have to choose from.

From pricing and features to other technical specifications, there involves a lot of factors that have to be considered before buying the one for you. There is no benchmark that a low priced phone cant bring advanced features to you. This is just a myth.

All you need to understand the following mention three broad terms about smartphones viz., low end, high end, and devices. Smartphones are technically classified into these categories depending upon the features they offer. Lets get some more details about them to differentiate between these categories of smartphones.

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High-end smartphones are usually costly than the other 2 categories. So, if the price is not a constraint, one should always go with the high-end smartphones to enjoy the latest and advanced features. High-end smartphones demonstrate the best of technology ever.

Although, mid-end smartphones do not contain all those features that d can enjoy while using high-end products but yet they are more featured than low-end devices. Price is not a major impediment for this category.

They have some basic functionalities with least of advanced features. Price plays a very important role in low-end smartphones as mostly the buyers of this category come either from an outdated group of users or those who have budget limitations.

We hardly think about the categories of smartphones but those who regularly check out the new arrivals in the digital market must have come across with the above-described terms. With this in knowledge, it will be quite easy to make a wise decision before picking your next smartphone.

With the latest updates and advancement in the technology, digital markets are welcoming every day a newly featured smartphone but that would not throw your high-end smartphone to the mid-end range. It is all about the limitation of price and feature combination.Keep visiting ourblogfor more such informative piece.

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fans of high-end restaurant chain steak 48 react to new spending minimum, dress code

fans of high-end restaurant chain steak 48 react to new spending minimum, dress code

High-end Arizona-based restaurant chain Steak 48 is under fire for its dress code and $100 per person minimum after photos of the restaurant's Philadelphia location rules began circulating on Twitter Tuesday.

The new minimum spending policy states "There is a $100 per person food & beverage minimum for each person at your table in order to ensure that each guest enjoys the total experience of food, service, and atmosphere. This does not include tax or tip. We look forward to welcoming you."

The site says the restaurant has a "strict dress code." Banned clothes include: "Sweatsuits or workout attire; exposed undergarments; bustier tops, corset tops, bandeaux tops, or tube tops unless each is worn under a waist-length jacket; any clothing with language or graphics that are vulgar or sexually explicit; tee-shirts with a large logo, no graphic tees; excessively frayed or torn clothing; any clothing that is excessively revealing and shows a overly bare midriff or excessive cleavage; mens tank tops or sleeveless shirts; bandanas worn as headwear; footwear is required but there is no restriction on the type of footwear worn."

While the luxury diner does have set expectations of business casual attire from diners, the new policies seemingly have racist undertones that alienate restaurant-goers. Critics of the restaurants flooded social media with tweets both comical and serious about the matter.

One user @BoyForida weighed in on the matter saying, "Ive never heard of Steak 48 until today. And even though I could afford it, you will never see me at Steak 48 or ANY restaurant that requires I spend at least $100 on my meal BEFORE tax & tip is figured in. The pretentiousness is rather disgusting."

The reality is that the high-end restaurant does have expensive menu items, but dinner for one could very well cost roughly $75 without a tip. The average price of a regular-sized prime steak at Steak 48 ranges from $48 to $74.

"Like many restaurants in our industry, weve had to make some updates to our policies," the restaurant told Yahoo News in a statement, "like the $100 per person minimum in an effort to support our staff and restaurants operations, and provide the ability to be successful as a steakhouse designed for the full sit-down experience."

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